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Apprentice Archer

Aster participates in a wyvern-hunting mission as a member of the crew's archer team. Not very well accustomed to intense battles, she is unable to give it her all. Upon completion of the mission, the crew learns that more wyverns will come attacking soon enough. Aster asks Milleore and Sahli Lao to train her so that she will be better prepared next time.

One day, (Captain) and the crew undertake a wyvern-hunting mission.
They decide to split into teams to handle the request, including one team consisting of five talented archers.
The archers assume their position high atop a mountain, scanning the skies until they spot the faint outlines of wyverns in the distance.
Sahli Lao: Oho! Looks like our targets have finally shown themselves. Guess we ought to get ready to intercept them!
Sahli Lao not in crew

Sahli Lao is a crossbow-wielding Harvin who was previously a soldier in her hometown.
She first met the crew while on a journey to rid herself of her stage fright in battle.
Milleore: Hmm... There are more of them than I expected. But we shouldn't have an issue taking them out at this distance.
Milleore not in crew

Milleore is a skilled agent who possesses a strong sense of justice beneath her seemingly cold exterior.
While traveling with the crew as a hired gun, she was reunited with Sahli Lao, who she served alongside in their hometown's military unit.
Aster: ...
Aster tightens her grip on her own crossbow as she watches the Harvin pair preparing for battle.
Sutera: Now, now, Aster. Make sure to relax. You won't be able to shoot well with your shoulders tensed up like that.
Aster: I-I'll try!
Sutera: Is this perhaps your first time hunting wyverns? Well, that's no wonder—we didn't exactly see them around the village often.
Metera: Hehe. Wyverns are basically just giant birds if you think about it. There's no reason to be scared of them.
Metera and Sutera are from the same village as Aster, where they all serve as guardians of the altar.
The two sisters have come along to assist with their exceptional longbow skills.
Aster: I-I'll do my best not to hold you back!
Metera: Oh, please—don't be silly! You might want to focus on those monsters instead of worrying about us.
Aster: Y-you're right! I'll give it everything I've got!
Sutera: Look sharp, Metera—the wyverns are almost within range. I'll handle the east side!
Sahli Lao: Heh. We're lucky to have you two with us. There aren't many archers who could hit a target from this distance.
As Metera and Sutera begin firing a stream of arrows, the wyverns in the distance can be seen falling from the sky one by one.
Metera: Sigh. These guys are pushovers. A shooting booth at a festival would be more exciting than this.
Aster: You both make it look so easy! It's like you're shooting at stationary targets!
Milleore: Yes, that is quite impressive. But I imagine you won't be able to take down that many on your own.
Milleore: Lao!
Sahli Lao: Leave it to me!
Milleore: Stay calm and control your breathing, Lao. Remember your training, and you'll be just fine.
Milleore: Hyah!
Sahli Lao: Take that!
Milleore unleashes a barrage of arrows at the approaching wyverns, and Sahli Lao lands a direct hit on her target.
Aster: Wow! They're dropping from the sky like flies!
Aster: (I need to help too!)
Aster fires at a wyvern in mid-range who had somehow managed to dodge the other arrows.
Aster: ...!
I hit—
Wyvern: Grooooar!
But the wyvern shows no sign of being weakened by the attack. Instead, it charges toward the group in a blind rage.
Aster: Oh no!
Milleore: Not so fast!
Milleore: Hm. Your aim was accurate, but the effective range of an arrow depends on the armor of your target. You can't hope to pierce a wyvern's scales from so far away.
Aster: I-I'm sorry!
Sahli Lao: Don't worry, there's no reason to let it bother you. Just make sure your target is closer next time, all right?
Aster: Okay...
Metera and Sutera continue their assault, with Milleore and Sahli Lao taking out the stragglers, and soon they manage to drive away the wyverns.
Thanks to the crew's hard work, including the skilled efforts of the archer team, the mission is completed successfully.
Upon returning to the town, (Captain) and the crew head to inform their client, the mayor, that the request has been handled.
Mayor: Thank you—you really saved us. The invasion was so sudden, I don't know what we would have done without you.
Lyria: I'm so glad we were able to make it in time! Now you can rest easy.
Mayor: If only that were true... You see, that was only a portion of the wyverns. I have no doubt they'll be back for revenge within a few days' time.
Mayor: So... What do you say? Would you be willing to help us one more time?
Vyrn: Yeah, you can count on us!
(Captain) and the crew readily accept the request and depart from the mayor's office.
Metera: Well, now that we're finished with all that mess, what do you say we do some shopping?
Sutera: Great idea! We need to stock up on supplies for our rematch with the wyverns!
Metera: No, that's not what I meant. I was saying we should take a break.
Sutera: What? A break? But Metera...
Metera: No buts. If we don't take the time to relax, we'll just wear ourselves out. A nice break will help us prepare for what comes next.
Sutera: That's a good point. I suppose it's important to recharge when we can!
Sutera: All right, I'm on board, Metera!
Aster, why don't you come shopping with us?
Aster: ...
Sutera: ...?
Aster: O-oh, I'm sorry! What is it, Sutera?
Metera: ...
Sutera: Hehe. Metera and I were just discussing doing a bit of shopping. Would you like to come along?
Aster: Shopping?
Aster: Oh, um... I'm sorry! I actually have something I need to do...
Aster: Urgh... I really hate having to turn down your invitation though.
Sutera: Not to worry. I'm sure you're exhausted from the battle. Make sure to get plenty of rest this evening, okay?
Aster: Thank you, I will!
Sahli Lao: Well, shall the two of us head back to the inn?
Milleore: All right. I'd like to check the mechanisms on my crossbows anyway—
Aster: U-um, excuse me!
Sahli Lao: Yes? Did you need something from us, Aster?
Aster: Um, well, you see... I was really impressed by your shooting today!
Aster: Milleore, you have such good judgment, and you can fire so fast! And Sahli Lao, your shots are both powerful and accurate—they're incredible!
Aster: Even though I use a crossbow just like you, I couldn't ever hope to compete with the way you took down all those wyverns!
Sahli Lao: Ahaha. Thank you. Well, we spent a long time as soldiers after all.
Aster: And, well... Um...
Sahli Lao: Hehe. What's wrong? We fought together side by side on the battlefield, so that makes us comrades. There's no reason to be so nervous.
Aster: O-okay! Um, well, I have a selfish request!
Aster: W-would the two of you be willing to take me on as your apprentice?
Sahli Lao: Huh? Whaaaaat!
Milleore: Our... Our apprentice? Where'd you get such a crazy idea?
Aster: I want to actually be able to help when the wyverns come back!
Aster: I was completely useless out there today. So I just thought if I could learn from you, maybe something would change...
Milleore & Sahli Lao: ...
Milleore and Sahli Lao look at each other, trying to decide how to respond.
Aster: Please teach me how to fight with a crossbow!
Aster: In return, I'll... Well, I'm not sure what I can do to repay you, but I'm willing to do anything!
Aster lowers her head as she pleads. Sahli Lao and Milleore exchange glances, nodding slightly.
Milleore: I can tell you're serious about this... Very well. I'll teach you everything I know.
Milleore: But I'm not doing it out of the kindness of my heart. I just don't want you to cause us problems by getting injured on the battlefield.
Sahli Lao: I'll be happy to teach you as well. But there's no need to worry about payment. This will be a good opportunity for us to hone our own skills.
Aster: A-are you sure?
Milleore: Yes. But if we're doing this, we're doing it right. Don't expect it to be all fun and games.
Sahli Lao: Hehe. Don't let her scare you, Aster. Milly's actually very kind.
Milleore: Hey! No one asked for your commentary, Lao.
Aster: Thank you both very, very much! I'm so happy!
Aster: I look forward to learning from you both, Mille—
Um, actually... Since I'm your apprentice now, I guess I should call you both Master!
Sahli Lao: What! M-M-Master?
Milleore: There's no need to be so formal. Just call me Milly.
Sahli Lao: And you can call me Lao! Master is going a little overboard...
Aster: Really? But I'm your apprentice, so...
Milleore: It's fine. All right?
Aster: Okay! In that case, I look forward to learning from you both, Milly! Lao!
Sahli Lao: I hope we'll be able to teach you what you want to know. We don't have much time before the wyverns come back, but let's do what we can!
And so Sahli Lao and Milleore accept Aster as their apprentice.
Will Aster be able to improve her skills before the wyverns return?