Scenario:Ange and Stan - State of the Princess

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State of the Princess

Stan had worked a princess once, a princess that sounded much like the one Ange herself hoped to find. Ange was desperate to know much about her. Stan’s princess had been quite the troublemaker. Working for her hadn’t been the most relaxing of jobs. Ange had a feeling that there was a reason the princess paid so much attention to Stan, but he didn’t seem to realize it himself. Ange couldn’t just stand by and do nothing, and Stan could use a few lessons in being a proper gentleman. From that day forward they were partners on the path to princeliness.

Ange stopped by to talk to Stan as he was hanging laundry on the deck.
Ange: Stan! Here you are! Do you have a sec?
Stan: Hm? Ah, hold on a second. Almost done here... and there. Something you need?
Ange: Good work! This is something I just heard through the grapevine... but did you work in a noble house?
Stan: Yup. You got it. I worked for a noble house over in Valtz. Served the princess, mostly.
Ange: That’s awesome! Can you do me a favor, Stan?! Tell me how a real princess lives!
Stan: Um... real, you say...
Ange: Hehe... well, you see I’m looking for a princess. And I need to know everything I can to be the perfect prince!
Stan: Hm... is that right? Well, sure. I’m glad to help if I can.
Ange: That’s great! So princesses must lead pretty elegant lives, right? Tea parties everyday...
Stan: Well, they had tea parties and stuff. But it was a bunch of hifalutin fuddie-duddies. Didn’t seem like much fun.
Ange: What?! Really? Did they eat fancy cakes and drink with their pinkies out and have elegant conversations?!
Stan: What?! What are you thinking of?! Well, I guess that’s pretty much what it was like on the surface.
Stan: Anyway. The princess had a pretty big sweet tooth, but the loved meat even more.
Ange: Wow! I thought princesses only ate salad!
Stan: Where the hell did you get that idea... granted, the family I served was pretty big on fighting.
Ange: Wait... fighting? I thought princesses were supposed to be more... graceful. You know, wear dances, go to balls...
Stan: Oh, yeah. There is that. But she didn’t like dresses one bit. And she hated sitting around.
Stan: It was like I was... like I was her practice dummy all day, every day...
Ange: That sounds pretty rough... I guess I had it all wrong about princesses.
Ange: A brand spanking new kind of princess! I guess she’d be the one to protect you from monsters instead of the other way around.
Stan: Yeah! That’s exactly what she was like!
Stan: But she was a hell of a lot of trouble. Ever since she was a kid, she was always up to something or other.
Ange: Really?! Hah! She was a tomboy? That’s adorable!
Stan: But get this! If I got angry, the head maid would make ME apologize to HER! Crazy, right?!
Stan: Gah... it’s all coming back to me now! I mean, you don’t have to wear a dress, but at least put on SOMETHING decent...
Stan: And I work for you, y’know? I say you can’t talk to me like I’m your friend, but nooo...
Stan: And how am I supposed to do my other work with you bothering me all the time... yeesh...
Stan: Sigh... she was so nice to everybody else. Why do I gotta get Miss Attitude?!
Ange: Hrm... er, Stan? Were you and the princess together for a long time?
Stan: Yeah, we were. I starting working there when I was a kid, myself. Why do you ask?
Ange: No reason... it’s just, it sounds like she was only rude to you...
Ange: Maybe you’re like a childhood friend to her... so she doesn’t have to put on airs around you, right? She can just be herself.
Stan: What?! No! Don’t be silly! You know how many times she said I was useless! If that’s her, then no thank you!
Stan: Sigh... it’s fine if that’s how she wants to act. But I’d be scared to work for her if that’s how she really is...
Ange: (Oh my god... he doesn’t understand how she feels at all... )
Ange: ... oh my god! Stan, you need to be more... more gentlemanly!
Stan: What?! Wh-what the heck’re you talking about?
Ange: I can’t let you go on like this! You and me! We’re going to be princes together!
Ange: ...Oh! That sounds great! And then you’ll be able to understand how princesses feel!
Stan: D-don’t worry about it... I’m fine, really...
Ange: Go on! We’ll start now! First thing’s first! Proper sword technique!
Stan: ...Buh?! Ange! That hurts! Leggo my neck, will you?!
Ange: As if! I do that and you’ll just run away, won’t you? Look, the forest is right there!
Ange: Haha! And while we practice, you can tell me everything you know about working for nobles!
Stan: M-my tummy hurts... c’mon Ange! Lemme go!
And from that day on, thanks to a little bit of help from Ange, Stan began to take his studies in swordsmanship more seriously.
Though Ange tried not to seem to excited to hear all about the lives of nobility, she was more than a little zealous in making sure Stan didn’t miss a single training session.
Though it would be some time before Stan would be able to call himself a proper gentleman, it was more than a fair enough exchange for both of them.