Scenario:Black Knight and Orchis - For the Sake of a Wish

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For the Sake of a Wish

Alone in her private quarters, the Black Knight grips a well-worn ring and recalls an old memory of the original Orchis. She is interrupted by the doll Orchis, who has recently returned from her lone adventure to the misty island. To fill the silence between them, the knight attempts to make conversation, but ends up berating Orchis for putting her body at risk. A look outside the window reveals the airship is off course, so she leaves the room and heads for the bridge.

Black Knight: ...
Alone in her private quarters aboard the ship, the Black Knight grips a worn, childish ring in her hand.
Her thoughts are occupied by old memories.
Black Knight: (Orchis gave this ring to me as a symbol of our friendship.)
Black Knight: (I can still recall the occasion vividly.)
Black Knight: (Her beautiful smile, her soothing voice... The warmth of her hand as she gave it to me.)
Black Knight: (She was the person closest to my heart—an irreplaceable light that saved me from my loneliness.)
Black Knight: (But now not a trace of that light remains.)
Her grip around the ring tightens.
Black Knight: (The more I hope for, the more I taste despair... Is this what fate intended, I wonder...)
Black Knight: (No matter. My journey is soon at an end.)
Black Knight: (All that's left is to acquire the blue-haired girl's power.)
Black Knight: Wait for me, Orchis.
???: ...
Black Knight: Who's there!
Whipping around toward the door, the knight catches a familiar face peeking in through the cracks.
Orchis: I'm sorry. You seemed like you had a lot on your mind, so I...
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: What do you need?
Orchis: Um... I don't "need" anything, but...
Orchis: ...
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: Get in here. I don't want anyone passing by to wonder what you're doing.
Orchis: ...!
Orchis obeys, a slight smile blooming across her features.
The sight brings a twinge of discomfort to the knight. She clears her throat.
Black Knight: By the way, Sturm and Drang gave me a report on what happened when you left my side and traveled to the misty island.
Orchis: Oh. Yeah... Lyria and Io were very nice to me.
Orchis: We went on a little adventure. They shared their fruit with me.
Orchis: It was fun.
Black Knight: I'm amazed you still feel that way even after nearly being swallowed whole by a primal beast.
Black Knight: Though you may have gotten away without a scratch this time, I hope you realize how dangerous that was.
Black Knight: Those two girls claimed they dragged you along and the responsibility lies with them.
Black Knight: But you know that body isn't only yours. Avoid anything that might endanger it.
Orchis: Right... I'm sorry.
A heavy silence falls over the room.
The Black Knight glances out the window to distract herself and finds her eyes narrowing in suspicion at the sight outside.
Black Knight: Strange. This isn't the route we're supposed to take. I know I told them exactly where we're going...
Black Knight: I need to take care of this. You stay here. I'll be back.
Orchis: Okay. Good luck.
The knight steps out and marches for the bridge.

For the Sake of a Wish: Scene 2

Inside the bridge, the Black Knight confronts the piloting soldier about their route, but the soldier draws his sword instead of answering. He tells her that he's been ordered to imprison her on a remote island, to which she responds by asking if this is Freesia's doing. She takes his lack of response as confirmation, then finds herself surrounded by other soldiers. Refusing to let anyone stand in the way of her goal, she readies herself to fight back.

The Black Knight arrives at the bridge to learn why the airship has strayed from its intended route.
She steps up to the helmsman and calls him to attention.
Black Knight: What are you doing? What is the meaning of this?
Imperial Soldier 1: Oh! What can I do for you, Your Eminence?
Black Knight: I distinctly recall telling you the route we're supposed to take, and this is not it.
Black Knight: Are you trying to pull some kind of moronic joke?
Imperial Soldier 1: ...
Black Knight: Answer me. Surely you still possess the ability to form words.
Instead of replying, the soldier draws his sword and points it at the Black Knight.
Black Knight: If this is your idea of an early retirement, I'd have to advise you against it.
Imperial Soldier 1: I was ordered to imprison you on a remote island.
Imperial Soldier 1: You were deemed a threat to future plans.
Imperial Soldier 1: Due to the fact that you've been prying into matters you shouldn't be.
The Black Knight tilts her head in interest at the revelation.
Black Knight: This is that vixen's doing, isn't it?
Imperial Soldier 1: ...
The soldier raises his arm and waves in other soldiers to surround the Black Knight.
Imperial Soldier 1: Surrender, and we'll spare your life. Resistance is futile.
Black Knight: Your jokes aren't very amusing. Or do you truly think you stand a chance against me?
Black Knight: Scurry back to that vixen before you hurt yourselves.
Imperial Soldier 1: Well... I gave you your chance to take the easy way out.
Imperial Soldier 1: Take her down!
Black Knight: I commend your courage, but I hope you're prepared to reap what you sow.
Black Knight: No one will stand in my way!

For the Sake of a Wish: Scene 3

Orchis is taken hostage by the soldiers, but the Black Knight quickly saves her. A vindictive soldier breaks the steering wheel and sends them hurtling downward, forcing the knight and doll to abandon ship, but not before Orchis disappears for a moment as the knight preps their skyskimmer. After they escape, the knight realizes she left her ring behind, but Orchis reveals that she went back for it. The exchange changes both of them: the Black Knight begins to treat Orchis a little more kindly than before, while Orchis resolves to fight her friends for the sake of Apollo's wish.

Black Knight: Hmph.
Imperial Soldier 1: Argh... I may have underestimated you...
Black Knight: Give up now and I'll overlook your transgressions—so long as you obey my commands from this point onward, of course.
Imperial Soldier 1: Rgh... Raaah!
Black Knight: Too slow!
Imperial Soldier 1: Gaahh!
Black Knight: Relax. I have no intention of taking your lives, though I can't say the same for that vixen once she finds out her pawns have failed.
Black Knight: What will it be? Continue to stake your lives on this pathetic spectacle or—
Orchis: Apollo!
Black Knight: ...!
What are you doing here?
Orchis: I heard loud noises and got worried about you...
Black Knight: Can't you tell what's happening? Get out of here!
Orchis: Ah—
Imperial Soldier 2: Heh, stupid brat. What kinda lamb walks straight into the slaughter?
Black Knight: Get your filthy hands off of her. Right. Now.
Imperial Soldier 2: I'd love to, but you're gonna hafta drop that sword first.
Black Knight: Tch.
Black Knight: (I can't risk counterattacking when Orchis's body is at stake.)
Black Knight: (I need to find an opening. There has to be one.)
Eyes roaming around her surroundings, an idea comes to the knight's mind.
Black Knight: (It's risky, but worth a try. There are no other options.)
Imperial Soldier 2: What're ya doing? Hurry up and drop that sword—
Black Knight: Doll! Don't bite your tongue!
Imperial Soldier 2: The heck?
Black Knight: ...!
Imperial Soldier 2: Wha?
Orchis: Ah...
The Black Knight reaches out to the steering wheel nearby and yanks hard, tilting the airship violently to the side.
She rushes to catch Orchis as the soldier stumbles away in surprise.
Black Knight: Orchis, are you hurt?
Orchis: No, I'm fine.
Orchis: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get in the way.
Black Knight: Save the apology for later. Our focus should be getting out of this situation.
Black Knight: I'll protect you, so don't leave my side.
Imperial Soldier 2: Think you're so clever, don'tcha!
Black Knight: More clever than you at least.
Imperial Soldier 2: Guh!
Black Knight: Now that the trash is taken care of... We've lost quite a bit of altitude, but bringing the ship back up should still be manageable.
She grips the steering wheel, intent on avoiding a lethal plummet.
Imperial Soldier 1: Hah... Raaah!
Black Knight: ...!
The turncoat leader, having regained brief consciousness, leaps up for one last attack.
His swipe soars past the knight and strikes his true target: the steering wheel. It is immediately rendered useless.
Black Knight: You... Do you realize what you've done?
Imperial Soldier 1: Heh... Heheh...
With a satisfied smile, he slips into oblivion once more.
Black Knight: Well... This is now a one-way ticket to an unpleasant demise.
Black Knight: Can you run, doll? We need to abandon ship as fast as possible.
Black Knight: There should be an emergency skyskimmer on deck. We can take that to the nearest island and figure out what to do from there.
Orchis: Okay!
The Black Knight leads the way, Orchis following closely behind.
Orchis: ...!
However, Orchis suddenly breaks away and runs back into the interior of the ship.
Black Knight: Doll! What are you doing?
Orchis: I'm sorry, Apollo. I'll be right back.
Orchis: You can prepare the skyskimmer in the meantime.
Black Knight: Wait, hold on!
Orchis ignores the command and disappears from sight.
Black Knight: Does everyone on this ship make a point to disobey orders?
Deciding that chasing after Orchis would be a waste of time, the Black Knight moves ahead with skyskimmer preparations.
Orchis thankfully returns before long, and the two escape safe and sound.
They quickly disembark on a nearby island.
In the distance, the airship falls through the sky as fire and smoke billow from its insides.
Black Knight: Tch. What a disaster.
Black Knight: I'll arrange for a new ship immediately. We can't afford to tarry.
Black Knight: (The vixen finally revealed her true colors.)
Black Knight: (But nothing she can do will stop me.)
As the Black Knight recalls her vow, she grasps for a familiar memento... but finds only empty space.
Black Knight: No! I left the ring behind!
She takes a step forward in desperation, almost as if to dive into the sky, but another look at the burning airship is enough to return her to reality.
Black Knight: (Even if I managed to fly back, the ring will have burned to ashes by now.)
Black Knight: (I should've secured it to myself from the very start...)
Regret and a sense of loss overwhelm her senses.
As the knight bows her head, Orchis approaches with an outstretched hand.
Orchis: Apollo, this is yours...
Her fingers uncurl to reveal a dumbfounding sight.
Black Knight: How...
The ring thought to be lost just moments before lies innocently in the doll's palm.
Black Knight: Is this what you ran back inside for?
Orchis: It seemed very important to you, so I...
The Black Knight gently collects the ring and caresses its curved edges.
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: Why did you do something so reckless?
Orchis: I just wanted to do more for you. To help somehow.
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: How many times have I told you to be more careful?
Black Knight: This ring's important, but... not as important as you.
Orchis: I understand.
Black Knight: Then let's go. We're wasting time.
In an effort to hide her emotions, the Black Knight marches away.
Orchis quickly trails after, a quiet fire burning in her eyes as she gazes at her companion's form.
Orchis: (Lyria, Io... I'm happy you wanted to be friends with me.)
Orchis: (But I'm sorry.)
Orchis: (I don't want to fight, but to make Apollo's dream come true...)
Orchis: (I'll do anything to make sure it happens.)
Orchis: (Even if it means becoming your enemy.)
Her mind made up, Orchis steels herself for the unavoidable conflict ahead.
Both doll and knight work toward fulfilling the same wish, but where their determination will take them remains to be seen.