Scenario:Arusha and Mariah - Affection Is Beyond Time

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Affection Is Beyond Time

Mariah donates her late sister's book collection to the Hall of Knowledge, where they find a letter to Mariah inside one of the books. Mariah can't bring herself to read the letter, so Arusha reads it aloud for her. The letter is full of her older sister's love and appreciation for Mariah. Arusha's intercession puts Mariah on the road to healing at last.

One day, Mariah decides to turn over her late sister's book collection to Arusha.
Arusha: Incredible! It's just one rare and valuable tome after another! I'm particularly fascinated by this history book.
Arusha: But Mariah, these are all mementos of your sister. Are you really sure you want me to have them?
Mariah: It's fine. My parents study a different field entirely, so they have no use for them. It'd be a shame to leave them gathering dust.
Mariah: Besides, my sister would be happy to know that her books were being of use to someone else.
Arusha: Well, if you're sure, then I'll gladly send them to the Hall of Knowledge. They'll be well looked after there.
Mariah: I appreciate it. It's a weight off my mind to know my sister's books are going to a good home.
Arusha is as good as her word, and Mariah's sister's book collection finds its way to the Hall of Knowledge.
A short time later...
Arusha: Ah, Mariah! Do you have a minute?
Mariah: Sure, what's up? You seem kind of flustered.
Arusha: Remember those books you donated to the Hall of Knowledge? Well, they said they found an envelope in one of them.
Mariah: Really?
Arusha: Yes, but that's not all. There was a name written on the envelope. Your name, Mariah.
Mariah: It's for me?
Arusha: Yep! Anyway, here's the envelope.
Mariah: Sorry, I... I can't take this.
Arusha: Huh? Why not?
Mariah: Because I was the one who killed my sister! We... we tried to kill each other and...
Arusha: But that wasn't your fault! It was the influence of a primal beast—there was nothing you could have done!
Mariah: Even so, primal beasts can't make feelings out of nothing. That anger toward my sister came from within me.
Mariah: I... I was always jealous of her. She was so smart and kind. The primal beast just amplified that jealousy.
Mariah: So, if that's what it did to me, then the same must have happened to my sister. She must have resented me for some reason too.
Mariah: Maybe that's what's in the envelope. A letter full of all her bottled up resentment toward me.
Mariah: I'm sorry—I just can't. I'm too afraid of what I might find.
Arusha: But...
Arusha is left speechless by Mariah's confession.
She soon regains her composure, however. With a gleam of determination in her eye, she tears open the envelope.
Mariah: Arusha, what are you doing!
Ignoring Mariah's outburst, Arusha reads the letter.
Arusha: "To my dearest Mariah..."
Mariah: Arusha, stop! I'm begging you, don't read it!
Arusha: Just listen, okay?
Arusha: "I'm so sorry, Mariah. I know I've always caused you worry."
Arusha: "I've been so obsessed with my research, everything else has fallen to you. I know how much it must irritate you."
Mariah: That's not true at all...
Arusha: "You're such a kind person that you always let it pass. I wanted to apologize, and tell you how much I've always appreciated it."
Arusha: "But I'm not strong enough to say it to your face. That's why I'm writing this now; to say I'm sorry, and to thank you for everything."
Various small, everyday events and other memories are jotted down, as if the letter were still a work in progress. Arusha reads on.
Mariah, who had been all but covering her ears at first, gradually relaxes and just listens.
Arusha: "There is one thing I want you to remember; I love you, and no matter what happens, I always will."
Arusha: "I think I'll stop here. After all, this is a letter, not a novel!
All my love,
Your big sis."
Mariah: Sniff... She never was any good at writing letters.
Mariah: Hehe... Even her fellow scholars were always losing patience with her and telling her to stick to the point.
Arusha: Haha, really? I'm exactly the same! I can't stand writing stuffy old reports.
Mariah: Yeah...
Mariah: Thank you, Arusha. For reading the letter, I mean.
Arusha: Not at all. Sorry I opened it without permission. I just...
Mariah: No need to apologize. I'm glad you did. I'd never have worked up the courage to open it myself.
Mariah: I never thought I'd find absolution. I thought I'd always just...
Mariah: Well, anyhow. Thank you. I really appreciate it.
Mariah: I love you too, sis. I always have, and I always will.
Thanks to an unexpected letter written long ago, Mariah finally comes to understand how her sister felt.
The pain of her sister's loss stays with her, but thanks to Arusha's insistence, Mariah's wounds can finally begin to heal.