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The Great Detective!

Detective Rick of the Skydom Bureau of Investigation solves the case of the stolen jewel. However, Barawa and Sarya believe there is more to the case than meets the eye.

Detective Rick: So that settles it. You're the one who stole the diamond. We're taking you in.
Staff: ...
Detective Rick: Did you have anything to say before you leave?
Detective Rick: With all this evidence against you, there isn't anything you can say to change my mind though.
Shopkeeper: But... wait! There must be some mistake. She couldn't have done it.
Shopkeeper's Wife: I agree with my husband. I don't think she did it either.
The incident involving the stolen diamond was reported to the Skydom Bureau of Investigation.
Thus Detective Rick is on the scene and ready to take the female employee into custody.
Staff: No...
De La Fille: But...
Cathy: ...
Shopkeeper: There must be some mistake! Right? Right!
Staff: ...
Detective Rick: Sigh... That hurts. I'll have you know, I'm pretty good at my job.
Detective Rick: Not to mention the evidence is stacked against her. We've got a warrant, so there's no wiggle room here.
Shopkeeper: Tch... Why is this happening...
Shopkeeper's Wife: Why are you acting so hurt?
Shopkeeper's Wife: Are you still upset that the jewel was stolen? That was three days ago...
Shopkeeper: No... That's not... Never mind. If the thief's been found, there's no reason to be upset...
Shopkeeper's Wife: Oh... All right...
The perpetrator has no last words, and so leaves in the custody of Detective Rick to the Skydom Bureau of Investigation.
With that, Detective Rick attempts to close the case at the jewelry shop.
Barawa: Hold it right there! Now let this great detective solve the case for you!
Sarya: Detective... I asked you to wait. You could have given me time to catch up...
Barawa: Oh, right. Sorry about that. I was in a hurry.
De La Fille: What's the meaning of this!
Cathy: Oh my... If it isn't Detective Barawa and Sarya.
Sarya: Oh, Cathy and De La Fille! Why are you two here?
Cathy: We came in before the store was open and got mixed up in all of this.
Sarya: You don't say...
Detective Rick: Barawa! What in tarnation are you doing here?
Barawa: Hey there, Rick!
Barawa: Like I always say, where there's a dastard, there's a detective. And to answer your question, I came here to solve this case.
Detective Rick: Sigh... This isn't even your jurisdiction, and I've already solved the case.
Barawa: What!
Detective Rick: For a moment we thought this was the work of the master thief, Nightsmoke. Turns out, it was an inside job.
Detective Rick: I was just on my way to have this perp processed.
Rick then directs his gaze to the criminal.
Barawa: ...
Detective Rick: And that's all she wrote—
Barawa: Not so fast!
Detective Rick: Hm?
Barawa: Rick. Do you think you've solved this mystery in its entirety?
Detective Rick: Huh? What are you talking about?
Barawa looks at the culprit and decides to press Rick further.
Barawa: In this world...
Barawa: There are always several truths!
Detective Rick: Yeah... No, I don't think that's how this works...
Barawa: Rick. You just leave everything to me now!
Detective Rick: Sigh... What are you planning now?
Barawa: Everyone, listen! I, the famous and amazing Detective Barawa, am about to show you all the truth with the evidence I have found so far!

The Great Detective!: Scene 2

Barawa reveals that the shopkeeper staged the theft of his jewel and tried to frame an innocent employee. His motive was none other than the green-eyed monster of jealousy.

Barawa: So you would be the store owner?
Shopkeeper: That's right. And who asked you to butt in?
Shopkeeper: I don't care if you're a detective. I want everyone not involved with this case to leave.
Barawa: I must inform you that we are involved in this case.
Barawa: We've been asked to investigate from someone directly involved in what happened here.
Shopkeeper: Who exactly—
Man: That would be me.
Shopkeeper: You!
Sarya: Yes, him. He works here, correct? This is our client.
Barawa: It goes without saying, but aside from him, every one of you is a suspect in my eyes!
Shopkeeper: What!
Shopkeeper's Wife: Now wait a se—
Detective Rick: Hold on! I just told you that I found the thief! She's undeniably the guilty one!
Barawa: Then why did the owner of this shop first accuse my client? Don't you think that's a little strange?
Barawa: What's more, we've come to the same conclusion as you. She did steal the jewel.
Barawa: But there is more to this story. There's a truth hidden behind the truth!
Cathy: ...
Detective Rick: Hm... I'm sorry I doubted you, Barawa. Please continue.
Barawa: There we go! Now where should I start...
Sarya: Okay, Mr. Shopkeeper. Why did you think our client committed this crime?
Shopkeeper: You're asking me?
Barawa: Good start, Sarya.
Let's hear it, good sir.
Shopkeeper: Why are you asking! If you found the true villain, I don't need to answer anything else.
Sarya: Yes, you do. Like we said earlier, something is being hidden under the facts of this case. We need to find out exactly what lies beneath the surface.
Shopkeeper: I don't see why! What else is there to discover? If you have the thief, then leave...
Barawa: What if I change my question...
Barawa: Why did you accuse our client of the crime when you knew exactly who stole your jewel?
Man: What!
Shopkeeper: !
Shopkeeper's Wife: What are you implying! My husband knew who stole the jewel?
Shopkeeper: What nonsense are you going on about now! I had no idea! And what evidence do you have to support your—
Barawa: "Be at Kitten Cafe at 1pm."
Barawa reads the letter he pulled from his pocket and places it in front of the store owner.
Shopkeeper: How did you...
Barawa: This secret meeting of yours was with a special agent.
Barawa: You wanted that someone to steal your diamond. That is why you met with them.
Shopkeeper's Wife: What!
Cathy: That... day...
Detective Rick: At Cathy's cafe! Cathy! Was everything okay?
Cathy: I didn't even realize that had happened. It was a very busy day.
Detective Rick: Sigh... If I knew your cafe was open, I would have came over in a flash...
Barawa: That's when you told your hired help exactly what to steal: The raw, pink, 300-carat replica diamond.
From his pocket Barawa pulls out a gigantic diamond.
Shopkeeper: Why do you have that—
Barawa: There was no way you could have the real diamond stolen, so you swapped it out with this.
Barawa: And just as planned, you had your stand-in diamond stolen.
Barawa: But that's where someone threw a wrench in your plan.
Barawa: Someone managed to steal the real diamond! And that someone wasn't bought off by you!
Detective Rick: Exactly. We found the real diamond inside the perp's house.
Shopkeeper's Wife: Just hold on a second! I can't make heads or tails of what is going on...
Shopkeeper's Wife: Is what this detective saying true? Is this a fake?
Shopkeeper: I...
Barawa: We have concrete evidence that you planned the theft of your fake diamond.
Barawa: That evidence is this letter and this replica.
Barawa: We even know you were trying to frame our client. You were the mastermind behind that.
Shopkeeper: Those are all... lies! Where is the proof those things are mine?
Barawa: What? We have to prove these are yours? I hadn't thought—
Detective Rick: Come on now, mister. You know a replica that huge can't just be made anywhere. There are only a few jewelers around here who could do anything close to that.
Detective Rick: Haha. This is really big though. I've never seen anything like it.
Barawa: Right... What Detective Rick said. Yeah...
Detective Rick: As for the letter, we can prove that it's yours based on the handwriting. Or we could ask your wife.
Barawa: Now there's an idea.
Shopkeeper: Tch... Damn it... I can't believe I was stabbed in the back. Where did you get that?
Barawa: From a reliable source.
Detective Rick: Nice, Detective. That pipeline of yours sure runs deep.
Shopkeeper's Wife: Wait... I'm still confused...
Barawa: As am I... If I may ask, why did you try to pin this crime on our client?
Barawa: Was it a grudge, revenge, profit, fun... No matter what angle I think about it from, I just can't figure it out.
Sarya: Since the victim doesn't know why he was framed, this was most likely revenge or a grudge...
Sarya: But there is nothing that we can think of that would point us in either direction. So we need you to tell us why you did it.
Staff: I think it was resentment.
Detective Rick: Hm?
Staff: There... is something I should tell you all.
Barawa: We're all ears.
Shopkeeper: What are you going to tell them! Keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you!
Staff: He... is in love with me. He wanted me to be his mistress.
Shopkeeper: ...
Shopkeeper's Wife: What!
Staff: But I've never returned any of his advances...
Staff: As you can imagine, that didn't sit well with him.
Shopkeeper: What the hell are you talking about! You must be out of your mind!
She ignores the shopkeeper and continues speaking.
Staff: I have feelings for the man you're defending.
Man: Huh?
Staff: Sigh... When the shopkeeper found about how I felt, he let his anger get the best of him.
Shopkeeper: What is this nonsense! I have no interest in her whatsoever!
De La Fille: It all adds up.
De La Fille: Sigh... All the jewels were so beautiful, but each of them were tainted. His emotions must have been the cause.
Cathy: What do you mean?
De La Fille: A person's nature and emotions affect a stone's gleam.
De La Fille: That the diamonds were caught in between this storm of love and hate caused them to change.
De La Fille: This is the reason that jewels that have been stolen over and over again eventually become cursed.
Cathy: I see...
Cathy: (She understood all that just by looking at these stones... I must never show her the ones I own...)
Staff: I've had to deal with how he treats him for so long. So when I overheard the plan concerning the diamond...
Staff: I did what I did for revenge. I stole the true diamond.
Staff: But he deserved it. He always approaches our females customers inappropriately, and he was awful to the workers here as well.
Staff: I think of what I did as just deserts. Nothing more and nothing less than the way I was treated.
Shopkeeper: That's how you felt about me...
Detective Rick: Shut your trap already. We've heard enough from you.
Staff: I couldn't let the man of my affectation continue to be hurt because of how I felt.
Man: ...!
Staff: If I'm sorry about anything, it's that the shopkeeper's wife had to learn about her husband's actions this way.
Staff: I promise I had no relations with your husband. Please believe me.
Staff: I've already admitted that I stole the real diamond, and I'm ready to pay the price.
Shopkeeper's Wife: I... I don't know what to say...
Shopkeeper: Don't believe this lying, thieving rat! All you need to do is what I tell you—
Shopkeeper's Wife: Be silent! I've heard enough from you!
Shopkeeper: What! You think you can talk to me like that!
The shopkeeper approaches his wife as if to strike her.
Barawa: That's far enough!
Detective Rick: Wait! What are you going to do!
Barawa: I don't care if everyone in the sky realm forgives him for what he's done; I won't!
Sarya: Aah! Detective, don't do it!
Barawa: This man betrays his wife who he's promised his life to, and then tries to hit her!
Barawa: This is no man at all!
Barawa: He needs this! Haaah!
With an angry rush, Barawa beautifully tackles the shopkeeper and has him seeing stars.

The Great Detective!: Scene 3

Barawa learns that the man who asked him to solve this case was none other than Chat Noir in disguise. Having played right into the palm of the Phantom Thief's hand, Barawa strengthens his vows to one day capture Chat Noir.

The shopkeeper's wife drops all charges against the female employee, and so she is free to go.
The couple divorce and because the shop belongs to the wife, the shopkeeper is downsized.
Thanks to Barawa and Sarya's work, this jewel incident and other issues end with dotted i's and crossed t's.
The two leave the rest of the work to the Skydom Bureau of Investigation and head home.
Barawa: Now that was a happy ending! Our client gets to keep his job too!
Sarya: I agree. And things were much more complicated than we had first expected.
Man: Aren't you Barawa?
Barawa: Hm? Yes... We just helped you, so why are you...
Man: You didn't just solve my shop's case, you also made my work environment so much better! I can't thank you enough for helping me, a total stranger!
Man: I'm just happy that I get to meet the famous Detective Barawa for the first time!
Man: Thank you so, so much!
Barawa: Wha...
And with that the happy client smiles and walks off.
Barawa: Sarya, what's going on?
Sarya: I haven't got a clue either...
???: Heh heh heh...
Barawa: Who's there!
Man: Me.
Barawa: You! But, we just saw you go that way! How are you this way!
Barawa: How did you get there!
Man: Heh heh...
Barawa: Chat Noir!
Chat Noir: Hahaha! That was so much fun. Thank you for the good time, Detective.
Barawa: Wh-what in the world! I can't make sense of any of this!
Chat Noir: Barawa, you did a great job back there.
Chat Noir: The evidence I gave you really helped solve that case, didn't it?
Sarya: Evidence? You mean the letter and the fake diamond? That was from you?
Chat Noir: And I got it all from the shopkeeper.
Barawa: So you were the agent working with the shopkeeper!
Chat Noir: Scoff... Always great detective work. No one even noticed me in my disguise.
Barawa: How could you work for such scum! What kind of a person are you!
Barawa: I misjudged you!
Chat Noir: Let's not get carried away. I did what I did to protect my honor.
Barawa: Honor?
Chat Noir: I set him up. And I didn't even get any reward for helping put him behind bars.
Barawa: Why would you do that! What's your angle!
Chat Noir: There have been an awful lot of imposters recently. They just throw my name around like mud.
Chat Noir: I thought I'd show them exactly what happens when the filth attempts to take my glory.
Sarya: So there was someone using your name and working with the shopkeeper?
Chat Noir: That's right. And before the imposter made his move, I made mine.
Chat Noir: I took the shopkeeper's request, received the letter, and stole the fake diamond.
Chat Noir: Heh heh heh... And I left those goods with you when I visited your office.
Barawa: I see...
Sarya: What! Wait a minute! So that means—
Chat Noir: Heh heh heh... Correct. It was I who asked for your services.
Barawa: You did what! I don't know what the truth is anymore!
Barawa: So was there a man who needed our help or not?
Chat Noir: There was. You just met him a second ago.
Barawa: So that's why he was talking to me as if it was our first time meeting! But isn't he the one who asked for our help?
Chat Noir: No, he wasn't. That was me in disguise as that man. Like I said, you've only just met your real client seconds ago.
Chat Noir: Was I not clear enough? It was I who requested your help.
Barawa: How dare you! I still have no idea what you're talking about!
Chat Noir: My intent was to bring down anyone associated with using my name and in the process save an innocent person from prosecution.
Chat Noir: Heh, that was all.
Chat Noir: Heh heh heh... Though I have to admit I also wanted a front-row seat to a killer show.
Barawa: We're not your play things!
Chat Noir: Come now... You know that's not how I see you.
Chat Noir: Heh heh heh... As my fated rival, I look forward to having much more fun with you.
Chat Noir: Till we meet again. I hope our next get together will be just as heart-pounding.
Chat Noir shares these lasts words and sets off into the fading light before nightfall.
Sarya: How did this happen...
Sarya: This case was just a game of chess... And we were the Phantom Thief's pieces...
Barawa: Whaaat!
Sarya: This case ended so smoothly only because we had the letter and fake diamond.
Sarya: Tch... This all went according to Chat Noir's plan!
Sarya: It hurts to admit it, but we were played!
Barawa: Damn it all! How could this great detective have let himself be used! This won't happen again! I swear it!
Barawa: You just wait, Chat Noooir!
Sarya: We won't stand for this, Chat Noooir!
Whether or not their cries reached Chat Noir is something only he knows.
This odd tale of the detective and his thief has not yet met it's end.