Scenario:Anzu Futaba - Two's Better Than One

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Two's Better Than One

Anzu wakes up to the sight of the crew members—who are exhausted from a long drawn-out battle—being hauled back into the inn by agents. When word of the monsters encroaching upon the town arrives, Anzu and Kirari head out to greet them in kind.

(Captain) and company visit some mountains while on a mission.
They expect a simple fight with monsters in cooperation with the knights who protect the town, but the battle turns out to be harder than expected.
Green Monster: Piñappipipi...
Vyrn: There's another one! It's over there this time! Let's go after it!
Vyrn: Wha? That log just flew right at us!
Rackam: Pant... Wheeze... What's going on here? Do those things seriously use traps?
Agent: They do. The green monsters that have been showing up near the town lately are wickedly intelligent.
Katalina: Ugh! We've been fighting for three days straight. We'll keel over at this rate!
The combination of the enemies' cunningly laid traps and attacks is enough to prevent (Captain) and company from making it back to town.
But not everyone has it so rough.
Anzu: Mm... Mumble, mumble...
Kirari: Anzu-chan, you'll catch a cold sleeping in a place like this.
Anzu: Who cares? I'm just here as a benchwarmer anyway. I can always take a day off if I get sick.
Anzu, Kirari, and other members of the crew are on standby at a nearby inn just in case something happens in town.
Kirari: I'm surprised (Captain)-chan and the others aren't back yet.
Anzu: I'm sure they're fine. They're strong enough to take care of themselves.
Kirari: Hmm... But do you really think they're okay, Anzu-chan?
Anzu: Hmm... Yeah, I'm sure of it.
As Anzu and Kirari await (Captain)'s return, someone flings the inn door open with a bang.
Vyrn: Pant... Wheeze... Man, I'm beat.
Agent: Hey! Someone help carry these guys! There are still more coming!
Anzu: Huh? What's going on here?
Kirari: Everyone looks exhausted... Anzu-chan, go fetch a towel, would you? I'll go get some water.
Anzu: Oh... Sure. Good idea.
Katalina and (Captain) are soon dumped in the lobby in much the same state as Rackam.
Kirari: Well done, guys... Let me loosen your belts and wipe off all that sweat. There. Nice and clean.
Anzu: I guess I should probably help too.
Agent: Damn... I hoped we could take those things on with the help of some famous skyfarers, but I should have known better.
Anzu: (Captain) and the others are so exhausted they can't even move. What happened out there?
Agent: It was the green monsters...
Anzu: What? They set up traps? You mean like guerrilla warfare? Those green things learned how to do stuff like that?
Agent: Yep. And the results are right in front of you.
Fallen Skyfarers: ...
Kirari: Yeah, they're all out cold.
Kirari: I'll carry them to their rooms.
Kirari: All right... Here we go!
Kirari picks up (Captain) under one arm and Lyria under the other, and she carries them to their rooms.
Anzu: ...
Kirari and Anzu put the sleeping (Captain) in bed and loosen the captain's armor.
Kirari: Well done today, (Captain)-chan.
Anzu: There's such a thing as overdoing it, you know. You should take it easier like me once in a while.
The two gaze at (Captain)'s face with worry.
Monster's Roar: Piñaaa!
Kirari & Anzu: ...!
Vyrn: Pant... Wheeze... (Captain)! They've invaded the town! We need to get out there!
Vyrn is shocked when he sees that (Captain) shows no sign of waking up.
Anzu: Well, (Captain) and the others are obviously not going anywhere, so Kirari and I will help.
Vyrn: Yeah... Sorry about this, but you saw what happened to those of us who went hunting in the mountains. What else can be done?
Anzu: Well, us backup members are supposed to be the last line of defense, but I guess I'm up.
Kirari: Now let's bop us some mischief makers!
Vyrn: Heh-heh! Th-that's the spirit... Let's start by barricading ourselves in the inn and drawing them here.
Anzu: Steady on a minute. We've no idea how many of them there are. Digging in for a siege might end up backfiring.
Anzu: Besides, when I decided to try that in a game I played before, the enemy burned down my base, and it was totally game over. I have a better idea...
Anzu starts giving orders to the reserve crew members gathered there, but she's interrupted.
Anzu: Huh? Look at (Captain)...
Apparently sensing that the situation is becoming desperate, the still half-unconscious (Captain) groans.
Anzu: You just sleep, (Captain). You deserve to relax once in a while.
Anzu: Oh, and one more thing. It's hard to think straight when you're tired from not eating, so have one of my candies.
Anzu: You just leave the fighting to us backup members. We're the secret weapon after all.
Anzu presses one of her candies into (Captain)'s hand and then leaves the inn with Kirari.
Agent: Hey! Those skyfarers were our last resort, but they're of no use now! We're gonna have to wipe out those green monsters ourselves!
Agents: Yes, sir!
Anzu & Kirari: ...
Anzu and Kirari run past the agents as they raise their voices in defiance.
Anzu: There they are. Time to fire some warning shots.
Green Monster: Piñaaa!
Anzu hides in the shadows while taking aim at some of the green monsters rampaging through town.
Anzu: Bang!
Green Monster: Piña?
Anzu: Rustle...
Anzu and Kirari attack the green monsters and then quickly hide in the shadows.
Anzu: Hehehe... I've always been good at stealth segments in games too.
Anzu: This is too easy.
Kirari: As amazing as ever, Anzu-chan! So what's next?
Anzu: Hmm... Let's just try to buy enough time for (Captain) and the others to recover.
Kirari: Roger that! I'll do whatever I can to help them too!

Two's Better Than One: Scene 2

The two idols exchange heartfelt words during a brief respite from the battle. They get ready for round two as another horde of monsters approach.

Green Monster: Pi! Piña!
Anzu: Wheeze... Huff... I think it's clear here for now. I'm bushed.
Anzu pants as she watches the green monsters flee.
Kirari: Thanks, Anzu-chan.
Anzu: Wh... Huh?
Kirari: You're trying extra hard 'cause of how upset I was to see (Captain)-chan and the others like that earlier, right?
Anzu: Yeah, I guess so. I kind of consider your problems to be my problems.
Anzu: Plus (Captain) and the others have done so much for us. This still sucks though.
Kirari: Hehe... Thank you, Anzu-chan.
Anzu: It's no biggie. Still, I hope they show up soon.
Anzu: I could use a strategic break.
Green Monsters: Piñaaa!
Kirari: Ñaaa yourself! Looks like they're back! Stay sharp, Anzu-chan! Just a bit more!
Anzu: Tsk... Oh fine, whatever. But I expect about six months off once this is all done and settled!

Two's Better Than One: Scene 3

The girls realize what the monsters are fighting for when they spot one of them desperately wolfing down food. They perform a duet to instill peace between the villagers and the monsters. It backfires in a way, as the agents there turn their hostility toward Anzu and Kirari.

Anzu: Phew... It seems like that's it for now.
Kirari: Well done, Anzu-chan!
Anzu: You too. You were a big help back there.
Anzu: Wait. Do you hear that?
Kirari: Hmm... I wonder what could it be? Let's go take a look.
Green Monster: Munch... Munch, munch... Piña...
When the two idols go to investigate, they find a green monster devouring something in the shadows.
Anzu: It seems to be eating something.
Green Monster: Pi?
The green monster freezes, both of its arms loaded with food.
Kirari: You think it's hungry?
Green Monster: Pi... Piña...
Kirari: It's trembling. I almost feel sorry for it.
Anzu: Yeah...
Hey, little guy. You want one of my candies?
Green Monster: Piñappi! Piñappi!
The green monster takes the candy from Anzu's hand, offers a squeal of thanks, and then runs off.
Anzu: You know, the agent earlier was saying that those monsters are mega violent, but I'm not seeing it.
Kirari: Yeah... Maybe they aren't actually so bad after all.
Kirari: I wonder if there's any way to ask them what's going on...
Anzu: Hmm... I'm not sure about that. Still, if we find a way to calm them down, we'll be done here.
Anzu and Kirari find themselves puzzled about what the green monsters are actually trying to do.
There's a commotion in the town square before long.
Green Monster: Piña! Piña!
Townsperson 1: Give us back our vegetables, you boogers!
Green Monster: Pi... Piiiñaaa!
Townsperson 1: Damn! Hitting these things does nothing, and they can't hurt us either! We're wastin' our time here!
The townspeople and green monsters are involved in a vicious battle in the town square.
Kirari: They're all fighting! What should we do, Anzu-chan?
Anzu: ...!
The monsters have set up traps to corner the people, but they're actually after food.
Kirari wants to find a way to communicate with them even if they can't talk.
Anzu senses what her friend wants and tries to think of some way to help, but Kirari interrupts her.
Kirari: Hic...
Kirari: Sob...
Anzu: Kirari?
Kirari: Waaah! Just stop already!
Anzu: ...!
Monsters & People: ...?
Kirari's voice is powerful enough to shake the windows of the nearby buildings, and everyone turns to look at her.
Kirari: Sob... Hic... You guys, can't we all just get along? You know, be happy-happy?
Townsperson 1: Stop talkin' nonsense! These things have been all over our town like ants on chocolate!
Townsperson 2: Yeah! We can't just let them off the hook now!
Green Monsters: Piña! Piñaa!
Townsperson 1: Hey! They're rampaging again!
Kirari: I said stop!
Monsters & People: ...!
Townsperson 2: What is this? Why does the sound of her voice make me so sad? We're supposed to be mad...
Townsperson 1: Damn it! Snap out of it, you guys! Now's the time to fight! So fight!
Kirari's appeal quiets everyone down momentarily, but the fighting soon resumes. This cycle repeats itself.
Kirari: Hic... These people aren't listening to me at all.
Anzu: Maybe, but your voice seems to quieten them down for a second. It's almost like... Hmm...
Anzu: I think I have an idea. Kirari, listen up.
Mumble, mumble...
Kirari: Huh? Are we really gonna do that, Anzu-chan?
Anzu: Yep. It's not like the situation can get any worse. I say we give it a shot.
Anzu and Kirari start up a quick meeting right then and there.
The pointless battle between the people and green monsters continues as they talk.
Kirari: Yoo-hoo! We're An-Kira! And we're gonna sing for you!
Anzu: Huh? Are we really gonna sing?
Anzu: And An-Kira? Seriously? You've got some nerve abbreviating me!
Kirari: Wha?
Townsperson 1: Hey! What are they up to?
Everyone freezes as the idols suddenly start up a comedy act—and then quickly transition into a song.
As they listen to the music, the people and monsters alike look at each other in shock. No one seems to want to fight anymore.
Anzu: (Hehehe... Exactly as planned.)
Anzu: (If Kirari's screams alone were enough to sadden these people...)
Anzu: (Then the song we wrote is sure to hit home even harder!)
That comes as no surprise, however, as the song that the talented duo performs is one symbolizing their beautiful friendship.
Anzu: (The two of us might be polar opposites, but we've done just fine up until now.)
Anzu: (Looks like Kirari's into this too. So I'll show these people just what it means when I get serious once in a decade!)
Townsperson 2: You know, just listening to this somehow makes fighting seem ridiculous.
Green Monster: Piña...
Townsperson 1: You feel the same way, huh?
Agent: What's going on here? Why? Why aren't they attacking?
Kirari: Oh! Mr. Agent! Um... I think those green guys have a good reason for what they've been doing.
Anzu: Yeah, so why don't you guys try to have a talk before you go on wearing each other out?
Townsperson: Y-yeah... They look like they've calmed down quite a bit after all.
Townsperson: I'm not actually sure that they can even communicate, but we should at least try.
The townspeople timidly approach the green monsters and gesture at them as they try to reach a mutual understanding.
As Anzu and Kirari watch, they breathe a sigh of relief.
But the agents have something else in mind.
Green Monster: Piña?
Agent: Hehehe... Now that the fight's gone out of you, we can deal with all of you right here.
Anzu: Say what now?
Agent: And you better not try any more of your tricks from earlier.
The agent levels his sword at Anzu and Kirari.
Kirari: A-Anzu-chan...
Anzu: Hey... Would someone mind explaining what's going on here?
(Captain) awakens to the sound of Anzu and Kirari singing as everything suddenly gets brighter outside.
As (Captain) listens to the almost supernaturally loud singing, images of allies spring to the captain's mind.
The images are accompanied by memories of time spent with those allies, but the reverie doesn't last long.
The spell woven by the singing of Anzu and Kirari is suddenly interrupted by an unknown force.
(Captain) realizes that something has happened and starts eating the candy left by Anzu.
The sweet taste of the candy restores (Captain)'s tired body just enough for the captain to head out to help the two idols.