Scenario:Camieux - Mustering Courage

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Mustering Courage

During their journey, the party returns to the factory where they first met Camieux. Camieux's parents welcome them warmly, but a ruffian barges into the workshop and claims their gun went off by itself. When her father points out that the man is lying, Camieux drives away the ruffian along with (Captain) and the others.

In an effort to become braver, Camieux joins (Captain)'s skyfarer group and their adventures.
Since they were in the neighborhood on a mission, (Captain) and company stop by the gunsmith's workshop, which is also Camieux's parents' house.
Camieux: Da... I mean, Big Boss! And Missus Boss!! I'm home!
Master Gunsmith: Oh! Welcome back, Kummy Boy! How've you been? Are you alright? You haven't caught a cold, have you?
Master Gunsmith's wife: Oh come on, dear! I'm sorry (Captain), everyone... We haven't even greeted you yet...
Lyria: Please don't mind us. I'm happy to see you all so happy!
Master Gunsmith's wife: You're so sweet... I'm glad Camieux made such nice friends.
Camieux: Yes'm! They're all very good people, mama!
Master Gunsmith's wife: Hehehe, let us know if you ever need us to take a look at your guns!
Vyrn: Thanks! That's reassuring, right (Captain)?
As the group chats happily together, the door is suddenly slammed open.
Camieux: Aiieeeee?! W-What's your problem, punk?!
Ruffian: Huh?! I'll tell you what my problem is!!
Camieux: Wha?!
Ruffian: You guys sold me a defective product... What kind of sloppy construction is this? It exploded by itself as soon as I used it!
Camieux: Eep?! E-Exploded?!
Master Gunsmith: Ey? I'm very sorry to hear that... Which gun was it? Do ya mind if I take a look?
Ruffian: Sure, it's this one.
Master Gunsmith: Hm, it exploded huh... Let's see here...
Ruffian: Hey! What's the hold up? Where's my compensation?!
Master Gunsmith's wife: And... sir? You said the gun went off by itself after you used it, is that right?
Ruffian: Tch... I already told you! That's right, that's what happened!
Master Gunsmith: Is that so? That's odd. Both your hands look perfectly fine to me!
Camieux: Ah! He's right! If it exploded, you'd have burn marks even under gloves!
Ruffian: Shut up, you little shrimp!
Camieux: I-I won't shut up! Were you planning to extort us? You've got some nerve!
Ruffian: Damn you! You should have shut up and paid me!
Camieux: Whaaaa?! H-H-He drew a weapon!! Y-Y-You're gonna get it now!!

Mustering Courage: Scene 2

Camieux was able to drive away the ruffian, but she criticizes herself for being so timid. She wallows in shame for not seeing through the ruffian's lie, but suddenly hears a noise and discovers the man intruding in their warehouse. As Camieux attempts to save the workshop by herself, (Captain) and the others join in to help her.

Ruffian: You'll pay for this!
Camieux: D-Don't come back here again! Please!
Master Gunsmith: Sigh... What a troublesome customer! Sorry about that, (Captain). Thanks for the help.
Lyria: I'm just glad you two didn't get hurt! Right, Camieux?
Camieux: Y-Yeah!
Camieux: ...
Master Gunsmith's wife: Oh, look at the time! Why don't you have dinner with us?
Vyrn: Heheh! Let's take her up on her offer, (Captain)!
(Captain) and company finish eating, then go out to find Camieux when they realize she's missing.
Camieux: ... Sigh...
Lyria: There! Is that Camieux over there in the shadow?
Vyrn: Oh, you're right! Hey! Camieux!
Camieux: Pyaa?! Why I outta!! Oh, (Captain)... and Lyria, and Vyrn too...
Vyrn: Um... Are you feeling down again? What is it this time?
Camieux: Uuuh... Darn it... I thought I became tougher from my journey with (Captain)...
Camieux: But earlier, I was too scared of that guy to say much...
Lyria: Hmm... He did look pretty threatening. I don't blame you for being startled.
Camieux: It's not just that!
Camieux: It would have been obvious if I stayed calm, but I didn't notice that there were no injuries on his hands...
Camieux: Most of all, I'm ashamed that I didn't trust a product from our workshop...
Lyria: Hmm... Well, that's...
Camieux: Sigh...
Suddenly, they hear a loud sound as if something is being broken.
Camieux: Aiieeee?! W-What was that?! I-It came from our warehouse...
Vyrn: Wait, Camieux! There she goes. Let's go after her, (Captain)!
Ruffian: Tch... They should have just shut their mouths and paid up... Let's see how they like it when I light up their gunpowder!
Camieux: You little jerk! What do ya think you're doin' in our warehouse?!
Ruffian: Hah! You're that scared little brat from earlier. What are you gonna do by yourself? Wanna get hit?!
Camieux: Eep... H-Hit me if you want! But I won't let you do anything to our warehouse!
Ruffian: Heh, I'll beat you to a pulp and make those annoying gunsmiths regret messing with me!
Camieux: I-I won't lose! Bring it on!
Lyria: Oh no! Camieux is getting in a fight with that person from earlier...! Let's help her, (Captain)!

Mustering Courage: Scene 3

The party successfully stops the ruffian. Camieux's parents see that their daughter has matured since joining the skyfarer order. Camieux continues her journey with (Captain) and company to become as brave and strong as she can be.

Camieux, (Captain) and the others stop the ruffian and hand him over to the town guards.
Master Gunsmith: I didn't think he would force his way in through the lock and door... Thanks for the help, everyone.
Vyrn: Heheh! You should thank Camieux. She's the one that ran off by herself and found him first!
Master Gunsmith: What?! You went in by yourself...? That was dangerous! You should have called someone!
Camieux: B-But I was worried someone might have gotten hurt! And there's a lot of gunpowder in that warehouse...
Camieux: I thought that if I at least slowed him down, (Captain) or one of you would come in on time...
Master Gunsmith: But... I just don't want you to get hurt, Kummy...
Camieux: Papa...
Master Gunsmith's wife: Whew... Well, that was a close call, but mama's a little relieved...
Camieux: Mama...?
Master Gunsmith's wife: Hehe... Camieux, you used to clam up when you had trouble saying what you wanted to say.
Master Gunsmith's wife: Mama was worried about you... but you've finally learned to speak your mind to Papa...
Camieux: Mama...! That's right! I learned to say what's on my mind!
Camieux: I became braver on my journey with the skyfarers!
Lyria: Yeah! She gets startled a lot less now, too...
Camieux: Ahhhh?! W-W-What was that noise?!
Gunsmith: Huh? Oh, it's just me. I just came to tell you that nothing was damaged in the warehouse.
Camieux: Auugh... you surprised me... Huh?!
Camieux: I-I got surprised too easily again... Stupid Camieux!
Master Gunsmith's wife: Well... Looks like she has a long way to go. Please take good care of her, (Captain)!
Camieux: Urrrrg! I-I'll try my best! Camieux will be strong!!
Camieux is able to stand up to her fears for her family and friends.
However, her path to becoming bold and fearless is still has a long way to go.