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Covert Op

It comes as a surprise to all when Beatrix suddenly comes storming out of her room after being cooped up inside for days. Seeing how eager she is to become stronger for the day she recovers the Embrasque Sword, Eustace offers her a stealth mission under the condition that the crew lends a hand.

Days have passed since an automagod devoured the Embrasque Sword, assimilating the core into its own body.
With a piece of the sword back in her hands, Beatrix stays holed up in her room aboard the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Hm...
Zeta: Hrm...
Vaseraga: Mm...
Eustace: ...
Lyria: Uhmm... It's been days since Beatrix last came out of her room.
Zeta: She must still be in shock. Embrasque's power might remain, but the blade's been completely shattered to pieces.
Eustace: Heh. I'm sure she'll be back to her noisy self soon enough.
Zeta: Hm, I hope you're right...
Lyria: Maybe so, but I'm not so sure it's such a good idea for her to stay cooped up in her room.
Vaseraga: That's for certain. Staying depressed in there this whole time is no way to get past this.
Vyrn: If only there were something we could do for her...
A heavy air takes over as (Captain) and company go quiet.
Just then the door suddenly flies open and out pops Beatrix!
Beatrix: Eustace!
The glitter in her eyes is enough to brush away everyone's concerns for her.
Beatrix: Eustace! Don't you have any missions for me? C'mon, just lay it on me!
Eustace: What's the meaning of this?
Beatrix: Meaning? None! Just gimme a mission!
Beatrix: Please, please, you've gotta have something!
Vyrn: Looks like Blue got up on the right side of bed today to be so cheery...
Vaseraga: Calm yourself, Beatrix.
Zeta: What got into you all of a sudden?
Beatrix takes a deep breath before continuing.
Beatrix: Well, I just got thinking about whether I can still be a contractor once the Embrasque Sword is fully restored.
Zeta: I don't see why not. I mean, you don't see Vaseraga being punished.
Beatrix: Except in my case, I chose to let go of my weapon and still failed to protect it.
Beatrix: Yet despite losing its blade, Embrasque was fully willing to lend me its power...
Beatrix: That's why I want to pay back the favor! When it's back in its full glory, I want to be stronger than ever so that the same snafu never happens again!
Beatrix: So give me a mission already, Eustace! I'll do anything!
Eustace: Sigh... All right, I hear you.
Eustace: First things first: I've only got stealth missions right now. Meaning they don't suit you.
Beatrix: Ugh...
Zeta: (Seriously? Bea's just gonna get pissed again if you put it that way.)
Beatrix: You're right.
Zeta: Huh? (She's being real calm about it...)
Beatrix: It's true that every stealth mission I've taken up to this point has been a failure.
Beatrix: But that also means it's about time I did something about the situation. If only to better myself on the field...
Beatrix: So please! I promise I'll get it right this time—let me do it!
Beatrix: Consider it a favor for me!
Beatrix confidently locks eyes with Eustace.
Eustace: ...
After giving it some thought, Eustace lets out a sigh.
Eustace: Fine, I'll make this one an exception.
Beatrix: Really? Hooray! I'll give it my best shot!
Eustace: But you're not going alone. The condition is that (Captain) and the others accompany you.
Vyrn: Huh? Us?
Eustace: Yes. I admire your resolve, Beatrix, but I can't risk failure.
Eustace: It's not that I don't trust you either. There's no such thing as a mission that's guaranteed to succeed. Even I mess up sometimes.
Eustace: Just consider them a way to help increase your odds.
  1. Glad to help.
  2. Nah, Beatrix can handle it.

Choose: Glad to help.

Eustace: Appreciated.
Vaseraga: Many thanks. It'd be ideal for Zeta or me to come along, but we have our own missions.
Vaseraga: (Captain), Beatrix is all yours.
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Choose: Nah, Beatrix can handle it.

Zeta: Yeah. I mean, just go look at how gung-ho she is.
Eustace: ...
The situation's different from before. We need to have precautions in place.
Vaseraga: True. It's nearly impossible to gauge just how much Beatrix's capabilities are affected by the loss of the Embrasque Sword.
Zeta: Yeah, I guess you're right.
Vaseraga: (Captain), consider this a request from me as well. Zeta and I should really be the ones to see her through this, but as I mentioned before, we have other matters to tend to.

Continue 1

Vyrn: No worries! We'll make sure Blue gets by without a hitch!
Beatrix: Thanks, everyone.
Beatrix: I'll be giving it my all, but I'll also be counting on you guys if anything goes wrong. Hope that's cool with you, (Captain)!
Beatrix: Okay, let's get ready to roll out!
Zeta: Sigh... I just hope this doesn't end up a waste of time.

Covert Op: Scene 2

Beatrix's mission is to investigate a group of bandits suspected of stealing a monster-controlling artifact from the Society. The stealth tricks she learned as a trainee help her reach the bandit leader deep in the cave without being detected.

Beatrix and crew set about their new mission from Eustace.
They are to look into a bandit's hideout tucked away in a cave.
The crew confirms the mission details with Beatrix once more before heading in.
Vyrn: So is it true that these baddies control monsters?
Beatrix: The Society's list of valuables once included an item that could enslave monsters—a relic that has since been stolen.
Beatrix: And we've received multiple reports from this island's residents about monsters that follow a particular group of bandits.
Beatrix: Meaning it's very possible that the bandits here were the ones who stole it from the Society.
Vyrn: Oh, I see... So this mission's to figure out whether those rumors are true or not!
Beatrix: Mm-hm. It's also a test to see if I can track down that particular relic without making too much noise.
Lyria: We'll have to go in carefully then.
Beatrix: They have two guards posted by the entrance. I've been watching them for a while now, and I think I've got the timing down for their shift change.
Beatrix: I know exactly where their blind spot is. We're going in the next time they alternate!
The crew sneaks in on Beatrix's order.
By waiting for the brief moment that the entrance lies unguarded, they are able to traverse undetected into the cave's inner depths.
Vyrn: Whew, we pulled it off somehow. That's some impressive observational skill you've got going, Blue!
Lyria: Huh? What are you doing, Beatrix?
Beatrix: Ah, I'm looking for any traps or hidden passageways.
Gently guiding her hand along the cave wall, she next focuses on the small bumps in the ground.
Beatrix: I just remembered something Sergeant Ilsa used to say during training.
Ilsa: Never let your guard down! Just because you've managed to sneak into an enemy hideout, don't expect to charge straight ahead to their boss!
Ilsa: Any buffoon who dives ahead without a second thought is dumber than a peabrain!
Ilsa: Now go! If you don't want to die, if you don't want to be drowning in crap up to your head, then you'd better make damn sure you find every friggin' trap there is!
Beatrix: We couldn't leave that day until we found every trap that Sergeant Ilsa had put down.
Vyrn: You got through it okay, Blue?
Beatrix: Not quite... I had to put in extra time later...
Beatrix: But things are different now! I'm remembering the stuff I learned back then! All that experience paid off!
  1. Why the sudden change of heart?
  2. You're being awfully cautious today.

Choose: Why the sudden change of heart?

Beatrix: Well, how should I put it...
Beatrix: Since I don't have the Embrasque Sword on hand anymore, I feel like I've gotta change the way I fight.
Beatrix: And one part of that is utilizing some of the skills I picked up during my trainee days.
Vyrn: Ah, I see! Explains why you're not just charging in as usual!
Beatrix: There's a time and place for that, but it's definitely not right now!
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Choose: You're being awfully cautious today.

Lyria: Mm-hm! You seem different from your usual self!
Beatrix: Well... I was just thinking of the best way to go about this.
Beatrix: With the Embrasque Sword, I get stronger the more danger I'm in, so charging in was always an option...
Beatrix: But now I've got to learn other ways to fight.
Beatrix: That's why I was remembering the basics from my trainee days.

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Beatrix: This area's clear. Let's get a move on—
Ilsa: Hold it, maggot! Don't forget to keep your guard up!
Beatrix: Eek!
Vyrn: Whoa, what is it now?
Beatrix: It's nothing! Just remembering the past again...
Beatrix: Be sure to keep your eyes peeled!
Beatrix: Watch out, there's a thin rope on the ground. It's tied to a bell up ahead.
Beatrix: Trigger it, and it'll let the bandits know we're here. I'm gonna cut it just to be safe.
The crew carefully moves forward while dealing with the myriad of booby traps.
Beatrix stops in her tracks at one point.
Beatrix: (Captain)... You see that?
She points to a large open space ahead.
Lyria: Yikes! That's a lot of monsters!
Beatrix: That man must be their boss.
Beatrix: He's got all those monsters slithering about him, showing no signs of aggression...
Beatrix: He must be controlling them.
Vyrn: Hey, wait... Doesn't that mean the rumors were true?
Beatrix: (Captain), doesn't that pouch around his waist look kinda fishy?
???: ...
  1. The monsters are drawn to it.
  2. Seems like he's holding on to it tight.

Choose: The monsters are drawn to it.

Beatrix: Yeah, it seems more like they're gathered around the pouch rather than him.
Beatrix: It must have the power to draw monsters...
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Choose: Seems like he's holding on to it tight.

Beatrix: He's treating it way too delicately for a worn-out pouch...
Beatrix: Almost as if it's a special item he doesn't want stolen.

Continue 2

Beatrix: Could it be the monster-controlling relic?
Vyrn: At any rate we're not gonna get close with that many monsters around!
Beatrix: You're right... Even me and (Captain) wouldn't be able to take on that many.
Beatrix: What to do...
Beatrix gives it some thought before turning to the others.
Beatrix: You remember that storeroom some distance away down the narrow path?
Vyrn: Yeah, I think there was something like that.
Beatrix: Turn back along the right wall, and it should be straight ahead at the third turn. Think you can wait there for me?
Beatrix: I'll lead the monsters out. They're too big to fit through that narrow passageway.
Beatrix: So if I can just get their head honcho to come after us, (Captain) and I can handle him.
Vyrn: You sure you can pull it off?
Lyria: Wait! That sounds really dangerous for you!
Beatrix: I'll be fine. Have a little faith.
Beatrix flashes a smile to lighten the mood.

Covert Op: Scene 3

Beatrix comes up with a ploy to lure the bandit leader away from his post. Pretending to be one of his lackeys, Beatrix leads him to a narrow passageway where (Captain) lies in ambush.

After seeing off (Captain) and company, Beatrix ducks into a depression in the wall and observes the bandit leader from there.
Beatrix: So what now... I know I talk a big talk, but I don't exactly have a plan in place.
Beatrix: I could get him to come over by causing a ruckus...
Beatrix: No, they'd all come at me in full force.
Beatrix: What was it they taught us back in my trainee days...
Ilsa: Hellcat. What you need is to cool your pits and actually use that noggin for a change!
Ilsa: When you need to consider a plan of action, just lay low and wait for your chance. Because it will come.
Beatrix: Just wait for my chance, huh...
Beatrix: Fair enough... There's gotta be a way through this...
Just then a voice sounds from the cave's entrance.
Bandit Underling: Oi! Boss! It's time to alternate shifts. Nuthin' wrong out there so far!
Beatrix: Uh-oh! He's gonna spot me if he comes out here!
Playing out a worst-case scenario in her head, Beatrix clutches the sword in her hands.
Thankfully the bandit leader shows no signs of leaving his room.
Bandit Boss: Gotcha. Keep it up, ya hear?
Beatrix: (He doesn't even bother to look at the face of his men?)
Beatrix: (Then maybe, just maybe...)
Her back still leaning against the wall, Beatrix scans the horizon to make sure his cohorts are not around.
Speaking in the deepest voice she can possibly muster, Beatrix calls out to the bandit leader.
Beatrix: Cough... O-oi, Boss! Something ain't right wit' the store room!
Bandit Boss: Hm? What's up with yer voice?
Beatrix: Rgh... Not so easy stavin' off the cold, y'know!
Bandit Boss: Anyhoo, what's wrong with the storeroom?
Beatrix: I-it's lookin' real bad, Boss! Could really use your input!
Beatrix urges him to make haste.
The bandit leader makes a sour face as he comes out into the open.
Beatrix: It's the storeroom ahead of the narrow path! Please hurry, Boss!
Bandit Boss: Hoo boy... Let's just get it over with. Probably just another leak.
(Captain) and company are already lying in wait at the storeroom.
Lyria: Mmph... I hope Beatrix is okay...
Vyrn: She sure is taking a while...
Vyrn: Ooh! Looks like someone's headed our way!
Beatrix comes in huffing and puffing.
Beatrix: (Captain)! You ready? He's almost here!
Bandit Boss: So what was all the fuss abo—
Bandit Boss: Gaah! Who are ya punks!
Beatrix: Heh... You fell right for it.
Beatrix: C'mon, (Captain)! We're getting that pouch back one way or another!

Covert Op: Scene 4

The crew defeats the bandit leader only to discover that he never had the Society's artifact to begin with. Beatrix shows frustration about the mission being a waste of time, but then her Society friends—who have now arrived on the scene—pat her on the back for a job well done and remark that the information uncovered will be of great help.

Beatrix: Give it up already, and hand over that pouch hanging around your waist!
Bandit Boss: Urgh... What's a useless pouch worth to you anyway...
Beatrix: Heheh, trying to play dumb, are we?
Beatrix: We know that it draws monsters to you.
Bandit Boss: Rgh! Where the heck did you chumps learn that from?
Beatrix: Heheh, bingo!
Beatrix: You heard it here first, (Captain)! That's the monster-controlling relic we've been looking for!
Vyrn: This is some impressive work you've done here, Blue! I guess the mission's over?
Beatrix: Mm-hm! I've just gotta bring this back to the Society!
All is well, with the bandit leader in captivity and the relic recovered.
The crew head out of the cave to find Zeta and Eustace waiting for them.
Beatrix: Ah, Zeta! Eustace! What are you two doing here?
Zeta: Whew, thank goodness you're safe. We finished up our mission ASAP so we could come check up on you.
Beatrix: Heheh, of course I handled it! I've even got proof of the fact!
Beatrix holds the recovered pouch up high.
Eustace: So that's it, huh. Let's see...
Eustace: Well...
Beatrix: The monsters in there were totally drawn to this thing!
Beatrix: So what do you think? It's the one stolen from the Society, right?
Eustace: No, this isn't it.
Eustace: What we have here is a fragrant herb that attracts monsters. It's a rare and potent item, but the Society's never kept anything like this.
Eustace: You can't exactly control monsters with this anyhow. All it does is draw them near.
Eustace: Humph... They must've been terrorizing villagers by giving the illusion that they can control monsters.
Beatrix: So the lead didn't pan out, huh...
Eustace: Know that your actions weren't wasted. You did well.
Beatrix: Hm?
Zeta: For instance... If the bandits had continued using the pouch, they might've discovered an even more nefarious use for it.
Zeta: You deserve props for stopping that from possibly happening.
Zeta: Besides, you checked every nook and cranny of the cave, right?
Zeta: A separate force will be coming in later to clean out the cave. And when they do, what you saw in there will be of valuable strategic insight.
Zeta: Even Sergeant Ilsa would easily give you a passing grade! It's definitely a job well done!
Zeta gives Beatrix a few reassuring, yet hard-hitting pats on the back, her way of showing some love.
Beatrix: Oww! That smarts! What gives, Zeta?
Eustace: Come to think of it, I don't hear any bandits making a ruckus...
Eustace: You subdued every one of them already?
Beatrix: You'd think so, eh? That's not it though!
Beatrix: (Captain) can tell you all about how I lured their boss to come away with me so the others wouldn't notice.
  1. You want stealth? Beatrix is your girl.
  2. I almost couldn't believe it was Bea.

Choose: You want stealth? Beatrix is your girl.

Lyria: Mm-hm! She was incredible in there!
Vyrn: At first I didn't think she'd actually be able to pull it off—luring their big cheese out like that!
Zeta: Who would've imagined there'd come a day when Bea could handle a covert op...
Beatrix: Heheh! Don't you know it!
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Choose: I almost couldn't believe it was Bea.

Beatrix: Yeah, see? Even (Captain) thinks—
Beatrix: Hey, what's that supposed to mean! That almost sounds like I'm usually a failure!
Zeta: Um... Isn't that the truth?
Beatrix: Sniff... Damn you...
Lyria: But I thought you were really cool in there, Beatrix!
Vyrn: Yeah! You led that baddie out like a pro!
Beatrix: Heheh! Don't you know it!

Continue 1

Beatrix: I could totally get used to this!
Zeta: I'll praise you so hard next time you won't know what to do with yourself.
Lyria: Yeah! You were definitely amazing, Beatrix!
Beatrix: Teehee... Hehe...
Vyrn: No argument there! I even see you in a different light now, Blue!
Beatrix: You do?
Eustace: Well... The mission's a success then.
Beatrix: My first covert op—first successful one anyway!
Beatrix: I've proven that I can handle stealth with the best of 'em!
Zeta: Yeah, I suppose you could say that.
Beatrix: No one's gonna make fun of my sneaking capabilities ever again!
Beatrix: I'll become stronger than ever, so that when I get Embrasque back...
Beatrix: I'll be so good that everyone'll call me the Society's resident ninja!
The stealth mission a triumph, Beatrix regains her former confidence and cheeriness.
Eustace: Groan...
However, Eustace can do little more but sigh at the direction Beatrix seems to be headed.