Scenario:Arusha - Just a Tiny Cuddle!

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Just a Tiny Cuddle!?

The party arrived at a mountain on a mission to hunt a monster. Lyria is startled by a kitten that suddenly appears from the bushes. She hands the kitten over to Arusha, causing her to sneeze uncontrollably. The kitten is startled and runs away, and the party attempts to find her.

(Captain) and company arrived at a mountain on a mission to hunt a monster.
Arusha: Whew, these are some big mountains. I can't really see ahead... We should be careful...
Lyria: Yes... Ahh!
A kitten jumps out of the bushes and bumps into Lyria.
Lyria: Stop it! You scared me! You're a naughty cat!
Arusha: Aw, how cute! She has a collar on... Maybe she belongs to one of the villagers?
Arusha: In any case, it's dangerous here with monsters around... Let's take her back to the village!
Lyria: Yeah! Okay, come with us. Do you want to hold her too, Arusha?
Arusha: Oh, I uh... Achoo!
Lyria: Huh?! Ah! W-Wait! Don't run!
Arusha: Ohhh, I'm sorry! I scared the kitty with my sneeze... L-Let's go catch her!
Vyrn: H- Hey! Wait, librarian girl! We have no choice, let's go after them, (Captain)!

Just a Tiny Cuddle!?: Scene 2

Although she loves cats, Arusha can't help but sneeze when they're nearby. She explains that she summons cats with her magic since the real thing is out of her reach. Suddenly, Arusha starts to sneeze and notices the kitten is stuck up in a tree.

Arusha: Hmm... I can't find the kitty... This isn't good... I hope she's not in danger...
Arusha: Sigh... I love cats, but for some reason I can't stop sneezing when they're nearby.
Arusha: Even though I adore them... And they're so cute... Aww...
Vyrn: Huh? But you always summon cats with magic, don't you?
Arusha: Those aren't real cats, so they don't make me sneeze.
Arusha: I can't touch real cats, so I thought I could at least summon magic ones...
Lyria: Hm... I wonder why you can't stop sneezing...
Arusha: Achooo!
Arusha: This feeling...! The kitty must be nearby! Let's look around!
Vyrn: Really? You sneeze if they're anywhere near you? That must be a real pain...
Arusha: Achoo! There she is! Up in the tree!
Arusha: Looks like she can't get down... Ohh, but I'll sneeze if I try to carry her...
Vyrn: Leave it to me! I'll fly up there and bring her down!
Monster: Grrrrrrr!
Lyria: Monsters! Now?!
Arusha: Ugh, you monsters have such bad timing! (Captain), let's take them down real quick for the kitty!

Just a Tiny Cuddle!?: Scene 3

The party defeated the monsters and take the cat back to the village. They managed to find the cat's grateful owner, and Arusha gives it a farewell hug. Sure enough, she couldn't stop sneezing.

Vyrn: All right, I got the kitten! Hold her, (Captain)!
Lyria: Hehe, she sure is cute! Huh? Why are you all the way back there, Arusha?
Arusha: I'll scare the cat with my sneezing again if I get too close...
Arusha: We're done with our mission, so I'll just try to stay far away from the kitty on our way back to the village...
(Captain) and company head back to the village with the cat and a mopey Arusha.
Villager: Thank you, skyfarers! Now we can put our minds at ease.
Child: Thank you! Thank you for bringing my cat back... I was so worried!
Arusha: Hehe, we knew where she lives thanks to the collar on her neck! Achoo!
Villager: Thank you... He was about to run off to the mountains to find her.
Arusha: Oh, my! I know you were worried about her, but your parents would be worried sick if you did that.
Child: Sorry... Did you hear that, kitty? Don't go wandering into the mountains by yourself again!
Lyria: Hehe! That sure is a cute kitty though! She's so docile!
Child: Hehe. Right? Do you want to pet her too?
Lyria: Sure! Then just one more time... Ohh, she's so fluffy... I'm sad to see her go.
Arusha: H-Hnnng...
Arusha: Ahh! I can't hold it in any longer! Hey! C-Can I touch the kitty too?
Child: Of course! Here, why don't you hold her?Look at that!
Arusha: Wah! Hehe, you're right Lyria... She's so fluffy and warm and...
Arusha: So cute... A-Achooo!
Arusha: Achoo! Aaah-choo! Uggh...
Lyria: Wha? Are you okay? Here, use my handkerchief!
Arusha: Achoo! Augh, I can't stop sneezing... Hachoo!
Child: U-Um... Are you okay...? Hope you feel better...
Arusha: Y-Yeah... Achoo! Here's your kitty back. Thanks for letting me hold her.
Arusha: Uugh... I wish there was a book that could tell me how to cure this sneezing...
Arusha: Do you think there's a book like that in Estalucia, (Captain)? ... Achoo!
Arusha really loves cats. It's a real tragedy that she can't be near them.
Will she be able to find a cure to her condition during her journey for books and knowledge? Only time will tell.