Scenario:Beatrix - Form Change!

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Form Change!

During the flight to a Society mission, Beatrix creates a novel set of armor to match her new weapon from the Society. She is determined to prove that she can still do her part even without the Embrasque Sword.

By Eustace's request, (Captain) and company travel alongside Beatrix.
The Grandcypher soars toward the Moon Sliver, the location of Beatrix's next mission.
It is then that the crew notices a distraught voice coming from Beatrix's room and goes over to take a look.
Beatrix's Voice: Okay, so this goes through here, and... ouch! Stupid needle...
Beatrix's Voice: Ugh... This fabric's hard as a rock. How am I supposed to work with it...
Vyrn: Gee, I guess Blue likes to keep herself busy even mid-flight.
Lyria: She's probably tidying up the things she went shopping for before boarding the ship.
Vyrn: I wonder if it's stuff she's gonna use for the missio—
Beatrix: (Captain)! Get a load of this!
With her hasty footsteps pitter-pattering on the creaking floorboards, Beatrix makes a mad dash toward (Captain) and the others.
Vyrn: Geez, Blue! You almost made me cough up my apple!
Beatrix: Ah, (Captain)! Guys! Great, you're all here! Saves me the trouble of looking for you!
Vyrn: What's all the fuss? Something happen?
Beatrix: Heheh! One look at me should give it all away!
Beatrix stands proud with her chest puffed out.
  1. New armor?
  2. Huh?

Choose: New armor?

Beatrix: ...!
Bingo, (Captain)!
Beatrix: Ehehe! This is why I love you so much, Captain!
Beatrix: You're always paying attention to me!
Beatrix: Teehee...
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Choose: Huh?

Beatrix: H-how could you not see what's new!
Beatrix: It should be super obvious! C'mon, c'mon, get a real good look at me!
Beatrix: I know you know what I'm talking about!
Vyrn: Ugh, I don't have a clue...
Lyria: Ah, I know, Beatrix! You put on new armor, right?
Beatrix: L-Lyria...
Beatrix: You're the best, Lyria!

Continue 1

Beatrix: I've been busy making it from the moment I boarded the ship! I'm glad I finished it before our landing.
Vyrn: Hm? What's the point of it anyway?
Beatrix: Well, you see, I think my usual armor really stood out because it matched the look of the Embrasque Sword.
Beatrix: Sword and armor go hand in hand fashion-wise! Common sense for any swordswoman who wants to stay in style!
Special circumstances have led Beatrix to give up the Embrasque Sword to the Society.
In the meantime they have provided Beatrix with another weapon.
Beatrix: It's unfortunate I can't use Embrasque anymore... But I figured this'd be a chance to find myself some new armor to match my new sword.
Vyrn: Oh... So that's what this is all about.
Lyria: Yeah, it all makes sense now! You wouldn't believe how cool you look right now, Beatrix!
  1. You're looking strong.
  2. You have great taste.

Choose: You're looking strong.

Beatrix: Don't you know it! Ehehe...
Beatrix: It's a matching design with the armor that Zeta had custom-made before!
Beatrix: I really liked her new tough-girl look.
Beatrix: I was hoping to get some advice from her, but she's not around.
Beatrix: So I tried to keep the look of her outfit in mind while making mine.
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Choose: You have great taste.

Beatrix: Hehe, you can say that again!
Beatrix: I love how it accentuates my curves here!
Beatrix: It might be a little too snappy to go with the Embrasque Sword, but I'm loving it.
Beatrix: I've been wanting to make my own the moment I laid eyes on Zeta's new threads...
Beatrix: I made the sewing pattern all by myself, see!

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Lyria: Nice! Of course, I like your usual look too, Beatrix.
Lyria: But this new armor just somehow seems so much more fitting for a mission!
Beatrix: Gimme five, Lyria!
Beatrix: With this armor, I'll pull off my next covert mission and show them that I'm up to snuff.
Vyrn: Why didn't you have it made from the get-go the same time as Red?
Beatrix: Well, hers was a special order, you see.
Beatrix: Asking for something of that caliber takes time and money.
Beatrix: I figured it might be more efficient to just make it myself.
Lyria: Wow! You must be really good with your hands, Beatrix!
Beatrix: Hehe! Not only does it look great, it's got functionality up the wazoo!
Beatrix strikes a pose.
Though she is bursting with energy, Lyria voices a concern.
Lyria: Um, Beatrix, aren't you worried about not having the Embrasque Sword?
Beatrix: I guess you could say I'm a bit uneasy.
Beatrix: Yeah, no denying that.
Beatrix: It's practically been my right hand ever since I made a pact with the sword shortly after joining the Society.
Beatrix: It brought me back up every single time I was down.
Beatrix: Then again, this is also a good chance. I get to prove to the Society higher-ups that I can handle my own even without Embrasque.
  1. You're one tough cookie, Beatrix.
  2. Just don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Choose: You're one tough cookie, Beatrix.

Beatrix: You think so? Ehehe...
Lyria: Yeah. I'm sure you'll be just fine, Beatrix!
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Choose: Just don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Vyrn: Mm-hm! You've got a tendency to mess up when you try too hard, Blue.
Beatrix: Hey, put a sock in it! I've just gotta keep my limits in mind!
Beatrix: Like Eustace said, part of this mission will be finding out my weaknesses.
Lyria: Of course we'll do what we can to help out!

Continue 3

Beatrix: All righty! Let's see what we can dig up from the Moon Sliver!
Lyria: Whew, good to see you back to your usual self, Beatrix.
Beatrix: I'll do such a bang-up job that they're gonna be sorry for making me feel like the odd one out!
Beatrix: And you guys'll be around to see it firsthand!
Vyrn: Whoa... You've really got it out for them, huh...
Vyrn: I guess we'll need to keep an eye on you after all...
Seeing Beatrix's profound resolve gives the crew renewed hope in her.
However they are also reminded of her tendency to go on a rampage, and are grateful for Eustace's word of caution.