Scenario:Cailana - Time to Surf

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Time to Surf

To get ready for a surfing competition in Auguste, Cailana hits the waves. She is later joined by Tanya and Chloe whom she teaches how to swim. After having fun with her two friends, Cailana feels relaxed and ready to face the challenges that the competition will present.

Cailana not in crew

The crew first met the surfer Cailana on a mission.
She's a girl with a great love of the sea, surfing, and her hometown. She also has a huge dream.
That dream is to ride a wave in Auguste created by none other than the primal beast Leviathan.
Cailana: Today I'm going to ride this wave to the end. Come on, big guy!
The waves produced by the primal beast are unlike any other.
Every surfer worth their grit wants to dominate one, but so far none have managed to do so.
Many say the timing of these waves cannot be predicted...
But Cailana can sense minute changes in the wind and waves, and she's been right about the appearance of the legendary waves time and time again.
Though having the ability to predict when the waves will come is a useful skill, it still hasn't helped her ride with mastery yet.
Cailana: I've been thinking about it since yesterday. I may not win the competition, but I can still tag along with you, (Captain).
Cailana: If I want to get better, I have to see other oceans and experience other waves for myself!
And so Cailana left Auguste to set sail with the crew and grow as a surfer.
Cailana: ...
Cailana: The waves are receding...
Cailana: Ooh! This might be my chance.
It's early in the morning on Venera Beach, and Cailana is getting herself in position to catch some waves.
The waves are quite strong, reaching heights about as tall as she is.
Cailana: ...
Cailana: Now!
She catches a wave and listens to the sound of her board as it slices through the water.
While vacationing in Auguste, Cailana finds herself on its familiar waters surfing away her time.
Cailana: Whew...
After riding several waves, Cailana heads back to shore.
Cailana: Hmm...
The wind's direction has changed causing the waves to die down.
Cailana: Wanted to ride at least two more times... That might've been it for today though, huh...
Cailana quietly whispers this to herself as she takes her board and heads back into the water.
Tanya: Hm? Is that...
The crew is enjoying breakfast at the table in the mess hall.
Cailana: Guess who's ready to munch!
Chloe: Mornin'! Look at you, Caily!
Vyrn: Hey, Surfer Girl! Were you out hitting the waves again?
Cailana: Morning! Yup, sure was. The competition is coming up soon, so you know...
Cailana: I've gotta win if I want to be the best surfer in all the skies!
Chloe: Here's your breakfast, Caily! On the menu today is my special scallop risotto.
Cailana: Thanks! So today was your turn to cook?
Chloe: Umm, no. It was totally Loweeny's turn. I'm just, like, doing the waitressing.
Cailana: Oh, okay. Wow, this smells great!
Cailana: Ooh! Looks good too!
Vyrn: Haha! Surfer Girl, you really put your all into practicing every day, huh?
Cailana: You think? I dunno. I just need to be in the water to relax.
Cailana: I guess you could say it's, like, my way of de-stressing more than practicing.
Vyrn: De-stressing? Whatcha mean?
Cailana: I... I just, you know... worry sometimes.
Chloe: But, like, seriously! The amount of time you spend in the water is gonna net you the crown! There's just, like, no doubt about it.
Cailana: Ahaha. Thanks, Chloe.
Tanya: Um...
Cailana: Hm? Oh, hey, Tanya! Morning!
Chloe: Mornin'!
Tanya: I... Uh... Morning... Is it time for breakfast already?
Cailana: Yeah! I was out practicing earlier, so now I could eat a whole cow!
Cailana: Thanks for the grub and all that!
Saying this, Cailana shovels the first morsel into her mouth.
Cailana: This risotto is insane! It's so good! Just what the doctor ordered.
Tanya sits next to Cailana and looks as if she has something to say, but she can't quite muster the courage to speak up.
Chloe: Hey, Tanya. Do you wanna dig in too? Or did you already munch on something?
Tanya: Hm? I... I'm okay. I did have something earlier...
Chloe: Gotcha, girl! So... Wait... Are you here to talk to Caily then?
Tanya: I... Actually... yes, I am.
Cailana: Oh really? What's up?
Tanya: It's nothing... really... but...
Tanya: I... was watching you earlier... as I was running on the beach...
Cailana: Really? I didn't notice at all.
Tanya: I didn't think you would... You were in your own world...
Cailana: Oh my Astrals! I can't believe I was being watched and didn't even realize it! How embarrassing!
Tanya: I wouldn't say that... You were really cool.
Cailana: Cool?
Chloe: You said it! (*´ω`)σ
When she's on fire, there's, like, no better surfer than her.
Tanya: I agree... I could never do what you do... You have my deepest respect.
Cailana: Ahaha! Stop it. You're making me blush.
Cailana: But I bet you could surf too if you tried. How about we go for a spin now?
Tanya: What? But I... I've never done it before...
Cailana: Haha. Don't worry. I can teach you the ropes.
Cailana: How about you, Chloe? Want to join us? It feels really good.
Chloe: For reals? I'm totally in! You spin my head right round, girl!
Cailana: Ahah! It's settled!
Cailana: My tummy is full, and I'm ready to hit the waves!
Chloe: Yay!
Tanya: Sure...
And so Cailana decides to run her own surfer's camp on Venera Beach.
For now, the boards are on the beach while the team learns the basics in the water.
Cailana: So then the waves will come in like this.
Chloe: Right. Right.
Tanya: Okay.
Cailana: You have to match the waves and their speed to get a proper lift, and then you need to paddle for your life.
Cailana: Like this!
Cailana: Then once you've got a feeling for the timing, you just stand up!
Tanya: Sorry... Paddle for my life?
Cailana: When you stand, you need to focus all your energy in your stomach and make sure your whole body is in sync!
Cailana: That's all there is to standing on your board. Got it?
Chloe: Maybe I do! Let me at those waves!
Tanya: What? That's amazing, Chloe. I can't make heads or tails of this...
Chloe: Don't overthink it, girl! I'm just, like, going with the flow! Mind over matter, baby!
Tanya: Oh... So... I start paddling on my board and once I feel the speed is right, I stand...
Cailana: Right! That's all there is to it.
Cailana: You'll probably get a better feeling for what I'm talking about once you start trying it yourself.
Cailana: Okay... The waves aren't surging right now, so I think it's the perfect time to practice.
Cailana: Let's get this thing started!
Chloe: Yay!(*'ω'*)
Tanya: All right... H-here goes...
Cailana: Okay, you two. Get on your boards and stay put.
Cailana: When the waves come, I'll give the signal. Then you try paddling.
Cailana: Okay, Tanya! You first!
Tanya: Roger that!
Cailana: Here it comes!
Paddle, Tanya!
Tanya: Okay!
Tanya plants herself on the board and puts all her energy into paddling towards the shore.
Cailana: Now! Stand up!
Tanya: ...!
Tanya follows Cailana's instructions and tries to stand.
Tanya: Agh!
The wave's force overwhelms Tanya causing her to lose balance and fall into the water.
Cailana: That was close! Are you okay, Tanya?
Tanya: Huff, huff... This... is amazing.
Tanya: Huff, huff... The waves were much stronger than I had expected. I couldn't stand at all.
Cailana: But that was really good for starters! Baby steps!
Tanya: I see... I think I can do better next time.
Cailana: Yeah! That attitude's the fastest way to success!
Cailana: Okay. Up next is Chloe!
Chloe: Totally!
Chloe: Yay!
This is gonna be off the charts!
Cailana: Here it comes! Chloe, start paddling!
Chloe: This is totes a piece of cake.
Cailana gives Chloe the signal to start, and she heads in the direction of the shore. But the wave is slower than it looks...
Cailana: Oh, crap! She might be going too fast!
Chloe: Aaahhhh!
Chloe speeds right past the wave and face-plants into the water.
Cailana: Aaahhh! Chloe, are you okay?
Chloe: Pant, pant, pant... That was freakin' scary!
Chloe: I literally just, like, died... What the heck was that! Heads will roll!
Cailana: Sooorry! I gave the signal too soon!
Chloe: I know I, like, totally just died and all, but that was, wow, pretty amazing! Ahahaha!
Even though Chloe's first try didn't go as planned, she managed to make it through unscathed and seems quite happy about the experience.
Tanya: Huh? Chloe... Your top...
Chloe: Huh?
Chloe had been holding onto to the board until now and hadn't realized her top is nowhere to be found.
Chloe: OOOMMMMGGGG! Why, world, why! My top ran away!
Cailana: Ahahaha! That's what happens when you surf with a bikini!
Tanya: Is this something people usually laugh at?
Chloe: Hold up! Does that mean my falsies fell off too?
Chloe sinks the top half of her body well into the water and begins checking her eyelashes.
Chloe: Okay! Everything's fine! Totes false alarm!
Cailana: Hehe! Is that your only concern?
Chloe: I'd rather die than be caught dead without makeup! No way!
Tanya: What? This logic fails me...
Chloe: This is totes liberating to be surrounded by the ocean while I'm missing my top. I'm kinda lovin' it. lolz
Cailana: Ahaha. Only you would say that! You're a funny one, Chloe.
Tanya: Uh... She certainly has nerves of steel... Let's just look for the rest of her swimsuit.
Cailana: I think it probably came off over here... I got it!
Tanya: That's a relief...
Cailana: Ahaha! Put this back on, Chloe. Chop, chop!
Chloe: Why are you laughing so much? And who says chop, chop anymore? lol
Chloe: Why don't you take a page out of Tanya's book and be a little more caring.
Cailana: Sorry!
Chloe takes the bikini top from Cailana and puts it back on.
Just as everything is back to normal, another wave comes their way.
Cailana: Ooh! This one looks good! Whaddya say, Tanya? Wanna try?
Tanya: What? Now?
Cailana: Waves don't wait!
Tanya: Gulp... Okay!
After a number of unexpected events, Cailana's private surf class finally comes to an end at sundown.
Sitting on the beach, Cailana and Tanya watch as the sun sets.
Meanwhile Chloe has already returned to the Grandcypher to continue her waitressing duties.
Cailana: ...
Tanya: Thank you. Even though your competition is just around the corner, you made time just for us...
Cailana: No worries. I had a lot of fun. This was a good change of pace for me as well!
Tanya: When I saw you this morning trying so hard to achieve a goal and to follow a dream, I felt my green-eyed monster rear its ugly head...
Tanya: I was jealous...
Tanya: I want something that puts me in my own world. Just like you...
Cailana: Tanya...
Tanya: I'm glad I got to experience the sport that gives you purpose and helps you lose yourself.
Tanya: I... Thank you for today. I'm happy you invited me.
Tanya: I hope that didn't come out wrong...
Cailana: No, not at all! I'm glad you told me all that.
Cailana: I never woulda guessed that was how you felt. I'm kinda embarrassed.
Cailana: Since the competition is so close, that's all I've been able to think about. I've been so preoccupied...
Cailana: But today I left all my worries on the shore and had a blast with you.
Cailana: I really feel a lot better.
Tanya: Hehehe. I'm glad...
Tanya: We're all going to cheer you on and watch your amazing surfing skills.
Cailana: Ahah. You think I'm amazing?
Cailana: I guess I can't let you down then. I've gotta give it my all!
Surfing has allowed Cailana to develop deeper bonds with others and a new sense of calm.
Now the stage is set for Cailana to deliver her best performance yet.