Scenario:Barawa - Great Detective Essentials

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Great Detective Essentials

A client is unable to pay his bill and instead offers Barawa an antique of his choosing. Sarya is dumbfounded at Barawa for accepting it, but all is forgotten when the Phantom Thief's letter arrives.

Days before the Phantom Thief incident in Auguste...
Barawa reports his findings to a client who runs an antique shop in town.
Barawa: Yes, that's right. Missing person cases require both great insight and great tenacity.
Barawa: Kidnappings, accidents, runaways...
After considering all the possibilities, I devise the optimal course of action.
Shopkeeper: Hmm, I see... But what about my little cutie?
Barawa: Hah hah hah. Fear not! I have rescued her from the nefarious underground sewers.
Barawa: You can come out now.
Cat: Meow.
Shopkeeper: Oh, my sweet kitten! I'm so glad you're okay. Thank you, Detective!
Barawa: Hah hah hah. With my brain and Buddy's nose, we found your kitty in no time!
Buddy: Woof!
Cat: Meow.
Shopkeeper: She's really taken a liking to you two. Thanks for your help too, Buddy!
Barawa: Case closed! We'll be taking our leave then.
Shopkeeper: Thank you so much. Now, about payment...
Barawa: Oops! I almost forgot about that. Hah hah hah.
Shopkeeper: I'm so sorry to say this, but my wife is in the hospital with a back injury.
Shopkeeper: And with the medical expenses amounting to a small fortune, I was hoping I could have a little more time to pay you back.
Barawa: I'm sorry to hear that. I'd be glad to give you more time, but how long were you thinking?
Shopkeeper: I'm sure I can pay you back by early fall. I'll be receiving a lump sum payment around that time.
Barawa: Fall? Mm-hmm...
Barawa: Fall is fine. Don't worry too much about it. You could even pay me back during the winter. Hah hah hah.
Barawa: Oops. Sorry, Buddy. Looks like I forgot your breakfast.
Buddy: Woof?
Shopkeeper: Um, come to think it... Would you be willing to accept antiques as payment?
Barawa: Antiques? From this shop?
Shopkeeper: Yes, does anything catch your fancy?
Barawa: Truth be told, I'm not really interested in—
Barawa: Hmm?
Barawa: Hey, what's that hanging over there!
Hours later, Sarya, who was tending to a separate matter, comes to meet up with Barawa.
It's been a while since her last assignment from the antique dealer, and with payday coming up, Sarya couldn't be happier.
Sarya: I'm pretty sure this is the right spot... Where could he be?
Sarya: Hehe. It's been so long since I got paid. Maybe this time I'll buy a new swimsuit.
Barawa: Sarya, over here!
Sarya: Detective!
Um, Detective?
Barawa: Hah hah hah, how were things on your end?
Sarya: Umm, what exactly is that thing?
Barawa: Pretty neat, huh? It was practically waiting for me at the antique dealer's shop.
Barawa ecstatically shows off the antique, patting it proudly.
Sarya: Uh, sure, it's pretty neat. But what exactly is it?
Barawa: No idea. Not even the dealer knew.
Sarya: Well, for one thing, it looks really heavy and it's got wheels attached to it.
Barawa: It's not too bad. I did carry it all the way here by myself, you know.
Barawa: Hah hah hah. My instincts as a detective tell me we absolutely need this object!
Sarya: Well, hey, it's your money!
Sarya: Anyway, can I get my pay now? I've been wanting to buy a new swimsuit for some time now!
Barawa: I was paid in antiques, as in this object right here.
Sarya: Didn't you get paid in rupies? And then use rupies to buy the antique?
Barawa: Actually, I got this instead of rupies.
Sarya: You have got to be kidding me! Are you saying my pay's part of that bizarre object?
Barawa: Hah hah hah! Calm down now, Sarya. An honorable detective lives a humble life. Besides, you did say it's pretty neat.
Sarya: Detective, we can't even afford to eat! There's nothing honorable about that!
Barawa: Mm... But this is an essential item for any good det—
Sarya: Ugh, never mind that swimsuit. At this rate, I'll have to dip into my savings.
Barawa: Urgh... I'm really sorry about this. I promise to pay you in due time.
Barawa: ...
Sarya: Oh right. We have to get you fed first before worrying about my pay.
Barawa: My powers of deduction tell me I haven't eaten in three days.
Barawa: And with no other jobs in sight, things do not bode well.
Townsman: Hey, did you hear about that incident in Auguste?
Townswoman: Yeah, the Phantom Thief's letter is the talk of the town. Maybe we should go take a look.
Barawa: Hm? The Phantom Thief's letter?
Sarya: Detective, this is no time to be down in the dumps.
Barawa: Right, no time like the present. Book our travel at once, Sarya!
Sarya: Okay! All a detective needs are phantom thieves and mysterious incidents, anyway!
Barawa: That's right! I'm coming for you, Phantom Thief Chat Noir!
The investigative duo once again sets out in search of the Phantom Thief.
Hunger, poverty—no matter the crisis confronting him on a personal level, Barawa will do everything he can to solve a case.