Scenario:Black Knight - Her Vow as a Knight

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Her Vow as a Knight

Some time after the war, Apollonia is in Erste preparing a meal for Orchid in the kitchen. She is suddenly approached by Sovell, who had been missing since their incident with the Golden Knight. Sovell comments on how much Apollonia has changed and stabs her with a dagger before she can react.

With the war against the Holy Erste Empire over, the Erste Kingdom begins to rebuild itself.
The Black Knight Apollonia stays to help Orchid heal after Lloyd was taken from her by the Violet Knight.
Apollonia visits the kitchen to make something for Orchid to eat.
Black Knight: Hm... I guess that'll do for the soup.
Black Knight: Maybe it's a bit bland... But adding more salt wouldn't make for a balanced diet...
Apollonia continues cooking as she thinks of ways that can benefit Orchid's health.
Black Knight: (I wonder how long it's been since I last took my time cooking like this...)
Black Knight: (I was so busy going around to different places that I never had time to make a proper meal, so I guess this is a good opportunity.)
Black Knight: (It's all thanks to (Captain) and the others...)
As Apollonia smiles to herself, a voice calls out to her from the doorway of the kitchen.
???: Ah, are you in the middle of making something?
Black Knight: Yes. Sorry for using the kitchen without—
Black Knight: ...!
Sovell: It has been a while, Lady Apollonia.
Black Knight: Lieutenant Sovell? Is it really you?
Apollonia cannot hide her surprise at their unexpected reunion.
Sovell: I'm certainly not a ghost.
Sovell: The proof is in my hairline. As you can see, it's beginning to recede a little.
Black Knight: Yes, I do see... Well, I can't comment about your appearance, but...
Sovell: It's from all the anxiety. Well, it is useful in serving as proof that I am indeed alive.
Black Knight: Where did you disappear to for so long? After the incident with the Golden Knight, you were nowhere to be found.
Sovell: Actually, after that I looked into the advances of the Istavion Kingdom myself...
Sovell: However, I was caught during my investigation and suffered a serious injury.
Sovell: I decided to focus on recuperating for a while. It was then that I received news of Erste approaching the verge of ruin...
Sovell: Knowing I had to hurry, I gathered soldiers from various places before coming back.
Though apprehensive about this sudden turn of events, Apollonia listens to Sovell's story and decides to go along for now.
Black Knight: I see... Your efforts are much appreciated. We need as many people as we can get right now.
Black Knight: You mentioned a serious injury. How is the injury now? Is it all right for you to move around?
Sovell: Yes, I'm all better. I had so much time to recover that I was starting to feel bored.
Black Knight: Glad to hear. I'll inform our mutual acquaintances that you're safe in a moment.
Black Knight: Sorry, but can you wait a little? I'm almost done with cooking.
Sovell: Is there anything I can help with?
Black Knight: No need. This is something I want to do myself.
Sovell: I see. Then I will wait.
Sovell smiles as he watches Apollonia cooking, seemingly impressed by her hard work.
Sovell: Still... You've changed quite a bit.
Black Knight: What's this all of a sudden?
Sovell: The Lady Apollonia I knew before gave off an aura that kept everyone at bay.
Sovell: Friend or foe, you immediately cut down anyone who displayed any sign of malice... It was as if you always had your sword drawn.
Sovell: But you've mellowed out, so much that one could even mistake you for a different person.
Black Knight: Well... I can't argue with that. I suppose it's influence from the members of a certain crew.
Black Knight: The things I need to protect have also increased. This much I realize myself.
As Apollonia's thoughts wander to Orchid and Orchis, a smile unconsciously appears on her face.
Sovell: Heh, seeing that expression on you... You really have changed.
Black Knight: Stop repeating that. My good mood won't last forever, you know.
Sovell: It is rare indeed for you to show that kind of reaction. Dear me, you have changed.
Sovell: But... I liked you more the way you were before.
Black Knight: What?
Black Knight: Ergh!
Apollonia suddenly feels a sharp pain in her side and cries out.
She glances down and sees a small dagger planted deep into a narrow gap between the plates in her armor.
Black Knight: Sovell, you... Just what are you scheming!
Sovell: The Lady Apollonia from before would most certainly have sensed my thirst for blood.
Sovell: No matter how focused you were with your cooking, to not have noticed at all... You've fallen quite low, I must say.
Black Knight: What is your objective... What exactly did you come back for!
Sovell: You'll find out sooner or later. That is, if you're still alive.
Sovell: Well then, if you'll excuse me.
Black Knight: Ugh... Wait!
Ignoring the intense pain coming from her side, Apollonia reaches out to Sovell, but his figure only moves farther away.
Eventually the pain sweeps away her consciousness, her vision enveloped by darkness.

Her Vow as a Knight: Scene 2

Apollonia wakes up to Orchis nursing her and finds out that both Orchid and the treasured sword Blutgang have been taken away. She reads a letter from Sovell and decides to head out to rescue Orchid, promising Orchis that she will come back.

Black Knight: Ngh... Where am I...
Orchis: Apollo! Thank goodness you're awake!
Black Knight: Orchis... Why was I... asleep...
Black Knight: ...!
That's right—he attacked me and...
As the memory of Sovell stabbing her with his dagger comes back, Apollonia attempts to get up from her bed. Orchis rushes to hold her arm.
Orchis: You can't get up yet. You were asleep for an entire day, Apollo.
Black Knight: Was I... I'm sorry I made you worry.
Black Knight: Where is he... Where is Sovell? I need to know what exactly he plans to—
Before Apollonia can finish her sentence, she notices the expression on Orchis's face and stops.
Black Knight: What's wrong, Orchis? What happened?
Orchis: ...
Orchis: It's Orchid... She's been kidnapped...
Black Knight: ...!
Orchid's been what?
Shocked, Apollonia stares dumbfoundedly at Orchis, who now has no choice but to tell Apollonia the rest of what happened.
Orchis explains that Blutgang, the treasured sword that the kings of Erste have passed down for generations, has also been stolen.
Orchis: There's also a letter addressed to you, Apollo...
As Apollonia reads the contents of the letter, her expression changes into one of fury.
The letter instructs Apollonia to put on the Black Knight's suit of armor and to go to a certain abandoned building on the outskirts of town.
To emphasize this, the letter also states at the end that Orchid will be killed if Apollonia chooses to bring soldiers with her.
Black Knight: I'm sorry, Orchid... This is my fault.
Black Knight: Orchis... I'd like you to prepare my armor. Immediately.
Orchis: Apollo! In your condition, you won't be able to...
Black Knight: I'm going—alone. It's what Sovell instructed.
Orchis: It has to be a trap. We're asking the army for their help right now, so...
Black Knight: But I have to be the one to go!
Black Knight: Ergh...
In her agitation, the pain in her side increases. Apollonia bends down, holding her side.
Orchis: Apollo! With your condition, you won't be able to...
Black Knight: I know it's a reckless decision... Still, I have to go!
Black Knight: Orchis... I want to save her. I'm sure you feel the same.
Orchis: ...
Orchis: Orchid isn't the only one who's important to me... You're important to me too, Apollo.
Orchis: But you've always been like this, haven't you? Once you decide on something, you don't back down from it no matter what.
Orchis: There were times when we even fought over this...
Orchis: But there've been even more times when you saved me, so many it's impossible to count...
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: You saved me too.
Black Knight: If I hadn't met you, I would've continued to wander within the depths of my own solitude.
Black Knight: Right now, Orchid is waiting all by herself for someone to save her. I need to be the one to take her hand.
Orchis: Yeah...
Orchis: Although I'm not of much help... I do feel the same, Apollo.
Orchis: I'm sorry that you have to be the one to carry the burden...
Black Knight: You don't have to apologize. I'm the one who caused all of this to happen.
Black Knight: I'll settle this myself. There's no other way.
Orchis: You have to come back, okay? Together with Orchid.
Black Knight: Of course. I would never want you to be sad... and neither would Orchid.
Allowing Orchis's heartfelt emotions to fill her with determination once again, Apollonia gives a firm nod.
Orchis swiftly finishes the preparations, and Apollonia sets out for the place specified in the letter to rescue Orchid.

Her Vow as a Knight: Scene 3

Having no choice but to fall into Sovell's trap, Apollonia is unable to counter his attacks with Orchid held hostage. As Sovell is about to deliver the final blow, Orchid slips out of her ropes and takes the hit for Apollonia. Apollonia manages to take back Blutgang from Sovell, and with her will to protect stronger than ever, unlocks a hidden power within the sword.

Black Knight: This is the place...
Apollonia arrives at the building located on the outskirts of town as instructed in the letter.
There she finds Sovell and a number of Istavion soldiers waiting for her.
Sovell: Well, well... I did call you out here, but to think that you'd be able to move and actually make it here...
Black Knight: Istavion soldiers... So you had ties to the True King all along.
Sovell: You are correct. I'm not so foolish as to plot your assassination without some sort of backing, you know.
Sovell: In any case, I suppose what you want is this girl?
Orchid: ...
Black Knight: Orchid!
At the sight of Orchid tied up by the Istavion soldiers, Apollonia trembles with rage.
Sovell: Don't worry. She's only unconscious.
Sovell: After all, a broken toy wouldn't be enough to lure you here.
Black Knight: Why, you...
Sovell: Oh, do be careful not to get too close. If you want this girl alive, that is.
Black Knight: State your purpose... If you came back to assassinate me, then why didn't you make your final blow when you stabbed me?
Sovell: My purpose? Heh... Bahahaha!
Sovell: It's nothing important really. Just a... personal grudge.
Sovell smiles, finally revealing his evil intentions. He takes Blutgang from the soldiers.
Sovell: This precious sword that has been passed down for generations in Erste... No doubt it is a splendid blade.
Sovell: Now, prepare yourself. Though you know what will happen to the girl if you make even a single move... don't you?
Black Knight: ...!
You coward...
Sovell: I am perfectly fine with being a coward. That's how I rose to lieutenant, you know.
Sovell: Well... I suppose someone like you who made it to the top of the empire without shedding so much as a bead of sweat wouldn't know, would you!
As soon as he finishes speaking, Sovell jumps in to attack Apollonia, hatred burning in his eyes.
Sovell: Bahaha!
Black Knight: Ugh...
Sovell: I never thought the day would come when we would cross swords like this face-to-face.
Sovell: It's a marvelous feeling! To think that I... am overpowering the Black Knight!
Sovell: Your existence was a thorn in my side! I may be unexceptional, but I've poured my heart into serving the empire. Yet regardless...
Sovell: A brat like you—with no knowledge or experience in military and political affairs—easily rose to become the empire's top advisor. And I... I was relegated to being your watchdog!
Sovell: What could be more humiliating?
Sovell: Why I didn't finish you off back there was so I could torment you to my heart's content! You can't imagine just how much I've looked forward to this day!
Black Knight: So that's what you were after...
Black Knight: You kidnapped Orchid... for something so worthless...
Sovell: I told you, did I not? It's a personal grudge.
Sovell: But that's not all. I will offer up your head along with Blutgang to the True King... as proof of my allegiance.
Sovell: That is my true objective. So I'm afraid that you will have to die here.
Black Knight: I won't let that happen... I promised I'd return.
Sovell: Heh heh, your courageous spirit is commendable. However...
Black Knight: Ergh...
Sovell: Your movements have become quite slow. I see the wound you suffered has not healed yet.
Black Knight: Don't get too full of yourself... A sword wielded by a low-life like you will never be able to cut anything down.
Sovell: Heh, I wonder just how long you'll be able to keep up your farce.
With Apollonia unable to fight back, Sovell takes advantage of the situation and continues his incessant attacks.
But unaccustomed to wielding a sword, Sovell's fatigue gradually grows apparent.
Sovell: Huff... Huff... You are quite the stubborn one, aren't you...
Black Knight: Hmph... Not as stubborn as your fixation on me...
Black Knight: (Ugh... This is bad. My wound's opened up again... I won't be able to hold out much longer.)
Sovell: Hah... Your words are as foul as your existence.
Sovell: Unfortunately I'm afraid the entertainment is over... It's about time for you to be expunged from this world!
Black Knight: (No, not yet! I can't die here!)
Sovell swings his sword in a final blow. Forcing her legs to stand, Apollonia grips her sword in a weak attempt to block the strike as the blade comes down on her.
It is in that moment that Orchid cries out.
Orchid: Apollo!
Orchid: Ngh...
Escaping from her ropes at the right opportunity, Orchid runs to Apollonia and pushes her out of the way. Sovell's blade misses Apollonia and grazes Orchid's back.
Black Knight: Orchid!
Sovell: Just when did you... I told them to make sure she was tightly bound—
Black Knight: Haaah!
Sovell: Ugh!
While Sovell is distracted, Apollonia takes advantage of the moment and sends Blutgang flying with her sword.
She snatches up Blutgang and immediately rushes to Orchid's side.
Black Knight: Orchid!
Orchid: A... pollo... I'm glad... you're safe...
Black Knight: Orchid... It's okay, don't talk! Why did you do something so dangerous...
Orchid: I wanted to be... useful to you...
Black Knight: What?
Orchid: Apollo... You're always working so hard... for my sake.
Orchid: You even... got hurt because of me...
Orchid: I hated... not being able to do anything... and only being protected...
Orchid: But finally, I was able to protect you...
Orchid: Even without Lloyd... I could do something... myself...
Black Knight: Orchid...
As Orchid smiles weakly, Apollonia feels a painful sense of helplessness growing inside herself.
Black Knight: (Just what... am I doing?)
Black Knight: (I can't even protect what's important to me...)
Overwhelmed with shame from her own lack of power, she tightens her grip on the hilt of Blutgang.
It is then that Blutgang begins to glow, as if answering to Apollonia's will.
Black Knight: ...!
What is this...
Orchid: That must be... Blutgang's true power...
Black Knight: Its true power...
Black Knight: The very sword that Erste kings wielded in the past to protect their kingdom—to protect what was important to them...
Black Knight: You mean all the thoughts and feelings entrusted to this blade up until now... responded to my will?
Sovell: Impossible... Who knew Blutgang had such power!
Orchid: For you, who've only ever fought for your own sake... It's probably something... you'll never understand...
Sovell: Ugh...
Sovell: Ergh... Soldiers, capture them!
Sovell: Whoever offers me their heads will be most handsomely rewarded!
Black Knight: That's fine... It doesn't matter how many men come at me.
Black Knight: But don't get the wrong idea. You're not fighting against the Black Knight—a Luminary Knight, at that.
Black Knight: I'm stronger than ever before. Now that I have someone I need to protect, no one will be able to defeat me.
Black Knight: I promised myself... that I will protect. I won't lose anything more. And I'll show you just how strong my resolve is!

Her Vow as a Knight: Scene 4

Finding himself cornered, Sovell impales himself on Blutgang. He warns Apollonia that her path as the Black Knight will not be an easy one, but Apollonia replies that she is ready for it. Apollonia takes Orchid back to the palace where Orchis is waiting, and vows to always protect both Orchid and Orchis.

Black Knight: Haaaah!
As the Istavion soldiers charge at her one after another, Apollonia brings down each of them in turn.
Finally the last remaining soldier crumples to the ground, leaving only Sovell standing, unarmed and helpless.
Sovell: Impossible... How could this happen...
Black Knight: You're the only one left, Sovell. If you quietly surrender—
Sovell: Aah... Aaaaaah!
Sovell suddenly lets out a wail and rushes toward Apollonia. He runs straight into Blutgang, spearing himself.
Sovell: Gr... Gragh...
Black Knight: ...!
What are you...
Sovell: If I am to be captured, only to have this hatred inside me fester... I would rather die...
Black Knight: You... You have no intention to change, even to the bitter end, do you?
Having successfully deprived Apollonia of her triumphant moment, Sovell's lips curve into a satisfied sneer, blood pouring from his mouth.
Sovell: Before I die, allow me to offer you a word of advice... as my parting gift to you...
Sovell: You once said... that the position of the Black Knight is nothing but an ornament given to you by someone else...
Sovell: Even so, the heavy shackle that is the Black Knight... Once it's been placed on you...
Sovell: You are but a single gear within something much larger at work... You cannot oppose it. You will never be able to run from it...
Sovell: You were fortunate enough to make your way out this time... But you can be certain that you'll only be met with much more despair from here on out...
Black Knight: Hmph, here I was thinking you were going to tell me something important... I already know that.
Apollonia brushes away Sovell's words and fixes her relentless gaze on him.
Black Knight: I've already met with despair, time and time again... enough to make me curse the world and my fate.
Black Knight: That's why I vow...
Black Knight: That simply as a regular knight, I will protect Orchid and Orchis.
Black Knight: Compared to my resolve, the title of the Black Knight weighs nothing more to me than a grain of sand.
Sovell: ...
Sovell: Heh, that dauntless resolve of yours... is most characteristic of you, I must say...
Sovell: Let me correct myself... You haven't changed at all.
Sovell: The honest way you live your life, protecting those dear to you... I don't hate it... at all...
With these last words, Sovell takes his final breath, a peaceful smile hovering on his lips.
Black Knight: Come on, Orchid... Let's go home. Orchis is waiting for us.
Orchid: Okay...
Apollonia looks at Sovell one last time before heading back to the palace with Orchid.
When Apollonia and Orchid reach the palace, they find Orchis standing at the gate waiting for them.
Orchis: Apollo! Orchid! Thank goodness you're both all right...
Orchid: I'm back, Orchis.
Orchis: Oh... Look at all that dirt... Are either of you hurt? How's your wound, Apollo?
Orchid: A sword just grazed my back. I'm okay.
Black Knight: I wouldn't say that qualifies as okay.
Black Knight: My wound opened up a little... But nothing serious.
Black Knight: The important thing is that we made it back alive, just as I promised.
Orchis: Yes... Welcome back, both of you.
Orchis walks up to Apollonia and Orchid and gently embraces them.
Orchid: Apollo protected me. She put her life on the line.
Black Knight: No... Orchid was the one who protected me. That's how I was able to stand up again.
Orchis: Hehe... You can tell me all about it later.
Orchis: Before that, you need some rest. We'll have to stitch up Apollo's wound again...
Orchid: Okay.
Orchid and Orchis exchange smiles and turn to go inside the palace.
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: (I was able to safeguard their happiness.)
Black Knight: (I won't let anyone take their smiles away... Not ever.)
Black Knight: (I'm going to protect Orchid and Orchis until the very end. I won't let anyone take them away from me... even if it costs me my life.)
Through the encounter with Sovell, Apollonia is filled with a new sense of resolution.
Feeling the importance of Orchid and Orchis in her life once again, Apollonia walks on, keeping her vow close to her heart.