Scenario:Camieux and Silva - Another Family

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Another Family

Reunited on (Captain)'s ship, Camieux tells Silva how worried they've been at the workshop after not hearing from her in so long. Camieux admonishes Silva to take better care of herself and not be afraid to rely on her adoptive family. Surprised by how much Camieux has grown, Silva decides that the two of them should write a letter to the workshop.

Silva and Camieux have been reunited as members of (Captain)'s crew.
Delighted at their chance reunion, the two decide to talk over some tea.
Silva: Hee hee. The tea is ready. Here you are, Camieux.
Camieux: Thank you! Hee hee. It's been so long since we had tea together!
Silva: And I can't believe we ended up joining the same crew... The world is smaller than I thought.
Camieux: I know! I mean, I'm happy to see you, but it was a big surprise!
Silva: I must admit I was surprised to see you too.
Camieux: Silva, you never come around the workshop anymore. Are you doing okay?
Camieux: I mean... I know you can't go back home anymore, so... Papa's worried, too. We're all worried.
Silva: I'm sorry... Before I joined this crew, I was on a long-term job. I couldn't contact anyone.
Camieux: Oh... Well, if it was a job, I guess that makes sense...
Camieux: But, you know... If you're trying not to be a bother, then stop it!
Silva: Huh? Well, I... I mean...
Silva: When I left my hometown, Papa Gunsmith let me stay at the workshop because he knew my father... Everyone was very kind to me.
Silva: I know I owe a lot to all of you, and I love your whole family. That's exactly why I don't want to be too dependent on you.
Camieux: Urgh... So you were trying not to be a bother? You know Papa and Mama think of you like their own daughter.
Camieux: And of course, me and Cucouroux love you like a sister too!
Camieux: So we don't want you acting like a stranger...
Silva: Camieux...
Camieux: When I don't hear from you, I start to worry that you might be lying somewhere, hurt and crying, you little such-and-such!
Camieux: And I know you're always pushing yourself, so I wonder whether you're getting enough sleep, or eating right!
Camieux: And... And...
Silva: Thank you, Camieux. Hee hee. Look at you, lecturing me like this. I never would have imagined it.
Silva: In my mind, you've always been the little girl tagging along after Cucouroux, peeking out from behind her back.
Silva: You've grown so much... For a minute, I felt like it was one of your parents scolding me.
Camieux: Tee hee hee. I sounded like Mama and Papa? Maybe I am growing up!
Silva: There is definitely a resemblance. You and Cucouroux are both just like your parents.
Camieux: Yay! Heh heh, I have gotten a lot braver since I joined this crew.
Camieux: Yeeeek! Wh-wh-what was thaaaat!
Frightened by a noise, Camieux leaps out of her chair and flings her arms around Silva.
Silva: Oof! It sounded like something fell down.
Silva gently strokes Camieux's hair, then takes the shivering girl outside for a look around.
Lyria: Oh! Hello, Silva and Camieux.
Silva: Lyria? And (Captain). Oh, you were carrying some cargo. That's a pretty big box.
Lyria: Oh, did the noise scare you? I'm sorry, my hand slipped...
Silva: I see... It's not that heavy, but that size is pretty awkward to handle. Why don't we unpack it and split the contents between us?
Camieux: Aye, sir! I'm helping, too!
Lyria: Thank you! That would be great!
Silva: Hee hee, and when we've finished, we can all have some tea together.
Silva: After that, Camieux, I want to write a letter to everyone at the workshop. Will you help me?
Silva: We can tell them all about our crew, and the journey we've been on.
Camieux: Of course! They'll be soooo happy to hear from you!
Silva and Camieux laugh joyfully.
Their sisterly bond will only deepen as they journey together across the skies.