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Candy Apple Memories

Arulumaya spots a customer arguing with a stall owner, and she realizes the customer is being cheated. Through cunning and wit, Arulumaya manages to get the stall owner to accidentally admit that they are up to no good. Little does she know what this will mean for her later on.

Arulumaya, (Captain), and the crew have decided to enjoy a summer festival in the Auguste Isles.
The fortune-teller has a spring in her step at the prospect of enjoying her first festival in many years.
Arulumaya: How long has it been? I feel like a child again.
  1. You look like you're having fun.
  2. I'm so psyched!

Choose: You look like you're having fun.
Arulumaya: Haha, can you tell? There's just so much to do at a festival like this.
Arulumaya: Although more than the stalls themselves, perhaps what I'm anticipating most is visiting them arm-in-arm with you...
Only kidding.
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Choose: I'm so psyched!
Arulumaya: Haha... You're always so busy being heroic. It's nice to see you act your age.
Arulumaya: As for myself... I'm not sure whether these butterflies in my stomach have more to do with the festival or my present company...
Haha, what a line.
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Lyria: Oooh, so many stalls! I don't know where to start!
Arulumaya: Don't get too excited and wander off though, all right? Haha, I suppose the same goes for me.
Vyrn: Guys! Guys! You know what really makes a summer festival? Candy apples! We gotta get some!
Arulumaya: Candy apples? That really takes me back.
Arulumaya: Just hearing the name gives me quite the craving.
Vyrn: Hehe! Let's find ourselves a stall then!
The crew stroll around the different stalls until they find the booth they're looking for.
Candy Apple Seller: You kids look like you could use some candy apples!
Vyrn: Good eye! Gimme the biggest one!
Lyria: Hmm... I want one with a really thick candy coating!
Arulumaya: A small one will do for me.
(Captain) and the others get their candy apples.
Vyrn: Hehe... I'm gonna scarf this in one chomp!
Vyrn: Mmm! That's the stuff!
Lyria: Nom, nom, nom...
Sooo good!
Arulumaya: Haha... It gleams just like a gem.
Arulumaya: Now, does it taste as good as it looks?
???: Hey! Whaddya think yer tryin' to pull!
Just as Arulumaya brings her candy apple to her lips, angry voices ring out from somewhere among the stalls.
It would appear someone isn't getting into the spirit of things.
Lyria: U-um... What was that about?
Arulumaya: Someone doesn't sound pleased.
Arulumaya: You're right, (Captain). We should take a look.
(Captain) and the others weave their way through the festivalgoers, seeking the source of the shouting.
They find a large group of onlookers clustered around a stall owner and customer in the midst of a heated argument.
Customer 1: I'm telling you, it's impossible to win this raffle!
Raffle Runner: Hey, buddy, gimme a break, wouldja? I'm tryin' to make a livin' here!
Customer 1: Don't try to fob me off! I've drawn dozens of tickets! This game is obviously rigged!
Neither of them seem to be backing down, so the crew push their way through the spectators, hoping to mediate.
Arulumaya: What's all the commotion? Did something happen?
Customer 1: You bet it did! This guy's running a rigged raffle!
Raffle Runner: Listen, chief... Not everyone can win. That's how a raffle works.
Raffle Runner: If everybody won, I'd be out on the street, wouldn't I?
Customer 1: Hrgh...
Raffle Runner: If it bothers ya that much, just don't play! You're botherin' all the other customers!
Customer 2: Heh! Lemme take a crack at it! I'll show ya how it's done!
Customer 1: Forget it, man. This stupid thing never pays out...
Customer 2: Whoa, lookit that! I won!
Customer 1: What!
Raffle Runner: Ohh, Lady Luck is on your side, sir! Enjoy your prize.
Raffle Runner: Now do you get it, buddy? It's not rigged—you're just unlucky.
Customer 1: No way...
Arulumaya: ...
Arulumaya: I see. How ingenious.
Vyrn: What's up, Ms. Fortune-Teller?
Arulumaya: This is quite the scam. There are nothing but losing tickets in that box.
Lyria: Huh? But then how did that man win just now?
Arulumaya: You saw the customer hand his ticket to the booth owner, didn't you? That's when he switched it for a winning ticket he had up his sleeve.
Arulumaya: The "lucky" customer is in league with the man running the game. If customers never saw anyone win, they'd become suspicious.
Lyria: But that... That's cheating!
Arulumaya: Indeed it is. I don't think we can let this pass.
Arulumaya: He needs a lesson about playing fair.
  1. Shall we give them a lecture?
  2. I don't want to bother everyone else.

Choose: Shall we give them a lecture?
Arulumaya: If only they were the type to repent that easily.
Arulumaya: We may have to put more thought into their punishment.
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Choose: I don't want to bother everyone else.
Arulumaya: Don't worry—I won't resort to violence. I have something subtler in mind.
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Arulumaya skips up to the stall, looking for all the world like an excited festivalgoer.
Arulumaya: Ooh, can I try?
Raffle Runner: Well, of course you can. You wanna draw one ticket?
Arulumaya: Nope. All of 'em.
Raffle Runner: Huh? Whaddya mean, "all of 'em"?
Raffle Runner: Listen, missy, I've had all the weirdo customers I can take today.
Arulumaya: Please rest assured, I have the rupies to pay for them.
Arulumaya: And I can't see any other possible objection.
Raffle Runner: Wha! Y-you gotta be kiddin' me... I mean... Well... What about all the other people who wanna try their luck?
Arulumaya: Ah, you make an excellent point.
Arulumaya: One might also suspect that your hesitance stems from the fact that if I bought all the tickets, everyone would see there wasn't a single winner among them.
Arulumaya: But I'm sure you're an honest fellow who would never dream of running such a scam.
Raffle Runner: Y-yeah! Of course I am! Fine, then! Go ahead and draw them all!
Raffle Runner: (Heh. As long as she hands me the tickets one by one, all I have to do is switch one out for a winner!)
Arulumaya: Here's the money.
Raffle Runner: Th-thanks...
Arulumaya: Oh, and of course, I'll be inspecting each ticket myself.
Raffle Runner: What! No, wait, you—
Arulumaya: You seem flustered. Surely it makes no difference which of us checks them?
Raffle Runner: Ngh!
Raffle Runner: Why're you all bustin' my bunions!
Raffle Runner: If I went and put winning tickets in the box, I'd be outta business! How'm I supposed to make a profit?
Customer 2: Shut it, you idiot!
Arulumaya: Well, well. It certainly saves time when the guilty party confesses on their own.
Customer 1: I knew it! I knew this rotten prize draw was a scam!
Raffle Runner: You little troublemaker! If that's how you wanna play it...
Raffle Runner: Hey! Get her!
Customer 2: Hyahaha! I won't go easy on ya just 'cause you're a kid!
Arulumaya: Dear me... And here I had planned to avoid violence.
Arulumaya: Sorry for the fuss, (Captain), but will you lend me a hand?
Arulumaya: We have some justice to mete out!

Candy Apple Memories: Scene 2

After Arulumaya's discovery, the crew decide to check out the other stalls. Arulumaya spots another one where the odds are stacked against the customer, but she uses those same tactics to outsmart the evildoers. Now that the tables have turned, the baddies come for Arulumaya's head on a plate.

The crew makes short work of the cheaters. The two men confess their crimes and go along quietly with the city guard.
Vyrn: Geez... Did they think they could just go around cheating people?
Arulumaya: Unfortunately, those two are far from unique.
Arulumaya: I want you all to enjoy the festival, but let's keep an eye out for rigged games like that.
Lyria: Okay! We'll be careful!
Arulumaya: Well then, let's get back to the festival, shall we?
Leaving behind the now-abandoned prize draw stall, the crew goes in search of other amusements.
Not too far away, Lyria comes to a halt, her wide-eyed gaze captivated by a host of tiny, gleaming fish flitting to and fro inside a tank.
Lyria: You guys, look! Aren't they pretty? And there are so many!
Arulumaya: Oh, is this your first time seeing this festival game, Lyria?
Arulumaya: If you can scoop a fish out of the tank and into your bowl with one of those little nets there, it's yours to keep.
Lyria: Oooh! I wanna try!
Fishing Stall Owner: Hee hee. Step right up then, little lady.
Lyria takes one of the special nets and carefully selects her target.
Lyria: That one!
Lyria: Aw... It got away...
Vyrn: Don't worry, Lyria! I'll avenge you!
Vyrn: Lemme at 'em!
Vyrn: Ooops... Those fish are trickier than they look.
Arulumaya: Hehe. You nearly caught that one, though.
Arulumaya: There's a trick to this. Let me show you.
Arulumaya: Excuse me. I'd like a turn, please.
Fishing Stall Owner: Tee hee. Here's your net. There's no limit, so catch as many as you like!
Arulumaya takes her net in hand and pushes up her long sleeves.
Just as she's about to try her luck, she suddenly pauses as she notices something. Her eyes narrow as she looks around the stall.
Arulumaya: (Every customer with a blue net has caught at least one or two fish...)
Arulumaya: (But no one with a red net is having any success. In that case...)
Arulumaya: Miss? I don't like red... Could I have a blue net, instead?
Fishing Stall Owner: Huh? O-oh, sure... But it's not like the color makes a difference, you know...
Arulumaya: Oh, I'm just a little superstitious. Blue is my lucky color.
With the blue net in hand, Arulumaya squares up in front of the fish tank like a swordswoman preparing to unleash her ultimate attack.
Arulumaya: Hah!
Lyria: Wooow! You got one!
Fishing Stall Owner: Aha... Yeah... Good job... But anyone can get one.
Arulumaya: Hehe. I'm just getting started.
A confident smile curves Arulumaya's lips. Her net flashes out. With deft flicks of the wrist, she scoops up fish after fish.
(Captain) and the others watch open-mouthed in awe as a school of fish starts to form in Arulumaya's bowl.
Vyrn: Holy fish fingers, Ms. Fortune-Teller! You're a pro!
Arulumaya: They used to call me Arulu the Golden Net in my heyday...
Just kidding.
  1. Impressive!
  2. Nice to meet you, Ms. Golden Net!

Choose: Impressive!
Arulumaya: If you encourage me, it'll just make me want to catch more...
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Choose: Nice to meet you, Ms. Golden Net!
Arulumaya: Flatterer. You'll turn my head.
Arulumaya: I like the feeling of you using my nickname though, (Captain).
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Fishing Stall Owner: Um... Miss? Don't you think you've caught enough?
Arulumaya: I believe you said there wasn't a limit. I can catch twice this many, and I feel like showing off for my friends.
Fishing Stall Owner: Whaaat!
As good as her word, Arulumaya keeps up her winning streak until fish are practically overflowing from her bowl.
Arulumaya: I suppose that should do it.
Arulumaya: Here's your net back, miss.
Fishing Stall Owner: I don't... believe it...
Arulumaya: It was fun catching all of these, but we certainly can't keep them all.
Arulumaya beckons to the dejected children nearby who have failed to catch any fish of their own.
Arulumaya: Do you think you kids could take care of these fish for me?
Boy: You mean it?
Arulumaya: Of course. Just promise to take good care of them.
Boy and Girl: Yaaay!
Vyrn: You really okay giving away all the fish you caught?
Arulumaya: Yes, it really wouldn't be practical to care for them on a long airship voyage.
Arulumaya: Just seeing those children's faces light up was reward enough for me.
Lyria: Hehe. That's so like you, Arulu.
Arulumaya: Do you think so? Well, anyway... Let's go try another game.
As (Captain) and the others move off, a heated conversation is being held behind the fishing game stall.
Shooting Game Guy: You're a disgrace! How could you let a mark get one over on you like that?
Fishing Stall Owner: It's not my fault! She looked like an ordinary kid!
Shooting Game Guy: At this rate, we're all gonna be in the red!
Shooting Game Guy: That little brat... I'll show her! I'll take her for every rupie she's got!
Oblivious to the schemes being hatched behind their backs, the crew make their way around the other booths.
Lyria: Munch, munch...
Summer festivals have so much great food!
Arulumaya: Haha, Lyria, you don't need to eat in such a hurry. They won't run out!
Arulumaya: (I haven't spotted any other suspicious games. Hopefully that's just because there are none.)
A man calls out to (Captain) and the others as they pass his booth.
Shooting Game Guy: Hey there, little lady! Care to test your skill with a little shootin'?
Arulumaya: Hm? Are you talking to me?
Arulumaya: Shooting, you say? Are you all in the mood for—
Shooting Game Guy: C'mon now, don't be shy! What've you got to lose?
Arulumaya: Hey, now wait just a minute!
Not giving her a chance to consult with the crew, the man hustles Arulumaya toward his booth.
Shooting Game Guy: Hahaha! Give this a shot!
There is an array of prizes of all different sizes on the shelves in the back of the booth. The owner pushes an air gun into Arulumaya's hands and shoves the barrel in the direction of the showier prizes.
Arulumaya sets the gun down with a thoughtful look on her face.
Arulumaya: (I see... This booth is a part of it too.)
Lyria: There you are, Arulu! Are you all right?
Arulumaya: Yes, I'm fine. This man's sales pitch was a little overzealous, is all.
Arulumaya: Since you're here, Lyria, would you like to take a shot instead?
Lyria: Oh, um, are you sure?
Arulumaya: Quite sure. This gun is a little too large for me anyhow.
Arulumaya hands Lyria the air gun.
Lyria: So, should I just aim for that big teddy bear?
As Lyria takes aim, Arulumaya whispers to her in an undertone.
Arulumaya: Lyria, you're better off aiming for the smaller prizes. The large ones are too difficult for novices.
Arulumaya: So try this...
As she speaks, Arulumaya extends a finger and gently guides the muzzle of the gun downward.
Arulumaya: There. Now make sure you support it properly so the recoil doesn't throw off your aim... and then pull the trigger.
Lyria follows her instructions to the letter, pulls the trigger, and knocks a little prize right off the shelf.
Lyria: Yaaay! I did it!
Vyrn: Nice shot, Lyria!
Arulumaya: You've got the idea. Why don't you try for a few more? (Captain), would you like a shot too?
With the soothsayer's guidance, (Captain) and Lyria collect two heaping armfuls of little plushies and toys.
Lyria: Hehehe! We hit the mother lode!
  1. All thanks to you, Arulumaya!
  2. How d'ya like me now!

Choose: All thanks to you, Arulumaya!
Arulumaya: Aren't you sweet. But the credit goes to the two of you having excellent aim.
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Choose: How d'ya like me now!
Arulumaya: I quite like the way triumph looks on your face, (Captain).
Continue 2
Vyrn: Haha, man, that was fun! Thanks, mister!
Brimming over with pride and satisfaction, the crew heads out.
The booth owner is left gnashing his teeth in frustration.
Shooting Game Guy: Damn it... It's not like it was a big loss, but... it's the principle of the thing!
Shooting Game Guy: No! No way am I takin' this lyin' down!
Arulumaya: Ahh, this has been a great evening.
Lyria: Yeah, it was so much fun!
Vyrn: Why'd you wanna come down to the beach though? There aren't any more booths around here.
Arulumaya: The fireworks should be starting soon. We don't get the chance to see them very often, so we ought to find the best possible viewing spot.
Arulumaya: I know the perfect place, but we have to hurry.
(Captain) and the others hurry along the beach after Arulumaya. Suddenly their path is blocked by a group of people.
Shooting Game Guy: Hold it right there, brat pack!
Vyrn: Huh? What're you guys doing here?
Fishing Stall Owner: Hehehe... It's the end of the line for you! You're not gonna get away with ruining our business!
Lyria: Um... I don't get it. Why are they so angry at us?
Arulumaya: What a nuisance. They just don't want to learn, do they?
Arulumaya: These two were running scams at their booths, Lyria.
Lyria: Whaaat?
Arulumaya: The red nets at the fishing booth were all made to break under a fish's weight.
Arulumaya: The large prizes at the shooting gallery were nailed down so they couldn't be knocked over.
Arulumaya: They're upset because I saw through their tricks.
Lyria: Really? They were really doing that? I didn't notice at all...
Shooting Game Guy: Hey, don't ignore us, you little punks! You're gonna pay for what you did!
Arulumaya: What we did?
Arulumaya: You ruined everyone's enjoyment of the festival for your own selfish ends. I think you're the ones with a bill due.
Arulumaya: I was hoping you'd see the error of your ways without it coming to this, but it appears I overestimated you.
Arulumaya: (Captain), if you would? It appears our duties as educators are not yet complete.
Shooting Game Guy: Quit yer yappin' and prepare to get stomped!

Candy Apple Memories: Scene 3

Upon defeating the corrupt stall owners, the crew and Arulumaya enjoy beautiful fireworks together. Arulumaya's gaze slips to her hand, and she smiles ever so playfully as she offers (Captain) a bite of her candy apple. These summer memories will not soon be forgotten.

Shooting Game Guy: Eek!
Fishing Stall Owner: Meep!
Arulumaya: You're getting off lightly this time, but if I catch you pulling tricks like this again...
Shooting Game Guy: Nooo, I'm sorryyy!
Appropriately cowed by Arulumaya's threats, the two cheaters take off along the beach at top speed.
Arulumaya: I certainly would like to believe that this will put an end to their scams.
Vyrn: You coulda just told us what was goin' on from the get-go, y'know.
Arulumaya: Some things are better left unsaid. I wanted to focus on enjoying the festival with all of you.
Arulumaya: If you knew what was going on, it would have spoiled the fun.
Arulumaya: But that's just what happened in the end, despite my efforts.
Lyria: That doesn't change any of the great memories we made tonight!
Arulumaya: Haha, I suppose you're right. I truly enjoyed myself today. I'll never forget it.
As if to punctuate Arulumaya's words, fireworks streak up from the beach and burst overhead, filling the night sky with showers of glittering rainbow sparks.
Lyria: Oooh! So pretty!
Arulumaya: They really are. Like bright flowers blooming all across the sky.
Arulumaya gazes up at the fireworks with a soft smile on her lips.
(Captain) glances over and is caught by the shifting colors playing across her upturned face.
Arulumaya: Hm? What is it, (Captain)?
  1. Just beautiful.
  2. That candy apple looks good.

Choose: Just beautiful.
Arulumaya: The fireworks? Or do you mean me?
Arulumaya: Haha, just kidding. Don't make me blush.
Arulumaya: Today was lovely, (Captain). Thank you.
Arulumaya's gaze falls to the candy apple she's been toting around this entire time. She holds it out to (Captain).
Arulumaya: Haha, I'd completely forgotten I bought this. How scatterbrained of me.
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Choose: That candy apple looks good.
Arulumaya: The way to your heart is through your stomach, eh?
Arulumaya: Haha, but I suppose that's one of your many endearing traits.
Arulumaya: I'd completely forgotten I had this in my hand.
Arulumaya holds her candy apple out to (Captain).
Continue 1
Arulumaya: You must have worked up an appetite dispensing all that justice with me.
Arulumaya: Here, say "ahh." No need to be shy, Captain.
Arulumaya: Or would you like to feed me?
With a mischievous glint in her eye, Arulumaya lifts the candy apple to (Captain)'s lips.
After all they've been through since Arulumaya joined the crew, (Captain) is grateful for this mostly-peaceful day, and the candy-sweet memories they've made together.