Scenario:Ange and Seruel - Prince Charming

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Prince Charming

Ange asks Seruel if she can ride on his white horse; he obliges, but their riding lesson is cut short by monsters. Ange gets to see all facets of Seruel's princely manners and strives to become a prince to rival even him.

(Captain) and company are making a supply run on Alster Island.
Seruel: ...
Young Lady 1: Oooh, Seruel! You've returned from your journey!
Young Lady 2: He's so gallant! Just look at him galloping in on his white horse! Eee, what a hunk!
After Alster's darkest hour, the popular Seruel continues to stand as the island's solid bedrock among the people.
Ange quips to herself as she watches the young ladies swoon from simply laying eyes on the distinguished royal.
Ange: Hmm... A prince riding atop a white horse...
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, Big Hat. Whatcha talkin' to yourself about?
Ange: Just thinking that someday when I finally do meet my destined princess, making an entrance on my own two feet is rather underwhelming.
Lyria: Now that I think about it, the prince in the picture book Katalina read to me was also riding a white horse.
Vyrn: If you ask me, that's probably not the only reason why Seruel's so popular.
Vyrn: Alster went through some rough times, ya know? I can only speak for myself, but it probably wasn't easy to fix up the town to how it is now.
Lyria: You're probably right, but seeing Seruel on a white horse is still pretty cool!
Ange: Yeah... Okay, I'm gonna do it!
Ange dips out of sight from the street as Seruel dismounts and engages the townspeople about the obstacles to Alster's restoration.
Seruel: I understand. Then please continue on as you have before.
Ange: ...
Seruel notices Ange staring at him through a hole in her hiding spot.
Seruel: Hmm...
Seruel leaves for the main road, and Ange silently tails him.
Seruel: Excuse me. Horses are easily scared by things approaching them from behind. Why not state your case if you have business with me?
Ange: Okay. I have a request. Would you allow me to ride upon your beloved steed?
Seruel: Why? If you wish to ride, the stable in town should be more than adequate.
Ange: It's not that simple. Horseback riding is a hobby of mine, if you can't tell. I've interacted with many horses in my time.
Ange: However, I have yet to see a noble, pure-white mount such as yours! I must grab this chance by the reins!
Seruel: You can't fool me. No experienced rider, as you claim to be, would ever make the mistake of standing directly behind a horse.
Ange: That's... true. Sorry.
Seruel: Hm. It would be in your best interest to pay a visit to the stable I mentioned and start learning from the beginning.
Ange: Now wait just a minute there! I've ridden horses before! I mean, technically I have...
Seruel: And how does that pertain to me? Let us assume what you're saying is true. Why does it have to be my horse?
Ange: Somewhere out there in the grand blue sky, my princess awaits. And every princess deserves a glorious prince.
Ange: On the day fate decides to be kind to us, should my destined princess not be greeted by her prince on a white horse?
Seruel: Heh, I find that to be quite charming. Clearly you are a devotee of fairy tales.
Seruel: I see where you're coming from, and I've drawn my conclusions.
Seruel: Unfortunately I must refuse. This horse is too important to me.
Ange: What!
Seruel: My time here is up. May I take my leave?
Ange: Wait! I didn't make my request simply because of the horse!
Ange: You came back here to oversee the difficulties facing the town's continuing restoration, correct?
Ange: Putting your excellent reinsmanship aside, you have the poise and demeanor of a true prince.
Ange: I want to learn how to achieve that comportment! If you're not the one to mentor me, then none of it matters!
Seruel listens to Ange's impassioned plea before letting out a sigh of resignation.
Seruel: My goodness... I'm a little hesitant to be lectured by a dreamer...
Ange: ...
Seruel: But it reminds me of my childhood when I went around causing trouble because of my overreaching ambitions.
Seruel: At the time I desperately wanted to learn how to ride. I wanted to become a wise, steadfast prince.
Seruel: To refuse someone who has the same aspirations as I once did would be untenable. You've really twisted my arm on this one.
Ange: You mean...
Seruel: All right. You shall have my support. Let's make you into that ideal prince you strive to be.
Ange: Hooray! I owe you so much!
Seruel leads Ange to an empty practice field. He helps her up onto his trusty steed.
Seruel: Let's begin. Sit tall in the saddle and maintain this posture all the way through. Now hold the reins firmly and try to give the horse a light nudge with your feet.
Ange: Okay...
Ange takes a deep breath. With a slight poke of her heels into the horse's sides, it starts a calm walk.
Seruel: Oho... You weren't lying when you said you'd ridden before. Do you want to try it without my guidance?
Ange: Sure! I'll give it a shot!
Seruel, who had been leading the horse from the side, releases the reins. The horse continues at a tranquil pace.
Seruel: Let's take it slow. Don't push it.
Ange: I'm on top of things! I can deal with this stride in my sleep!
Scanning her surroundings for the first time, Ange feels the gazes of some young ladies gathering by the field's fence, and she puffs out her chest.
Ange: (Amazing... I'm actually riding a white horse! Surely I must look like a splendid prince in the eyes of those ladies!)
Ange: Hehe, now I'll have nothing to be embarrassed about when I meet my fated princess—Whoa!
The horse abruptly throws back its head as if spooked.
Monsters are climbing over the fence and approaching from a corner of the field.
Monster: Grooar!
Seruel: Those are the monsters that have been attacking our livestock.
Seruel: Careful. Let's leave this area for now.
Seruel resumes control over the reins and leads Ange and the horse to the gate.
But the monsters are quick, and they surround the hapless pair in no time.
Ange: Whoa! Calm do—
Unable to see the monsters behind it, the horse panics.
Ange clings tightly to the saddle with her legs, holding on with all her strength, but she's ultimately thrown off.
Ange: Oof! Ow, ow...
Seruel: Haaah!
Monsters: Gurgh...
Ange: Ungh! My foot!
Seruel: Shh. Try to remain calm and collected when you're injured.
Ange: Okay...
Seruel's attack strikes fear into the monsters, sending them clamoring back over the fence from where they first invaded.
With the field quiet and the horse back at peace, Seruel extends a hand to Ange.
Seruel: It appears we'll have to cut today's session short. I'll see you back to the airship.
Ange: Mm, thanks. Huh?
As Ange is about to take Seruel's hand, she hears murmuring coming from onlookers by the fence.
Young Lady 1: Aww! Seruel offered his hand to her!
Young Lady 2: Teeheehee... Look at him kneel down and smile... Everything about him is just... I can't even...
Ange: ...
Seruel takes Ange's hand and gently puts her onto the horse.
Though the hearts of the women have already been stolen by Seruel, Ange is touched by his gesture as well.
Seruel: Here we go.
With Seruel behind her in the saddle, he commands his steed out of the field.
Ange: The more I think about it, the more I see that you are princely in every action you take.
Ange: And it's because of that aura that the ladies adore you so. I'd like to give off that type of aura too if I can.
Seruel: Hm, those women back there were a bit on the noisy side. That level of fawning doesn't exactly bring me joy.
Ange: What are you saying? Are you really going to trample on their feelings?
Ange: You're nothing like him, even though you were born into nobility.
Seruel: I get the feeling that there might be a slight misunderstanding here, but who's this him you're talking about?
Ange: Oh, he was this other prince that saved me from a monster when I was little.
Seruel: I see. Let me ask you this then. Did this prince save you in order to be praised?
Ange: Um, no, I don't think so...
Seruel: You see? Anyone who saves someone just for the accolades is a hypocrite.
Ange: Yeah, I think I get what you're saying.
Ange: Like you said, he saved me simply because I was in danger.
Ange: It's fair to say that he wasn't doing it for a dumb reason like expecting me to become his fan afterward.
Seruel: And yet the truth is there's no shortage of would-be saviors who abide by that line of thinking.
Ange: Humph. Then I suppose you also agree with that prince's credo?
Seruel: Heh. You can tell me about this person that I've never met before all you like, but the only answer I'd be able to give you is I don't know.
Seruel: But there is one thing I do know.
Seruel: I'm the leader of this kingdom, and it's with that responsibility that I do what I do. It's as simple as that.
Ange: Of course! Having the faith in yourself to save many people is what makes someone a fine prince!
Seruel: Haha. Well, far be it from me to judge your interpretation of a prince, but I believe your answer deserves a pass.
The townspeople call out to Seruel as he passes by in the street.
Although he doesn't wave back, the hint of a smile on his face and his resolute attitude say all that needs to be said.
Ange: (Hehe. My waiting princess would be ecstatic to see me become a prince with this grand of a reception.)
Ange: (I'll show you how princely I can be! I won't lose!)
Seruel, royal bloodline of a fallen kingdom, stands by his home as it continues to rebuild from past hardships.
In her heart Ange secretly competes with this prince, whose aspiring humility and fortitude has made a lasting impression on her.