Scenario:Barawa - More Than One Truth

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More Than One Truth

De La Fille and Cathy, none other than Catherine, enter a jewel shop where they are informed of a theft that has occurred. At the same time, Barawa is asked to clear the name of the man accused of that theft.

Barawa: Oh, it's our lucky day! The cafe is open.
Barawa: Cathy, is this seat taken?
Cathy: Mr. Detective, why hello. Have a seat.
Barawa: I've got some business close by, so I thought I'd stop in.
Barawa: Business is booming as ever, isn't it?
Cathy: Hehe. Yes, it is. Let me get you a drink. The usual is fine, right?
Barawa: Not today. I'll just have a coffee. Sarya and I will be heading over to our destination straight after this.
Cathy: Really, now? Then I'll get the coffee ready in a jiffy.
Cathy: (Sigh... It's so busy today...)
Nouveau Riche: And don't mess it up.
Suspicious Man: Understood.
Cathy: (I hadn't noticed they were still around.)
Cathy: I'm sorry to say, but the cafe's about to close up.
Nouveau Riche: Hm? Is it already that late? Here, this is for the tab...
Cathy: Hehe. Thank you very much.
Days later...
Staff: Hello.
De La Fille: Would you give us the tour of this shop?
Shopkeeper: What do we have here? Aren't you a beautiful little lady... Please look at whatever you want.
De La Fille: Hehe... There were some beautiful jewels in the window display.
Shopkeeper: But not as beautiful as you, I'm sure. We do have the finest of the finest I might add.
De La Fille: Hehe... I believe you.
De La Fille: What's this? A pink... diamond?
Shopkeeper: That is my pride and joy. It is a raw diamond, but it's a 100-carat gem.
De La Fille: Well, I never... It's not everyday you see something like that!
Shopkeeper: So you know your diamonds.
Shopkeeper: I even had one even larger than this a while back. That I can't show it to you is a tragedy.
De La Fille: What? Even larger than this?
Shopkeeper: Correct. It was truly large.
De La Fille: How is that possible? So you mean to tell me that someone bought the larger one?
Shopkeeper: Well, no... Just between us... Someone stole it.
De La Fille: What! These are horrible times we live in!
Shopkeeper: I agree. I had thought it was the work of Chat Noir, but...
De La Fille: No... The Phantom Thief strikes again...
Cathy: Why, hello. Fille, I could hear you talking from all the way outside.
De La Fille: Oh, my! If it isn't Cathy! What a coincidence.
De La Fille: Are you closed for the day?
Cathy: Hehe. No, I'll be running it later in the evening, so now I've got some time to kill.
Shopkeeper: What a surprise. If it isn't the owner of Kitten Cafe... Please have a look around.
Cathy: I've seen you before, haven't I? You're the jewel merchant. Hehe. Today is my turn to be your customer.
Shopkeeper: !
You remembered me...
Cathy: Of course. I never forget a customer of mine, Mr. Merchant.
Shopkeeper: Likewise, I never forget a gorgeous face.
Cathy: Hehe... Great minds think alike.
Cathy: I do find something odd about your story though. It sounds as if you're okay with the jewel being stolen.
Cathy: It sounded as if you wanted to be targeted by the Phantom Thief.
Shopkeeper: Oh, heavens no. The theft took me by surprise. But, if the Phantom Thief had targeted my store, we would gain immense publicity!
De La Fille: Publicity? What does that matter when the thief is soiling the brilliance of the gem as we speak!
Shopkeeper: But you must understand, a story brings customers. Not that it matters anyways... The Phantom Thief was not behind this... It was—
Shopkeeper's Wife: Come here!
Shopkeeper: Sigh... Pardon me, ladies.
Shopkeeper: Please feel free to peruse our goods. You there, make sure our guests are attended to.
Staff: Yes, sir.
Shopkeeper's Wife: Why are you telling them about that!
Shopkeeper: What's wrong? I'm just making conversation. Why do you have to be on edge all the time?
Shopkeeper's Wife: How dare you! That story is not something you should just be telling everyone about!
De La Fille: Oh my...
Cathy: Hehe... Let's just pretend we can't hear them and have a look around.
De La Fille: Agreed.
De La Fille: Hm... These stones...
Cathy: Is something wrong?
De La Fille: It's their impurity...
Shopkeeper: It's gone! Why! Where is it! When did this happen!
Shopkeeper's Wife: What's happening? Why are you yelling? What's missing?
Shopkeeper: Tch... Shut your trap and call an investigator! How could this happen... Why was it stolen...
De La Fille: Gasp...
Cathy: ...!
Barawa: You've been accused of stealing the diamond?
Barawa: And you work at the store where the jewel went missing?
Man: That's right... The theft was reported about 3 days ago.
Man: As soon as the owner of the store realized the diamond was missing, he immediately pointed the finger at me.
Man: Then he told me that if the jewel doesn't show up by tomorrow at noon, I would be out of a job...
Barawa: That sounds awful.
Barawa: Does this owner even have proof that you are the thief?
Man: I don't think so... And I didn't do it, so that kind of evidence shouldn't exist in the first place!
Man: I've felt the owner's eyes on me for some time now, but I have no idea why he's out for me...
Man: I've gone to the Skydom Bureau of Investigation for help, but my case is not high-profile enough for them...
Man: I'm at the end of my rope here... I thought I had no hope left until I saw your advertisement outside.
Sarya: I see. So that's why you've come here.
Man: I just thought that the famous and highly-skilled Detective Barawa would be able to help me...
Barawa: You made the right choice coming here.
Man: Please help me, Detective Barawa! Please find the true criminal!
Barawa: Calm down. I guarantee you I will.
Barawa: I stake my life on it! I will prove your innocence to the world!
Man: Thank you! I knew I could trust you!
Sarya: Detective!
Barawa: Hm?
Sarya: I know this might be hard to take, but there is no evidence to suggest that he isn't the criminal.
Sarya: We shouldn't assume he isn't the culprit before we begin our investigation!
Barawa: There is no way he is the thief.
Sarya: What? How can you say that?
Sarya: Do you have proof to support that already?
Barawa: No, not at all.
Sarya: Then... how do you know?
Barawa: Intuition!
Sarya: Huh? Intuition?
Barawa: Sarya, look into his eyes.
Sarya: His eyes?
Barawa: Can't you see he's not hiding anything? Look into those eyes, and tell me you think he's lying.
Man: Hm?
Sarya: To be blunt... There isn't anything we can see with certainty at this point.
Barawa: Let's not get caught up in details. Instead how about we begin our investigation to prove his innocence.
Barawa: Once we start we might find evidence that proves I'm right.
Sarya: That's... certainly possible!
Barawa: That's what I've been telling you... Hahaha...
Barawa: There is no fooling these eyes!
Barawa: It's settled. We start immediately.
Sarya: I'll be part of the investigative team as well!
Man: Really? You'll take my case? Thank you so much!
Barawa: Hahaha! With the great Detective Barawa and his assistant, Sarya, on the case, all will be solved!
Man: I... There's... something else I want to show you both.
Man: This was delivered to my doorstep after the incident unfolded.
Barawa: Hmm... What's this?
Sarya: Is this...
Witness 1: My grandmother used to shop there all the time.
Witness 2: I know that place! It's run by that married couple, right?
Witness 3: Oh yes, they hired a female employee just the other day...
Sarya: Detective! I think we have enough testimonies for now.
Barawa: Hmm... I smell something fishy...
Sarya: Me too. This is not just another ordinary case!
Barawa: I couldn't agree more. But now we know who the criminal is, and we have proof to boot!
Sarya: Sure do!
Barawa: Let's get to the scene of the crime, Sarya!
Sarya: Detective! Hold on!