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Mysteries of Mysteria

(Captain) and friends have come to deliver some materials for the academy's reconstruction. While there, however, a mysterious underground tunnel is discovered on campus. They accompany Anne, Grea, and Owen to investigate, but a magical trap in the tunnel's room turns Anne into a child, stripping her of her powers.

Mysteria Academy of Magic, leading institute of the arcane arts and recent subject to an abnormally high number of monster attacks.
During that time, (Captain) and the crew had assisted the student body in driving back the onslaught of monsters.
Though the threat was quelled, the academy was left in disarray.
Now (Captain) and company have come to deliver a batch of materials needed for the school's restoration.
Lyria: Anne! Grea!
Anne: Hm? That sounds like...
Anne: (Captain) and the crew! I had a feeling you'd take up the job!
Vyrn: We spotted a posting for a mission and took it the moment we saw the words Mysteria Academy!
Grea: We really appreciate the help. And it's so good to see all of you again.
Lyria: I missed you guys too!
Owen: Everyone's brimming with joy to see you here, (Captain).
After the group exchanges a few pleasantries, one of the construction workers steps in through the entrance.
Stoneworker: Your Highness. Where should we place these stone blocks?
Anne: Hmm. Take those to the lecture hall in the east wing.
Woodworker: And this lumber, Your Highness?
Anne: Hmm. That should go into the dormitories over there.
The renovations seem to be going smoothly under Anne's personal supervision.
Vyrn: Boy, you look like you were born to lead! Not bad for a kid in her teens! Guess that's a princess for ya!
Lyria: Wow! The things we brought are almost all gone now! Work sure gets done fast here!
Anne: All that's left is this. I'll just handle it myself.
Grea: Anne! Wait! Let me carry that!
Anne: Hm? No, it's fine, really. I can carry it on my own.
Anne resumes her attempts at carrying the load by herself, while Grea tries again to stop her.
Owen: To be honest, skyfarers, we're rather worried for the princess.
Owen: She keeps trying to do everything by herself.
Vyrn: Yeah, she looks like the type to do that.
Owen: Come now, Princess! Allow me to handle that for you!
Suddenly workers burst into the room.
Stoneworker: Pant... Pant...
Stoneworker: Your Highness!
Stoneworker: We've discovered something not on any of the blueprints! It seems like some sort of underground tunnel!
Anne: Underground tunnel, you say? Show me.
Led by the workers, Anne and the group go to where the tunnel was discovered.
Anne: Well, that's a tunnel, all right... We can't just leave it here without knowing what's in there. Could be danger lurking inside.
Anne: All righty then! I'll go in and have a look! Be right back!
Grea: You can't go alone! I'm coming too!
Owen: Then I shall escort the both of you!
Anne: But I don't want to put you guys in harm's way.
  1. Let's all go together then!

Choose: Let's all go together then!
Vyrn: Yeah! Maybe we can help!
Lyria: The bigger the group, the safer it is!
Anne: Thanks, you guys.
Anne: All right! Let's get going then!
Into the dark unknown they go.
At the end of the mysterious passage, they find a large, heavy door. They steel themselves and heave open the entrance.
Anne: This looks like... a sorcerer's workshop?
Grea: A really old sorcerer's workshop, judging from the dust on everything.
Owen: Could this have belonged to the academy once?
Anne: I doubt it. If it was part of the academy, it would have been in the blueprints.
Anne: I've heard there was once a sorcerer in the academy who studied shadow magic in secret.
Anne: Maybe this is where he or she practiced the dark arts.
Grea wanders about the room, not being too careful of what she touches.
But when she approaches a suspicious-looking altar, a dark mist erupts from it.
Grea: ...!
Anne: Look out!
Anne: Aahh!
Anne jumps in front of Grea and is enveloped by the mysterious mist.
Grea: ...!
Anne! Anne!
Owen: Princess! Are you all right?
Vyrn: Hey! Hang in there!
Lyria: Anne!
(Captain) and company gather around Anne.
Anne: Nn... Nnn...
Grea: Anne! I'm so glad you're... okay?
Anne: Hm? What's wrong?
Owen: P-Princess! You're...
Anne: Huh? I'm what?
Vyrn: You're a pipsqueak!
Anne: Hm? What?
Anne: What did you just call me!
Lyria: Oh no! What do we do! She's turned into a little girl!
Anne looks at her body. The truth finally sets in.
Anne: Wha... What the!
Anne: What's going on here!
Anne's voice seems to activate a rune circle nearby, and it starts to glow.
???: ...
Grea: Looks like that wasn't the only trap in this place!
Grea: Everyone! Don't let that thing get to Anne!
Owen: Stay behind me, Princess!
Anne: I can handle it myself! My magic's more than—
Anne: Huh? Wuuh? I can't use my magic!
Vyrn: What! You lost your powers too?
Owen: This cannot stand!
Owen: Come, (Captain)!

Mysteries of Mysteria: Scene 2

The group return to the surface and bring Anne to Mr. Bertrand in hopes of finding a way to reverse the spell. The curse is revealed to be forbidden shadow magic, breakable only by an altar hidden deep in the academy's labyrinths.

Having braved the traps of the mysterious room and returned to the surface, (Captain) and company put their heads together to figure out what to do about Anne.
All their efforts, however, are to no avail.
Grea: Ohh, what're we going to do? This is all my fault. If only I'd been more careful...
Anne: No, Grea. It's not your fault. Don't cry.
Owen: That's right. The fault is mine! If only I had been more vigilant in protecting her!
Owen: The responsibility of raising you falls to me, Princess.
Anne: Um... I don't think that's the answer, Owen.
Owen: But I can't stand idly by while—
Anne: Why won't you listen! Dumb-dumb Owen! Go away!
Owen: D-dumb-dumb...
Vyrn: Whoa. Temper tantrums and name-calling? Guys, I don't think her body's the only thing that got babified.
Lyria: And is it me or does she seem like she's getting smaller by the minute?
Anne: Aww... Why can't I use magic...
Grea: Let's ask Mr. Bertrand. Maybe he can give us some advice.
The group hunts the teacher down and explains the situation.
Mr. Bertrand: My... If I had to guess, I'd say this was the work of the forbidden arts.
Mr. Bertrand: Regression magic, one might surmise.
Grea: Regression magic?
Mr. Bertrand: Yes... A type of shadow magic that causes the affected to grow younger and younger, both in body and mind.
Anne: C-can't we do something about it?
Mr. Bertrand: I'm afraid such a rare hex as this is beyond my abilities to dispel. Difficulties in reversal is likely what deemed it forbidden to begin with.
Owen: This cannot be...
Mr. Bertrand: That being said, there might still be a way.
Mr. Bertrand: Within Mysteria Academy's underground labyrinth is an altar of light. That altar might well be your only hope in dispelling this dark magic.
Grea: Light altar!
Grea: Got it! Come on, we don't have any time to lose!
Owen: To the labyrinth! Whatever we might encounter, I shall defend the princess with my life!
Anne: But it sounds dangerous down there. Are you sure?
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! You got us, remember?
Lyria: It's not so scary if we all go together!
Anne: Aww...
Anne: You guys are the best!
And into the labyrinth they descend.

Mysteries of Mysteria: Scene 3

The group encounters the guardian of the altar. Grea attempts to defeat it on her own, but Anne convinces her to work with the group as a team.

(Captain) and the crew continue to explore the labyrinth below the academy.
Grea: So these are the underground tunnels... Be on guard for anything.
Owen: This place feels very... austere somehow.
Anne: Yawn...
Owen: Gasp! The princess is getting ready for sleepytime!
Grea: I'll carry her!
Owen: No... The duty is mine!
(Captain) steps forward to intervene.
  1. You do it, Grea!
  2. Owen? I guess?
  3. No! I'll do it!
  4. Let's all draw straws!

Choose: You do it, Grea!
Owen: Ngh... If you must insist, (Captain), I will concede.
Grea: C'mere, little Anne! Come to Grea!
Anne: Greaaa...
Grea cradles the little one in her arms.
Thus, under the protection of (Captain) and company, Anne peacefully drifts off to sleep.
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Choose: Owen? I guess?
Grea: W-well... If you say so, (Captain)...
Owen: Come here, Your Little Highness. Climb on to my back.
Anne: Owennn...
Owen valiantly piggybacks little Anne.
Thus, under the protection of (Captain) and company, Anne peacefully drifts off to sleep.
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Choose: No! I'll do it!
Grea: Huh? You'll carry her? B-but...
Owen: We... wouldn't want to burden you, (Captain).
Vyrn: It's fine! Might not look like it, but (Captain)'s pretty good with kids!
Anne: (Captain)...
Little Anne clambers onto (Captain)'s back and snuggles into place.
Thus, under the protection of (Captain) and company, Anne peacefully drifts off to sleep.
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Choose: Let's all draw straws!
Grea: Draw... straws?
Owen: I see. That would indeed be the fairest way to go about the matter.
(Captain) nods and asks Lyria to hold the straws.
Lyria: Um... Okay, everyone. On three!
Whoever draws the longest straw will be the one to carry little Anne.
Anne: Sleepytime...
Thus, under the protection of (Captain) and company, Anne peacefully drifts off to sleep.
Continue 1
After fending off several monsters, they finally arrive at the innermost depths of the tunnel complex.
Grea: That's it... The altar.
Owen: The magic in the halls we passed through is nothing compared to the concentration of magical energies here.
Vyrn: Somehow it feels kinda nice though.
Lyria: That must be the power of the holy magic working.
Anne, now awake, starts to walk toward the altar.
Anne: Yawn... Nice and warm...
Grea: Anne! Don't go up to it alone! It could be dangerous!
Owen: Princess! I'm coming with you!
Grea: I can feel Anne's magic weakening by the moment.
Owen: We need to dispel the shadow magic—and quickly.
Clay Golem: ...!
Summoned by the room's protection runes, a guardian emerges to protect the altar.
Grea: I'll take care of this guy!
Owen: Grea! Don't try to fight it alone!
Grea: There's no time! I'll keep it busy while you
A diminutive figure totters up to Grea and hugs her leg.
Anne: It's okay, Grea. You're not alone.
Grea: Anne...
Anne: We can all help each other. And make the bad guy go bye-bye.
Grea: Mm... Yeah!
With Anne's words in her heart, Grea turns to face her comrades.
Grea: (Captain)! Owen! Will you help me?
Owen: Grea, for you and the princess...
Owen: I'll do anything!
Vyrn: You can count on us! Right, Lyria, (Captain)?
Lyria: That's right! We're all in this together!
Clay Golem: ...!
Owen: Now!
Grea: Let's go, everyone!

Mysteries of Mysteria: Scene 4

Having defeated the guardian, they bring Anne to the altar and break the spell. Anne later shares that the experience has taught her the value of teamwork and relying on your comrades.

Clay Golem: ...
(Captain) and company successfully defeat the guardian.
They waste no time in carrying Anne to the altar.
Owen: Quickly! This way!
Anne: Pant... Pant...
Grea: Oh no! There's almost no more magic left in her!
Anne: It's okay... Don't cry.
Grea: Anne! Anne!
Anne: G... Grea.
As if directed by Grea's thoughts, a blinding light flares out from the altar.
Grea: Aahh!
Owen: What fierce light.
Vyrn: Boy, that's bright!
Lyria: Is this the power of the light magic?
The white light concentrates and envelops Anne.
Anne: Nn... Nnn...
Grea: Anne! Anne!
Anne: Grea... I...
Grea: You're back to normal... Thank goodness.
Anne: Thank you, Grea.
Grea: Anytime.
Owen: Now then, everyone. Let's head back to the surface.
With Anne's body restored, (Captain) and company return to the world above.
And after some rest, Anne soon regains her former magical abilities.
Several days later, Anne and Grea are walking together amidst the academy's reconstruction.
Anne: I get it. I understand now.
Grea: Hm? Understand what?
Anne: It took me being turned into a little girl again, but I finally realized we shouldn't try to do everything by ourselves.
Grea: Yeah, I think you're right.
Anne: From now on, I'll be sure to rely on my friends more.
Grea: Anne...
Anne: Will you help me, Grea?
Grea: Of course, Anne. I will.
As the two share a tender moment, (Captain) and company watch over them.
Owen: Sob, sob... This is wonderful. Oh so wonderful.
Vyrn: Uh... You okay?
Owen: Ah, pardon me. It's just so moving to see the comradery between Anne and Grea.
Lyria: Sob... It's beautiful.
Owen: And it's all thanks to you and your crew, (Captain)!
Anne and Grea rejoin the group.
Anne: Hm? What's wrong, Owen?
Owen: N-nothing... Nothing at all!
Anne: Oh? Uhh, okay, if you say so.
Anne: Anyway, it looks like the reconstruction's still got a long way to go.
Anne: What do you say we all grab a bite?
Vyrn: Sounds like a plan!
Lyria: I'd love that!
Grea: How about I cook, then?
Anne: Oh! I can help!
Owen: Then allow me to gather the cookware for you!
The fun times they share pass in the blink of an eye.
Anne redoubles her efforts to restore the academy to its former glory.
And she will continue to walk with her comrades forever more. Together as one.