Scenario:Baotorda and Bridgette - Lessons from a Veteran Knight

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Lessons from a Veteran Knight

One day, Baotorda is giving Bridgette some sword training, but she soon gives up. During a break, he prepares a children's lunch for her, but she announces she cannot eat it. Baotorda questions the prudence of admitting defeat before even attempting a challenge, causing Bridgette to reflect on her habits. She eats the children's lunch before re-attempting the sword practice in order to surpass her limits.

Bridgette: Pant… pant… Here I… come!
Bridgette: Yah! Huff… pant…
Baotorda: That won't do. Your strokes are crooked.
Bridgette is receiving sword training under Baotorda.
Both are in the Order of Holy Knights, but they had only just met each other in person a short while ago…
Catching sight of a certain person as she cleans the deck, Bridgette's eyes open wide and she drops the cloth she's been holding.
Bridgette: Oh, my! Y-you're… th-the commanding officer, Baotorda?
Baotorda: Yes… and you are?
Bridgette: I'm Bridgette, I used to be a rookie in the Order of Holy Knights, but had to resign under certain circumstances!
As Baotorda is taken aback by this rather abrupt self-introduction, Bridgette explains her situation in detail.
After he has understood, Baotorda seems persuaded by her story, and gives his own in turn.
Bridgette: I can scarcely believe it. To think that you, the commanding officer, would be forced to withdraw from the order also…
Baotorda: Yes. I do not regret the decision. I have maintained my conviction and principles to the end.
Bridgette: Goodness! J-Just as one would expect from the commanding officer. Yes, indeed!
Bridgette: Um! I'm rather ashamed to ask this of you in such a forthright manner, but… I'd like to receive training from you, if I could?
Baotorda thus gave his consent to Bridgette's request, and in this way, the training begun…
Bridgette: Urgh… I feel I've reached my limit… I can't go any further…
Baotorda: Hmm… You do realize you've only made five sword strokes so far? You should aim for at least 100…
Bridgette: Guh? A h-hundred? I could never manage that! Impossible!
Seeing Bridgette tremble as if in terror, Baotorda lets out a small sigh.
Baotorda: Honestly… very well, then. Let's take a break.
Vyrn: Jeez… Your limits aren't exactly the highest, are they?
Bridgette: Oooh… I know, I'm such a disappointment, aren't I? But limits are limits. I am but a poor weak thing…
Lyria: Don't worry about it. Come on, let's look forward to the meal Baotorda's preparing for us!
Vyrn: Well, you're right there. No point in lookin' back in regret when we can look forward… to food!
As the party waits in expectation, Baotorda appears, bringing the meal to the party.
Lyria: Wow! It looks delicious!
Bridgette: Huh? Wait… Is it just me, or is mine a little… different to everyone else's?
Baotorda: It certainly is. For you, I've prepared a special children's meal.
Bridgette: Umm… a… a "children's meal," you say?
Lyria: Oh? Don't you like children's meals, Bridgette?
Bridgette: Erm… well, no, but more to the point, I'm… I'm already 19 years old…
Bridgette: This is rather embarrassing… in fact, it's too embarrassing… I c-can't bring myself to eat it… Impossible…
Baotorda: Hah… nothing to be embarrassed about! This dish is Captain Charlotta's favorite, I'll have you know!
Bridgette: Huh? Captain Charlotta's favorite, you say? But… the captain is younger than myself, so…
Baotorda: That's true. But a person is free to eat whatever they please. Just as you're free to decline this dish.
Baotorda: However… I'd question the person who calls a challenge "impossible" before even attempting it, wouldn't you?
Bridgette: !
Baotorda: …Through admirable hard work and perseverance, Captain Charlotta overcame the disadvantages presented by her short stature.
Baotorda: I'm sure there were many around her who mocked her, called her efforts "impossible"… Yet she was able to take the seat of captain.
Baotorda: Therein lies the result of effort… being told of the impossible… attempting the impossible… conquering the impossible.
Baotorda: That is the kind of person we aspire to be… and the kind of person you seek to fight alongside.
Bridgette: Yes, I… yes, that's right.
Baotorda: You yourself understand the extent of your own efforts more than everyone. That is precisely how you can say what is impossible.
Baotorda: That is a wise decision. But you are wont to label something as impossible before you even exert any effort, like just now.
Bridgette: That's… that's certainly true. I shall… I shall have to reconsider my actions…
Baotorda: Heh heh. The ability to recognize your own habits is the first step toward improvement.
Baotorda: And by the way, I didn't just make this lunch for the sole purpose of lecturing you.
Baotorda: This stuff is full of nutrients, and it's perfect for building up your basic strength.
Baotorda: And for someone of small stature like yourself, the children's lunch provides just the right quantity. It's the logical choice.
Bridgette: I understand! Then I shall take on this culinary challenge! And I most certainly won't utter the word "impossible"!
Bridgette appears to ready herself, and begins to sample the children's lunch.
Bridgette: …Oh my goodness! This is impossibly deli? I mean, it's thoroughly delicious! Absolutely…delectable!
Baotorda: Heh heh… then we'll take a short break after eating, and get back to training.
Baotorda: The same rigorous training you've been calling "impossible" until now, that is.
Bridgette: Oh, absolutely! Yes sir!
Om nom nom… Delicious… (munch)…
Smiling gently, Baotorda watches over Bridgette until she finishes the children's lunch.
Afterwards, the two train together, and Bridgette is finally able to surpass her limits…
Bridgette: I've done it! Seven strokes! Seven sword strokes in a row!
Vyrn: Really? That's amaz?
Vyrn: …Hold on, just seven? What the heck!
It seems like the future in which Bridgette can fight alongside the captain she so admires is still just a little way off…