Scenario:Azazel - The Day of Defeat

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The Day of Defeat

(Captain) and company happen upon an argument between a Draph and someone by the name of Azazel. They learn that the only thing Azazel can remember is being imprisoned in Pandemonium for defying the gods, so (Captain) invites him to join the crew.

(Captain) and the crew have stopped at a distant island to secure provisions.
Shopping complete, they are about to lug their numerous purchases back to the airship.
Man's Scream: Gaaaah!
A bloodcurdling scream sends the crew members running to the scene.
They see a man, Human, lying on the ground.
A Draph and an odd-looking individual are exchanging heated words close by.
Unknown Man: Have you no shame! How can you live with yourself to be subjugated by humans?
Male Draph: Huh? The hell ya talkin' about?
Unknown Man: Don't feign ignorance with me! Don't you dare tell me you've forgotten our pride!
Male Draph: You need to start making some damn sense! How ya gonna make up fer the money I just lost? Huh?
Male Draph: I've been running my butt off lookin' fer work, and when I finally got a job, you beat up my boss...
Unknown Man: There's no need to thank me. It's only natural that I would help out my fellow brethren.
Male Draph: Are you loopy? When did I ever say anything close to thanks?
Unknown Man: Humph. You don't have to be so embarrassed about it.
Male Draph: (Sigh... This is pointless. He ain't even listenin'...)
Male Draph: (And what'd he mean by "brethren"? I guessed he was a Draph from the looks of them horns, but...)
Male Draph: (That skinny, pale frame and the way he talks definitely ain't normal. He's probably had a rough life...)
Unknown Man: Hey... What's with that look?
Unknown Man: Stop it!
Unknown Man: Don't look at me like I'm garbage!
Male Draph: All right, all right. Let's jus' forget this whole thing ever happened.
Unknown Man: I don't need your pity!
Male Draph: I gotcha, buddy. Life ain't treatin' ya well, yeah? Ya gotta be lonely though, so why don't ya just drop the tough guy act?
Male Draph: If you're looking for company, then come out to the ale house. You'll find we're always up for some chatter.
Male Draph: Misery sucks! All you need is a shoulder to lean on and a few brews to forget your troubles!
Unknown Man: Are you belittling demons?
Male Draph: See, that's what I'm talking about. When times get desperate, sometimes people jus' feel like turnin' into demons, right?
Male Draph: But not all people are like that, bud. I'll tell ya all about it, so come have a drink!
Unknown Man: That's enough! You're about to discover what a true demon looks like!
Lyria: Oh no! We have to get in there, (Captain)!
The unknown man moves to attack the Draph, but his strike is met by the hard counter of (Captain)'s weapon.
The crew members drag the raging man back to the Grandcypher and set him straight.
Unknown Man: Ridiculous... You're telling me he isn't a fellow demon?
Unknown Man: Then what is he? He has horns just like we do—
Vyrn: Like it or not, I'm telling you you're wrong. He's a Draph.
Unknown Man: So you call them Draphs...
Lyria: Yes. They're strong, hardworking people and very dexterous for their size.
Unknown Man: One of the four types of skydwellers, was it?
Unknown Man: Curses. Then why did I come here to fight in the first place?
Lyria: I'm sorry, but what's your name?
Unknown Man: I don't intend to linger around, so I have no reason to tell you.
Vyrn: Aw, don't be like that. You gotta chill, Ashes.
Azazel: My name is Azazel! Where did you get Ashes from?
Vyrn: Hehe. Say, you got other friends, Azazel?
Azazel: Friends?
Lyria: I agree. If you had some demon friends, I think everyone would believe you.
Azazel: I did. Maybe.
Lyria: Um, what do you mean, maybe?
Azazel: I don't remember.
Lyria and Vyrn: Huh?
Azazel: All I can remember is one thing.
Azazel: A long time ago, many of my brethren and I defied the gods.
Azazel: But we suffered devastating defeat and were imprisoned at the bottom of a deep abyss for what must have been eons.
Azazel: The crushing weight of the darkness was the last thing I remember.
Vyrn: Uh... Battlin' supreme deities with your pals? That's crazy talk.
Lyria: Where was this abyss they kept you in?
Azazel: I'm pretty sure I overheard it being called Pandemonium.
Lyria: No way!
Lyria: That's where all the scary monsters live! Right, (Captain)?
Various words spring to mind, and (Captain) speaks them aloud slowly and deliberately as if trying to make sense of it all.
Pandemonium. Ruins of antiquity. Convergence of past and future. Road that connects the sky's bottom to the Crimson Horizon.
Azazel listens quietly, muttering to himself as he stares off into the distance.
Azazel: They kept me in a place like that...
Vyrn: Look on the bright side. You made it out of that freaky nuthouse.
Vyrn: You gotta admit you're pretty awesome.
Azazel: ...
Lyria: What's wrong, Azazel?
Azazel: I just... can't remember anything. It feels like I had help escaping, but who was it...
Azazel grows silent, so (Captain) speaks up softly.
  1. Just stay with us till you can remember.
  2. Don't push yourself trying to remember.

Choose: Just stay with us till you can remember.
Lyria: Yes! That's a good idea!
Azazel: Forget it! I already told you I'll be leaving soon.
Vyrn: Cool. Glad to have you with us, Ashes.
Azazel: How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?
Azazel: (Heh, though it is surprising to know there are people who understand what I'm talking about.)
Lyria: Hm? Did you say something?
Azazel: N-no!
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Choose: Don't push yourself trying to remember.
Lyria: That's right. I think you might see some painful memories too once they come back.
Vyrn: Yeah, maybe forgetting is for the best.
Azazel: This isn't a joke. You people are going to help me.
Lyria: Huh?
Azazel: I'm saying you're going to help me get my memories back.
Lyria: We don't mind lending a hand, but what are we supposed to do...
Azazel: Heh. It's simple really. You will fight with me for the sake of the demons.
Azazel: My memories are rooted in battle. Fighting will surely jar those memories loose in time.
Lyria: Wait a minute! You can't expect us to—
Azazel: Hahaha! With this the demons will be one step closer to resurgence!
Vyrn: Nah, I don't think that's gonna fly, Ashes...
Azazel: For the last time, it's Azazel!
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And so Azazel, a mysterious youth who claims to be a demon, joins the crew.