Scenario:Arriet - Musician of the Gods

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Musician of the Gods

On their journey, the crew meets the lyre player, Arriet. Her performance captivates everyone, even a monster that intrudes into the town. She really is full of surprises. Arriet’s goal is to eliminate all conflict from the world with her lyre music as she travels around. Lyria is amazed by the performance and by Arriet herself, and invites her to join the crew on their journey, but Arriet seems to have a personal issue, and doesn’t seem enthusiastic about joining. The group eventually helps her to change her mind, and Arriet joins (Captain)’s crew.

While taking a break in a town on an island, the crew saw a crowd of people gathering.
As they got closer, they could hear the smooth sound of a lyre being played.
Townsperson 1: Wow… What beautiful music…
Townsperson 2: Is that the woman who's lyre-playing skill is said to be a gift from the gods? Everyone's heard of her now!
Lyria: Wow… The music is lovely.
Vyrn: And she's so popular! Everyone's gathering round!
Lyria: Ahh, it's such a relaxing sound… Mind if we stay and listen for a bit?
Vyrn: Sounds good! Let's go and sit under that tree?
Townsperson 3: Aaaaah! Monsters! Help!
Monster: Graaraaraagh!
Vyrn: M-monsters! How did they get into the town?
Lyria: This is bad, (Captain)! We need to…
Performer: Oh dear, are you not happy over there?
The girl, who had been performing the whole time, moved over to where the monster was standing.
Vyrn: Hey, watch it, missy! That thing's dangerous!
Lyria: Run away! We don't want anyone to get hurt!
Performer: Do not worry. I will be fine. Just watch…
Monster: Grrrrr….
Performer: Ah, you want me to play you a song? I shall play you a relaxing sonata, to calm your raging heart dear beast.
The girl started playing a relaxing song on her lyre. The soft sounds echoed around the square, and…
Lyria: Wha-? What's going on?
Vyrn: Woah, you cannot be serious! That monster's transfixed!
When the song had finished, the monster simply turned around and calmly walked away.
Performer: Heehee. Thank you for listening.
Performer: See? It does depend a little on the type of monster, but the power of music is so moving, isn't it!
Vyrn: Yeah, that was sweet!
Lyria: Yes, it was fantastic! The whole performance was just amazing!
Lyria: From the moment you started playing, everything seemed sparkly, like we were inside a star!
Lyria: What was that song called? Do you think if I practiced I could learn to play it too? And your instrument?
Performer: Hey, why not calm down first?
Lyria: Ah, I'm sorry. I…
Performer: Heehee. Thank you. I'm happy that I got a new fan who's so adorable.
Performer: Alright, I'll show you a little sample for free. Try plucking the strings on my lyre.
Lyria: Wha-? Is it really okay?
Performer: Okay, now move your finger to the next string… Great, you're a natural!
Lyria: I played some notes!
They relaxed with the girl, whose name was Arriet. She was travelling around, playing music in various locations.
Vyrn: You're not bad, Lyria! You learnt to play a whole song!
Lyria: Yes! All thanks to Arriet!
Arriet: Not at all. Lyria, you have a natural talent for music!
Arriet: We should travel around and play together as a duo! Won't you join me?
Vyrn: Hey hey hey! You can't do that! Lyria's travelling with us, to?
Arriet: Heehee, only joking. Sorry, little guy!
Lyria: Arriet, do you always travel alone when you're playing?
Arriet: Indeed I do. To improve my skills and practice.
Arriet: To soothe the hearts of the people, to calm raging monsters… I want to put the world at peace with my music.
Arriet: Because, I think I could even soothe the Primal Beasts with this lyre.
Vyrn: Wow! Judging by your performance in the square, you can definitely achieve that!
Lyria: Oh! In that case, Arriet, why not come with us on our journey?
Arriet: Hmm? With… you?
Lyria: Of course! We're an airship crew!
Arriet: An airship crew… I see.
Arriet: An airship crew… Right…
Vyrn: What's up? You don't want to fly with an airship crew?
Arriet: Well… It's not exactly against the rules, but…
Vyrn: Huh? You're not being very clear, Arriet…
Arriet: I've got a lot to deal with at the moment. Sorry.
Lyria: So.. Is that a no, then?
Lyria: We go to a lot of different islands, I thought it would be ideal for you to come as well, Arriet…
Lyria: And… I wanted to hear you perform again.
Arriet: Heehee, I'm honored to hear it. But I don't know…
  1. Come on, it'll be fun!
  2. What's wrong?

Choose: Come on, it'll be fun!
Arriet: You too?
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: What's wrong?
Arriet: I wonder if it'd be a problem… No one's done it before…
Continue 1
Arriet: Hmmm…
Arriet: Well, it does let me acomplish my own business. But what about the knights… Or the report…
Vyrn: Your business? Knights?
Arriet: Oh no, never mind. It's nothing.
Arriet: Anyway, back to the matter at hand… I'd like to accept your offer. Let's travel together!
Lyria: Really? Yay! This is the best!
Arriet: Heehee, it'll be fun!
Arriet: Oh, you can call me Ettie, all my friends do!
Lyria: Okay! We're happy to have you with us, Ettie!
And so, Arriet the musician joined the crew.
There was something mysterious about her, but her beautiful lyre music enchanted the crew as they continued their journey.