Scenario:Anila and Andira - Fluffy Friends

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Fluffy Friends

Near the end of the year, Anila, Guardian of the South-Southwest, goes to visit Andira, Guardian of the West-Southwest, for a transfer of duties. Andira asks Anila to summon a flock of sheep from a magic circle. Surrounded by the fleecy creatures, Andira delights in their fluffy goodness.

Near the end of the year, Anila goes to see Andira.
Andira: Oh, Anila!
Anila: Hehehe. You look sprightly as ever!
Anila and Andira are happy to see each other again after such a long time.
Andira: Oh, that's right! You must be here for the passing of the baton!
Anila: Of course. This is the last part of my job, after all.
Andira: Thanks for all your hard work as the year spirit!
Anila: Ha ha, don't you sound all grown up!
Andira: Well even I can't be a little kid forever!
Anila smiles to see how Andira has matured since her last visit.
Anila: Still... Are you sure you can handle this?
Anila: You're hardly any older than my little brothers and sisters...
Andira: Come on, Anila! You worry too much!
Andira responds to Anila's concern with a pout.
Anila: Ahem... How rude of me.
Anila: I apologize. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?
At first Andira stubbornly keeps her gaze averted, but then she sneaks a glance back at Anila's face.
Suddenly, as if the hurt feelings never existed, a smile lights up Andira's face.
Andira: If you're really sorry, then... Can you do that thing? You know the one!
Anila: Oh, dear. I played right into your hands, didn't I?
Andira: Heh heh. You figured it out?
Anila can't help but smile at Andira's mischievous grin.
Anila: Honestly... I don't know why you're so keen on it.
Anila: Although... I'll admit, I'm rather fond of it myself.
With that, she thrusts her spear into the earth.
Anila: I am Anila, Queen of Sheep. By my name, I command my brethren... Come forth, ovine multitude!
In answer to Anila's incantation, a magic circle appears on the ground.
Fluffy sheep come bounding out of the circle one after another.
Andira: Woohoo! I'm surrounded by fluff!
Anila: Oh, no... I can do much more than this. Behold!
To prove her boast, Anila continues to summon sheep ad infinitum.
Andira buries herself in a warm, woolly pile and snuggles to her heart's content.
Andira: So fluffy...
Anila: Heh heh heh... Cute little dickens. It makes me sheepish to see how much you like them.
Anila enfolds Andira in a sisterly embrace.
Their time together flies by in the twinkling of an eye.
Anila: Well... I suppose I should be on my way...
Andira: Come on, there's no need to rush!
Anila: Oh, now you want to be spoiled like a kid, hmm?
Anila: What happened to the model Divine General I was talking with just a moment ago?
Andira: Alright, alright... I get your point.
Anila: Remember, this is only goodbye for a short while... We'll meet again soon enough.
Andira is reluctant to say goodbye. It's as though she thinks this will be the last time they ever see each other.
Anila: You're hopeless, you know that? But if you're ever in trouble, you can call on me, okay? I promise.
Andira: What! Really?
Anila: Well, I'm practically your big sister, aren't I? Of course!
Andira: Thank you, Anila!
The year spirit's torch passes from the Sheep to the Monkey.
But the friendship between Anila and Andira is warmer and stronger than the mere bonds of duty between two Divine Generals.