Scenario:Baotorda - In the Name of Justice

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In the Name of Justice

Baotorda has no sooner finished his tasty crepe than he hears a scream in the vicinity. He rushes back to the crepe shop only to discover monsters attacking the shopkeeper.

After (Captain) and company finish their patrols for the day, they spot a crowded street stall.
Lyria: Oh? That looks like fun! Should we go take a look?
Baotorda: Sure. Let's see what all the fuss is about.
Lyria: Wow! That smells great.
Baotorda: It looks like they sell crepes here. And they all look delicious.
Customer 1: Hook me up with one mixed-berry and one salad crepe.
Customer 2: And I'll take a caramel, nut, and chocolate crepe.
Shopkeeper: Right! Salad and mixed berry for you! And caramel, nut, and chocolate for you! Comin' right up!
The shopkeeper's crepe-making hands never stop moving as he interacts with his customers.
There are actually a number of hot plates around him, and ten crepes are often fried at once.
Baotorda: They seem to know exactly when to pull each crepe off the heat... Most impressive.
There's also a woman next to the shopkeeper, and she's deftly pulling one crepe after another off of its hot plate as it finishes.
Proprietress: All right, next customer please!
Vyrn: She seems to know what she's doing too. Pretty cool.
The movements of the two crepe chefs are efficient and almost in sync, and they even pull off occasional stunts to wow the customers.
Proprietress: Order up.
Customer 1: Thanks. I'll definitely come back!
Shopkeeper: We appreciate it!
The long line of customers is dealt with in a hurry, and (Captain) and company are able to place their orders without waiting long.
Vyrn: Freshly fried crepes! Let's eat up already!
Baotorda: Go right ahead.
This one's for you, (Captain).
Lyria: Yay! This looks phenomenal! Munch, munch...
Lyria: So scrumptious! I'm glad I went with a banana crepe! This is bliss!
Vyrn: So tasty! Crepes are awesome! My apple crepe's just great!
Vyrn: Munch, munch, munch...
Baotorda: You know, there's no need to rush. It's not like anyone's going to take your crepes, so don't forget to chew.
(Captain) and crew take their time to enjoy the savory delight packed into each bite.
Baotorda: We should head back soon. We need to bring the crepes for everyone else back to the ship while they're still hot.
Vyrn: True that! Let's get going!
Annoying Man: Humph... Who cares about a bunch of dumb crepes? Crepes suck!
Baotorda: ...?
Lyria: Huh? What's the matter, Baotorda?
Baotorda: Oh, it's nothing. Let's go.
Vyrn: I wanna try one of the cream ones next time.
Lyria: I'm more interested in the mixed-salad one they seemed so proud of there.
Baotorda: Well, we'll be here for a while, so I'm sure we can pay them another visit.
Vyrn: Yeah! Sounds like a plan!
Proprietress: Aahh!
Vyrn: What in the?
Lyria: That came from the crepe shop! We better get back there, (Captain)!
Baotorda: Let's hurry!
Monster: Grrr...
Shopkeeper: S-stay back, monster!
Proprietress: Be careful!
Shopkeeper: You stay back. I'll make an opening! Run for it when I do!
Proprietress: Don't be crazy! You can't take on a monster!
Shopkeeper: The customers from earlier went to get the guards. All I have to do is hold out until—
Monster: Groar!
Shopkeeper: Oof!
Proprietress: N-nooo! D-dear!
Vyrn: Wha? What's a monster doing in the streets like this?
Lyria: This is awful! The shopkeeper's under attack! We have to help him!
Baotorda: Into the fray, (Captain)!

In the Name of Justice: Scene 2

Baotorda volunteers to help the tired shopkeeper run his crepe shop. Though he is a bundle of nerves come opening time, Baotorda really gets into the groove when Lyria and Vyrn cheer him on.

(Captain) and company defeat the monsters that attacked the crepe shop and bring the injured shopkeeper back to his house.
Proprietress: Thank you... Thank you so very much!
Shopkeeper: Ugh... Oooh...
Lyria: He seems to be in a lot of pain. You think he'll be okay?
Proprietress: I hope so. The doctor said his injuries are minor.
Lyria: I see...
Shopkeeper: Hey... Is that you?
Proprietress: Yes! So you woke up!
Vyrn: Are you okay? It's good to see your eyes open again.
Shopkeeper: Oh... You're the ones from earlier, right?
Shopkeeper: So that's how it was. Thanks for helping me out!
Shopkeeper: Just the thought of what could have happened if you guys didn't show up chills my bones. Thank you for making sure I can keep on cooking.
Vyrn: Don't mention it!
Shopkeeper: Still, I won't be running my shop for a while with my arm like this...
Baotorda: ...
Proprietress: I can't believe you're worried about your shop at a time like this.
Proprietress: Just be thankful that you're still alive. Forget about the shop for a while and focus on recovering.
Shopkeeper: Don't be silly. I can still fry crepes with one arm. Only my right arm got hurt after all. I'm still more than capable of—
Shopkeeper: Ouch!
Lyria: Oh no!
Vyrn: It's just like she said. You need to focus on getting better for now.
Shopkeeper: Ha-ha... Sorry.
Baotorda: Just try to take it easy. Wounds inflicted by monsters have a way of opening back up.
Shopkeeper: But I can't just ignore my shop...
Baotorda: Might I make a suggestion?
Shopkeeper: Yes?
Baotorda: Why don't you let me take care of the shop for a while?
Lyria: Huh?
Vyrn: What are you sayin' all of a sudden?
Baotorda: Helping those in need is in the spirit of upholding justice.
Baotorda: I doubt I have the skills to cook as well as the shopkeeper here, but that's no excuse not to try.
Proprietress: B-but we could never impose on you for something like that!
Baotorda: It's hardly an imposition. I have something to gain from this as well.
Vyrn: Yeah, this knight's motto is to live in a way that's forever pure and forever righteous.
Vyrn: Helping out others is a natural part of life for him.
Shopkeeper: That's really something...
Proprietress: But are you absolutely sure you wouldn't mind helping?
Baotorda: I am. I'm the one who's volunteering to help out after all. Just let me take care of it.
Vyrn: Yeah! And we'll help out too!
Lyria: Baotorda's a fantastic cook! You really have nothing to worry about.
Proprietress: Thanks a lot, everyone.
The next day...
Baotorda: ...
Lyria: Hi there! How'd you like to try some of our crepes? They're delicious!
Vyrn: You bet they are! You owe it to yourself to buy one!
Vyrn: Man, it's weird. I thought it'd be easier to get customers in here.
Lyria: You need to be a little more patient, Vyrn!
Right, (Captain)?
Baotorda learns to make crepes from the shopkeeper, but there's still a problem.
Baotorda: Ugh...
Lyria: Oh dear! You need to smile, Baotorda! Smile!
Baotorda: Indeed. M-my apologies, Lyria.
Baotorda: This is no good at all.
(Maybe I need to loosen up my shoulders a bit.)
Vyrn: You totally need to loosen up!
Lyria: All you need to do is have as much fun cooking as you usually do, and everything will be fine!
Baotorda: Lyria, Vyrn, (Captain)...
Baotorda: ((Captain) and the others are trying so hard. I can't let them down...)
Baotorda: Mmmwwwaaa!
Lyria: Wha?
Vyrn: Whoa! You okay, buddy?
Baotorda: My apologies. I was just yelling at myself for being so foolish.
Baotorda: As you all said, I need to have fun with my cooking as I always do.
Vyrn: Yep! That's the spirit!
Lyria: Yeah! If you have fun cooking and make some yummy crepes, the customers will probably come pouring in!
His tension at last overcome, Baotorda refocuses and resumes making crepes.

In the Name of Justice: Scene 3

Business at the crepe shop is booming thanks to the crew's exceptional teamwork. But sales take a hit when a rowdy customer comes complaining, going so far as to bring a group of thugs that very night.

Baotorda: The trick is to pour the crepe batter on the hot plate and flip it over fast!
Baotorda: Lyria, pass me the strawberries!
Lyria: Here you go!
Baotorda: Hyah! Hyah, hyah, hyah, hyah!
Baotorda maintains a rhythm as he rapidly peppers the crepe with strawberries.
Baotorda: (Captain), you roll this up!
Vyrn: Heh! Looks like we know a thing or two about cooperatin' too!
Regular Joe: Something smells good. You think I can get one of those?
Lyria: Oh, of course! Just a minute!
Vyrn: We've got an order!
Baotorda: Indeed. And I'm more than ready for it. All right, (Captain), you take care of the finishing touches.
Vyrn takes the orders, and Lyria prepares the necessary ingredients.
Baotorda fries the crepes and adds the toppings, and then (Captain) rolls them up.
Their teamwork soon attracts the attention of customers and stops them in their tracks.
Pedestrian: Hey. Can I get two of these too?
Vyrn: You bet! Just a sec!
A throng of people similar to the crowd that normally surrounds the crepe shop begins to gather.
Annoying Man: You punks are gettin' in the way of my business!
Lyria: Eek!
Baotorda: What's the meaning of this?
(I saw this guy earlier...)
Annoying Man: Humph... Who cares about a bunch of dumb crepes? Crepes suck!
Annoying Man: This lame stall is supposed to be closed with the shopkeeper injured.
Annoying Man: Yet I find you losers working here—
Annoying Man: And taking customers who are supposed to be mine!
Baotorda: Lower your voice. You're frightening the children.
Annoying Man: Shut up!
Vyrn: No, you shut up! Stop scaring off our customers!
Annoying Man: I don't wanna hear it! Close your shop right now!
Baotorda: Do you even realize how little sense you're making?
Annoying Man: It's all your fault! Now close your shop! You hear me?
Baotorda: Wait!
Vyrn: What was his problem?
Baotorda: ...
The noisy man interrupts the flow of customers, and crepe sales end up lower than expected that day.
Proprietress: Thanks for all your help!
Baotorda: I hoped to do more, but I guess I didn't have what it took. I apologize.
Shopkeeper: Don't be ridiculous! You did more than enough. You really were a huge help!
Baotorda: I apologize for asking, but do you know the man who caused that ruckus?
The shopkeeper and proprietress seem reluctant to speak, but they respond to Baotorda's question.
Shopkeeper: He complained before that he found something nasty in one of our crepes.
Proprietress: He's also complained that we're too noisy.
Proprietress: We've actually been dealing with complaints from him for a while, and we're not quite sure what to do about it.
Baotorda: I see.
Proprietress: Please forgive us for burdening you with our problems.
Lyria: It's really okay!
Vyrn: Still, was he telling the truth about finding something in one of your crepes? Your shop looked spotless to me.
Lyria: I wonder about the noise complaint too. I mean, the customers get excited and all, but that seems normal for the city.
Baotorda: Hmm...
???: ...
???: ...
???: ...
Baotorda: I wonder what that commotion is out there. Let's go take a quick look. Come on, (Captain).
Baotorda: Given that there was a monster attack this afternoon, you two better stay inside for now.
Shopkeeper: O-okay... We will.
Thug 2: All right, so where's the big lout you mentioned?
Baotorda: Do you guys have any idea what time it is?
Annoying Man: That's him right there! Get him!
Baotorda: So it's you...
Thug 1: Anything for some rupies! Here we come, Mr. Hero!
Baotorda: It seems we have no choice. Ready your weapon, (Captain)!

In the Name of Justice: Scene 4

The defeated man reveals that he runs his own crepe shop, and things have been looking bad for him due to competition. Baotorda scolds his unethical actions, encouraging him to look at things from another angle. This entire incident leaves Baotorda with the realization that upholding justice is not always an easy, black-and-white matter.

Annoying Man: Oof...
With the thugs apprehended, the crew corners the man.
Baotorda: The monster from this afternoon was your doing, wasn't it?
Annoying Man: What if it was?
Baotorda: What you did was evil.
Baotorda: Why would you do such a thing?
Annoying Man: Well, I opened up my shop here first.
Annoying Man: My wife and I did well enough to eat, and we even had some regular customers.
Annoying Man: But then they opened up their crepe shop a few years back, and customers stopped showing up at our shop.
Annoying Man: When I went to see who'd stolen all my business, I found them and their customers sittin' there havin' a merry old time!
Annoying Man: Damn it! The food I make tastes just fine! They've ruined everything!
Baotorda: You should be ashamed of yourself for threatening the livelihood of people who have done nothing wrong for your own personal gain.
Annoying Man: Stop actin' like you know somethin' about somethin'! You don't know what it's like to have no clue where your next meal's comin' from!
Annoying Man: I couldn't even put food in my wife's belly, and she ended up leavin' me!
Annoying Man: But all I can do is cook! There's no other way for me to make a living!
Annoying Man: Cooking's all I have!
Baotorda: It does indeed sound like you've had a rough time of it. But trying to flee from reality is only compounding your problems.
Annoying Man: Urgh...
Baotorda: There could never be a good reason to hurt others.
Annoying Man: Shut... up!
Baotorda: If you really have time to waste precious moments of your life standing around blaming your environment and everyone else for your problems...
Baotorda: You'd be better off doing whatever you can right here and now to improve your situation.
Baotorda: Doing evil acts will only destroy you. But sincere efforts will never betray you.
Baotorda: When you truly pursue something, there are no escape routes or shortcuts. You just keep pursuing it with everything you have.
Baotorda: So stop trying to run away. There's no point in blaming others for your problems. It's your life we're talking about after all.
Annoying Man: I've never looked at it quite like that...
Baotorda: Heed my advice and I'm sure you'll soon rediscover yourself and find your own kind of justice.
Lyria: Baotorda! The guards are here!
The guards run up and take away the thugs and annoying man.
Some time passes...
Lyria: Oh! Looks like the shopkeeper's crepe shop is back to normal!
Vyrn: Yep, and the crowd's as big as ever!
Lyria: Hee-hee! Everyone seems to be having so much fun!
Baotorda: ...
Baotorda: The couple running that place is a reminder that it's hard to avoid conflict no matter how pure your heart is.
Vyrn: You must be talking about what happened the other day.
Baotorda: But there really is nothing more precious than for people to be able to smile like that.
Annoying Man: I'd like you to tell them something for me. Tell 'em I never actually found anything nasty in their food.
Annoying Man: And since I'm confessin' and all, tell 'em I was really just lashin' out 'cause their crepes are damn tasty.
Baotorda: I have a feeling it won't be long before he atones for what he's done and figures out how to uphold justice.
Baotorda is once again reminded of just how hard it is to uphold justice—and how vital it is to do so.