Scenario:Arulumaya - Wishes Left Unspoken

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Wishes Left Unspoken

The party received a request by a mayor to find his missing daughter. As the party prepared to leave, the owner of the restaurant asks them not to pursue the mayor's daughter. However, Arulumaya predicts that the town will be in turmoil unless the girl returns, and the party sets out to find her.

As (Captain) and company take a break at a restaurant, the mayor of the town approaches them in a fluster.
Mayor: C-Could you be... the renowned fortune-teller, Arulumaya...?!
Arulumaya: Indeed. You seem quite flustered... I see your daughter has run away.
Mayor: Oh...! So it is true... you knew about my problem before I even told you!
Mayor: It's exactly as you say. I just don't know what to do...
Mayor: I apologize for the sudden request, but... Please find my daughter, skyfarers!
Arulumaya: It seems there will be great turmoil in this town, unless the girl returns.
Arulumaya: We must find her quickly. Let's accept his request, (Captain).
Mayor: Oh...! Thank you so much! She shouldn't be able to get far on foot. She could even be lost in the mountains...
Arulumaya: I see... There are some monsters in the mountains nearby. (Captain), we should hurry.
Restaurant Owner: Excuse me, skyfarers...
Vyrn: Hmm? Oh, you're the owner of that restaurant, right? I thought we paid for our food already.
Restaurant Owner: Yes, but this isn't about that... I just wanted to ask you not to go after the mayor's daughter.
Lyria: Um... What do you mean?
Restaurant Owner: The mayor arranged for her to marry some influential man from a neighboring town...
Restaurant Owner: She must have been shocked because it was so sudden. I just feel bad for her...
Lyria: I see... What should we do, (Captain)?
Arulumaya: No, (Captain). If the mayor's daughter doesn't return... this town will suffer greatly.
Arulumaya: This may not be what she wants, but she doesn't have the right to inconvenience everyone else with her problems.
Arulumaya: Now, let's go. The longer we take, the chances of her getting attacked by monsters becomes higher.

Wishes Left Unspoken: Scene 2

The party searched for the mayor's missing daughter. Arulymaya explains that the girl's marriage will lead to the two neighboring towns to improved relations and joint prosperity. As she tells them that the mayor's daughter should return for the happiness of the majority, they hear someone's scream. The party quickly runs to the source of the cry.

Vyrn: Hey, Arulumaya. Why is there gonna be trouble at the town if the mayor's daughter doesn't come back?
Arulumaya: Like that restaurant owner told us, the mayor's daughter is supposed to marry an influential man from another town.
Arulumaya: This will improve the relations between the two towns, and contribute to their mutual prosperity.
Arulumaya: However, if she doesn't return... the relationship between the towns will take a turn for the worse.
Lyria: I see...
Arulumaya: If there is a way to make many people happy, one should always take that path. I believe that's the true path of justice.
???: Aaaaahh!!
Lyria: D-Did you hear that?! (Captain)! Let’s go help!

Wishes Left Unspoken: Scene 3

The party successfully saves the mayor's daughter. On their way back to the town, she listens to stories of the party's adventures and wishes that she had more freedom. Arulumaya begins to have doubts about whther or not she is truly making the right decision, then suddenly monsters appear before the party.

Mayor’s Daughter: Thank you...! You saved me... I don't know how I can repay you...
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! We're skyfarers and we are here on a request from your father.
Arulumaya: I understand you're opposed to the marriage, but you shouldn't have come to these dangerous mountains alone.
Mayor’s Daughter: You're right... I'm sorry. I just couldn't sit around as the marriage drew nearer...
Arulumaya: Your father is very worried. Come, let's go back to the town.
Mayor’s Daughter: Okay... I'm sorry for causing you all so much trouble...
Lyria: Are you tired? It's just a little longer until we get to the town.
Mayor’s Daughter: I'm okay, thank you. Um, if you don't mind, could you tell me about your journeys as a skyfarer?
Lyria: Sure! Hmm, let's see...
Arulumaya: ...
The mayor's daughter happily listens as Lyria recounts stories of her journey.
Lyria: Oh! I got a bit carried away with the stories... What did you think?
Mayor’s Daughter: Sure! I loved them! It was so exciting. I felt like I was part of your adventures!
Mayor’s Daughter: Maybe I can't be like you guys... but I just wish I had more freedom in my life...
Arulumaya: Hey, (Captain)...
Arulumaya: I thought I was making the right decision for everyone... Including the mayor's daughter...
Arulumaya: But when I see her sad like this... I'm not so sure anymore.
Arulumaya: Is it truly okay to sacrifice the happiness of one for the good of many...?
Mayor’s Daughter: Excuse me, Lady Arulumaya...? You don't look so well... is something the matter?
Arulumaya: Oh, no... I'm fine.
Arulumaya: Um... The man you will marry might be a good husband... Don't feel too bad...
Mayor’s Daughter: Yeah... I was just surprised because it was so sudden. I'll be fine... I'm sure...
Arulumaya: Excuse me...
Monster: Grrrrrrrrroooooaaaarr!!
Mayor’s Daughter: Eeek?!
Arulumaya: Ugh! Foul monsters... I, Arulumaya, won't let you harm the mayor's daughter!

Wishes Left Unspoken: Scene 4

The party brings the mayor's daughter back to her father. Arulumaya sympathized for the young daughter with a large responsibility on her shoulders. She suggests that mayor delay his daughter's marriage, and he misinterprets it as a prophecy. That night, Arulumaya leans on (Captain) and opens up about the doubts that have been troubling her.

Mayor: Oh...! I'm so glad you're back safely... I was so worried! That was very selfish of you...!
Mayor’s Daughter: Father... I'm so sorry...
Mayor: You may be young, but you're my daughter. You have a responsibility to the people of the town! How could you disregard all of that and run away...?
Arulumaya: Mayor, wait. Your daughter simply hasn't had a chance to prepare herself.
Arulumaya: As you say, she is still young.
Arulumaya: So... perhaps it would be better to delay her marriage for a little while...?
Mayor: ...!!! If Lady Arulumaya says so, I would be a fool to refuse.
Mayor: Not only have you rescued my daughter, but you've provided a prophecy for me as well... I'm honored.
Arulumaya: Oh, I...
Mayor’s Daughter: Lady Arulumaya, skyfarers. Thank you so much for saving me from the monsters.
Mayor: I'd like to thank you again... I'll have the reward sent to you shortly. Come.
Mayor’s Daughter: Yes, father.
Arulumaya: Farewell...
Arulumaya: ...
Arulumaya: Ah, it's you. I'm just feeling ashamed of myself...
Arulumaya: That mayor... accepted my suggestion because he thought it was a prophecy.
Arulumaya: But it wasn't... I only said it because I felt bad for his daughter.
Arulumaya: I wasn't able to tell him that it wasn't a prophecy... It was dishonest of me...
Arulumaya: Because I can see the future, I've always tried to be fair and just...
  1. You're a good person, Arulu.
  2. I think you did fine.

Choose: You're a good person, Arulu.
Arulumaya: I wonder if that's true... I always talk about fairness and justice as if I know all about it...
Arulumaya: But I'm having doubts... and I may not always make the correct decisions...
Arulumaya: If I truly want to be a good person, I need to become stronger... Not physically, but mentally...
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Choose: I think you did fine.
Arulumaya: You really do accept everyone, don't you? You're a man of great caliber.
Arulumaya: I suppose that having all these doubts is part of my true nature.
Arulumaya: All I can do is accept it and find the best path from there...
Continue 1
Arulumaya: I didn't mean to rant like this. I'm sorry. (Captain)?
Arulumaya sits next to (Captain) and leans on him.
Arulumaya: I hope you don't mind if I stay like this for a little while.
Arulumaya: Hehe... You're the only person I could trust like this, you know.
Arulumaya laughs playfully, but it seems that her worries run deep.
She hopes to find answers to the questions and doubts that occur due to her ability to see into the future.
Although she may not see it now, the correct path is sure to present itself during her adventures with (Captain).