Scenario:Balurga - The Lone Wolf's Claw

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The Lone Wolf's Claw

Balurga, a former member of the Odajumoki Gangsters, lives a life on the run, fleeing from her former friends. She remembers Grutheressa, the gang boss who took her in, and the trap he laid that led to her being branded a traitor. Exhausted and out of ammo, she resigns herself to her fate, only to be saved by (Captain) and becomes part of the crew.

The Odajumoki Gangsters: a band of wicked Harvins.
In the hall of their great leader Grutheressa, an imposing roar rings out...
Grutheressa: Nnnnngggrrraaaahhh! Silence! This is no place for the likes of you!
Balurga: No... I refuse to leave! Not until you let me join you...
Grutheressa: Don't be stupid. I can see right through you. Your little outfit can't hide the fact that you're a woman!
Grutheressa: We are the Odajumoki Gangsters! Only the manliest of men may join us! As a courtesy, I'll spare your life. Now begone!
Balurga: I'm a man, I came here to get manlier, and I ain't leaving until you let me join!
Grutheressa: Hrrmm... I see you do not lack for resolve. Very well! Take our entrance exam... if you dare!
With a jerk of his head, Grutheressa gives a silent command, then looks back with a daring smile, eager to see Balurga's reaction.
At his command, a lackey brings in one of the huge, ferocious dogs used by the Butchagee chariots of war.
Grutheressa: Heh heh heh heh... Animals don't lie, and this one can smell the difference.
Grutheressa: What's wrong, girl? If you speak the truth, then you have nothing to fear! Go on, put your right hand up to its mouth!
Balurga: Gah! Aaaghhhh...
Grutheressa: What are you doing? You... you idiot! You actually did it?
Balurga: Heh... heh heh... How'd you like that, eh? Is that good enough for you, Allfather?
Balurga: He knew it was an impossible request. He was just trying to get me to back down.
Balurga: But I did it anyway.
Balurga: The Allfather took a real liking to me after that. He doted on me like I was his own son... No, even more than that.
Balurga: He called me his "right-hand man" and gave me this steel gauntlet. That's right. He gave me the Vulcan Crow...
Balurga: Haah... haah... haah... Damn! They just keep coming... There's no end to them!
Odajumoki A: Come on out, little kitty! Ha! Any luck over there?
Odajumoki B: Geheheh! Nope! No dice!
Odajumoki A: Yeehaw! That way, boys! Search over there!
Balurga: Ever since the Allfather kicked the bucket, it's been nonstop sibling squabbles... Sheesh! Don't these guys have any respect?
Balurga: I just don't get it, Allfather... I thought you trusted me...
Balurga: Allfather... Why would you do this to me? Why would you try to get my brothers to kill me?
Odajumoki A: Yeehaw! This way! I heard something!
Balurga: Tch... Awfully perceptive for rats.
It was all so sudden...
Odajumoki A: Nngyahh! W-We're in trouble! The Allfather... He... Skull did him in!
Balurga: (Wh-what? Don't be ridiculous! That's impossible...)
What reaches Balurga's ears next is even more shocking.
Odajumoki A: Hmmm... But get a load of this! They say there's actually another traitor in our midst!
Odajumoki A: Geh heh heh! And it turns out... they're a woman disguised as a man!
Balurga: !
Women were not allowed to join the Odajumoki. Only the manliest of men were permitted membership.
It was a family that transcended blood ties, formed by the ironclad bonds shared between men.
Odajumoki B: Hmmm... Of all the rules to break... Who the hell would break that one?
Odajumoki A: What do you mean, "hmmm"? It's obviously Balurga!
Balurga: Apparently the Allfather wrote my secret into his journal... and now it's been leaked.
Balurga: And that's not all. For some reason, that cruel old geezer wrote the following...
Balurga: "He who kills my faithful right-hand man Balurga will be recognized as the new boss."
Balurga: Haah... haah... haah... Good grief! Stupid old man! Why would you do this?
Odajumoki A: Yeehaw! This way! The dog's got her scent!
Balurga: You've gotta be kidding me... They even brought a Nord Husky?
Balurga: Heh. Guess I just have to buckle down. My Vulcan Crow should be able to handle this just fine.
Balurga: Aaargh! Damn it! I'm spent!
Odajumoki A: Now things are gettin' interesting! This way! Hurry!
Balurga: Heh... heh heh heh... Guess it's all over for me now.
Balurga: (Skull, was it? The one who killed the Allfather? What's he like, I wonder?)
Balurga: (Whoever he is, he must be one hell of a man... Maybe he knows why the Allfather did this to me...)
Balurga: (Heh heh heh... Oh well. I can just ask the Allfather in person... once I meet him on the other side...)
Balurga: Wha... Are you—?
Odajumoki A: Yeehaw! We know you're in here! Just give it up, Balurga!
But there was no sign of Balurga. Just a handful of customers enjoying their meals.
Odajumoki B: Don't jerk us around, damn it! Hiding isn't gonna help you, ya know! If you value your life—
Odajumoki B: Hmmm? Is that... a flying lizard? And a blue-haired girl?
Lyria and Vyrn: Huh?
Odajumoki B: Eeegh! D-Don't tell me... They're the same ones who defeated the Butchagee Chariots of War and the Primal Beast Aung?
Odajumoki A: Eeegh! Th-there's no mistakin' 'em! They're the ones who drove the Allfather into a corner and nearly eradicated us!
Odajumoki A & B: Gyaaah! You win this time, but we'll be back! Retreat! Retreeaaaat!
Vyrn: Uhhh... I don't know what just happened, but at least they're done yelling.
Lyria: I'm glad they're gone! Seems like it's safe for you to come out now.
At Lyria's words, a tiny head peeks out from behind the counter.
Balurga: Heh heh! Thanks for the help. You saved my life.
(Captain) smiles and waves a hand dismissively, as if to say "It was nothing!" before heading out.
Balurga: H-Hold up! What kind of man would I be if I let you walk away empty-handed?
Balurga: I'll do anything! Please, will you let me return the favor?
  1. You don't need to return the favor.
  2. Return the favor? How?

Choose: You don't need to return the favor.
Balurga: You might think so, but I beg to differ! I'd rather die than owe someone!
Balurga: All right, I've decided! Since you saved my life, then I'll save yours!
Balurga: Heh heh heh! And I'm not leaving your side until I do! Get used to it!
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Choose: Return the favor? How?
Balurga: Well, admittedly, I don't have a penny to my name. There's not much I can offer you...
Balurga: This is gonna sound weird given the situation, but... I'm actually a talented fighter. How's about you hire me to protect you?
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And so, the mysterious fugitive Balurga joins the crew on their journey...