Scenario:Baotorda - A Willingness to Learn

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A Willingness to Learn

Upon reporting to the Knickknack Shack, Baotorda, (Captain), and the others receive a request to train some new soldiers. They head to the forest to do so and find a group of people hardly better than thugs. They brace themselves and get to work.

(Captain) and company visit the Knickknack Shack to report a successfully completed monster-hunting mission.
Baotorda: Well, (Captain)'s sword skills certainly are something to behold.
Baotorda: The result of innate talent and a beautiful heart devoted to training...
Baotorda: (Captain)'s swordsmanship reminds me of the current captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights, who is said to be the strongest in the history of the order.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! Did you hear that, (Captain)! That's quite a compliment!
  1. You're overestimating me...
  2. I'm just that good.

Choose: You're overestimating me...

Baotorda: Oh, there's no need to be modest.
Baotorda: Humility is a beautiful thing... but it's important to understand the extent of your own skills as well.
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Choose: I'm just that good.

Baotorda: Ah... So you're confident as well. You seem to have everything necessary to achieve success, (Captain).

Continue 1

Baotorda: I know you train every day, but your skills are truly incredible considering your young age.
Sierokarte: I'm so sorry I kept you waiting!
Sierokarte: Thank you for completing that mission so quickly!
Baotorda: A good deed is meaningless unless done in a timely fashion.
Baotorda: Not a moment can be wasted if the innocent are being threatened by monsters.
Sierokarte: Tee-hee! I'm glad you feel that way.
Sierokarte: To tell you the truth, I have another job for hard workers such as yourselves...
Vyrn: Hmm... Training soldiers, huh?
Baotorda: Apparently the soldiers are engaged in practical training in this forest, which is full of monsters.
Baotorda: And as seasoned skyfarers, they want us to oversee the training.
Lyria: Hee-hee... I wonder what they're like. Isn't this exciting?
New Soldier 1: Hey! You just stepped on my foot!
New Soldier 2: Huh? Why the hell would I care? It's your own fault for not standing still!
New Soldier 3: Hey, you're a cutie! You want to go get some coffee with me?
Lyria: Ha-ha... This doesn't look so good...
Vyrn: It looks terrible! It's pretty much a group of thugs!
Baotorda: This might be harder than I thought...
Baotorda: But teaching them the ways of a noble soldier is a very important job. Let's begin the training.

A Willingness to Learn: Scene 2

During their training, a soldier says that Baotorda must be stronger than (Captain). But Baotorda replies that he will always be one step behind because all he's capable of is training.

Monster: Grraaagh...
Vyrn: Nice! Good job, (Captain)!
Baotorda: As always your swordsmanship is a cut above the rest...
New soldier: Huh? Aren't you stronger than that kid? You're way bigger too.
Baotorda: Is that how it seems to you? Body size does not matter. I know this better than anyone else.
Baotorda: I am indeed strong. But there's still a crucial something that I'm missing.
Baotorda: There is that level that only a select few will ever reach... A place where training alone will never be enough...
Baotorda: I seek to improve myself every day in hopes of reaching that place... But alas...
Baotorda: No matter how much I push myself... I will always be one step behind.
New soldier: Hmm? Is that how it is? I can't tell, because you both just seem plain strong to me.
Baotorda: That's how it is. Well, that's enough chit-chat for now.
Baotorda: We're here today for your training... Don't let your guard down.

A Willingness to Learn: Scene 3

During the rigorous training, the soldiers start complaining that they'll never find glory no matter how hard they try. Baotorda replies that his efforts have never truly failed him.

Monster: Grargh!
New Soldier 1: I can hardly move anymore...
New Soldier 2: Damn it! Screw this! I'm done! Forget this training!
Vyrn: Hey! What's going on?
New Soldier 2: I'm done with this stupid training! That's what's going on!
New Soldier 2: We know how to fight decently already. Isn't that enough?
Baotorda: So what will you do if you run into a monster for which decent isn't good enough?
New Soldier 2: If that happens... I'll just leave it to someone stronger! Whoever people say is the strongest!
New Soldier 1: That's right. No matter how hard we try, we won't ever find glory anyway.
Lyria: Don't say that...
Baotorda: You know... There are certainly times when hard work simply goes unrewarded.
Baotorda: There have been times when I myself was faced with overwhelming brilliance, and my measly efforts seemed completely meaningless...
Baotorda: But if you want something to change, all you can do is put in the effort.
Baotorda: There were so many times when my efforts weren't enough... It seemed so unfair... so futile...
Baotorda: But not once did my efforts betray me... They always added to my strength.
New Soldier 2: ...
Monster: Groar!
Baotorda: And besides... there's something to be said for reaching certain heights through raw effort without the aid of a natural gift.
Baotorda: Allow me to demonstrate. Watch carefully!

A Willingness to Learn: Scene 4

After training the soldiers, (Captain) and company head back to town. Baotorda says the soldiers reminded him of what's truly important, and he renews his resolve to improve himself so he can live in a way that's noble and true.

(Captain)'s crew finishes training the soldiers and is on the way back to town.
Vyrn: Phew... That was a tough mission.
Vyrn: It would have been easier to just hunt monsters, don't you think?
Baotorda: Heh-heh... Who knows.
Lyria: Oh? You seem unusually cheery, Baotorda.
Baotorda: Yes... Watching those soldiers reminded me of what's truly important.
Baotorda: I almost forgot due to spending so much time with (Captain)...
Baotorda: But I must return to my roots and focus on constant self-improvement.
Baotorda: Not to reach some arbitrary milestone or to compare myself to others...
Baotorda: But for myself... To be forever pure, forever righteous...
Baotorda: I look forward to continuing my journey with you, (Captain).
Interacting with the untrained soldiers strengthens Baotorda's determination to continue his own training.
His newfound resolve will surely continue to shine brightly, never to be obscured by even the most brilliant of lights.