Scenario:Aoidos - Bloody Garden

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Bloody Garden

Despite Rackam's disinterest, Aoidos continues to make him practice the bass. But suddenly, they are attacked by a group of outlaws who recognize Aoidos as one of the Vicious Three. Though the outlaws have hinted at Aoidos's forgotten past, for now, the party has to fight them off.

As our heroes continue their journey, Aoidos convinces the crew to stop at an island with a booming music scene.
He makes Rackam bring the bass so they can practice there, but...
Rackam: ...
Vyrn: Haha, what was that supposed to be! You totally suck!
Aoidos: Try it again, from the top. You need more practice, Vermillios!
Rackam: What do you expect from me? I'm busy trying to drive this thing!
Aoidos: Well stop it.
Rackam: Sure, and we'll all crash! And I never wanted to join your band!
Rackam: Ugh, why me?
Aoidos: Hm, good question. You clearly don't have any musical talent.
Aoidos: But you do have a nice vibe. A certain quality that's way harder to master than any musical skill.
Rackam: A nice vibe?
Aoidos: You're ready to fight against the crowd and stick to your convictions... You radiate that rebellious spirit.
Rackam: Huh. You really think so?
Aoidos: It's worthless in mainstream society, but your vibe is exactly what I need in my music.
Rackam: What do you mean "worthless"! Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult?
Vyrn: Hee hee, don't let it bother you. You can do it, Vermillios!
Aoidos: Now get practicing. You debut tomorrow.
Rackam: You're not the boss of me!
Vyrn: Whoa! Wh-what was that!
Thug: Ha, ha, ha! This ship is ours!
Rackam: Crap, pirates! They were hiding in the clouds!
Aoidos: Leave this to me. You just keep practicing.
Thug: Hee hee! You think you can take me on all by yourself? Go ahead—but prepare for a bloodbath!
Thug: ...W-wait! He's one of the “Vicious Three"!
Aoidos: ...What?
Thug: Time to bust out the big guns! Or we're all dead meat!
Vyrn: Crud! He's gonna get walloped!
Aoidos: It's been a while since I was surrounded by people who weren't fans.
Rackam: Stop making stupid comments and fight!

Bloody Garden: Scene 2

Aoidos is fixated on what the bandits had said, calling him one of the Vicious Three. Before Aoidos could finish thinking about it, Vyrn brings in a drummer that wants to join their band. During the course of conversation, Aoidos and the drummer get into an argument, which then turns into a fight.

Having taken care of the outlaws, the party reaches their destination and breathes a collective sigh of relief.
Aoidos: ...
Rackam: Hey, what's wrong? You're looking pretty depressed, man.
Aoidos: ...Am I?
Rackam: So they were calling you one of the “Vicious Three.”
Rackam: It's too late to ask them what they meant...but maybe we could ask around town if you're curious?
Aoidos: Oh, please! You think I care what a bunch of thugs with no ear for music calls me?
Aoidos: I’m more interested in hearing your thoughts on the new piece I've been working on.
Rackam: Oh, sure, I'll have a listen...
Aoidos: ...
Aoidos: It would be a lie to say I have nothing left from my old life.
Aoidos: According to my manager, I always had this guitar with me... It's the one thing I still own from before I lost my memories.
Aoidos: This guitar is the source of all my music. And if it connects me to my past...
Rackam: Then you're gonna have to face it, if you want to keep being a musician.
Aoidos: I guess I am...
Vyrn: Hey! I found someone who can play the drums!
Drummer: I've been dying for a chance to show off my skills! You're that Aoidos guy, aren't you? If it's rhythm you need, I gotcha covered!
Aoidos: Oh really. I'll be the judge of that.
Aoidos: When I'm onstage I expose the world for what it really is. So what I need in a gig is pathos. Now how would you send the audience to their haven?
Drummer: Ah, um... What do you mean by "pathos"...and "haven"?
Rackam: Wait, you mean that's not music jargon?
Drummer: Look...I have more experience in the music industry than you. Isn't that enough?
Aoidos: Heh, taking pride in your past. I can see your future.
Drummer: Why you little—! You wanna piece of this, punk?
Aoidos: That does sound amusing. Show me your pathos!
Drummer: Oh I'll show you, all right! Let's take this outside!
Vyrn: You dummies! Why do you have to fight over this?

Bloody Garden: Scene 3

Just when Aoidos has finally formed a band, its members start to leave, causing his hopes to fade like a dream within a dream. Aoidos then decides to wander through the forest, where he is attacked by a monster. Picking up a sword that comes out of nowhere, Aoidos suddenly goes crazy. After Rackam brings Aoidos out of his trance, they fight off the beast.

The party fights off the drummer. Aoidos approves of his physical prowess and concludes that the band is ready to make its debut.
Aoidos: I was always...I was always so alone.
Aoidos: But with my new band...sometimes we butt heads, and sometimes we lift each other up. They fill my sepia world with new color.
Aoidos: On bass, we have Vermillios!
Rackam: Sigh...
Aoidos: On drums, we have Gigantios!
Drummer: Y-yeah, man!
Aoidos: All right! Let's destroy the world together with "Bloody Garden"!
The band members play like their lives depend on it. Their explosive sounds begin to combine...
Before long, their sounds begin to meld together. Hearing the music, a grin of confidence creeps over Aoidos's face.
Aoidos: Cerulean blood fades over the sky, I close my eyes
Too tired to sigh, I strain to hear you
So why are you smiling?
Aoidos: The freezing winds piercing, that is my punishment
The hot sun burning, that is my sin Bloody Garden
Aoidos: Aahhh!
The performance is a huge success, but when it's over, the drummer complains of physical pain.
Aoidos: ...You want to quit the band?
Drummer: Sorry...but my back is killing me...
Drummer: I love the song...but no human being could ever handle the drum part!
Aoidos: What...
Drummer: I don't wanna be a drummer bad enough to kill myself over it. But I wish you all the best. See ya!
Aoidos: ...
Vyrn: Hmm...well, it is a pretty intense song.
Rackam: Even I could tell it was dangerous. Nobody could play that without getting injured. So what do we do now, Aoidos?
Aoidos: we can't play...
Vyrn: H-hey! Where are you going off to now? Rackam, what are we gonna do with this guy!
Rackam: ...
Aoidos: Haha... So the music of my dreams is just that—an impossible dream.
Aoidos: So should I take it down a notch? ...But would that fill the void in my soul?
Aoidos: I just don't know. If only I had my memories back...
Monster: GRAAARR!
Aoidos: Well, well. Is this a random act of fate, or is it the jealousy of the gods?
Aoidos: Come on, then. I'll dance the endless waltz with you.
Flash and sword sound effects
Aoidos: What!
A sword comes flying out of nowhere and sticks into the ground at Aoidos’ feet...almost as if to say "pick me up."
Aoidos: Who did that? Show yourself! What is the meaning of this!
Monster: GRAAARR!
Aoidos: ...!
Vyrn: Aoidos! Where are you!
Rackam: Did he get lost? Sheesh, this guy is really a handful!
Vyrn: Look, someone's there! Hey, you! What are you doing?
Rackam: ...Wait a minute, Vyrn!
Aoidos: Ha, ha, ha...
Vyrn: H-hey... Seriously, what are you doing, man? Is that
Rackam: That thing is really mangled... I think you're taking this whole bad boy image a little too far!
Aoidos: ...What?
Vyrn: Whoa! He-he's coming this way!
Rackam: Something's wrong with him... Snap out of it, man!
Aoidos: ...
Vyrn: No good, he's not listening! He totally forgot who we are!
Rackam: Hey, remember me? It's Rackam! I'm, uh, I'm in your band...
Aoidos: Ha, ha, ha...
Rackam: C'mon, man! ...Argh, fine! It's me...Vermillios!
Aoidos: ...Huh?
Rackam: We've got a gig to prepare for! Or are we breaking up already? I didn't realize your pathos was that pathetic!
Aoidos: Uh...ah...GYAAAH!
Aoidos: Haah, haah... What...what was I...?
Vyrn: He's back! Are you all right, Aoidos?
Monster: GRAAARR!
Rackam: The monster's back for revenge! Aoidos, get up!
Aoidos: Ahh...! I know the gods are jealous, but enough is enough!

Bloody Garden: Scene 4

Without enough band members, Aoidos was in the midst of despair. It was then that Vyrn accidentally hit the drums with his tail, peaking Aoidos's interest. Since no human could play their songs, they made Vyrn join as their drummer. With everything falling into place, Aoidos regained hope once more as the group set out with spirits high.

After dealing with the monsters, the party returns to town to rest.
Aoidos: I just remember the sword coming out of nowhere...and the next minute you were all standing beside me.
Rackam: I see... Well, in any case you need some rest. You probably just panicked because your band members weren't around.
Aoidos: ...
Vyrn: Hey, guess what! That guy left his drum set behind! He said we could have it!
Aoidos: That's nice of him, but...what are we supposed to do with them now?
Vyrn: Well, we can't just throw them away. Let's take them to the airship. Ba-dum-bum!♪
Aoidos: Hey...what was that?
Rackam: Hold it, Vyrn. How did you do that just now?
Vyrn: Hm? I just used my tail. Why do you ask?
Aoidos: How could I have overlooked this? A drum part no HUMAN BEING can perform? Ha! Piece of cake!
Aoidos: Ha, ha! Our band is back in business!
Vyrn: Hold your horses there, buddy! You can't just add me to your band like that!
Rackam: Ha ha! Looks like you're one of us now. But what's his stage name gonna be, leader?
Aoidos: Dandelios.
Vyrn: Oh, no, please not that! I am NOT gonna be called “Dandelios."
Aoidos: My goal is to perform at the Auguste Festival! We will turn all of the skies into our own haven!
With the addition of Vyrn, Aoidos finally formed his own band. Now he sets his sights on a major goal.
Little do our heroes know what remnants of his past lie squirming in the shadows of his dreams.