Scenario:Carmelina - Disorder and Peace

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Disorder and Peace

In a street corner in town, (Captain)'s party met an acrobat named Carmelina. She had all the men of the town entranced by her incredible performance. (Captain) and companions were also completely captivated by the act. Speaking with Lyria and Vyrn after the performance ended, Carmelina discovered that they may have the makings of street performers. Having developed a strong interest in the two, she asked to join (Captain)'s party.

(Captain)'s party came across a town during their travels. Tired from their long journey, the party looked for somewhere to stay.
Men's voices: Yeaaaaaaaaaah! Carmeliiiina!
Vyrn: Whaa?! What was that?! There's no way a human can do that!
Katalina: I think we need to find out exactly what's going on here. Let's go, (Captain)!
The party ran in the direction of the voices. And soon saw the crowd of people.
Men: Yeaaaaaaaah! Carmeliiiina!
The gathered crowd of ruffians was shouting, overcome with emotion. A woman's face could be seen in the middle of the crowd.
???: ......
Katalina: Those men... what are they planning on doing?!
Rosetta: So flighty, she's a bit of a dreamer, wouldn't you say?
Vyrn: For some reason they just won't leave her alone! Hey! You! Get away from her!
???: Everyone! Thanks for coming today! Peace out!
Men: Yeaaah!
???: You want to see me perform...?
Men: YES!
???: You don't get tired of watching it every day...?
Ruffian 1: Hehe... that's a silly question!
Ruffian 2: Ahh! I don't know why, but ever since we met you Carmelina, we've finally come together!
Carmelina: Wow, I'm so happy! Thanks everyone! Yeaaah!
Men: Yeaaaaaaaaaaah! Carmeliiiina!
Vyrn: Huh? What's this?
Lyria: Amazing... everyone is in perfect unison...
Katalina: It feels like the world I never knew is opening up in front of me.
Carmelina: Hehe! Sorry for the wait, everyone! So, let's get on with the normal performance!
Carmelina: Watch closely everyone! Watch my Moon Halo! The outside is constantly moving, but the center is still! It's iiincredibly dangerous!
Carmelina: So, now I'm going to... throw it upwaaards! Go!
She threw the Moon Halo up as high as she could, before jumping up after it.
As the Moon Halo came down, somersaulting like a flipped coin, she smoothly dived through its center without a scratch.
Katalina: No way! H-how?!
Vyrn: Wow... that girl's got skill...
Catching the Moon Halo in midair, Carmelina make a perfect landing before smoothly rising into a finishing pose.
Carmelina: A great success! Yeah!
Lyria: Wowww! Incredible!
Men: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah! Carmeliiiina!
Following this, she carried on with a series of unbelievable performances, drawing even greater applause with each one.
(Captain) and companions were completely captivated, unable to take their eyes off her for even a moment.
Carmelina: Thanks again, everyone! Yeah!
Men: Yeaaaaaaaaaah! Carmeliiiina!
Vyrn: Wow... that was incredible! I swear my jaw just fell right open!
Katalina: Agility, flexibility and acute vision... she's got it all, far beyond that of a normal person. Hehe... I'm just a little bit jealous!
Lyria: Ah, Carmelina is coming over!
Stopping to exchange words with members of the audience and receive tips as she passed, Carmelina slowly approached where (Captain) and companions were standing.
Imperial Soldiers: ...... ......
Katalina: !!! Imperial soldiers!
Vyrn: Wha!? What are they doing here?! We should get outta here...
Katalina: Wait a minute, they don't seem to have noticed us yet. With so many people, it should be pretty hard to pick us out.
Katalina: But be prepared, just in case. Lyria, hide.
Lyria: O-OK...!
Making sure that Lyria was well hidden in the center of their group, (Captain)'s party quietly discussed how to deal with the Imperial soldiers.
Imperial Soldier 1: Pardon me. So, Miss Carmelina, you're the famous acrobat.
Imperial Soldier 1: Everyone's been talking about you. When I heard you were performing here I just had to come and see you.
Carmelina: Really? Waa... so happy!
Carmelina: But I'm sorry... I need to finish up for today.
Imperial Soldier 1: Is that so? What a shame, just when I was finally able to get some leave as well... never mind.
Imperial Soldier 1: Hey, you, we're going. Excuse us, Miss Carmelina.
And so just as the Imperial soldiers turned to leave, Carmelina grabbed the hand of a soldier, causing them to stop in their tracks.
Carmelina: But! B-But! But! W-will... will you come again?
Holding the soldier's hand between both of hers, Carmelina looked at him with teary eyes and begged. Staring straight ahead, the Imperial soldier...
Imperial Soldier 1: Aaah!
Carmelina: You too!
Imperial Soldier 2: Huh?! But of course!
Carmelina: You too?
Imperial Soldier 3: Nngh...! Of course!
Ruffian 1: Ah! It's Carmelina's special move!
Ruffian 2: Ah. No man can stand up to that.
Imperial Soldier 1: L-let's move! Let's get back to our mission!
Vyrn: Hahaha! Those Imperial soldiers are totally in love with her! That girl is amazing!
Katalina: Y-yes, she really is... you might say shrewd, or clever...
Rosetta: Wrong. She's just a natural. She's not even trying. She's scary.
Carmelina: Ah! It's your first time here, isn't it? How was it? My performance, I mean.
Katalina: It was incredible. I couldn't tear my eyes away... Oh yeah, (Captain), we should leave a tip...
  1. I'd give her everything I own!
  2. Including the shirt off my back!

Choose: I'd give her everything I own!
Katalina: Right? It was amazing!
Carmelina: Ehehe... your thanks is more than enough!
  1. Even your last penny wouldn't be enough!
  2. Just joking!

Choose: Even your last penny wouldn't be enough!
Katalina: This is bad... this is for real! I'm gonna stop you (Captain)! Going to need to drag you away...!
Rosetta: I guess it can't be helped. We need to make sure we've got enough money for somewhere to stay tonight.
Lyria: Jeez! What's everyone doing?!
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Choose: Just joking!
Katalina: Jeez... don't surprise me like that!
Rosetta: Hehe... I felt like that too. It was wonderful acting.
Lyria: Yeah! I was really impressed!
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Choose: Including the shirt off my back!
Katalina: W-wait up a minute, it's not like we don't have the money for it...
Vyrn: Yeah, don't be so stingy!
Carmelina: Ehehe, it's fine. But if you want to...
As she spoke, Carmelina took (Captain)'s hand and brought it close to her face.
Staring straight at her like, (Captain) became completely unable to move.
Vyrn: H-hey... you're totally spacing out, you ok? (Captain)?
Rosetta: Even (Captain) is completely entranced by her... she really is a scary kid.
Carmelina: Hey, if you come to watch another time, it would make me super happy!
(Captain) immediately agreed, nodding with a stupefied grin. And then...
Lyria: Yeah! No way we'd miss it! I thought it was amazing!
Continue 1
Carmelina: Whoa!!! Where... ?! Where did you come from?!
Vyrn: Jeez... suddenly appearing like that would surprise anyone, even this girl, ya know...
Lyria: Ehehe... sorry.
Carmelina: You surprised me... say, what was that you did just now? What was it?!
Lyria: Ehehe... what did we do...?
Vyrn: A lot happened just before. It was a difficult time...
Carmelina: Hey... if you look really closely, you look like... a talking... lizard?! Strange animal! A strange animal!
Vyrn: What?!? Hey, lizard or not, I'm not an animal!
Carmelina: A talking lizard and a ghost! I've never seen an acting combo like that before! Hey, I don't suppose you've come to scout me, have you?
Katalina: Uh, no... we're just a skyfarer order... we're not recruiting performers or anything like that...
Carmelina: What a waste... what a waste!! Not showing off this talent to people is such a waste!
Vyrn: You might say that, but we don't really want to get ourselves noticed.
Carmelina: Ah... you're shy... it's still a waste!
Carmelina: I know! Hey, would you guys travel around with me for a while?
Carmelina: We could travel around to different towns and do performances! It'll be really fun!
Vyrn: Uh, well... ya see, we really can't stand up and perform in front of people...
Carmelina: It'll be alright! I'll perform in town, and you guys could just watch along with everyone else in the audience!
Carmelina: If you can just see the looks on the audience's faces, I think you'll come to understand what I mean!
Carmelina: Do you like surprising people? I love it!
Carmelina: When people see my performances... first they're a bit apprehensive, then they really get into it! And then they start smiling and just enjoy the performance!
Carmelina: If we were to perform together... I'm sure we'd make the big time! How about it? How about it?
Vyrn: Hmm... well, ya see, we've got somewhere we need to be.
Vyrn: Even so... why is a girl like that performing on her own?
Vyrn: Talking about the big time... was that sarcasm...
Carmelina: No... actually, before I was part of a clown troupe that performed for the court...
Carmelina: We came here on a trip, and then they just left me behind! No one came back to look for me! Hehe!
Rosetta: I see... you've got a really outgoing personality and outstanding acting... Do you think that might have made someone jealous?
Carmelina: And so I ended up performing on a street corner, I really like it, but...
Carmelina: Sometimes I really miss the amazing cooking at the castle!
Lyria: A-amazing cooking...?
Carmelina: You want to go to a dinner at the castle? Ehehe... well, isn't that what every girl dreams of?
Lyria: Because... I'm a girl? Um... yes! Exactly! Yes, that's exactly what I want!
Lyria: I-I want... I want to try doing the things normal girls do!
Katalina: Y-yes, Lyria! I get what you're feeling! I'm ok with her joining us...
Katalina: But, normal girls don't really go to castles and do street performances... they do lots of... I think you might have it slightly wrong...
Carmelina: This is one of the shortcuts to the castle! If you don't want to go, you can just say so!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's eat at the castle! That's what normal girls want to do! Let's go!
And so Carmelina, the acrobat that loved to surprise people, joined the order
As she left the island, the shouts of the men who had come to see her off could be heard ringing out behind them.