Scenario:Camieux - Fire Flowers in the Sky

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Fire Flowers in the Sky

One of Camieux's old friends, a powdersmith, drops by while she is selling shish kebabs and reveals that he is doing pyrotechnics now. After he goes back to work, a ruffian comes by and stirs up trouble.

During the crew's last adventure, Camieux helped out Kaz by selling shish kebabs at his stand.
Since then, Camieux has helped out at the stand several more times in order to continue building her courage.
Camieux: Shish kebabs! Tasty shish kebabs! Get 'em while they're hot!
Pyrotechnician: Hey there, little lady. Can I get five of those shish kebabs?
Camieux: You got it! Five shish kebabs, coming right up... Hey, wait a sec!
Camieux: I know you! You're that powdersmith! Do you remember me? I'm Camieux, from the gunsmith!
Pyrotechnician: What? Camieux, is that really you? You've grown up so much!
Camieux: I can see you haven't changed a bit! How have you been?
Lyria: Hey Camieux, do you know him? Oh, is he that powdersmith you told us about?
Camieux: Yeah! He's the one that got me interested in gunpowder. And now he's studying under a master!
Pyrotechnician: So, Camieux. What are you doin' selling shish kebabs? And who are your new friends?
Camieux: Umm, it's kind of a long story. B-but nothing bad happened!
Camieux and the young man do some catching up as they excitedly exchange their tales of adventure.
Camieux: I can't believe we're both here! What an amazing coincidence!
Pyrotechnician: Hahaha. Yeah, it really is! I'm normally not around these parts, but today they're holding this fireworks expo.
Pyrotechnician: They asked us to present some of the stuff we've been workin' on. And that's why we're here.
Camieux: Wow, really? So tonight we get to see something you made?
Camieux: Yay! This'll make a great story for my family back home.
Pyrotechnician: Well, I'm basically just the master's assistant at this point. But I'd still be thrilled if you saw our creations.
Camieux: We'll definitely be there! Uh... That's okay, right (Captain)?
Vyrn: Of course! Can't say no to that!
Lyria: Hehe! I'm looking forward to the show!
The crew sees the young man off as he carries the shish kebabs back to his workshop.
Camieux: Shish kebabs! Get some tasty shish kebabs! We've got the best ones around!
Tough Guy: Hey, you there!
Camieux: Gah! Y-y-you surprised me! Welcome!
Tough Guy: Huh? Don't you welcome me! You got a permit to sell those things here?
Lyria: Umm, well, we never really needed one before...
Camieux: Yeah! And I never heard of a permit for shish kebabs!
Camieux: Your turn. Where did you get a permit to collect money around here?
Tough Guy: Don't give me no lip, kid! How about I sell you a knuckle sandwich?
Camieux: Oh y-yeah? Bring it on!

Fire Flowers in the Sky: Scene 2

While in search of a place to sit for the fireworks festival, (Captain) and the crew run into the same ruffian from before. They see him trying to extort money from the locals and step in to stop him.

Tough Guy: Gah! I'm not gonna forget this!
Camieux: Yeah, get outta here! And don't ever come back!
Vyrn: Man, can you believe that guy?
Camieux: I know! We'll have to tell Kaz about this so he can report it.
Lyria: Good idea. Now let's sell the rest of these things and go to that expo!
In anticipation of the fireworks later, (Captain) and company quickly sell the rest of the shish kebabs.
Lyria: Wow... There sure are a lot of people here. We'd better try and stay together.
Camieux: What is it, (Captain)? Oh yeah, we should hold hands so we don't get separated!
(Captain) holds hands with Camieux and Lyria. Together they walk through the crowd and look for a nice place to sit.
Vyrn: Look! There's hardly anyone over there!
Vyrn flies into the air and scopes out a good spot. He starts to guide (Captain) and company toward it.
But just as (Captain) and the girls start toward the spot, they hear a yell coming from the crowd.
Camieux: Gah! W-w-what was that?
Tough Guy: Whaddya think you're doin'? You gotta pay if you wanna use this spot!
Family Man: No way! I've been holding this spot all night.
Tough Guy: Unless you want a fight, you better shut your trap and open your wallet!
Camieux: It's that jerk from before! Is he out causing trouble again?
Camieux: He's gonna get it now! I'm gonna teach him a lesson!
Lyria: Aah! Camieux, you can't fight him alone!
Vyrn: Great. She's always talkin' about how scared she gets, but now she's running out there guns blazing! We better go help her, (Captain)!

Fire Flowers in the Sky: Scene 3

The local security shows up as (Captain) and company finish teaching the ruffian a lesson. Things settle down just in time for the fireworks to begin, during which Camieux does her best to stay calm and enjoy the show.

Tough Guy: Uwah!
Camieux: Maybe now you'll think twice before trying that again!
Just as (Captain) and company finish teaching the ruffians a lesson, the local security shows up.
Security Guard: Sorry we couldn't get here sooner. We were having trouble getting through the crowd. We'll take over from here.
Lyria: Okay! Thank you and good luck!
Pyrotechnician: Hey, Camieux! Oh, so you guys were at the middle of all that ruckus!
Camieux: Huh? What are you doing here? Isn't the show about to begin?
Pyrotechnician: Well, I heard that a certain someone was caught in a sticky situation. I wanted to make sure you were okay.
Camieux: Really? Oh dear. Well, thank you for coming to check on me! I know how busy you are right now.
Pyrotechnician: Hah. I'm just glad you're okay. And it looks like your friends are doing all right too.
Pyrotechnician: I can tell you guys want to keep the peace around here. I think that's great and all, but don't get yourselves hurt, okay?
Pyrotechnician: I know how much your family worries, Camieux, but I can't exactly keep an eye on you. I have to take care of the fireworks.
Camieux: Oh... I'm sorry for making you worry. From now on, I'll be extra, extra careful.
Giving Camieux a pat on the head, the young man goes off to make the final preparations for the show.
Camieux: Sigh... I know I need to be calm, but...
Camieux: For some reason, I still act like such a dummy...
Camieux: Gah!
Lyria: Wow! They're so pretty!
After taking a moment to calm down, Camieux looks up into the sky. In an instant, she too is entranced by the beauty of the fireworks.
Camieux: Wow! Ooo... I don't know if I should be startled by the noise, or if I should be startled by the bright colors...
Camieux: B-b-but anyway, those fireworks sure are great! They're more beautiful than any I've ever seen!
Lyria: Hehe! There's more where that came from!
Camieux: Wow... I hope my heart can take all this!
Vyrn: Haha! You should tell that pyro guy what you think of his work!
Camieux: Y-yeah, you're right! I will!
Though a little frightened by all the noise, Camieux continues to stare right at the fireworks.
She may be getting used to the noise, or she may simply be mesmerized by the fireworks. Either way, she enjoys the show with a smile on her face.
During her time on the shores of Auguste, Camieux has thought a lot about changing herself. For her, this will surely be a summer to remember.