Scenario:Camieux - Timid Workshop Apprentice

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Timid Workshop Apprentice

During their journey, the party undertook a mission from a gun workshop. The party met a young woman named Camieux at the workshop who said that she wanted to stop being so timid. Camieux resolve to join the Order with the backing of our heroes. The master and mistress of the gun workshop sent her off on her journey.

Our heroes undertook a mission to deliver metal that would provide materials for guns to a workshop.
Our heroes were taken through the workshop’s reception room in order to confirm the documents.
???: *Sigh*...
Master Gunsmith's wife: Huh? What's your deal? We have customers here!
???: Ahh?! Ohhh, I'm sorry! WELCOME!
Vyrn: I’m going to butt in here... Could you sign here?
Master Gunsmith: This is good quality. Looks like you can make good products! Right, Kummy!
???: Da... I mean, Boss! You can make such amazing guns!
Master Gunsmith's wife: First you have to revise the paperwork! This is not good, right Skyfarers? She’s so childlike. It will cause trouble.
Lyria: Hahaha... Don't worry about it. It looks like bringing this here has made you pretty pleased.
Master Gunsmith's wife: That was really helpful. Airships require constant maintenance in order to keep moving, right Camieux?
Camieux: Wha?! Hya! What do you want?
Master Gunsmith's wife: I came to see if you maybe could deliver something for me?Just as a one-off deal.
Camieux: Okay! I’ll be back!
Master Gunsmith: Oi! Kummy! Papa...
Master Gunsmith's wife: Now look here! Pampering Camieux won’t do her any good!
Master Gunsmith: Yeah, but she has seemed depressed ever since she came back here from the town.
Master Gunsmith's wife: It’s best to give girls her age some freedom!
Vyrn: Um... How about the documents then?
Master Gunsmith's wife: Yes! Sorry for making you wait. Yes, it’s okay.
Master Gunsmith: Thank you! I will rely on you again if I ever need to!
Lyria: Great! Please consider us!
Camieux: Ugh... I’m such an idiot...
Lyria: Huh? That person in the gunsmith’s workshop seems depressed somehow.
Camieux: Uuh...
Lyria: Right, Miss Camieux? What's the matter?
Camieux: Ahhhh!! What you want with me?! You!
Lyria: Wha...?! Sorry, I got a little mopey there...
Camieux: Ah?! I’m sorry! That caught me off guard...
Camieux: I need to do something about how I get surprised so easily...
Vyrn: What’s wrong? You look depressed. It must’ve been faint that brought us together. Why don’t we talk a bit?
Lyria: That’s right, you might be relieved by talking to others.
Camieux: I’m pleased to hear that.
Camieux: When I was a baby, I was adopted by the Master Gunsmith and his wife.
Camieux: I am actually a Draph, but they raised me exactly the same as they raised my my sister, their heir.
Camieux: My mom, my dad, and my sister took good care of me.
Camieux: So I only naturally came to want to become a gunsmith myself.
Vyrn: I see...! What a nice story!
Camieux: But...
Camieux: Hahaha... But I am very timid and easily startled...
Vyrn: Hm? What do you mean by that?
Camieux: For example, I trained to be the formulator of gunpowder, but I was startled by the sound of explosions...
Vyrn: Well that would be surprising if you’re not used to it... So get used to it already!
Camieux: When I went to the store house to get materials, I was startled by a mouse that appeared, hit my head on the shelf, and collapsed
Lyria: Oh dear... That sounds awful!
Camieux: When someone called out to me from behind when I was formulating gunpowder, I was surprised, dropped the bottle, and broke it.
Camieux: When I testfired a prototype gun, I worried about what would happen, froze up, and couldn’t do it...
Vyrn: It would have been a problem... Gunpowder can produce loud bangs, yes?
Camieux: Yeah! I’m such a knucklehead! Why do I have to be such a loser?
Vyrn: Wha?! All of a sudden you... Now we’re the ones who were surprised!
Camieux: Whoa! Ohhh, I'm sorry! We at the workshop tend to say such things...
Camieux: If I remain like this there’s no way I’ll be able to face my traveling sister.
Lyria: Right, Miss Camieux? That’s why you been depressed all this time? Your parents have been worried.
Camieux: Ah?! Mom and dad?! Ugh... I’m such an idiot...
Camieux: I’m always this bad, but I think I want to improve...
Camieux: I want to try to be more like my sister, but it didn’t go well...
Vyrn: You get along well with your sister, don’t you!
Camieux: My sister is good-looking, cool, kind, and the best sister ever!
Vyrn: I got it now! By the way, just how did you try to emulate her?
Camieux: My sister is a gun designer. She joined an Order in order to see how the guns she made actually felt when used.
Camieux: My sister said that it was good that she joined an Order because it would allow her to have lots of different experiences.
Camieux: And I feel that I wouldn’t be so timid anymore if I had lots of experiences together with Skyfarers...
Vyrn: Yeah, for sure, if you join an Order you can’t be surprised by every little thing!
Camieux: But I wasn’t able to even say a peep to the Skyfarers when they were in town!
  1. But you are talking to some right now
  2. Relying on others won't improve things.

Choose: But you are talking to some right now
Camieux: Wha?! Hey! Ahh! Hmm... Maybe so...
Camieux: Hey! Hey! Hey U-um... Uh... Haha... I’m such an idiot! I can never think of what to say!
Lyria: Please, calm down! Here, take a deep breath.
Camieux: Haaaah...
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Choose: Relying on others won't improve things.
Vyrn: That’s right, only you can change yourself from within! If you don’t realize that, only your surroundings will change, and it will be impossible to make the change you want...
Vyrn: Until now you have been trained by the people in the gun shop, right? You probably had a lot of experiences just like you would in an Order?
Camieux: I... well... H-Hnnng...
Lyria: (Hm... (Captain) and Vyrn don’t usually talk like this...?)
Lyria: (Oh! I see! Maybe they’re doing it on purpose...?)
Continue 1
Camieux: I am so stupid! I’m a worthless little nobody! But I want to change!
Camieux: I want to be an excellent gunpowder chemist and make myself useful to my mother, my father, and my sister!
Camieux: So please, (Captain)! Please let me join your Order!
Vyrn: Well said! We will welcome her aboard, right (Captain)?
Camieux: Truly?! Even someone like me?! You must be kidding... I don’t believe you - you would accept an idiot like me?!
Lyria: Hahaha, Miss Camieux! From now on, we’ll have each other’s backs.
Thus Camieux joined our heroes on their journey as a member of their Order.
Master Gunsmith: Hm... If both my daughters are out traveling... Kummy! Hurry back if something bad happens!
Master Gunsmith's wife: You... Don’t say something so unlucky!
Camieux: Da... Um, Master and Mistress! I’m going to do my best!
Master Gunsmith's wife: Go on your journey, my beloved daughter. And be well!
Camieux: Yes! I’m going to come back after I toughen up and quit being so spineless!
Vyrn: Anyway! Well, it’s time to go, Camieux!
Camieux: Ahhhh?! Oh no, you calling out to me all of a sudden surprised me again! I’m hopeless!
Master Gunsmith's wife: Sigh... Oh, brother. You’ve got a long way to go. Please take good care of her, (Captain)!
Camieux was a timid gunpowder mixer. Would she be able to gain the boldness she desired by joining the Order?
Nevertheless, she had definitely taken the first step to becoming brave.