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Too Scary

Whenever she's not sleeping, Bridgette constantly cleans and does the laundry. (Captain)'s crew notices this and tells Bridgette to take a break sometimes, but she says that laundry and cleaning are her hobbies. She tells them that she doesn't know how to have fun, and when she asks them to teach her, they decide to take her into town.

One day, after Bridgette has joined the crew, she is busily cleaning the airship with all of her effort.
Bridgette: There we go! I've managed to get most of the grime off the walls! And now, the floor! I shall get it to thoroughly sparkle!
Thorough cleaning and laundering had become a regular thing with Bridgette, and it had the rest of the crew very impressed.
Lyria: Hee hee! You really love to clean, huh, Bridgette? I mean, you're always doing it!
Vyrn: Yeah! Don't you think you're overworking yourself a bit, Bowl Cut? You're literally always cleaning!
Lyria: Hmm… Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen Bridgette not working…
Vyrn: Listen, Bowl Cut, don't you think you oughta take a break every now and then? You don't have to clean so much!
Bridgette: Thanks for your concern, but cleaning happens to be a hobby of mine! Cleanliness of home starts with cleanliness of spirit!
Vyrn: Hmmm… But you know what they say! All work and no play makes one a dull dragon!
At Vyrn's words, Bridgette stops scrubbing the floor and looks up.
Bridgette: Really? Then… then I should play!
Bridgette: Oh, but… I don't know what to do… I've never actually played before…
Vyrn: What? Then… then what did you do on our last day off?
Lyria: Umm… Let me guess… You were cleaning or doing the laundry?
Bridgette: Yes! As I said, cleaning and laundry are hobbies of mine!
Vyrn: Sigh… I don't know if I should be impressed or worried…
Bridgette: Um… I would like to try playing for once! Please, teach me some kind of recreational activity I may play!
Vyrn: Hmm… Now that you've put me on the spot, I can't really think of anything…
Lyria: In that case, why don't we take a little trip into town? There might be something fun to do there!
And so, at Lyria's suggestion, the crew heads to the nearby town.

Too Scary: Scene 2

When they arrive at the town, the crew finds it to be a strange place full of storytellers. Even on their trip, Bridgette is quick to try to solve everyone's problems. The crew prepares to defeat a group of goblins in order to take back an important item that was stolen from a storyteller.

Arriving at a nearby town, the crew finds it to be a strange place indeed.
Storyteller 1: Ha ha ha! Come one, come all, and listen to the story of a strange man and his strange life!
Storyteller 2: Heh heh heh… Have you heard the legend of the giant fish?
The town is full of storytellers and bards, entertaining the masses with their yarns and tales.
Bridgette: This town seems rather interesting! Come on, (Captain)! Let's explore!
Bridgette bounces around excitedly, and the crew wanders through the town, listening to all the stories.
Bridgette: Listening to other people's lived experiences truly helps enrich one's own life! This town is wonderful!
Townsperson: Oho! Hi there, little lady. I'm glad to hear you've taken a liking to our town!
Bridgette: Indeed I have! This town is so much fun! Umm… are you all right? You seem rather preoccupied with something… Do you want to talk?
Townsperson: Oh, that's very sweet of you! You see… the town's most famous storyteller has been missing for a while.
Townsperson: I don't know if she got lost, or if something bad happened to her…
Lyria: I see… No wonder you're so worried…
Bridgette: In that case, I'll go looking for her! And when I find her, I'll bring her here!
Townsperson: Goodness, you're too kind! I can't possibly ask you to do so for free. I'll prepare a reward for you.
Bridgette: I don't require any reward, no indeed! I'm not doing this to receive gratitude! Besides, karma will repay me!
Bridgette struts off proudly and begins to search for the storyteller outside of the city.
Lyria: Say, (Captain)! Can we help Bridgette search for the storyteller?
(Captain) nods, and off they go after Bridgette.
After walking down the path for some time, the crew encounters a frustrated-looking woman sitting on the side of the road.
Bridgette: What's wrong? Are you hurt?
Female Storyteller: No, I'm not hurt… I'm just… done. Done with all of this…
The frustrated woman turned out to be the missing storyteller. She told them that on her way to town, she was attacked by goblins.
Remorsefully, she told the crew that she wasn't injured, but that the bag containing her book of stories was stolen.
Female Storyteller: Sigh… That book… It had stories from all over the world written in it. It was the only one of its kind.
Female Storyteller: Sniff… I can't do my job without it… and now that it's gone, I just don't know what to do…
Bridgette: I see… In that case, I shall look for those monsters! And when I find them, I'll do everything I can to get that bag back!
Lyria: Yeah! And we'll help, too! Don't you worry, ma'am!
Female Storyteller: Thank you… I would really, truly appreciate it…
Relieved, the woman tells the crew which way the monsters went, and they hurry off in that direction.
The crew soon comes upon a group of goblins gleefully rummaging through a bag.
Bridgette: Aha! Are you the culprits? Hand over that bag quietly, you curs!
Goblin: Geeee, geeee!
Bridgette: EEK!
Bridgette: (Captain)! I don't believe I can fight these things! I do think they'll soundly thrash me!
Bridgette: So… if you would… please help me fight them!
Unable to ignore Bridgette's desperate plea, (Captain) prepares to fight the goblins.

Too Scary: Scene 3

After safely retrieving the book from the goblins, Bridgette takes one look at its contents and freaks out. As thanks for their efforts, the storyteller offers to tell them a tale, but Bridgette hastily stops her. The crew learns that the book is a collection of ghost stories, which Bridgette hates more than anything. The storyteller tries to corner Bridgette and tell her one anyway, but she runs away as fast as she can.

Having successfully defeated the goblins, the crew checks the contents of the stolen bag and finds a single black book.
Bridgette: I feel bad going through her stuff, but we really should check to make sure nothing in there is damaged!
Bridgette quickly opens the book…
Bridgette: GASP!
All the color instantly drains from her face, and she slams the book shut.
Lyria: Um… is something wrong?
Bridgette: Nope! Nope! Nothing's wrong! The book is clearly absolutely fine! Let's hurry and return it to the nice lady!
Vyrn: Uhhh… Is she okay? She looks like she saw a ghost or something…
Bridgette seems to be in a hurry to get back to the storyteller, so the crew follows after her, somewhat concerned.
They go back to the storyteller, tell her that her things were safe and sound, and give her bag back.
The woman checks the contents of the bag and heaves a huge sigh of relief. Then she turns and bows deeply to the crew.
Female Storyteller: Thank you! Thank you so much! Now I can keep earning a living!
Female Storyteller: Hehehe! As thanks, I'll tell you a story right here and now!
Bridgette: GASP!
Female Storyteller: Hehe… Not to blow my own horn, but my stories are pretty awesome! I bet I'll have you hanging on my every word!
Vyrn: Wow, really? Heheh! Then I'd love to hear m?
Bridgette: A-actually, no thanks! I'm afraid we must regrettably decline!
Lyria: What? What's the matter, Bridgette? What's gotten into?
Bridgette: I… um… I don't mind ghosts… Like, looking at them, or being around them…
Bridgette: But… but… but… I rather can't stand ghost stories! I mean… they're just so… scary…
Lyria: Wait, what? Ghost stories?
Vyrn: Huh? So you specialize in ghost stories, Ms. Storyteller?
Female Storyteller: Yes, that's right. This book contains ghost stories from all over the world…
Female Storyteller: Hehehe! Are you sure you don't want me to tell you one? It'll get your blood pumping! It's scary, yes, but fun too!
Lyria: Nnn… I… I'm not good with scary stuff… but I am curious…
Bridgette: N-No, I say! NO THANK YOU, ACTUALLY!
Female Storyteller: Awww… That's a shame… I'd love to hear you squeal in fright…
Female Storyteller: Hehe! You're so cute… C'mon! I want to thank you for getting my book back for me. Will you let me tell you a story? Pretty please?
With a wolfish grin, the woman cradles her book and slowly steps toward Bridgette, who begins to tremble.
Bridgette: I… d-didn't… do it… for… the th-thanks! D-don't require… gratitude…
Bridgette: Oh, wait! I… I just remembered! I missed a spot when I was cleaning! I… I rather need to leave now!
Female Storyteller: Hehehe! I like her. Maybe I'll put her in one of my stories… A ghost story, of course…
Female Storyteller: Hehehehe! Once I finish writing it, please do come by to hear it, okay? And bring her with you…
Lyria: Hahahaha… I, um, I'll let her know…
The crew bids farewell to the suspiciously giggling woman, before suddenly realizing that Bridgette has run off at full speed.
(Captain) goes after her, all the while weighing the pros and cons of ghost story-based training for her.