Scenario:Anna - Golden Days

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Golden Days

The crew have come to Port Breeze to shop for provisions, where they encounter an elderly nanny and her young charge, who are searching for a wand. Although the nanny has hurt her back, her ward hurries her along, saying insisting if she doesn't hurry all the rare wands will have been sold. On seeing this, Anna offers to go and buy the wand on their behalf. Thus, the crew set out for the shop that sells the rare wands.

The crew had went to Port Breeze to shop for provisions.
After buying their supplies, while the crew were pausing for a rest, Anna practiced her magic.
Anna: Flipperty... swoosh!
Lyria: Wow! You're getting good at this, Anna!
Vyrn: Well, you're certainly good, but there's still room for improvement? What's that "flippertyswoosh"?
Anna: Yeah, yeah. Travelling with you guys, seeing the world, trying out spells, seeing what works and what doesn't…
Anna: And as for that word… it's like it carries a special energy… like it's something that you need to yell…
Vyrn: Yeah, but, what does "flippertyswoosh" actually mean?
Lyria: I think your Grandma would be surprised at your magic powers as well!
Anna: Heeheehee… maybe you're right.
Elderly Woman: Excuse me…
Anna: C-can we help you?
Elderly Woman: I'm very sorry. We've gotten lost… Which way is it back to the main street?
Anna: Let's see, the main street, um…
Vyrn: It's that way! But will you be OK finding your way there? It's quite far.
Elderly Woman: Well… My ward says there's no rush…
Young Woman: I say, Nanny! Have you found out the way yet?
Elderly Woman: Yes, but it seems it's a little far…
Young Woman: What? Oh, curses!
Young Woman: And what do you suppose we should do, hmmm? They'll be all sold out of wands!
Elderly Woman: I'm sorry…
Lyria: If I may interrupt… What seems to be the matter here?
The older woman, a nanny, explained that she had come to the island together with her charge, the daughter of a wealthy family.
They had come to Port Breeze so that the heiress could buy a rare wand. However…
Young Woman: But then silly Nanny got us lost! Oh I'm so cross with Nanny right now!
Elderly Woman: I do apologize Miss...
Young Woman: Well, we best be on our way then! Stop dawdling please, Nanny!
Elderly Woman: Yes of course, young Miss… it's just that my back…
Young Woman: Hmmm? Forget your back, what about the wands! I simply must complete my collection!
Elderly Woman: Of course Miss.
Anna: Hey, hold on a moment.
Young Woman: Did you say something?
Anna: Erm… I can go get them for you! You can tell me which wand you want, right?
Young Woman: Huh? Well, I wouldn't want to…
Elderly Woman: Kind miss… are you sure you wouldn't mind?
Anna: Sure, no problem! OK, the rest of you wait here, I won't be long…
Lyria: Hehe! We'll come with you, Anna!
Vyrn: Yes yes yes! We can help you pick the right one, right (Captain)?
Anna: All of you, you're all so kind…
Anna: Very well, the two of you rest here a while, we'll do the rest!

Golden Days: Scene 2

Arriving at the shop, the crew are about to buy a very rare wand, the last one the shop has in stock. Just then however an Imperial Solider who is trained in magic muscles in, demanding they relinquish the wand. Unable to endure his high-handedness, Anna commences battles with the soldier.

The crew had gone to the market in town to buy a rare wand.
Anna: Let's see… Do you think this wand is a good one?
Lyria: Looks good. Comes with special features too…
Shopkeep: Hello there! You're interested in that wand?
Anna: Hocus… Pocus!
Shopkeep: You have a very discerning eye. That wand is particularly rare. It's also the last one we have in stock.
Imperial Shaman Guard: Oi, young woman… Hand that wand over! I've been after that exact one for a long while…
Vyrn: Of all the cheek! It's first come, first served pal!
Imperial Shaman Guard: Huh? I know that. But that is a wand for an experienced magic user.
Anna: But, but, we were first…
Imperial Shaman Guard: Now look… Don't make a scene here. Don't you know I am one of the most distinguished magicians in the Empire?
Imperial Shaman Guard: No matter, hand it over at once. The girl can play with any old twig.
Anna: But, but…
Lyria: Wait a moment! This is really unfair!
Vyrn: Too right! Anna's magic is off the scale! She could jinx your butt no mistake!
Anna: Look, everyone just…
Anna: The young heiress will be annoyed if we return without this wand…
Anna: I absolutely will not allow that!
Imperial Shaman Guard: Hahaha! Quite a rousing speech there, missy.
Imperial Shaman Guard: Very well. Let's see these supposed magic powers of yours then. Though I can't guarantee they'll even leave a scratch on me!
Lyria: Everyone's here!
Anna: May the best magician win!
Nightmare: SHAZAM!

Golden Days: Scene 3

The crew overcome the guard and deliver the wand to the nanny and her ward, the heiress. But because the wand got scratched in the battle, the heiress throws the wand away. The older woman scolds her ward for snubbing Anna's good deed, yet the heiress just scornfully chastises her nanny. Anna won't stand for this behavior and has some harsh words for the girl. In response to this reprimand, the heiress changes her behavior toward her nanny and the crew sees the pair off.

Imperial Shaman Guard: Eeeeeek! This girl… Who are you?
Anna: Phew… How was that?
Shopkeep: Hurrah! That was magnificent, young miss! Was that, your magic just now?
Citizen: Thank you! That guard has been such a pain in the past, throwing his weight around like that.
The townsfolk all gathered around the crew all praised Anna's magic.
Lyria: You did it! Everyone's so delighted!
Vyrn: Yup yup yup! Anna's the boss!
Anna: So, um… My magic is useful?
Anna: Heeheehee… Grandma, I did it… My magic made them happy!
Vyrn: All right then! Lets get back to Nanny and her ward!
The crew returned to the plateau and handed the rare wand over to the wealthy heiress.
Young Woman: Gosh! You really did go and buy it for me!
Elderly Woman: Thank you so much! You really are a great help!
Anna: Yeah, well… it's no big deal I guess…
Young Woman: …I'm sorry, but this won't do at all. Look, the finish is scratched.
Anna: Huh? It's scratched?
Vyrn: Huh? Maybe it got scratched when you had that battle?
Lyria: Hmmm… But, it's not that obvious a scratch…
Young Woman: Stop right there! You realize that I'm a collector? It's worthless to me damaged!
Young Woman: Awww… I got my hopes up just to have them dashed… I don't need this garbage.
Anna: Eeek!
Vyrn: No! Don't break it!
Lyria: Too right! Anna bust a gut getting that for you, you ingrate!
Young Woman: Oh did she now?
Come on Nanny, we're going.
Elderly Woman:
Young Woman: Did you hear what I said, Nanny?
Elderly Woman: …Apologize to them.
Young Woman: I beg your pardon! Are you… giving me an order? A dried-up old wet nurse like you?
Elderly Woman: Apologize at once! Young madam!
Anna: Pardon me, but…
Young Woman: I've never been so… What is the meaning of this! Just who do you think you are?
Young Woman: You shriveled, wrinkled… I wish I had never met you!
Young Woman: What the… where did that come from?
Anna: No! You cannot speak to people like that! And especially not the person that raised you!
Anna: You must treasure her! And cherish her! And love her!
Anna: If you don't, you'll regret it… Because the day will come, when you won't see her again…
Nightmare: That's right, you'll regret it, and then it'll be tooooooo late.
Elderly Woman: Young Miss…
Young Woman: Yes… what is it…
Anna: Do you get it now?
Young Woman: (Sigh)… Enough already. Nanny, we're leaving!
Young Woman: Come on… take my hand. Your eyes aren't good in the dark, right?
Elderly Woman: Right you are, miss.
The elderly nanny thanked the crew, then she took her ward's hand, and the pair departed.
Anna: Well that worked out OK…
Lyria: Yeah I think so, Anna.
Vyrn: Hey, cheer up!
Anna: Yeah… I'm OK I guess. It's just that…
Nightmare: We're not lonely, 'coz we got frieeeeeeends.
Lyria: Heehee! Yeah, we'll always be together!
Anna: Teeheehee…
With a smile on her face and memories of her grandmother in her heart, Anna strove ever harder to improve her magic.