Scenario:Bridgette - Whatever It Takes!

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Whatever It Takes!

(Captain) and crew are about to ask an old lady if she needs help with her heavy bag, when a young Harvin girl offers to help first. She turns out to be a new recruit in the Order of Holy Knights, and though her spirit is more than willing she still has a lot to learn. Seeing (Captain) and the crew fight she asks to join the crew so that she may learn from them. She wins them over with her overpowering enthusiasm.

The crew has fulfilled yet another request and are on their way back to the airship.
As they make their way to the ship the crew comes across an old woman carrying a very heavy-looking bag.
Lyria: (Captain), do you think we should help that little old woman with her bag?
Vyrn: Hmm? Looks like we won't have to.
Lyria looks at Vyrn with a puzzled look. Looking back at the old woman they see a small girl approaching her.
???: Madam! Madam! If you require assistance I would be more than willing to help you with your luggage!
Old Woman: Oh thank you, kind stranger… Huh? Why, you're naught but a little thing, aren't you!
Old Woman: You sound so grown up, I really expected someone a bit older, I must say.
???: Thank you! My size is due to the fact that I am a Harvin, you see!
Old Woman: Thank you for the concern, but I should be fine. Besides, I couldn't ask for someone so small to take such a heavy bag…
???: Worry not! Such a weight is nothing! Please, allow me to assist you!
???: I know very well what I am and am not capable of! This bag is well within my capabilities!
The girl takes the bag from the old woman and starts to pick it up.
???: Heave ho, here I go!
Heave ho, here I go!
Old Woman: Well I never… Heheheh, thank you kindly, little stranger.
Lyria: Wow, what a kind young girl!
Vyrn: Yeah! It looks like the old woman's bag is gonna be safe in her hands!
???: Eeeeek!
Just as the crew members turn to leave they hear the girl's voice cry out.
Vyrn: What was that? Has something happened?
the crew hurry back to the scene, and see a gang of ruffians brandishing their weapons at the two women.
Ruffian 1: Ha harr! We'll be taking that big ol' sack of goodies, if you don't mind!
Ruffian 2: Heheheh, hand it over and we might just spare your lives!
???: U-ugh…
Old Woman: Little miss, save yourself. I'll be fine…
Lyria: Oh no! (Captain), we have to help them!
Just as (Captain) nods in agreement they hear the young girl yell once more.
???: Absolutely not! I refuse! I shall not leave you alone with these curs!
Ruffian 2: Huh? So what, you're gonna try to fight us?
Ruffian 1: Heheheh, you might not sound like a kid, but you're still nothing but a little runt. Come back when you've grown up a bit.
Ruffian 2: Har har har! Right! Now, get the bag! Just try and stop us, little runt!
???: I must object to this as well! I concede that there seems little chance of me winning against the two of you.
Ruffian 1: Huh?
???: However, I cannot leave this poor old woman alone, and I cannot allow you to steal her possessions!
???: So I must object! I have to object! Madam, run! I'll fend off these fiends long enough for you to escape!
Old Woman: I can't let you do that…
Ruffian 1: Well, if that's how it is, we'll have to take you on! Heheheh!
Ruffian: Ungh!
(Captain) jumps into the fray at the last second and strikes at the ruffian while protecting the girl.
Vyrn: He heh! I like your moxie, Bowl Cut! But now leave the rest up to us!
(Captain) makes quick work of the ruffians.
???: Wow, amazing! Truly amazing!
The crew delivers the ruffians to the authorities, then makes sure the old woman gets to where she was going.
???: You were most helpful! You have my most heartfelt thanks!
Vyrn: Heheh, don't mention it! It was your bravery in the face of those ruffians that spurred us to act in the first place!
???: It is true that people often call me brave, noble, or chivalrous!
???: However, I still have much to learn. My abilities are not on a level with my heart…
???: I have a request I must ask of you travelers! Allow me to join you that I might train with you!
Vyrn: What! That's a bit sudden, isn't it? We don't even know your name!
???: Apologies! I have neglected to say…
Bridgette: My name is Bridgette, a new recruit to the Order of Holy Knights. It is a genuine pleasure to meet you.
The party members all introduce themselves, then allow Bridgette to continue.
Bridgette: I joined the Order of Holy Knights so as to be closer to my idol, Charlotta. One day I will be as impressive as her.
Bridgette: But… I am still so weak! So unready for this responsibility!
Bridgette explains that she feels she has taken the responsibility too early, and that she is too weak to be a knight.
Vyrn: Ah, OK. I think I get it now. But, why ask (Captain) to help you train?
Lyria: Couldn't you ask one of the other knights in your order to help you?
Bridgette: …They keep thinking I'm just a squire… They'd never agree to help me train.
Bridgette: So I started training by myself. But… I can't even do ten push ups…
Bridgette: That's why I need (Captain)'s help! I saw how strong you all are in battle, I need you!
Bridgette: It's so obvious to me now! You are here for a reason! You need to train me to be as strong as you are!
Bridgette: So please, I implore you, train me!
Vyrn: Hmm… It's not like we don't feel for you, it's just… We're kinda in the middle of something…
Bridgette: I see… Then I will leave the Order of Holy Knights and join you on your quest!
Lyria: What! W-will that be OK with your superiors?
Bridgette: Captain Charlotta is a generous and gracious person. She'll grant me permission for sure!
Bridgette: Besides, I will still carry the motto of the Order of Holy Knights with me wherever I go! "Purity, Fidelity, Nobility"!
Bridgette: So don't worry about whether I shall be able to join you! Please, take me with you!
Vyrn: Hmm, what do you think, (Captain)?
Bridgette: As soon as I feel ready I shall once again enter into the Order of Holy Knights!
Bridgette: So it won't be permanent! Please, will you do this for me?
  1. Welcome to the crew.
  2. I'm not going to go easy on you.

Choose: Welcome to the crew.
Vyrn: Right! How could we refuse someone who begs that hard!
Bridgette: Are you sure? Thank you so so sooo much! Words cannot express my thanks!
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Choose: I'm not going to go easy on you.
Bridgette: You're not? Then I shall have to rise to the challenge and…
Bridgette: Wait, does that mean I'm part of the crew? You're really going to train me?
(Captain) nods and laughs at Bridgette's surprise.
Bridgette: Yay! You have just made me the happiest Harvin in the skies! I cannot thank you enough!
Continue 1
Bridgette: I know! I shall clean the decks for you! I love to do chores, and I want to be of use to the crew!
Bridgette: I'm willing to do anything, for the chance to train with you, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Glad to have you aboard!
And so the inexperienced yet plucky knight Bridgette joins the crew.
The crew, now joined by the enthusiastic Bridgette, makes their way to the airship.