Scenario:Anzu Futaba - Uh-Huh, We Can Handle It

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Uh-Huh, We Can Handle It

When Anzu points out that the agents are the ones behind this whole mess, they order the monsters to attack. Tensions continue to boil as (Captain) and company join the fight.

Agent: There's no point in resisting, you two. Just be good, and getting tied up is the worst you'll have to deal with.
Kirari: A-Anzu-chan...
Anzu: Huh? What's going on here?
(Captain) and company are in a village on a mission to hunt green monsters.
The reason for the monsters' attacks becomes clear, and it seems like the townspeople and monsters are about to find a way to coexist...
But the agents who were protecting the town suddenly stand before Anzu and Kirari with their swords raised.
Townsperson 1: Why are you guys doing this? The monsters aren't even a threat anymore!
Townsperson 2: Yeah! There's no reason to keep fighting!
The townspeople raise their voices against the agents.
Agent: Tsk! Why couldn't you two just mind your own business?
Kirari: B-but...
Anzu: Wait a second... You mean to say you agents are behind all this trouble?
Agent: ...!
Townsperson 1: S-say what?
Anzu: I actually smelled something fishy as soon as (Captain)-san and the others came back to the inn.
Kirari: Yeah, now that you mention it, it seems weird that the agents still seemed fine even though our friends were so exhausted.
Agent: Not another word out of you! Damn it!
All right, take 'em out, you guys!
Green Monsters: Pi?
Agent: Hey, you know what'll happen if you don't do as you're told!
Green Monsters: Pi... Piña!
Green Monsters: Piñaaa!
Anzu: Uh-oh...
The green monster leaps at Anzu, but (Captain) darts in just in time and blocks the attack.
Vyrn: Hey! Anzu! Kirari! Are you two okay?
Agent: It's you again!
Kirari: Nyowa! That was crazy awesome, (Captain)-chan!
Anzu: It took you long enough. So you're finally done with your nap, huh?
Agent: Argh! I'll just have to take out all of you!

Uh-Huh, We Can Handle It: Scene 2

By exposing the agents' plot to gain fame as champions who defeated monsters that even renowned skyfarers could not handle, Anzu woos the monsters to her side. With nothing left to lose, the agents begin attacking in full force.

Anzu: Yep, I think I see what you're up to.
Anzu: You guys hoped to increase your authority in town by defeating monsters that not even famous skyfarers could handle, right?
Agent: ...!
Anzu: But in the end you'd still just be working to protect the town anyway. You guys are silly.
Vyrn: Hmm... I can see why you guys would want a reputation like that, but that's no reason to orchestrate a giant plot.
Anzu: Yeah. You should have found a way to get what you wanted without doing so much work. You know, like unearned income.
Agent: What do you know about it? Just shut up already!
Hey! Get 'em, guys!
Anzu: There's no more need for that now.
I don't know what he said to threaten you guys, but from the looks of it, I'd say you can reach an understanding with the townspeople.
Green Monsters: Pi...
The green monsters take a few steps back in response to Anzu's words.
Agent: Tsk! This isn't over yet! We have more than enough strength to take on little girls and exhausted skyfarers!

Uh-Huh, We Can Handle It: Scene 3

The bound agents break free and run off with (Captain) as a hostage, but Anzu and Kirari save the day. Back in town, the now peaceful villagers and green monsters ask the two to sing their song again, ending the incident on a high note.

Agent 1: Argh!
Vyrn: Phew... That's it for those guys. Sorry we were so late to the party.
Anzu: You should be. I think you'll agree that I've earned myself a fifteen-year vacation.
Kirari: Ehehe. Well done, Anzu-chan.
(Captain) suspects that Anzu counted on her song waking up the rest of the crew so they could come help her.
(Captain) smiles bitterly and sits down, but Vyrn notices something.
Vyrn: Huh? Is there someone behind (Captain)?
Someone suddenly sneaks up from behind and locks (Captain)'s arms in a wrestling hold.
Agent 3: Hehehe... You're mine now, skyfarer.
Vyrn: Are you okay, (Captain)?
Hey, let our captain go, coward! How dare you sneak up on (Captain)?
Agent 3: Haha! Did you seriously expect me to just stand around and wait to get arrested? None of you move! And let my friends go! Now!
The agents drag (Captain) to the docks.
Vyrn: This sucks... We gotta help (Captain) before this gets any worse!
Anzu: Maybe they're planning to flee the island. Talk about annoying... These bozos really don't know when to give up.
Vyrn: Hey! How can you be so calm at a time like this?
Kirari: Ehehe. It's all good!
Anzu: Sigh... Looks like my vacation will have to wait a bit longer.
Agent 3: Down, dog! And don't try anything funny!
(Captain) is thrown onto the deck, hands bound with rope.
Agent 2: All right. Now let's get this bird into the sky...
Agent 2: Damn it! So much for our base of operations! Once we get away, you're gonna get it, skyfarer.
The airship carrying (Captain) lifts into the sky.
Agent 3: Hahaha! Looks like we managed to give that infamous crew the slip! Bunch of losers!
Agent 2: Yeah. Now all we gotta do is find another town or something to establish a new base in.
Agent 2: Wha? That was quite a jolt.
Agent 3: Hmm... Maybe a monster flew into a propeller or something. I'll go check it out...
Kirari: Nyowa!
The voice from behind sends a chill down the spines of the agents. They timidly turn around to face the menace.
Kirari: Ehehe... Now I've got you with my Kirari power!
Agent 2: Aahh! She's huge! And she's hangin' on to our ship!
As the agents panic, Anzu calls out to them from her position on top of Kirari's head.
Anzu: Just a piece of friendly advice... You'd be wise to cut power to the engines and surrender to us.
Anzu: Kirari, now's your chance. Grab (Captain).
Kirari: Roger! Come on home, (Captain)-chan!
Agent 2: Damn it! There goes our hostage! Now what?
Agent 3: Just forget the hostage! Shake off that giant! Full speed ahead! And steer as hard as you can to the left and right!
Anzu: Um... That doesn't sound like a very good idea.
Anxious to escape Kirari's hand, the helmsman gives the wheel a hard turn, but he succeeds only in throwing the ship off balance.
Though he struggles desperately to right the ship, it can't withstand the forces tearing at it and falls apart in midair.
Agents: Arrrgh!
Kirari: Whoopsie!
Kirari lifts her skirt and catches the plummeting agents.
Kirari: Ehehe... Now I've got all of you!
Anzu: Phew... I guess that's that. These guys were annoying to the bitter end!
The crew decides to bind the agents with rope and escort them to the nearest prison.
Vyrn: Man, I was pretty worried there for a second, but I'm sure glad we got to (Captain) in time!
Townsperson 1: Move it, you! We'll teach you to scheme in our town!
Agent 2: Damn...
The agents pass in front of (Captain) and company as they're dragged off.
Agent 3: Eep! It's that giant chick! Stop! Don't take me anywhere near her!
Anzu: Grr... Shut up!
Kirari: Ehehe... Sorry I gave you guys such a scare.
Anzu: There's nothing scary about you, Kirari. You're just a little odd, that's all. You know, like me.
Kirari: Anzu-chan...
Kirari: Thank you.
Meanwhile, in the town square...
Green Monsters: Piña...
The townspeople approach the green monsters, which are standing around with nothing better to do.
Townsperson 1: So you guys were victims too, huh?
Townsperson 2: Yeah, it really doesn't seem right to condemn them now. What should we do?
Townsperson 1: Well, they can use traps and are pretty smart...
Say, how would you guys like to try living and working in town?
Green Monsters: Piña! Piña!
Kirari: Oh... Hehe. Looks like they're all buddies now!
Anzu: Yeah. Nothing wrong with that, right? Green complexion and size shouldn't stand in the way of friendship.
Townsperson 1: Thank you. Thanks to you guys, it looks like we can reach an understanding with them.
Green Monsters: Piña!
The green monsters suddenly start waving their hands and feet at the idols.
Kirari: Huh? Are they trying to tell us something?
Townsperson 1: Yeah. I suspect that they want to hear the song you sang earlier one more time.
Townsperson 2: Hahaha. We'd actually like to hear it again too. I think it'll sound a bit different this time.
Kirari: Ehehe... Well, what do you think, Anzu-chan?
Anzu: What? After all that work, you're asking me to sing again?
Kirari: Yep! We can't stop until everyone's happy-happy!
Anzu: What? But I thought we were done working for the day...
Kirari: Tell you what. When we're done singing...
Anzu: Yeah?
Kirari: I'll give you some candy!
Anzu: Candy?
After their brief dialogue, the song of the two idols once again reverberates through the town.
Townsperson 1: Haha! I knew it! I couldn't tell while we were fighting, but this is actually a fun song!
Townsperson 2: Hey! You two girls are incredible!
Green Monsters: Piña! Piña!
Kirari: (Hehe... Looks like both our green friends and the townspeople are totally happy-happy!)
Anzu: (The song was a huge pain to write, but I guess it was worth it if people like it this much.)
The idols' song is met with a thunderous round of applause, and they smile at each other in response.
They're both relieved that the power of their song has brought the conflict to a peaceful close.