Scenario:Beatrix - A Stroke of Bad Luck

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A Stroke of Bad Luck

Though successful in recovering the Embrasque Sword, Beatrix needs to heat up after such an icy swim. As the crew guides her to a nearby hot spring, she slips and tumbles down a slope.

Beatrix: S-so cold...
Vyrn: Think you'll be able to hold out, Blue?
Beatrix: O-of course! Nothing like a bit of cold to cool me down!
Beatrix plunged into the depths of the ice-cold lake to retrieve her Embrasque Sword.
Although the recovery attempt proved successful, her body continues to shake from her dip in the frigid water.
She appears extraordinarily pale, as if the blood has been drained from her body.
Zeta: Nothing like a bit of cold to cool you down? Are you serious? You do not look okay!
Beatrix: I'm feeling surprisingly okay... Light as a feather... So light... I don't feel very cold at all...
Vyrn: Erm, that doesn't sound normal. We'd better get her some help fast...
Lyria: That reminds me: didn't the villagers say there's a natural hot spring nearby?
Vyrn: Mm-hm, they did mention that. No idea where it is though.
Zeta: A natural hot spring? Ah, I think I know what you're talking about.
Zeta: And you're right. Bea should be able to warm up there...
Vyrn: So, Red, you know where this hot spring is?
Zeta: Well, I passed by it on my way here. It should be straight ahead on this path; we'll be in for a long walk though.
Zeta: How about I lead the way?
Vyrn: That would be perfect! We can't just leave Blue alone like this after all.
Zeta: Follow me then. Oh, before that we should get Bea changed.
Zeta: She's really going to freeze if she stays in that swimsuit.
Zeta: Bea, I'm gonna help you get changed. It's so cold you can't even move, right?
Beatrix: I-I can handle that... myself... you know!
Zeta: Quit the tough girl act and get over here! I'll change you into something warmer!
Beatrix: Erm, o-okay—
Suddenly Beatrix loses balance and tumbles down a slope.
Beatrix: Whoaa!
Lyria: ...
Zeta: ...
Vyrn: ...
Beatrix: Aaaah!
Zeta: Bea, no!
Zeta: I'll be right there! (Captain), guys, lend me a hand!
Lyria: Of course!
Vyrn: Right behind you!
(Captain) and company follow the tracks left by Beatrix's sudden tumble down the slope.
Unfortunately for Beatrix this is only the beginning of her misfortune on the snowy mountains.

A Stroke of Bad Luck: Scene 2

Beatrix crashes against a tree, stopping her tumble down the slope, but the impact brings down a massive pile of snow on her. She manages to make it out, only to be immediately confronted by monsters.

Beatrix: Aaahhh!
Beatrix, clothed in only her swimsuit, tumbles down the slope at an astonishing speed.
Beatrix: M-my head is spinning... I can't—
Beatrix: Oof!
Beatrix: Ngh!
Beatrix: Wheeze... Huff... I've finally stopped moving... Argh!
Beatrix: Rgh... Snow so... deep... Snow so... cold!
Beatrix manages to pull herself out of the snow and stands back up.
Beatrix: Pant... Wheeze... It's just one thing after the other... Why doesn't anything ever go right for me?
Beatrix: I'm feeling the chills again...
Beatrix: I've been separated from the others... What do I do now?
Beatrix: Wait... Didn't Zeta say something about a hot spring?
Monster: Groar!
Beatrix: Tsk, now of all times?
Monsters: Grooar!
Beatrix: Heh, maybe this is just what I need to warm up!
Beatrix: The more danger I end up in, the stronger I become!
Beatrix: Which means... I'm stronger than anyone right now!

A Stroke of Bad Luck: Scene 3

Beatrix takes care of the monsters but is then swept up in an avalanche. Fortunately it brings her to the hot spring she had been searching for, where she makes friendly conversation with bathing monsters.

Beatrix: Graagh!
Beatrix: Huff... Huff...
Beatrix makes quick work of the monsters with her Embrasque Sword.
Beatrix: Is that all of them? I got so caught up in the battle that I'm feeling warm all over now.
Beatrix: But I still need to find that hot spring... and fast!
Beatrix: Hm? What's that sound?
She looks in the direction of the noise to see an avalanche fast approaching.
Beatrix: No way! An avalanche?
Beatrix: Come on. Why now?
Beatrix: Wait. Is this because I crashed through the frozen lake earlier?
Beatrix: Or is it because I unleashed my Embrasque Sword just now?
Beatrix: Heh... Ehehe... Life sure has a funny way of messing with you sometimes.
Beatrix: But making a fuss isn't gonna do jack! I just have to deal with it!
Beatrix: Embrasque Sword! Devour the surging karma—
Beatrix: Aaagh!
Beatrix: Cough...
Beatrix: I... I'm alive!
Beatrix: Ahh, I've never felt this warm in the snow. I guess those rumors about it being warm inside an igloo must be true.
Beatrix: But this is...
Beatrix surveys her surroundings.
Steam rises in every direction. Warm water tickles her feet.
Beatrix: Ahaha! This must be the hot spring!
Beatrix: Talk about a lucky break! Good things do come to those who work their butts off!
Beatrix: Aaahh! I feel so alive!
Beatrix: The hell I had to go through to get here almost feels worth it!
Beatrix: I need to go look for (Captain) and the others after warming up.
Beatrix: But first I have to get my armor back on and—Oh right, I left that with the crew.
Beatrix: Pfft! Goodness, stop splashing or I'll make you stop!
Monsters: Grr...
The nearby monsters grumble apologetically.
Beatrix: As long as you get where I'm coming from, we're cool. Sorry for yelling at you.
Monsters: Groaar!
Beatrix: Though I've gotta say I'm surprised to see monsters enjoying a hot spring like this. I guess monsters get cold too, huh?
Monsters: Gr...
They quietly soak their bodies in the hot spring as if responding to Beatrix.
Beatrix: Makes sense. It gets super cold up here!
Monsters: Groar!
Beatrix: Aaahh... I'm in heaven!
Monsters: Groooar...
Vyrn: Huff... Wheeze... We've finally found you. Um... Blue?
Vyrn: Why are you bathing with monsters in there?
Beatrix: M-monsters?
Monster: Gr?
Beatrix and the monsters stare at each other for a few moments.
Beatrix: You mean... these things are monsters?
Monster: Groar!
Vyrn: Oh boy... You seriously didn't notice, Blue?
Beatrix: Erm, well, you know...
Monsters: Groooar!
Vyrn: We can talk later! Dealing with these monsters comes first!
Beatrix: Sorry, monsters, but fate's placed us on opposing sides!

A Stroke of Bad Luck: Scene 4

(Captain) and company get up from a relaxing dip in the hot spring, but Beatrix remains. In a cruel twist of fate, Beatrix is soon launched sky high by a geyser... which sends her headfirst into another frozen lake.

After defeating the monsters, (Captain) and company enjoy a good long soak in the hot spring to warm their freezing bodies.
Lyria: Whew... Much better...
Vyrn: Aah, I feel so relaxed just being in here!
Zeta: Same here.
Vyrn: Anyway. The universe really seemed to have it out for you today, Blue!
Zeta: Don't blame the universe. If you ask me, it was more like Bea trying to dig her own grave at every possible turn.
Beatrix: I-I'm sorry I dragged you all into this...
Lyria: Ahaha... Don't let it bother you, Beatrix.
Vyrn: Right. This kind of thing happens to you every day, doesn't it?
Beatrix: Urgh...
Zeta: Ahaha, you guys know Bea too well!
Beatrix: Blub, blub...
Lyria: Aah... (Captain) and I are going to get out now.
Vyrn: Me too! I'm gonna come down with a case of the dizzies if I stay in here any longer!
Vyrn: How about you two?
Beatrix: Considering I was feeling frostbite all over, I think it's better if I stay in here a bit longer.
Zeta: I'm getting out. Bea, just be careful you don't stay in there too long.
Beatrix: As if I need you to tell me that.
Vyrn: Anyway, Red, I'm surprised you even noticed there was a hot spring here.
Zeta: I just happened to see one of the geysers firing up into the sky.
Vyrn: Wait. Geysers?
Zeta: They're everywhere around here. And every once in a while they just... go off.
Vyrn: Whoa, that sounds pretty dangerous!
Zeta: Relax. Geysers remain dormant for a while after they discharge.
Zeta: Although too much impact or pressure could change that in a hurry...
Vyrn: Well, wasn't there an avalanche earlier?
Zeta: Oh yeah...
Beatrix: Hm? Why's the water heating up all of a sudden?
Zeta: ...!
Bea, get out of there now!
Beatrix: But why?
Zeta: Don't ask questions! Just do it!
Beatrix: I'm still feeling cold! Just give me a few more—
Lyria: Yikes! It's an earthquake!
Vyrn: Uh, Red? I've got a really bad feeling about this...
Zeta: Bea!
Beatrix: Hm? What's that rumbling sound?
Beatrix: Aaagh!
Engulfed by an explosive discharge of water, Beatrix is launched high into the skies.
Beatrix: ...
Beatrix: Aaagh!
Vyrn: Uh-oh! She's headed straight for the frozen lake!
Beatrix: I'm freeezing!
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Zeta: ...
Beatrix: Ugh...
Beatrix: I think I've had enough snowcapped mountains for a lifetime!
Beatrix's screams of anguish echo across the skies.
Shocked into action, the crew quickly rushes to her rescue.