Scenario:Aoidos - Judgment Night

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Judgment Night

The party meets Aoidos, a musician who has lost his memory. Though Aoidos has been successful as a musician, he worries that his music is missing something. In his search for answers, he hears Rackam play the bass, which awakens something inside him. Aoidos then realizes that forming a band was just what he needed. He makes Rackam join the band, and in turn, Aoidos joins the crew.

At a venue on an island somewhere... Blaring music and shouts can be heard as the audience works itself into a frenzy.
Female fan: Aoidos! Take me to your haven!
Male fan: Wooo! Haven, haven, havennn!
When the song ends, the man onstage pauses to catch his breath and then turns to the audience.
Aoidos: I can... I can still feel it.
Aoidos: There was a cold wind that day. I was at my favorite restaurant.
Aoidos: It's a nice little shop. The kind of place that could heal a broken wing.
Aoidos: But that night they were taking forever with people's orders.
Aoidos: One or two of the other customers got up and left... Finally, the owner saw me and laughed.
Aoidos: She was like, "You're still here?"
Aoidos: ...
Aoidos: It's a cruel world out there. It's constantly kicking you out, cutting you down, and mocking your hardship.
Aoidos: Heh...but I feel awesome right now.
Aoidos: And why wouldn't I? Pain, despair, and loneliness are my bread and butter... They give me the strength to keep coming back on this stage!
Aoidos: All right! Ready to destroy the world with me? Time for "Judgment Night"!
The boy goes wild on his guitar, then the music explodes and rocks the venue. And then...
Aoidos: It's the night of the end, and I sit, just staring at a red rose.
It's time for judgment, you gotta hunt them out before they hunt you down.
Aoidos: Eyes darkened by terror are a sign of my spoils,

Piles of dry, empty husks are the coin of the fallen

In a sepia-toned world, you will be my judge. I’m wrapped in your embrace.
Aoidos: Aahhh!
Meanwhile, the party heads for the market to buy supplies for the airship.
Vyrn: Ooh! Can we get some apples, too?
Rackam: Sure, go ahead. It'll be awhile before we get to the next island anyway.
Vyrn: Cool! Lyria asked me to pick up a few things, too.
Rackam: Whoa! What’s that racket?
Vyrn: Maybe the guy on that poster over there? Let's see, it says “Aoidos"...on the "Haven of the Eternal" Tour...
Rackam: Jeez, that's a long name. Well, whatever. Let's head to the market.
Aoidos: ...
Manager: Good job, Aoidos. Another great performance!
Aoidos: No greater than usual. I mean, it's hard to beat perfection.
Manager: Well then, let me rephrase that. As usual, it was the best performance in the skies.
Aoidos: ...Yeah.
Manager: Hm? What's wrong, Aoidos? Is the exhaustion starting to get to you?
Aoidos: ...
Aoidos: I just...I really feel like...something's missing from my music.
Manager: Oh, not this again! How many times do I have to tell you, you are—
Aoidos: I know, I know, I'm a genius! I have looks AND talent. Even the gods must be jealous!
Aoidos: But my music... It's not there yet! It doesn't satisfy my soul!
Manager: Aoidos... You are the perfect solo artist.
Manager: Your incredible music and the way you work the crowds have attracted fans all over the world. There isn't a soul on the planet who doesn't know your name!
Aoidos: But no one knows the real me. Heh...not even I do.
Manager: ...Ah, you mean the amnesia.
Aoidos: I guess it's been a year now, since you found me wandering around town. You saved me.
Manager: You saved me, too. Thanks to you my company's production department is booming!
Aoidos: Those memories are the key! They have what my music needs!
Aoidos: But I can't remember a thing! How am I to endure this fleeting reality!
Aoidos: I, I...
Aoidos: Aahhh!
Manager: W-wait, Aoidos!
Vyrn: Hehe! If it isn't Siero!
Sierokarte: What a lucky coincidence. I decide to do some business on this island, and now look who shows up.
Rackam: It's lucky for us, too! And it looks like you have quite a selection, too! What's that big thing over there?
Sierokarte: That's a "bass." It's a rare musical instrument from an island far to the west.
Vyrn: An instrument? Whoa! Then how do you play it?
Sierokarte: Interested, are you? Here, Rackam, just put this strap over your shoulder...and then pluck these strings like so.
Rackam: Ah, I mean like this?
Aoidos: ...Wh-what's that sound!
Rackam: Huh? Who the heck are you?
Aoidos: Ah, that sound... That’s the sound I've been searching for!
Aoidos: Huh?
Vyrn: H-hey! You okay, red-haired dude?
Aoidos: Ngh...uh... What...what am I seeing?
Aoidos: A...a trio? Did I used to rock out with two other a trio?
Aoidos: ...
Rackam: Hey, can you stand up, man? You look white as a ghost.
Aoidos: Oh, I'm fine... But what was that sound?
Sierokarte: That was my bass. You're Aoidos, aren't you? Are you planning to form a band?
Aoidos: "Band"? What does that mean?
Sierokarte: You mean you've never heard of a "band"? That's when three people perform together with a guitar, bass, and drums.
Aoidos: Three people? Of course...that's it!
Rackam: Um, are you sure you're all right? I know a doctor if you need one...
Aoidos: Be in my band, Vermillios.
Rackam: What the hell! Why would I—and who are you calling "Vermillios"?
Aoidos: That's your stage name. Now all we need is a drummer... What about you? You look like you could play the drums.
Sierokarte: Heh, heh, heh. I do have a bit of experience with the drums to tell the truth. But I'm afraid my work keeps me quite busy...
Aoidos: Humph... So destiny is not so kind to me after all.
Rackam: Hey! I'm the one being treated unkindly here! We're skyfarers, not musicians!
Aoidos: Skyfarers? Now that's a good idea! We can sail the skies in search of a drummer.
Aoidos: ...So you're the Captain? I want you to make some space on your ship for us to rehease. The ensigns can freely take haven there.
  1. Sure.
  2. What does 'haven' mean?

Choose: Sure.
Aoidos: Wonderful. You'll be the first to hear my next song.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: What does 'haven' mean?
Aoidos: Hah... Only you can find your haven.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Wow, this guy is really deadset on traveling with us...
Rackam: I don’t know if this is such a good idea.
Aoidos: So...I'm putting my tour on hold while I go on a quest to find a band.
Manager: You're hopeless... Just promise me an intense haven when you get back, okay?
Aoidos: Heh, believe in my pathos.
Manager: Captain, look after Aoidos for me, all right? And, one more thing, if you don't mind...
Manager: Maybe I'm being paranoid, but...I don't want him using any sabre type weapons. I'm not sure why, but once before—
Aoidos: Captain, are we ready for take-off yet? I am a sail that yearns to feel the wind!
Manager: ...Just keep that in mind, okay? And have a good trip!
Aoidos: Aahhh!
And thus Aoidos embarked on a journey to form a band.
His shouting voice and blaring music rock the skies now and into tomorrow.