Scenario:Ayer - Curious Beach Encounters

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Curious Beach Encounters

The crew splits up to prepare for the barbecue. Ayer gets stuck on fishing duty with Siegfried, who tries to teach him about the power of perseverance.

A quiet night has fallen on the beach; Ayer sits, fishing in this solemnity.
(Captain) and Siegfried are beside him, watching the young man as he stares out into the ocean.
Ayer: ...
Siegfried: ...
Ayer: ...
Siegfried: ...
Ayer: Um...
Siegfried: Yes?
Ayer: What to talk about...
So you like fishing?
Siegfried: No, not really. When I was on the run, it was less of a hobby and more of a way to survive.
Ayer: Ohh... On the run, huh?
Siegfried: Yeah.
So—how about you?
Ayer: Me? I'm not so interested in it.
Siegfried: Can't blame you.
Ayer: Yeah...
Siegfried: ...
Ayer: ...
Ayer: (Captain), this sucks! Do something about it already!
Ayer: Argh, how'd things end up like this!
A group of some of (Captain)'s most distinguished friends have gathered at the beach.
Siegfried, former captain of the Order of the Black Dragons, the group of knights that preceded the illustrious White Dragons.
Seofon, the leader of the Eternals—the strongest group of skyfarers to ever roam the clouds.
And Lowain, the rambunctious but lovable leader of the not-so-renowned Team Lowain.
Just as this group causes Ayer to approach peak confusion, Vyrn and Lyria begin explaining.
Ayer: A barbecue?
Vyrn: Yeah! Come make dinner with us! Everybody's already been busy gatherin' ingredients!
Ayer: You're going to celebrate with this bunch? You're kidding, right? Which country are you going to assault?
Lyria: Haha, it's nothing like that. We just happened to bump into each other, and our conversation led us here.
Ayer: Yeah, that's hard to believe... What are you planning?
Lowain: Haha! You look like you got the heebie-jeebies. But, bro, bee-bee-queue by the beach—what's better?
Lowain: I'm just sayin' you don't wanna miss it. Like, it's just food—but to me, it's food that represents, uh, a never-setting sun. That's the truth hidden in a man's heart!
Ayer: Heebie... jeebies?
Vyrn: Yeah! Ayer, you're gonna be a food gopher with (Captain)! Here, fishing poles!
Lyria: Good luck! Other than fishing, what else should we do... Hmm...
Ayer, beleaguered and tired of the barbecue preparations, sits begrudgingly among the group of mature fellows.
Ayer: Haven't caught a single one...
Ayer: Damn, what is with this... Is this spot just terrible?
Ayer: I've had it—this is a waste of time. We can just buy fish at the market. You guys should start packing—
Ayer: H-huh?
He glances into Siegfried's bucket and sees a wriggling mass of fish, shellfish, shrimp, and even squid.
Siegfried: What's the matter? Going back so soon?
Ayer: Going back? So it is possible to escape from this hell! How'd you catch so many fish anyway?
Ayer: Ah... I mean, um, do you have a trick? O-or something?
Siegfried: Tricks, let's see...
Siegfried: Hmm... Nope. No matter which technique you use, it's almost all the same.
Ayer: That's... You caught so much. How could there be no technique?
Ayer: No way.
Siegfried: Haha. I'm no different from an amateur when it comes to skill. But, you know, we're both using the same fishing poles.
Ayer: So? How do you explain the difference in what we caught?
Siegfried: Well, I guess if I had to say, it would be our difference in perseverance.
Ayer: Perseverance?
Siegfried: Yes. Keep at it no matter what, prepare yourself for things to get better, and wait for opportunity to come knocking.
Siegfried: Of course you never know when it'll come. But life swings between joy and sorrow in a flash, so it's possible to blink and miss your chance.
Siegfried: That's why perseverance is so important.
Ayer: And what if opportunity never comes?
Siegfried: Oh? I suppose it's safe to retreat if there's absolutely no way things will improve.
Siegfried: But as far as I know, nothing is absolute. The opportunity might be big. Or it might be small—but it will come.
Siegfried: And that doesn't change no matter what path you choose.
Ayer: How philosophical...
Siegfried: Haha. But you can see the practical results in our buckets, right? That's the difference perseverance makes.
Ayer: That's just... Ugh...
  1. Let's persevere a little longer.
  2. That's good advice.

Choose: Let's persevere a little longer.
Ayer: Sigh... You guys really won't let this go.
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Choose: That's good advice.
Ayer: Maybe. It's just, well, if this guy is the one giving out the advice...
Continue 1
Ayer: Perseverance...
Siegfried: Look at that. Your pole is bending, Ayer.
Ayer: Huh? Ah... A-ah!
Ayer: This power—what the hell!
Siegfried: Nice, a befitting catch. We'll lend a hand. Come on, (Captain).
Ayer: Whoooa!
Giant Fish: ...!

Curious Beach Encounters: Scene 2

After procuring fish, Ayer heads into the woods to collect firewood with Seofon. The leader of the Eternals criticizes the young fighter's peculiar form of cowardice.

Having procured a few fish, Ayer and (Captain) meet Seofon in a grove to collect firewood.
Ayer: Sigh... How many people does it take to get firewood...
Ayer: And why isn't he already done? If he'd just use that sword of his, we'd have kindling in five seconds flat.
Ayer: Argh, damn it—a bug bite. Careful, (Captain). The insects are hungry tonight.
Seofon: You sound so dainty. Bug bites put hair on your chest, you know.
Ayer: What the hell is that supposed to mean... Anyway, we came to help with the firewood.
Seofon: Much appreciated! Let's start with these branches. Make sure you pick up just the dry dudes!
Ayer: Wait, pick up branches? What's the point of that?
Seofon: Seriously? Uh... Did you forget we're having a barbecue? Let's see, add the number of people with the amount of food aaand...
Ayer: You're supposed to be the strongest skyfarer in the skies, right? Why aren't you using your sword?
Ayer: It'd be way faster to chop up the wood we need... And you're out here in your speedbros—what a joke.
Seofon: Great question! What can I say—it's all just personal conviction.
Seofon: You've gotta sweat a little when prepping for a barbecue, or it won't taste as good.
Ayer: Seriously?
Seofon: A barbecue is a test of how much you can accomplish in a day. If you can work hard, then you can eat good.
Seofon: So my sword is staying in its scabbard. Now come on—we've got bugs to bug and sweat to sweat!
Ayer: You... go ahead and do that. I'm going to gather my fair share and head back.
Seofon: Whoa, you're a cold one. I haven't even addressed my swimwear yet.
Seofon: So, it's like this... Aaactually, let me ask you a question first. Why are you not wearing speedbros?
Ayer: Wh-why not? What are you suggesting?
Seofon: I'm just saying that I'm not sure why you're wearing such a long swimsuit.
Seofon: What are you so afraid of? Both the unnecessary length of your trunks and the sarcastic cut of your jib—it's all a defense mechanism.
Seofon: It's like you're scared to expose your true self.
Ayer: The hell...
Ayer: What are you saying? You can't tell that much about someone from their swim trunks!
Seofon: So you're not a coward then? Then let's see you put on a pair of rad speedbros like these bad boys!
Ayer: What has that got to do with anything!
  1. It might help...
  2. On with 'em already!

Choose: It might help...
Ayer: Damn it, Speedbrofon! Are you really one of the Eternals?
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Choose: On with 'em already!
Ayer: I-if you're going to feed into his weird fantasies, then you try wearing something like that!
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Seofon: Haha! Your face is looking a little red, pal. Aah, I remember being young and embarassed...
Ayer: Groan... That's it. I'm done. I'll see you back at the beach.
Ayer: ...
Ayer: Defense mechanism... Sarcastic whatever-of-jibs... Grumble, grumble...
Seofon: Heeey! Ayer, stop!
Ayer: What? If you want firewood, just pick up—
Seofon: Not that. Weapons out—there's a monster just ahead!
Ayer: ...!
Monster: Graaah!

Curious Beach Encounters: Scene 3

Back at the beach, Ayer feels better after enjoying some of Lowain's special barbecue grub. The young fighter thanks (Captain) for introducing him to men in control of their own lives and even begins to feel more in control of himself.

Lowain: Yo, ladies and gentlebros! It's me, BBQ master Lowain, and I'm here to say—let the beach party begin!
Vyrn: Hahah! Man that grill, Lowain!
Lyria: Yeah, yeah! I can't wait to see what you cook!
Somehow the crew has managed to put together all the constituent parts of a barbecue.
Thanks to his exquisite skills, Lowain is able to fire up a variety of dishes at a nimble pace. Everyone is snacking on the dishes and dishing about their day.
Siegfried: So? Were you able to resolve our little incident, Seofon?
Seofon: Resolve? Hmm, maybe not so much—sometimes these things gotta work themselves out. But about Feendrache...
Vyrn: Hey, Siegfried! There's something round in your clam. What is it?
Siegfried: Well look at that—a pearl. It's a sizeable one too.
Lyria: Oh, it's so pretty! Seofon, there's something round in yours too!
Seofon: Hmm? Gulp.
Ngh! I think I just swallowed it!
Ayer: ...
Lowain: Got a steak for ya! Your plate, please... O-oh, you not a fan of the fatty pieces?
Ayer: Uh, no. I just...
Ayer: You know what, I'll take it. But you're not going to have any?
Lowain: Haha, I'm right as rain, my man. I've been snackin' this whole time. Hey, you too, (Captain)! Gimme that plate!
Ayer: (Captain), I guess I was a pain today.
Ayer: I didn't know what to think about your strange friends, but to put it short, Bowman is... Well, it's like I've gained something I thought I'd lost.
  1. Sorry for tricking you.
  2. They're all dependable bros.

Choose: Sorry for tricking you.
Ayer: Not at all. It's not like you fooled me.
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Choose: They're all dependable bros.
Ayer: I-I wouldn't call them that. Sounds weird.
Continue 1
Ayer: But it's that... Maybe because they're older...
Ayer: Hanging out with that bunch let me reflect on a lot.
Ayer: Thank you.
Ayer, thanks to his curious encounter with this group of mature gentlemen, has suddenly begun to open his heart.
And even his expression, which had been a hardened look of unease, begins to relax into a soft air of content.
Lowain: Aaagh!
Seofon: Haha! Y-you just burned your crotch with a hot shrimp! You okay? Need some ice or something?
Siegfried: Fwheeeoo... That's gonna leave a mark. Can't treat it without getting those trunks off. Want us to cut them up for you?
Lowain: Huh? Pops, you lost it? Awkward sauce was not on the menu for this BBQ!
Seofon: Haha! Trust me when I say it'll be more awkward for us than for you!
Siegfried: Alas, most beach wounds—grill burns, jellyfish stings—come with awkward treatment.
Ayer: Psst, (Captain)... I take back what I said before...
Ayer: These guys... There's no way I would take them seriously!
Even though Ayer closes his heart once again, the smiles of friends as they share their night together on a beach will live forever in his memory.