Scenario:Black Knight - A New Wish Awakened

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A New Wish Awakened

With a sleeping Orchis by her side, the Black Knight reveals that the True King and the Golden Knight will come for her life. Orchid, in hopes that the Black Knight won't fight alone, suggests that she join (Captain)'s crew.

The Black Knight had dedicated her entire life to bringing back her best friend, Orchis.
However, what she had considered a mere tool to be used for the revival of her friend, had turned into something much more to her.
Thus, she decided to allow a battle with (Captain) to choose the path she would take. The clash ended with her defeat.
Black Knight: And now... now I can...
It had been decided, and the Black Knight came to peace with the fact that she would never again meet Princess Orchis. But there was one who stood against this.
Orchis: I, in the name of Arqus, call upon you, Deus Ex Machina, to activate.
Lyria: Primal beast, Deus Ex Machina, activation request acknowledged...
Black Knight: It can't be... Stop! Orchis!
Orchis: I'm sorry...
Black Knight: Wait! Stop! Orchis!
Orchis: Primal beast, Deus Ex Machina... Leave your transitional state...
Orchis: and dwell within me!
By summoning Deus Ex Machina, Orchis used her body to bring back Princess Orchis.
Princess Orchis then gave her a new body that had been prepared by General Adam, as well as the new name, "Orchid."
Orchid: I wanted you to be happy... even if it meant sacrificing myself.
Orchid: I was born from an accident, and if I could bring back just a little bit of what was lost in that accident, then...
Black Knight: Orchid...
Black Knight: I'm sorry... I...
Orchid: But Orchis told me...
Orchid: She said she loved happy endings, and she wanted everyone together... smiling...
Black Knight: ... I see. That sounds like her alright.
Black Knight: She lit up every room with her smile, and you could feel her warmth the moment she looked at you.
Orchid: Deep down I feel that too, somehow. I want to finally be able to meet her in person.
Black Knight: Heh, you're in for the ride of your life, as she's quite a handful. I've come to love that about her.
In the room where Orchis slept, the Black Knight and Orchid exchange words of gentleness and warmth like they never have before.
Orchid: Is Orchis going to wake up soon? There's so much I want to ask her...
Black Knight: Her body and mind have been separated for more than 10 years. I'm sure she'll need quite some time to rest.
The Black Knight and Orchid quietly watch over Orchis as she sleeps.
Orchid: ... If only there was a way you wouldn't have to leave Orchis ever again...
Black Knight: There's nothing that would make me happier, but while it pains me to say, now is not yet the time.
Orchid: The True King and the Golden Knight?
Black Knight: That's right. I have yet to receive word of my expulsion from the Luminary Knights, but that worries me all the more.
Black Knight: The True King is planning something. I know it.
Black Knight: And that golden pest has no doubt begun plotting against my life. Fate wouldn't have it any other way.
Orchid: ...
Black Knight: Don't worry Orchid. I'll be fine.
Black Knight: When Orchis wakes up, I'll come back to finally meet her again. That's a promise. I've lived my whole life just to do that.
Orchid: Apollo... I don't want you to be all alone.
Orchid: I've seen how strong you are, and I know you'll make it through whatever happens.
Orchid: But... I can't find the right words to say this but... Don't go alone, please.
Black Knight: Orchid... I'm sorry. I didn't want to worry you.
Orchid: It's alright Apollo. You shouldn't need to apologize.
Orchid: But what about going with (Captain)'s crew?
Orchid: Lyria, Io, (Captain), everyone... They can help you.
Black Knight: (Captain)... Humph, well it certainly won't be a boring trip with them around.
Orchid: So then—
Just as Orchid begins to speak, there is a knock on the door.
Lyria: Orchid! Black Knight! And of course Orchis! How are you?
Orchid: Lyria! And (Captain) too. You came to visit.
Black Knight: Thank you. I'm sure Orchis is very happy to see you all too. Just remember to keep it down, alright?
(Captain) and the gang have come to visit Orchis, and meet with the Black Knight and Orchid.
The Black Knight sees days filled and overflowing with hope ahead.
She sets off to face those who plot against her, so that she might be able to live in peace with Orchis when she awakes.