Scenario:Barawa - Case of the Rightful Owner

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Case of the Rightful Owner

The first client at the new branch office asks Barawa to seek out his little brother's missing axe. Barawa fails to see the mystery in such a case but accepts it anyway after the crew urges him on.

Days after the incident in Auguste, the crew stops by a nearby island.
Having no other plans, Barawa tags along. But for some reason, he is found remodeling a room inside the Grandcypher.
Barawa: So I'll put the table here, and... Okay, that should do it!
Vyrn: Hey, hey, Barawa. What are you doing remodeling the room?
Barawa: Hah hah hah. This'll be my branch office. I'll take on cases here too.
Lyria: Hm, but do you think people will come if you just wait inside the ship?
Barawa: That won't be a problem. With Sarya handing out fliers in town, I'll have clients lined up in no time!
Barawa: After all, I'm the great detective who cornered the Phantom Thief and foiled his master's plans!
Rackam: Hey, you guys have a sec?
What the? What in the skies have you done to this room?
Barawa: Welcome, Rackam. You're my first client at this office. Since I'm such a good friend, I'll do the first job for free.
Rackam: Huh? I just came by for some spare floorboards. I thought there were a few laying around here.
Barawa: Floorboards? I used them all to make this table.
Rackam: Geez, gimme a break... I guess I'll just have to pick some up in town.
Vyrn: Oh boy, you really did it this time.
Barawa: Urgh... I admit I'm at fault here. But no worries, I'll make up for it later.
Katalina: Hi, Barawa. Do you have a have a minute? I have a favor to ask.
Barawa: Ah, a real client! Good timing, Katalina!
Katalina: About next week's cleanup duty, is there any chance we could trade places?
Barawa: Cleanup duty?
Katalina: Yes. Some on the crew asked me if I could train them. It's okay if you're busy though.
Barawa: Leave it to me. Luckily for you, I don't have any jobs lined up for next week.
Katalina: Thank you, I owe you one.
Lyria: Ahaha, I guess she wasn't exactly a client either.
Barawa: Well, I only just opened up this office.
Sarya: Detective, I think we have a real client this time!
Client: Uh, hello. I've heard rumors of the great Barawa, and there's something I'd like to ask him to do.
Barawa: Wow, rumors about me? Surely about how I cracked the case of the mysterious code? Or was it about the unsolvable locked-room mystery?
Client: Huh? Um, actually, I lost my axe in the mountains, and I was hoping you could retrieve it for me.
Barawa: Axe-searching in the mountains? Let me guess... The terrain is really complex and difficult to navigate?
Client: Not really. It's a typical mountain. I can't go myself with these injuries, and it's a really heavy axe, so...
Barawa: Where's the mystery in this case?
Client: Huh? Um, well, I heard rumors of your physical strength, and I figured that would come in really handy now.
Barawa: Physical strength?
Sarya: Sorry, I should've asked about the details first...
Barawa: Why?
Barawa: Why don't any mystery cases come my way? I'm the detective that cornered the Phantom Thief!
Vyrn: Well, searching for missing items is all in a day's work for a detective, right?
Lyria: That's right. Why not just take on the job for now?
Client: I would really appreciate it. The axe is really important to my little brother.
Barawa: Hmm...
Sarya: Detective, why not think of it as a chance to spread word of our new office?
Barawa: You're right. We should take this one step at a time. Besides, I can't turn down a person in need.
Barawa: All right, I'll do it. You just need your little brother's axe back, right?
Client: Thank you so much!
Barawa: Leave it to me!
Prepare for a trek through the mountains, everyone!
Vyrn: Huh? Us too?
Barawa: Of course. The crew and my agency are in a business partnership after all.
Lyria: Ahahaha... Really?
Sarya: My apologies. Barawa seems to have taken a liking to the idea of a business partnership. But really, we should be thankful we can even set up shop here.
Barawa: Hah hah hah. Let the investigation begin!

Case of the Rightful Owner: Scene 2

When the crew finds the missing axe, a man with a face identical to the client shows up. Barawa is thrown for a loop when the man claims not to be his twin.

When the crew goes searching for the missing axe in the mountains, something catches Vyrn's attention.
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, look! Isn't that the axe?
Lyria: We did it! That has to be it!
Barawa: Nice job, Vyrn. Why, talk about an impressive-looking axe!
Sarya: Yeah, the craftsmanship on this is really something. The client did say it's really important—
Mysterious Man: You thieves! Drop the axe and get lost!
Barawa: Who do you think you're calling a thief? Identify yourself!
Mysterious Man: Agh! The axe is mine, so give it back already!
Sarya: Detective, something's not right. His face looks identical to our client.
Barawa: Hm? Now that you mention it...
Barawa: Ah, I get it now! You must be our client's twin brother, and I wager this axe is yours?
Mysterious Man: Huh? Don't go around calling me someone's twin brother! That axe belongs to my older brother!
Lyria: Hm? They look identical, but they're not twins?
Vyrn: The client said the axe belongs to his little brother, but this guy's saying the axe belongs to his big brother?
Sarya: Hehe. I get it now.
Barawa: It's a mystery!
Barawa: A valuable axe and a paradox. Put two and two together, and you'll see that someone is spouting lies to strike it rich!
Barawa: Hah hah hah. Looks like a job for yours truly! I'll tell you who the axe really belongs to!
Sarya: Uh, Detective, I think we already have it figured out...
Barawa: Let's take a closer look at the evidence. Sarya, magnifying glass please!
Mysterious Man: Umm... I'm sorry for mistaking you for thieves. Your client was probably—
Barawa: Zip it; you're a suspect in this case. We can't have any bias in the initial investigation... I'll be cross-examining you later.
Barawa: Oh my, the scars on the handle... It can't be...
Vyrn: Hey, hey, Barawa, how much more time do you think you'll need? Still don't have an answer yet?
Barawa: Wait, I have an idea...
Lyria: Umm, why don't we go back to the Grandcypher and try asking the client—
Barawa: I've almost got this!
Mysterious Man: I'm sorry. It's all my fault. This wouldn't be happening if I had approached you normally.
Sarya: It's okay. This is our first job after opening the branch office, and Barawa's just a little excited.
Barawa: Aha! It's all coming together now! Captain, can you hold the axe sideways?
Sarya: Huh? What are you going to do with the axe?
Barawa: Break it in half.
Vyrn: Whoa, how is destroying evidence going to help?
Lyria: And let's not forget the axe is supposed to be really important!
Barawa: I understand the concern, but we'll never get anywhere at this rate.
Vyrn: But we will be getting somewhere if we just go back to the ship and have the two guys talk.
Barawa: Absolutely not! The next tragedy will occur if that comes to pass... Or maybe not.
Lyria: Um, what do you mean by the next tragedy? Nothing's happened yet.
Barawa: I mean, in a manner of speaking. I have to solve this case by myself, or we'll have trouble pulling in new clients to the branch office. Until then, don't expect me to budge.
Barawa: ...
Barawa: This mystery has me stuck.
Monster: Groaar!
Sarya: Eek! Detective, it's a monster!
Barawa: Monsters? Looks like I might have to budge after all. Let's do this, Captain!

Case of the Rightful Owner: Scene 3

The crew return to the Grandcypher to confirm details and discover they're dealing with triplets. But when a fourth identical-looking man arrives, Barawa is once again left confounded.

The crew defeats the monsters and returns to the Grandcypher to ascertain the facts of the case.
There, they find both the client and the supposed owner of the axe.
First Son: Bwahaha! Forgive me, everyone! It looks my little brothers caused you quite the trouble.
Third Son: Look who's talking! If you guys put out a request, you should've told me!
Second Son: I'm at fault here. I was in such a panic that I didn't explain myself clearly...
Sarya: It's just as I thought... No apologies needed, though. We're just glad the axe is back with its rightful owner!
Lyria: Umm, the three of them look identical. How is that possible?
Sarya: Hehe. Everything our client and the man in the mountains said is true.
Sarya: Simply put, the axe belongs to the second son.
Vyrn: I get it now! If the client is the little brother, and that guy's the big brother... It only makes sense if there's another brother in between!
Barawa: Hah hah hah, the case is closed! You could say our client this time was actually all three brothers!
First Son: Says who?
Second Son: Bwahaha! Looks like the detective is still confused.
Third Son: C'mon now, let's not make things more complicated than they already are.
Barawa: Huh? Are you saying the client is someone else?
Fourth Son: Hey, did you guys find the axe yet?
Sarya: Oh, I see now! They're actually quadruplets!
Vyrn: Haha, you guys sure threw me for a loop.
Lyria: Wow! Quadruplets aren't something you see very often.
Barawa: Quadruplets? That means these brothers are...
Barawa: It can only mean one thing!
Barawa: The axe belongs to the younger, or rather the older brother. But our clients are actually twins, or should I say quadruplets? And now that we know they're not really triplets...
Barawa: The mysteries keep piling atop each other!
Sarya: Um, Detective? The axe belongs to the second son. The fact that they're quadruplets is irrelevant...
Barawa: Aha, I've figured it out! One of them must be the Phantom Thief in disguise! Captain, it's time to cross-examine them!
Sarya: Detective!
Vyrn: Oh no, now you're just creating more mysteries...
Lyria: Ahaha, this is Barawa hard at work!
Barawa manages to solve the first case at his Grandcypher branch office.
True to his calling, Barawa steps forward in search of the next mystery despite the crew's resignations.