Scenario:Arriet - The Mysterious Musician

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The Mysterious Musician

The crew go to an island to visit the workshop of a famous musical instrument crafter, so that Arriet can buy a new lyre. But when they arrive, they find out that the crafter has given up on making instruments. The crew learn that the Erste Empire recently conquered the island, and outlawed all artistic occupations. They agree to venture into the mountains and collect the materials to make a new instrument for Arriet, and help the craftsman to preserve his skills.

The crew landed on a certain island at the request of Arriet.
There was a famous craftsman who lived there, and Arriet wanted to order a new lyre.
Arriet: Huh, you've stopped doing business?
Instrument Crafter: Yes, I'm afraid I don't make instruments any more…
Lyria: Oh no! Why did you stop?
Instrument Crafter: Leave me alone. I've got nothing left to live for.
Vyrn: You're famous for your craft though! Isn't it a bit of a waste to stop making instruments?
Instrument Crafter: Shut up! It's all the Empire's fault, anyway…
Arriet: What do you mean?
Instrument Crafter: Well…
Instrument Crafter: …A little while ago, the Empire attacked. This island has no defenses, and they conquered it in the blink of an eye.
Instrument Crafter: They said that the arts are useless, and banned us from doing any artistic work…
Instrument Crafter: They wouldn't let me go into the mountains to gather materials for the instruments, so I couldn't do my job anymore…
Lyria: What? How could they say that music is useless?
Vyrn: That's pretty terrible…
Arriet: The Erste Empire… To think that they've expanded their territory this far…
Instrument Crafter: Well, it is what it is… Stopping was a hard thing to do, but I had no choice.
Arriet: I see…
Arriet: But are you really OK with it?
Instrument Crafter: Huh?
Arriet: The instruments you've made have healed the hearts of so many people across the world.
Arriet: Even a heart hardened to the world like yours needs music.
Arriet: As an artist, I can't forgive the Empire for leaving people in the gutter like this. Your heart belongs to music, does it not?
Instrument Crafter:
Lyria: It's just like Ettie says! The Empire made this man give up on his dreams…
Vyrn: Yeah! Hey, if you had some materials, you could get back to work, right?
Vyrn: We'll head into the mountains, grab some materials and bring them back to you! How about it, (Captain)?
Instrument Crafter: What? You guys are gonna…
Arriet: Heehee, of course! We don't even live here, so we'll be able to avoid the Empire's surveillance!
Instrument Crafter: Really? I'll find a way to pay you back, I promise!
Instrument Crafter: There are monsters in those mountains… You be careful while you're out there!
Lyria: OK! When we get back, we'll be counting on you to make Ettie her new lyre!
Instrument Crafter: Leave it to me! I may be a little rusty, but I'm a professional, I promise you!
Arriet: Heehee! OK, shall we get moving?
Vyrn: You bet! I'm not afraid of the Empire or the monsters!

The Mysterious Musician: Scene 2

The crew head into the mountains, and gather many useful instrument materials under the watchful eye of Arriet. While they were able to gather enough materials this time, they know that the island where arts have been banned needs a more permanent solution. They wonder what they can do, but monsters interrupt their thoughts and attack!

The crew were gathering instrument materials deep in the mountains. Led by Arriet, they gathered wood, iron ore and grass.
Lyria: Ettie, is this white rock OK?
Arriet: Hmm, yes, it looks like you could use it in an instrument.
Vyrn: What about that giant tree over there?
Arriet: Hmm.. I would say that the sapling next to it would be better, the acoustics are probably smoother.
Lyria: Heave-ho!
Lyria: Wow, we've gathered a lot of things!
Vyrn: Yeah! The basket is full to the brim!
Arriet: Thank you, everyone. This will definitely be enough.
Arriet: Now the craftsman will be able to start working again!
Lyria: Yay, you'll get your new lyre, Ettie!
Vyrn: But the Empire isn't going anywhere, and these ingredients aren't gonna last forever…
Arriet: You're right, Vyrn… We need to think of a more permanent solution…
Lyria: Hmm… what should we do?
Arriet: Well, let's head back for today. We can think it over some more later.
Vyrn: Yeah, let's get moving before it gets dark.
Monster: Rararrrgh!
Lyria: There are monsters coming!
Vyrn: Uh oh, I think we can make it if we run!
Arriet: No… Everyone's tired, we probably wouldn't make it.
Arriet: And, thinking about it… That monster's whiskers look like they'd make perfect lyre strings!
Lyria: Hmm, now that you mention it…
Vyrn: Guess we've got to fight then! Come on (Captain), let's go!
Arriet: Heehee, my apologies! Now, lend me your power!

The Mysterious Musician: Scene 3

The instrument craftsman’s eyes sparkle at the sight of all the materials that (Captain) and the crew have collected. He starts to get to work on Arriet’s new lyre, but some imperial soldiers appear and try to confiscate the materials. Seeing their greed, Arriet asks the soldiers if they actually have permission from the Empire for their ban on the arts. The soldiers falter, but then raise their weapons and attack the crew!

The crew defeated the monsters and returned to town, handing over the materials they had gathered to the craftsman.
Instrument Crafter: Thank you so much! With this I'll be able to make instruments again!
Instrument Crafter: First order of business, a lyre for the young lady. Leave it to me, I'll have it finished before you know it!
Arriet: Thank you, I'm looking forward to it!
Lyria: Heehee! You seem much happier now, Mr. Craftsman.
Vyrn: His eyes are sparkling, I guess he really missed his work!
Imperial Soldier: Hey, you! What are you doing?
Lyria: Eek!
Imperial Soldier: Outsiders? We've heard about you…
Imperial Soldier: You're the thieves who snuck into our territory and stole our precious resources!
Vyrn: Who are you calling a thief? These resources didn't belong to the Empire in the first place!
Lyria: Yes! The things on this island belong to the islanders, not you!
Imperial Soldier: Heh, you don't understand a thing, do you? This island, and everything on it, is the Empire's.
Imperial Soldier: Looks like you've got some materials to make into musical instruments. We're confiscating them, hand them over!
Instrument Crafter: Grrr…
Imperial Soldier: Hehehe, what's wrong? Would you prefer me to throw you in a cell, you pathetic loser?
Arriet: (sigh)
Arriet: Well, this really is inexcusable. I didn't want to cause a scene, but…
Lyria: Erm… Ettie?
Arriet: You men call yourselves imperial soldiers? You're not even worthy of that name!
Imperial Soldier: What?! How dare you!
Arriet: Meaningless oppression, unnecessary control… Do you even have permission from the Empire to do any of this?
Imperial Soldier: Huh!
Arriet: Heehee, I think I hit the nail on the head.
Vyrn: Permission? What do you mean, Arriet?
Imperial Soldier: You swine… I don't know who you think you are, but we're not gonna let you get away with this!
Lyria: Eek, they're attacking!
Arriet: (Captain), are you ready? Let's give these buffoons a dramatic finale!

The Mysterious Musician: Scene 4

Arriet’s lyre is finished, and the once-banned sound of music echoes around the island for the first time what seemed like an age. It soothes hearts of the islanders and relaxes everyone who hears it. When the crew starts to return to the ship, Arriet disappears, saying that she has business to attend to. She has a secret meeting with a mysterious knight, who somehow loosens the Empire’s control on the island…

The crew defeated the imperial soldiers. Arriet's new lyre was finished, and she decided to test it out.
No sooner had she done this than a crowd of listeners began to form around them, enraptured by her playing.
Lyria: Wow, this has become a real concert!
Vyrn: Yeah! Mr. Craftsman is super happy too!
Arriet: Heehee, this is a fantastic lyre. Thank you, everyone.
Lyria: Haha, I'm glad we got such a lovely reward for everything we did.
Vyrn: Oh yeah… what did you mean when you were talking earlier?
Vyrn: You asked those soldiers if they had "permission from the Empire," didn't you?
Arriet: Ah… well, that doesn't matter now…
Arriet: But think about it. I know that the Erste Empire is arrogant, but do they really need to suppress the arts?
Arriet: If they abuse their power, the productivity of their territory will fall, and then there's no point in even ruling it!
Lyria: Uh huh… So, does that mean…
Arriet: It means that the soldiers here were acting on their own, against the will of the Empire.
Arriet: I'm just guessing, but it seems to explain the situation.
Vyrn: Ohhh… So that's why they got so angry.
Arriet: Yes. They'd be in big trouble if the Empire found out about what they've been doing.
Arriet: But this island will be fine, I know it.
Lyria: Huh, how?
Arriet: Heehee! I wonder…
Lyria: I don't understand…
Arriet: I'm just going to step out for a minute. I'll meet you back at the Grandcypher, okay?
Vyrn: Oh, okay. Where are you going?
Arriet: Oh, I just have some business I need to attend to.
Arriet walked away from the crew, smiling and with a spring in her step.
The crew thought that something was strange, but put it out of their minds as they walked back to the Grandcypher.
Arriet: …Yes, the Empire's control has been spreading rapidly.
Arriet: It seems that rogue regiments acting on their own are on the rise. Yes, just as you predicted.
Arriet: …What are your orders, my lord?
Blue Knight: ………
A few days later, the oppression of the island's citizens suddenly stopped.
But who was the mysterious person behind the scenes? It would be a while longer before the crew found out…