Scenario:Cagliostro - The Beauty Sealed Away

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The Beauty Sealed Away

An innocent-looking girl by the name of Cagliostro appears when (Captain) and company unlock a seal in ancient ruins. She turns out to be the founder of alchemy and, taking a sudden interest in Lyria, proposes to join the crew.

(Captain) and company had heard a rumor that a giant seal had been placed on some particular ruins.
Confident that there is a primal beast beyond that seal, the crew decides to visit the ruins.
Lyria: Hmmm... I sense a strange power... But I don't think it's from a primal beast...
Vyrn: Aw, man... So coming out here was just a waste of time? In that case let's start heading back.
Katalina: Not so fast, Vyrn. Let's just take another quick look around.
Katalina: This is a seal we're dealing with here. Maybe we just need to put in a little more effort to find it.
Lyria: Yeah! Let's keep at it, (Captain)! I'm sure if we're patient enough, we'll find...
Lyria: Huh? Wh-what did I just...
Lyria: Eek! What's happening here?
Vyrn: Th-this is bad, you guys... I think we might've undone the seal from earlier!
Katalina: Lyria! Vyrn! (Captain)! Quick! Over here!
???: Cough... Cough...
???: Finally the seal's been lifted... Looks like those scum have actually learned a thing or two...
Katalina: Wh-who are you?
???: Oh, hey! Are you guys the ones who lifted the seal for me?
Lyria: Umm... Yeah, I think so...
???: Thanks a bunch! Some mean old guys locked me up in here, so I've been suffering alll this time!
The mysterious girl greets the crew with a pleasant smile.
Katalina: Hang on... You were locked up, you say? But why exactly?
Katalina: And won't we be in trouble if these men find out the seal's been lifted? We'd best get out of here fast...
???: Teehee... Well, actually I don't think we'll need to worry about that!
???: After all it's already been a few centuries since they put the seal on me, sooo...
???: Anyone who would know the seal's been lifted is already dead by now!
Vyrn: Hmm? You lost me... What exactly are you getting at here?
???: Teehee... Come here, Ouroboros.
???: Oopsie-daisy! Just realized I haven't introduced myself yet!
Cagliostro: Haha... I am the one who first introduced alchemy into this world! I am the genius alchemist, the great Cagliostro!
Katalina: I-it can't be! The alchemist Cagliostro? By all accounts he should have died over a thousand years ago...
Cagliostro: And as far as anyone knows, I did! But yours truly has a lifespan a hundred times longer than any normal human, and this world just couldn't allow that!
Cagliostro: My longevity proved to be... inconvenient... for some people, but they couldn't kill me.
Cagliostro: Hence they sealed me away out here in the sticks.
Cagliostro: So there you have it. I'm kinda done with the whole being-sealed-away thing.
Cagliostro: Now that you know my seal's been lifted, I'm afraid all of you will have to bid farewell to this world.
Lyria: Don't tell me... You mean—
Cagliostro: Interpret it any way you wish. After all, this can only end with the lot of you in Ouroboros' belly.
Vyrn: Quit screwing around! Why should we have to die for you?
Cagliostro: Think of it as a bad turn of fate. I'm a nice person, so I'll have him swallow you whole and make sure you don't suffer.
Katalina: You don't know who you're dealing with... Do you really think we're just going to sit back and let you kill us?
Cagliostro: You wanna fight? You versus yours truly—the genius alchemist beauty? Hah, that's real cute!
Cagliostro: With my alchemy I've solved the entire world itself.
Cagliostro: Pick a fight with me, and you're picking a fight with the world's divine providence!
  1. So what?
  2. We'll beat you at your own game.

Choose: So what?

Cagliostro: Well, well... I like the look in your eye. If you're trying to tell me you have no regrets, well, message received loud and clear.
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Choose: We'll beat you at your own game.

Cagliostro: Hehehe... Your confidence is growing on me. It comes with being young, I'm sure.

Continue 1

Cagliostro: You have no intention of running away, I see. Well then I won't hold back... Hmm?
Vyrn: What's your problem! If you're looking for a fight, then bring it on!
Cagliostro: You people... I see. So that's why the seal lifted...
Cagliostro: You there, blue-haired girl. Are you from the other side?
Vyrn: Wha! Y-you know who Lyria is?
Cagliostro: By process of elimination, yes. Anything I'm clueless about must be something from out of this world.
Katalina: Have you figured out anything else about her? About Lyria here?
Cagliostro: Hmm? What are you saying? Don't you people know just what she is?
Cagliostro: Haha... I see, I see! Now I get it. Say, you know what? Let's make a deal.
Cagliostro: You want to know more about this Lyria girl, don't you?
Cagliostro: Well then I'll look into it and tell you everything I learn.
Cagliostro: In exchange... let me into your crew. Protect me from danger.
Lyria: I... Well, I do want to know more about myself... but...
Cagliostro: I could just kill everyone here, but I've taken a liking to (Captain)'s fearless glare!
Vyrn: Wh-what do we do, (Captain)?
  1. Welcome aboard.
  2. Keep your promise, okay?

Choose: Welcome aboard.

Cagliostro: Yaaay! Oh goody! Thanks a bunch!
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Choose: Keep your promise, okay?

Cagliostro: Don't you worry! The thing about alchemists, you see... is that we're all super honest! We alllways keep our promises!

Continue 2

Cagliostro: Well then! I'm in your care, (Captain)!
And so (Captain) makes friends with Cagliostro, the ancient alchemist.
But Cagliostro had a secret, and its revelation would one day send our heroes into an uproar.
Katalina: Hm? Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure the founder of alchemy, Cagliostro, was a man...
Katalina: Wait... No, I must have imagined it... Or rather, I must've been misinformed.