Scenario:Cailana - Leaving No One Behind

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Leaving No One Behind

Cailana meets a young girl while searching for seashells on the beach, and agrees to help her create a good luck charm for a local skyfarer.

Some time has passed since Cailana joined the crew.
The crew has been asked to clean up a monster infestation on a nearby island.
Vyrn: Beautiful island, right, Surfer Girl? Sounds like there's an ocean here, too!
Lyria: Cailana's already run off on her own, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Again? Guess I shouldn't be too surprised if there's actually water nearby.
Katalina: When did she sneak away? I'm not sure if I should be impressed... or worried.
Cailana: Surf's up!
Inevitably, the crew begins to hear Cailana's shouts of joy as they draw closer to the beach.
Vyrn: Hey, Surfer Girl! Don't go running off on your own!
Cailana: Hey, Vyrn! Hey, guys! The waves here are awesome!
Katalina: Ahem. Working in a crew requires careful consideration of others. If you could avoid acting alone in the future, that would be appreciated.
Cailana: Sorry. It's just been a while since I got to see the ocean, so...
Katalina: I don't want to belabor my point. If you understand, that's enough for me.
Cailana: Yeah, I'll be careful from now on! And now I'm off to catch some waves! I'll stay where you can see me, okay? Bye!
Katalina: Goodness. She's going to require some instruction if she plans to continue being a member of the crew.
Cailana: Lyria, check it out! Isn't this beautiful?
Lyria: Wow, it is! Blue, and pink, and orange... So many wonderful colors!
Cailana and Lyria spend some time searching for seashells on the shore, where they encounter a young girl.
Island Girl: Hey, are you both skyfarers?
Lyria: We sure are! Are you looking for seashells too?
Island Girl: Yeah! I'm gonna use these to make a charm for my big brother! He's protected the ocean ever since I was born!
Cailana: He sounds like quite the heroic figure.
It turns out that the little girl's brother is a skyfarer stationed on the island.
Island Girl: I love skyfarers! They're all so strong, and kind... My brother and his friends, too!
Lyria: Doesn't that just warm your heart, (Captain)?
Cailana: In that case, how about we help you look for seashells? Sounds good, right, Lyria? Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Of course! Let's search for seashells together!
The crew searches for seashells to help the little girl's dream come true. Suddenly...
Cailana: Sniff, sniff... I'm smelling something suspicious mingling with the seawater.
Vyrn: Following your nose somewhere, Surfer Girl?
Katalina: I've just received word of a monster attack, everyone. Let's head back!
Lyria: Right! Let's go, Cailana!
Cailana: I knew I smelled something monstery. Am I good or what?

Leaving No One Behind: Scene 2

A fellow crew is in danger after a storm suddenly strikes the island. To save the young girl's favorite skyfarer, Cailana rides the treacherous waves alone.

Cailana and the crew return to the girl and begin making a charm out of the shells they gathered.
Lyria: You're really good at this, Cailana!
Cailana: I've been doing this ever since I was little!
Vyrn: Just look at you go!
Cailana: There's nothing I can't make! Your wish is my command!
Vyrn: You're getting carried away again, Surfer Girl.
After finishing the charm, the crew returns to the beach house for a light lunch.
Vyrn: Once we've had time for a break, how about scouting for monsters?
Cailana: Hold it, Vyrn.
Vyrn: What's up?
Cailana: Hm. The air pressure's dropping. Sniff, sniff... Smells like a storm's brewing.
Vyrn: Huh? But the weather's so nice right now!
Cailana: All signs point to a storm, and my forecast is never wrong.
Lyria: Can the weather really change that quickly, Cailana?
Cailana: Yeah. Especially near the beach. Once the storm comes in, you don't want to be near the sea.
Cailana: Look over there, for example. See how fast the seaward current is?
Katalina: Ah, the slightly murkier areas, I take it?
Cailana: Right. We call that a rip current, and this one in particular is especially dangerous.
Cailana: Imagine getting carried away by it in the middle of a storm and slammed into the rocky shoreline.
Katalina: I'd... prefer not to.
Vyrn: Gulp!
Cailana: At times like these, staying away's your best bet.
Lyria: Wow... Understanding the weather can save your life!
Suddenly, a group of skyfarers enters the beach house.
Vyrn: Oh, are you guys staying nearby?
Island Girl: This is for you, big brother!
Earnest Skyfarer: Having fun, sweetie? Oh, what's this?
Island Girl: It's a present!
Cailana: Ah, so this is the big brother she was talking about.
Island Girl: This charm is for you! I hope it makes you feel better!
Earnest Skyfarer: I'm sorry, but... I can't accept this.
Lyria: Huh? But she put her heart and soul into making it.
Skyfarer 1: Everyone's ready to go, Commander. Shall we depart?
Earnest Skyfarer: I have to go now, sweetie. Listen to your mommy, okay? Don't go playing anywhere dangerous.
Cailana: H-hold on a sec! At least give a reason for why you're not going to accept that charm she made for you!
Earnest Skyfarer: Heh. I don't have time to answer. You're a skyfarer. You should understand the resolve it takes to do this job. Now then, I'm off.
Cailana: What's that supposed to mean? You're awful!
Lyria: He doesn't seem like a mean-spirited person, Cailana.
Island Girl: I guess he just didn't like what I made.
Lyria: N-no, he just has some other reasons, that's all!
Vyrn: The rain's coming down harder than ever. Ocean's looking rough, too.
Lyria: We should follow Cailana's advice and stay put here.
Guest 1: Hey, didja hear? Sounds like that crew from earlier's got a few crewmembers who haven't returned yet.
Guest 2: Yeah, one of the lucky ones says they got stopped near a cave.
Katalina: Sorry to interrupt. Mind if I ask a few questions about the situation?
Vyrn: You're talking about the crew from earlier, right?
Guest 1: The Commander protected one of his wounded crew members and now he is left behind.
Cailana: ...!
Island Girl: Big brother's in danger?
Guest 2: Anyway, it sounds like the path they were on tends to get swallowed up by sea water during serious storms.
Guest 1: In a storm like this... If you tried heading back from there now, you'd probably get swept into the rip and taken away.
Vyrn: Sounds bad! But what can we do? The storm outside looks super dangerous!
Guest 2: That's right. Venturing outside at a time like this is tantamount to throwing your life away.
Island Girl: Oh, I hope you're all right, brother...
The little girl clasps the seashell charm in her hands and mutters as if in prayer.
Cailana bends over and whispers a few words into her ear.
Cailana: Hey, sweetie. I think I can save your brother. Mind if I borrow your charm?
Island Girl: Huh? Really?
Cailana: Yeah. I'm a really good swimmer, y'know.
Island Girl: I know. I saw you earlier!
Cailana: So you'll trust me, right? I'll have your brother home before you know it.
Island Girl: Okay, you can borrow it!
Cailana: Thanks! Just... keep this between us, okay?
Cailana sneaks out of the house and heads to the beach.
Cailana: It's okay. I've got this.
She braces herself against the deluge. With the beach raging in front of her and thunder bellowing around her, she takes a single, deep breath.
Cailana: (Captain) and everyone are probably pretty upset right about now. I'll just apologize when I get back.
Vyrn: Where'd Surfer Girl go? I don't see her anywhere.
Lyria: Hey, do you know where Cailana went?
Island Girl: Huh? N-no! It's a secret that she went off to save my brother, and I'm not telling!
Katalina: What did you say?
Cailana: Oof! Huff... Huff...
Cailana: Whew... Good thing the sea's so deep. But five minutes down there is just about my limit...
Earnest Skyfarer: H-hey, how'd you get here? Are you crazy?
Cailana: Whew... That's better. Oh, there you are! Are you okay? I'm uh... here to save you!
Earnest Skyfarer: What?
Cailana: Sorry... I'm a little... out of breath. Okay... the shoreward tide is... over here, so... we should be good if I can get a good line going.
Earnest Skyfarer: But how do you plan on getting us back in this storm? I don't want you doing anything reckless on my behalf!
Cailana: If being reckless might save your life, I'm gonna be reckless.
Cailana: With your injuries, if we don't get you help quick, it'll be too late. This is a race against time!
Earnest Skyfarer: Ngh...
Earnest Skyfarer: You don't have a boat. How do you plan to get back?
Cailana: By riding on this, of course!
Earnest Skyfarer: You plan to surf? In this storm? Are you insane?
Cailana: Grab the board! I'll pull you along until we reach water.
Earnest Skyfarer: Don't be ridiculous, I—
Cailana: It's fine. How long can you hold your breath?
Earnest Skyfarer: ...A minute.
Cailana: Gotcha. Oh, and before we go... I wanted to ask you something.
Cailana: Why didn't you accept her charm?
Earnest Skyfarer: I just... In this line of work, you never know when you're going to die.
Earnest Skyfarer: I didn't want to make some irresponsible promise that I couldn't keep.
Cailana: So basically, you just didn't want to have to keep a promise to your little sister? That's cold, man!
Cailana hands the charm she received from the little girl over to the skyfarer.
Earnest Skyfarer: You didn't...
Cailana: Bet you really want to get back home now, don't you?
Cailana: Same here.
(Better believe I'm gonna apologize to (Captain) and everyone when I get back!)
Cailana: Anyway, hold on tight and don't let go! I'm hopping on the next wave!

Leaving No One Behind: Scene 3

Cailana rescues the stranded skyfarer. Rather than being upset that she acted alone, the crew expresses joy over her safe return and praises her bravery.

Vyrn: She went out in this crazy storm? What do we do?
Katalina: Perhaps we can head out to sea somehow. Let me think of something...
Lyria: Oh, Katalina... Wait, what's that? Look!
Lyria points at a shadow gliding along the thrashing ocean waves toward the shore.
Vyrn: Holy smokes, it's her!
Cailana: Hey everyone! Oh. Guess they can't hear me! Still, they noticed I'm here. That's good enough for me!
Earnest Skyfarer: You're like... a mermaid. Thank you. I owe you my life.
Cailana: No problem, Mr. Skyfarer! Hold on just a little longer, okay?
Vyrn: Hey, Surfer Girl! You okay?
Cailana: Vyrn's there! And the rest of the crew, too!
Cailana, pushed to her physical limit after carrying the skyfarer across the waves, collapses on the sand as soon as she reaches the beach.
The crew quickly carries her back to the beach house.
Cailana: Is this...
Vyrn: She's come to!
Lyria: How do you feel?
Cailana: Everyone's here... Wait, where's the skyfarer?
Island Girl: This is for you, Miss Cailana.
Cailana: A seashell charm... You're giving this to me?
Island Girl: It's thanks for saving my brother!
Cailana: Thanks, but I'm just glad he's okay.
While visibly relieved, Cailana can't seem to make eye contact with (Captain) and the others.
Cailana: Listen, I'm sorry. You guys are always chewing me out for running off on my own, and I just keep doing it anyway. I don't deserve to be on this airship.
Katalina: I disagree, Cailana.
Cailana: Huh?
Katalina: We're not upset that you're breaking the rules. We're worried you're putting yourself in danger.
Katalina: I'm just glad you're safe.
Vyrn: Same here! But boy, you sure had us worried back there!
Lyria: That was incredible, Cailana! You rescued that skyfarer when no one else could!
Vyrn: Yup. Everyone said it was impossible, but you went out there and made the impossible possible!
Cailana: Oh, you guys... I thought you were just going to be upset with me again.
Cailana: Glad to see I was wrong.
Katalina: I still don't fully approve of your decision to act alone, of course.
Vyrn: Tick off Katalina at your own peril!
Katalina: Vyrn, spare us the comedy routine. We're all in this together, Cailana. If something's bothering you, we're here to talk.
Cailana: Oh, thank you, Katalina! You too, everyone!
Vyrn: A little late for that! We're all soaked through from the rain!
Cailana: You all waited for me even in rain like this. You're all such nice people...
Cailana wipes away her tears and smiles. She may be fearless, but this was enough to give even her pause.
What few realize even now, however, is that Cailana's never-give-up attitude and unwavering spirit are her greatest assets.
Whatever raging waves await, whatever crises befall her, Cailana will no doubt pull through.