Scenario:Carmelina - A Duo Is Born

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A Duo Is Born

Every day, Carmelina releases the lion from his cage and plays tag with him. Though he is aggressive at first, Carmelina's kindness gradually brings down his guard. During their visit one day, the lion runs off suddenly and leads the crew to the circus venue, where two intruders have been destroying the equipment.

Lion: Grrr...
The lion seems as wary as ever of the crew, growling low in his throat whenever they approach.
Vyrn: Hey, Hoops, how are we supposed to make friends with this guy?
Carmelina: Just like you would with anyone! By having fun together!
Carmelina: Oh, but just in case, you guys should take cover.
Lyria: Did you say, "take cover"?
Carmelina: Yep. 'Cause I'm gonna let him out of his cage.
Vyrn: What! Hey, wait a minute!
Ignoring Vyrn's protest, Carmelina unlocks the door to the lion's cage.
Lion: Grah!
The lion leaps out of the cage and makes a lunge at the nearest person: Carmelina.
Carmelina: Hahaha! I'm glad to see you so energetic!
Carmelina dances out of his way, seeming to read his intentions perfectly.
Carmelina: How about a game of tag, then? Think you can catch me?
Lion: Grrr...
Lion: Rowr!
Carmelina: Hahaha! Missed me! Better luck next time!
Lion: Rargh!
Carmelina: Whoops!
Carmelina: You got close that time!
Carmelina dodges some swipes of the lion's claws and blocks others with her Moon Halo.
Lion: Grrr...
Carmelina: Good boy! Let's go another round, since you're feeling rambunctious!
Lion: ...
Carmelina: Starting to slow down? How about a break and a snack then?
Carmelina offers the lion some food and water.
Lion: Grrr...
Carmelina: Easy, big guy. I wouldn't poison you or anything. It's good, I promise!
Lion: ...
The beast's appetite seems to win out over his trepidation, because he cautiously begins to eat.
Carmelina reaches out to stroke his mane.
Lion: Grrr!
Carmelina: Ahaha... Sorry about that.
Carmelina: We should get to know each other better before I go taking liberties, right?
The next day, Carmelina once again opens the lion's cage.
Carmelina: Let's play, big guy!
Lion: Rowr!
Once again, the acrobat nimbly evades the lion's attacks.
Carmelina: You've got energy to burn! Looks like another game of tag for us.
Vyrn: Wow... She makes running away into an art form!
Lyria: Yeah!
Ulamnuran: Urgh... Gotta show 'em I'm no slouch either.
Ulamnuran wanders off, muttering to himself.
Vyrn: Hey, where ya goin'?
Ulamnuran: To practice, of course! I'm not gonna be outshone on the big day!
De La Fille: Haha. Looks like this is turning into a bit of a competition.
Vyrn: Sure does!
De La Fille: I can't wait for opening night.
Carmelina: You've been such a good boy today. Time for lunch!
Lion: Mrowr!
Carmelina: I got you something special today... Filet mignon!
Carmelina sets out the tender, raw meat.
Lion: Mrow!
Carmelina: Whoa! What a healthy appetite!
Carmelina: Hehe. Enjoy, big guy.
Lion: Mrroww!
Carmelina beams at the beast as he happily tucks into his meal.
Carmelina: How's it taste?
Lion: Mrow!
Carmelina: Hehe. I'll bring you more next time.
Carmelina: Good mooorning! I wanna play a different game today, using this hoop.
Carmelina: If you joooin me, I'll give you something juuuicy!
Lion: Rrow!
Carmelina: Today's special is fish.
Lion: Mrrr...
Carmelina: What, don't you like fish?
Lion: Grrar!
Carmelina: That's no good! If you're a fussy eater, you won't grow up big and strong!
Lion: Grrr...
Carmelina: Don't whine at me like that!
Carmelina: C'mon, say it with me now! Peace! Peeeace!
Every day, Carmelina releases the lion from his cage to play.
Little by little, her kindness seems to be easing the beast's mistrust, at least towards her.
Carmelina: I'm back, big guy! Ready for some fun?
Lion: Mrow!
Carmelina: What shall we play today?
Lion: ...!
Lion: Grrr! Graaar!
Suddenly, the lion roars and runs off.
Carmelina: Whoa! Where are you off to?
Carmelina: Waaait!
Vyrn: What's the matter, Hoops? What're you shouting about?
Carmelina: Nice timing, you guys! I need your help!
Lyria: Huh? What do you need our help with?
Carmelina: Well, y'see... The lion got away.
Vyrn: What!
De La Fille: What did you say? This is terrible... Someone could get hurt.
Lyria: Oh no! We have to find him fast!
???: Gyaaah!
Vyrn: Uh... Don't tell me that scream just now was...
Carmelina: It came from that way! Let's go, (Captain)!
Lion: Grrr...
Shady Seamus: Eek! H-hey! What is he doing on the loose?
Crooked Cavendish: Aaah! How the hell should I know! Let's just get outta here before he eats us alive!
Lion: Graarr!
The lion snarls through bared fangs, then roars and bounds toward the two men.
Crooked Cavendish: Yaaaah!
Carmelina: Stop!
Carmelina cracks her whip, and the lion stops in his tracks.
Shady Seamus: Damn, we've been made! Let's beat it!
Crooked Cavendish: Crap! Let's go!
The moment the lion hesitates, the men flee as fast as their legs can carry them.
Lion: Grooar!
Carmelina: Nooope. Don't even think about chasing them!
Lion: Grrr...
Seemingly out of sorts at losing his prey, the lion bares his fangs at Carmelina.
Carmelina: Don't make that face at me!
Carmelina: We're supposed to be having fun! Peace!
Carmelina starts to pet the lion, regardless of his temper.
Lion: Mrrr...
The lion growls, but doesn't throw off Carmelina's hand.
Carmelina: Good boy, good boy! I'm starting to grow on you, huh?
De La Fille: Huff... huff...
Oh, thank goodness. It looks like no one was hurt.
De La Fille: Phew... Carmelina, please be careful not to let him escape again, all right?
Carmelina: Okay!
De La Fille: Sigh...
Wait. What were those two men doing in here anyway?
Ulamnuran: Huh? Aaah!
Vyrn: Gyah! What're you screaming about all of a sudden!
Ulamnuran: That... Over there...
Vyrn: What? Oh no...
The equipment so carefully assembled for the circus by Christina's staff lies in ruins before the crew's horrified eyes.
Vyrn: Wait, was it those two guys?
De La Fille: At any rate, we need to inform Christy.
(Captain) and the others head to the manager's office to give her the bad news.

A Duo Is Born: Scene 2

Set on sabotaging the circus, the two intruders return, this time intent on kidnapping the lion. The beast will not go quietly, so the two miscreants resort to a whip. Carmelina throws herself between them and takes the lash in the lion's place. Carmelina and the crew decide to teach the two saboteurs—who are the lion's former owners—a lesson for their animal abuse.

Christina: I see.
The crew fills Christina in about the intruders and the broken equipment.
Christina: I didn't think they had the backbone for such open aggression.
De La Fille: You make it sound as if this has happened before.
Christina: Yes... Although it was little more than an annoyance up till now.
Christina: They're getting too bold to ignore.
De La Fille: You're right. If we don't handle this properly, we may not be able to hold the circus at all.
Christina: And I will not allow that to happen.
Vyrn: But what're we gonna do?
Christina: Ha. What do you think? Ferret out the culprits and punish them.
  1. I'll help you catch them.

Choose: I'll help you catch them.
Christina: Haha. Thank you, kitten.
Carmelina: Thanks, (Captain)! I couldn't stand to disappoint our audience!
Carmelina: We're here to make 'em smile!
Christina: Heh. Well said.
Christina: You kittens can patrol the perimeter with the big cat.
Christina: Destroying our equipment is the most efficient way to sabotage this event.
Christina: So I'm sure we'll get a repeat visit from our sneaky friends. And when we do...
Carmelina: We'll nab 'em!
Christina: Precisely. Don't disappoint me.
Christina: Just to be certain, I'll station my underlings all around the area.
(Captain) and the crew head out of the office to suit the action to the word.
De La Fille: Well then, let's head back to the big top.
Lyria: Right!
Lion's Voice: Groaaar...
From a distance, the crew hears the lion's voice. He sounds like he's in pain.
Carmelina: !
In the next moment, Carmelina is tearing off in the direction of that distressed roar.
Vyrn: H-hey! Wait up, Hoops!
Lyria: !
Let's go after her!
Lyria, (Captain), and the others hurry after Carmelina.
Shady Seamus: Hey! Hurry it up!
Crooked Cavendish: Easy for you to say! He isn't a house cat, ya know!
Lion: Grooar!
The two intruders have returned with reinforcements and are trying to rope the lion.
The feline, however, is putting up a valiant fight.
Shady Seamus: Stop struggling, you!
Unable to get the better of the beast, one of the men raises a whip.
Carmelina: No!
Carmelina throws herself in front of the lion, shielding him with her own body.
Carmelina: !
Lion: Grrr?
The lion makes a confused sound, clearly surprised at Carmelina's intervention.
Carmelina smiles and gently pets his mane.
Lion: Mrrr...
Carmelina: Hahaha, I'm fine! What matters is that you're safe!
Carmelina: Yowch. That does sting though.
Shady Seamus: You think you can stop us?
Carmelina: Geez, why are you so tense!
Carmelina: You gotta lighten up! Peace!
Shady Seamus: Shut it!
The hired thug raises his whip once more, preparing to lash Carmelina and her furry friend.
Lion: Groaar!
???: No you don't!
With a masterful twirl, Ulamnuran wraps the tip of the whip around his baton, shielding Carmelina and the lion.
Carmelina: Whoa!
Shady Seamus: No way! How did you block that?
Ulamnuran: Haha. This is nothing to the greatest performer in all the skies!
Vyrn: Hey! Are you okay, Hoops?
Lyria: Oh no! Carmelina, you're hurt...
Carmelina: Ahaha... I'm fiiine. It's just a scratch.
Carmelina: Thanks for saving my skin, Ulam.
Ulamnuran: Hey, that's what friends are for!
Carmelina: Hehehe...
De La Fille: Just who are you people? Why would you do all this?
Ulamnuran: Hey! Look at their hands!
Ulamnuran points beyond the two men trying to wrangle the lion, where their conspirators are frozen in place, still clutching bits of broken circus paraphernalia.
De La Fille: So you're the saboteurs.
Shady Seamus: Damn...
Crooked Cavendish: Say... that Draph and that Harvin are pretty big-time street performers, aren't they?
Shady Seamus: What! Really?
Crooked Cavendish: Yeah... They must be the main attraction of this event...
Shady Seamus: All right, guys—get those two!
Shady Seamus: Won't be much of a circus without their two star performers, now, will it? Nyahaha.
The saboteurs turn toward (Captain) and the crew and ready themselves to attack.
Carmelina: Trying to ruin our circus... Trying to rob all those people of their entertainment... I'll never let you get away with it!
Carmelina: Especially since you bullied my friend here!

A Duo Is Born: Scene 3

Just when the crew thinks the intruders are safely tied up, the two men escape and attack Carmelina. This time, the lion defends her. The saboteurs are recaptured, and the bonds between Carmelina and the lion—whom she names Happy—cemented. On the day of the circus, Carmelina and Happy put on a show to remember.

(Captain) and the others defeat the saboteurs and tie them up.
Vyrn: All right! Now to hand these jerks over to the dealer...
But the men manage to squirm free of their bonds and attempt once again to attack Carmelina.
Vyrn: Huh?
Lyria: Wha!
Surprised by their swift escape, (Captain)'s response is a hair too late.
Shady Seamus: Daaaah! All we need to do is get rid of you!
The man cocks his whip, aiming for Carmelina.
Lion: Graaah!
The lion pushes Carmelina aside, taking the blow in her place.
Shady Seamus: Outta the way, fleabag!
Lion: Grrroooaar!
As the man brandishes his whip, the lion roars and leaps toward him.
Shady Seamus: Aaah! R-run for it!
Crooked Cavendish: Waaaah!
Vyrn: Hey, they're gettin' away!
De La Fille: We can't allow them to escape! After them!
???: Don't worry. They're not going anywhere.
Christina and her guards appear, blocking the intruders' escape route.
Christina: Don't let them get away!
Guard: Yes, Lady Christy!
In no time at all, the guards have rounded up the saboteurs once more.
Shady Seamus: Damn it! Let us go!
Crooked Cavendish: Get your filthy mitts off us!
Christina: You really don't know when to quit.
Get these disgraces out of my sight!
Carmelina: Ah—wait, wait!
Christina: Yes?
Carmelina: I wanna ask them something.
Carmelina: Hey, you guys. How come you're so set on ruining our circus? Everyone's really looking forward to it, you know.
Shady Seamus: Hah, why else? 'Cause we hate the Jewel Resort!
Crooked Cavendish: We were supposed to perform in that circus...
Shady Seamus: Yeah... But then the manager just fired us outta the blue!
Carmelina: Why did she fire you?
Shady Seamus: All we did was put the hurt on some of the staff who didn't know how to listen properly...
De La Fille: Sigh... What else would you expect?
Vyrn: Yeah, that'd do it.
Shady Seamus: What do you know! And to add insult to injury, when we tried to forget our troubles at the tables, we lost our shirts—and they took our lion!
Vyrn: Wait, you're the former owners?
Carmelina: Ohh! Now I get it! So that's why the big guy lost his cool when he saw you.
Shady Seamus: So we decided to ruin the circus before it ever got the chance to open... But then you wouldn't even let us do that!
Vyrn: Ugh... You're a real pair of brats...
Shady Seamus: Shaddap! You have no idea what we've been through!
Carmelina: Geez, you guys really need to de-stress!
Carmelina: If you're always wound up like that, you'll never enjoy life!
Carmelina: This circus should be fun for everyone, and you're missing out on the enjoyment! C'mon, say it with me now: peace!
Shady Seamus: Hah! Like we could enjoy that lousy circus after we got the axe! I hope it's the biggest flop in history!
Carmelina: What a shame... I was hoping I could show you how fun a circus can really be.
Christina: You're wasting your breath reasoning with these lackwits. Are you satisfied?
Carmelina: Yep. That was all I wanted to ask.
Christina nods and orders her guards to haul away the intruders.
Lion: Grrr!
Shady Seamus: Yeek!
Christina: !
But before they can, the lion gives a low growl and again tries to attack his former owners.
Carmelina: Ah-ah-ah!
Lion: Mrrr...
At Carmelina's rebuke, the lion whines but immediately calms down.
Carmelina: If people think you're a bad kitty who scratches, they won't let you perform with me. So be good, okay?
Lion: Mrr...
Carmelina: I'm glad you understand.
Ngh, ouch.
Carmelina grimaces, feeling the sting of the whip wound.
The lion leans in and gently licks the spot.
Carmelina: Meep! H-hey! That tickles!
Christina: Haha... I didn't think that lion could be brought to heel.
Christina: Things are looking up for our circus.
Having said that, Christina marches off her prisoners.
De La Fille: Well, I suppose that's an end to that.
Vyrn: Yeah... But what are we gonna do about the broken equipment?
Carmelina: Hahaha. We can always get new equipment.
Carmelina: And even without it, we could still put on a great show!
Carmelina: Right, Ulam?
Ulamnuran: Sure could. We don't need props to wow our audiences!
Ulamnuran: That's what it means to be a first class street performer!
Carmelina: Yeah! Besides, I used to deal with pranks like these on the daily.
Ulamnuran: Huh?
Vyrn: On the daily? Whaddya mean?
Carmelina: When I was performing at court, worse than this was always happening.
Carmelina: I'd find nails mixed into my food... Or one time someone slipped a poisoned needle into my juice...
Carmelina: That was a close one—the stuff on it would've made me pretty sick.
Carmelina: Luckily I noticed it in time, so all's well that ends well! Hahaha...
Vyrn: How can you laugh about that?
Ulamnuran: Even I never had to put up with anything like that...
Vyrn: Do you think they left you behind because they couldn't get you to quit, no matter what kinda crazy stunts they pulled on you?
Lyria: Ahaha... That's kinda...
(Captain) grimaces at Vyrn's supposition.
Lion: Mrrr...
The lion makes a soft sound and nuzzles up against Carmelina's side.
Carmelina: Yeek! Here now, you. I told you that tickles!
Vyrn: He's really warmed up to you, huh? Just a little while ago he was tryin' to use you as a chew toy!
Lyria: Hehe. I think he realized that Carmelina is looking out for him.
Lion: Row!
As if agreeing with Lyria, the lion makes another sweet sound and cuddles up to the acrobat.
Carmelina: Hahaha! You're just a big softy on the inside, aren't you!
Lion: Purr...
Vyrn: Haha, when he acts like that he just looks like a huge pussycat.
Carmelina: Hehe. He does, kinda.
Carmelina ruffles the lion's mane, happily returning the big feline's affection.
Lion: Row!
Carmelina: Hehe, it really makes me happy to hear you so upbeat, big guy.
Carmelina: Y'know, we really need to give you a name! I can't just keep calling you "big guy."
Carmelina: Hm... Let me see...
Carmelina: What about Happy?
Vyrn: Happy? Why Happy?
Carmelina: Because he's gonna help me put smiles on our audience's faces!
Carmelina: You like it, don't you, Happy?
Lion: Rowr!
Carmelina: You do, don't you? Then that's your name from now on, Happy!
Lion: Mrowr!
Carmelina: So, Happy. You're gonna help us mount the best circus ever, right?
Lion: Rrrowr!
The lion definitely sounds like he's agreeing.
On the day of the circus, Carmelina and Happy put on their performance together.
Carmelina: Here goes, Happy!
Lion: Rooowr!
Carmelibros: Whooo! Carmeliiinaaa!
Carmelina: Time for our big finish, Happy!
Lion: Mrow-row!
The pair swoop in on a flying trapeze.
Carmelina: I'll throw my Moon Halo, and you jump through!
At her instruction, Happy launches himself from the trapeze.
He sails through the air, passing expertly through the center of Carmelina's Moon Halo.
Carmelina: Right behind you!
On the lion's heels, Carmelina jumps from the trapeze, describing a perfect arc through the metal hoop.
Lyria: Waah, I hope they don't fall!
Vyrn: Uh, um, hey! Hoops!
Carmelina: Happy!
Lion: Mrooow!
Happy rights himself in midair, and Carmelina lands on his back. The lion lands gracefully on his paws with his passenger safe and sound.
Carmelina: Great job!
Carmelibros: Yeeaah! Carmelinaaa!
Vyrn: That was amazing!
Lyria: Waaaah, you two were incredible!
Carmelina: Hehe. Look, Happy. Look at all the smiles on their faces.
Lion: Rowr!
Carmelina: Mmm... No matter how much I perform, this is still the ultimate high.
Carmelina: Ahh... It's the best!
Carmelina is transported by the adulation of the crowd and the adrenaline of the performance.
Carmelina: I wonder if (Captain) and the others'll be tempted now.
Carmelina: I reeeally hope so.
Carmelina: Then Happy and I, (Captain), Lyria, and the whole crew can put on a circus together!
Carmelina beams with happiness as she imagines the crew's future as a traveling circus troupe.
She believes she can bring that dream to fruition.
And so Carmelina vows to try even harder to awaken her friends to the glamor and excitement of the performing arts.