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Well-Traveled Monk

A bizarre supernatural incident occurs at the village. All of its residents turn out to be wandering spirits, and Bakura helps them attain peace.

???: Ooooooohh...
Some time after nightfall, an ominous voice sounds in a desolate village where usually only the sound of the wind passes through.
The one producing the noise stands before a civilian house, hoping to meet with its residents.
???: I am a wandering monk who travels the islands in search of forbidden requiems that lie in ancient ruins.
???: The winds take me where they will and serve as my shelter.
???: Alms provided by the charitable allow me to continue my journey to bring peace to lost souls. If I may ask for a pittance...
Village Elder: Agh! Go away! Shoo!
Village Elder: I've got nothing for you beggar types. Leave the village at once!
Village Elder: Fool! Put your palms down! I said I have nothing for you!
???: As you wish...
The man realizes there is nothing to be gained here and turns around.
He returns to the cover of night and resumes his strange chanting.
???: Ooooooohh...
Village Elder: Geez, what a weirdo that creep was. He might as well be from another world.
Days later (Captain) and company make a sudden stop in the village due to a malfunction in the Grandcypher.
Village Elder: Ah, thank the skies! What a blessing it is to have skyfarers visit our village!
Village Elder: Erm... We've been having problems lately with bandits breaking into our homes coercing us for rupies and items of value.
Village Elder: I think I have a lead. There's this shady monk who comes by here every night. I'm pretty sure it's all him.
(Captain) decides to take on the village elder's assignment as thanks for helping with the Grandcypher's repairs.
The crew stays at an empty shack in the village and waits for the shady monk to appear at nightfall.
???: Ooooooohh...
Lyria: Eep! What's that sound? It's scaring me! Quick, (Captain)!
(Captain) gets up swiftly with weapon in hand and carefully unlocks the door.
???: I apologize for intruding at night.
Vyrn: What's your problem, mad hatter? You're the one that's been robbing those houses?
???: Nay. As a wandering monk, it is within my nature to go door-to-door and solicit alms from the charitable so that I may continue my training.
Lyria: Umm, what do you mean by training? You must be...
Bakura: My apologies if I seemed a bit shady. I am Bakura, a wandering monk-in-training.
The relieved crew invites Bakura in and explains to him everything the village elder spoke of.
Bakura breathes a sympathetic sigh.
Bakura: I see... It is standard practice to refuse monks by telling them to put their palms down.
Bakura: Monks depart as soon as they are told so. The villagers are all aware of this.
Bakura: Something is amiss here. Barging into homes and demanding riches is against the code of my sect.
Bakura: If the ones causing trouble are indeed from my sect, I cannot let this go unpunished.
Bakura: Will you allow me to join you in your quest to quell these knaves?
(Captain) accepts Bakura's offer.
As there is no sign of bandits showing up anytime soon, the crew passes the time with merry conversation.
Any version of Jin (Event) is a crew member

Lyria: Huh? You and Jin know each other?
Jin: Hahaha. Bakura and I might be fifteen years apart, but that's right.
Jin: However Bakura left the village while I was still very young, so I remember very little.
Bakura: Your words pain me, Jin. Do you not remember all the pranks we played, or how we cleaned the sheets together after you wet the bed?
Jin: Agh! Stop it, Bakura! I'd rather not remember!
Lyria: Teehee. It's nice to know Jin used to be so playful.
Vyrn: Hey, hey, so Jin said you left the village? Was there any reason you left?
Bakura: Yes. The small village I hail from was truly wonderful, yet I decided to leave at the age of twenty.
Vyrn: But why would you even want to leave if the village was so wonderful?
Bakura: I was a feisty one in my youth. I had grand dreams for the future and would do anything to achieve them.
Bakura: I left home to enlist in the army. My first battle ended in catastrophe and I lost all hope.
Bakura: It was then that I met a monk on the battlefield. The mysterious sound of his flute drew me in. I came to an epiphany and decided that it was time to leave the secular world.
Lyria: Ah, I was wondering about that flute. What kind of sound does it make?
Although Lyria only asks out of curiosity, Bakura is slightly taken aback.
Bakura: Forgive me, but my flute is not meant for playing music. It blows of its own will when lost souls find peace.
Lyria: Umm... lost souls?
Bakura: Yes, souls so entrenched in sadness they can no longer find their way to the heavens.
Vyrn: Hey, look... Isn't that a ghost over there?
Lyria: Eep! A ghost? Erm... No need to play the flute!
Just as the conversation gets lively, the sound of someone knocking on the door fills the air.
???: Aah, please! I'm only here to ask for a pittance! Won't you kindly open the door for me?
???: What the heck is taking you so long! Open the blasted door before I tear it down!
The charlatan reveals himself. (Captain) and company ready their weapons against him.
The charlatan stands no chance, and the battle ends before it even starts.
As the crew ties up the defeated charlatan to hand over to the village elder, something strange happens.
Charlatan Monk: Tch, I messed up...
Vyrn: Holy moly! Did you see that? He just disappeared?
Lyria: This is scaring me... It feels like something bad is going to happen...
But from that night onward, peace is restored to the village as the charlatan monk never shows his face again.
With Bakura's name cleared, the village elder expresses his heartfelt thanks and apologizes.
Village Elder: I am truly sorry for suspecting you. We should have tried to talk to you in earnest before taking you for a criminal...
Bakura seems unconcerned and quickly accepts the apology. He then puts his mouth on the mysterious flute.
The sound from the flute is something out of this world—solemn yet peaceful; familiar yet foreign. Its sound is so pure it shakes the foundation of many a soul.
Lyria: Aah... I can sort of feel the sound inside me...
Vyrn: Uh oh, Lyria! This smells like trouble!
Lyria: Huh? What's wrong?
Lyria turns to look in Vyrn's direction.
Lyria: Wow, look at all those balls of light!
Glimmering balls of light ascend toward the skies from all over the village.
The last ball of light appears from the village elder right before the crew's very eyes.
Village Elder: Aah, it's all coming back now... We had already perished that day when...
Village Elder: Thank you, kind travelers. We can now rest in peace.
Lyria: Umm... Bakura, do you know what's happening here?
Bakura removes his lips from the flute. Placing a comforting hand on Lyria's shoulder, he gently begins to tell the story of the village.
Bakura: Once upon a time, there existed a village known among monks for its kindness.
Bakura: The people of the village gladly provided their own food and shelter to any traveler.
Bakura: Seeing the villagers' kindness, a group of bandits decided to take advantage of them.
Bakura: They came here posing as monks, plundered the riches, and killed off everyone in the village.
Bakura: I always felt sorry for these kind villagers, and so I came to bring peace to their wandering souls.
Lyria: Ah, it all makes sense now. But then that means...
Bakura: My master has taught me only one lesson: to use my flute to calm lost souls who have yet to move on.
Bakura: My master tells me that when I've played all 108 requiems scattered throughout the skies, I will at long last achieve enlightenment.
Bakura: But I lack the forbidden requiems required to save all the souls out there.
Bakura: If I may be so bold, I ask for permission to join you in your travels across the skies and search for the forbidden requiems.
  1. Your mission is truly marvelous. I can't refuse.
  2. If Lyria's okay with it...

Choose: Your mission is truly marvelous. I can't refuse.

Bakura: Your kindness humbles me. Thank you, Captain.
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Choose: If Lyria's okay with it...

Lyria: Huh? Me? Umm, will you help me every time a ghost shows up?
Bakura: Hahahaha... It would be an honor, Lyria.

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And thus the well-traveled monk Bakura joins the crew.