Scenario:Carren - Duties as Acting Captain

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Duties as Acting Captain

Carren joins (Captain)'s order of skyfarers, and accepts a mission from the Knickknack Shack as the acting leader for the day. The party set out to find the pirates' airship to get the stolen goods back for the client.

Inspired by skyfarers, Carren joins (Captain) and company to become one herself.
Hoping to eventually become a leader of skyfarers, she grabs (Captain)'s sleeve one day and starts pestering him.
Eugen: What's going on? What are you bugging the leader for, Carren?
Carren: Ah! Eugen! Help me convince him. I want to be the acting leader of the skyfarers!
Eugen: Huh? Are you troubling the leader with your nonsense again?
Carren: I'm not troubling you, right, (Captain)? I'm pretty trustworthy, right?
Carren: Come on, why not? Pleeease! I can do missions too! I want to do leader things! Come oooon!
Eugen: Oh for crying out loud... Hey, (Captain). She's not gonna give up until you let her do it.
  1. Fine, I'll leave it to you.
  2. Carren can't handle it.

Choose: Fine, I'll leave it to you.
Carren: Yay! Don't worry, you know how good I am! You can leave everything to me!
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Choose: Carren can't handle it.
Carren: You don't know that until we try! Why nooot?! I wanna I wanna! Let me let me let meee! *Screech*
Eugen: Good grief... She's not gonna back down until we agree...
Eugen: Hey (Captain). Do you think you could let her try it just this once? Maybe she'll understand how hard it is.
Continue 1
Carren: I'm Carren! As you now know, I've been elected to be the acting leader for the day!
Carren: Oh, there's no time to lose! I need to go get some missions! As the acting leader, that is!
Eugen: All right, we'll leave it up to you! There she goes... I wonder if she can handle it?
Carren headed to the Knickknack Shack and picked up a mission right away.
Carren: And so I, the acting leader, Carren, accepted a mission for us!
Eugen: Oh, not bad. So? What kind of mission?
Carren: Well, the request was made by a merchant that had his merchandise stolen by pirates.
Carren: Our mission is to get those goods back.
Carren: They gave me a description of the pirates' airship! We're gonna head out right away! Follow me, men!

Duties as Acting Captain: Scene 2

(Captain) and company successfully cornered the pirates with Carren's help. However, the pirates continue to resist by playing their trump card and releasing monsters on the party.

Carren: Don't think you can get away! Hand over the goods, or we'll bring down your whole airship!
Pirate: Damn that woman! Is that the leader of those skyfarers?!
Carren: ...! Hey, did you hear that? (Captain)! I'm being a leader!
Carren: I knew I could do it! Looks like things are going my way! Alright, let's get this mission over with!
Henchman: Ahhhhh! Hot! It's hot! What's with that flaming sword?! It's too much...
Carren: Have a taste of my magic sword and atone for your crimes!
Carren: Hmph! Now, surrender and hand over the merchandise!
Pirate: We have no choice... Hey, open the cage! Sic the monsters on 'em and let's get out of here!
Carren: Whoa...?! They had a trick up their sleeve?!
Monster: Groooaargh!
Carren: Hmph! Don't underestimate the (acting) leader! You won't get away from me! Let's go, (Captain)!

Duties as Acting Captain: Scene 3

(Captain)'s party retrieves the merchandise and successfully completes the mission. They even manage to get a bigger reward than normal thanks to Carren's negotiating. The party was surprised by Carren's abilities, and her day as the acting leader ends in a great success.

Carren: Oh good, the merchandise is safe! Now, put your hands where I can see 'em!
Pirate: This isn't over! Next time I see you...
Carren: Hmph. We won't be meeting again. I'm taking you in to the town guards.
And so, (Captain)'s party successfully completed their mission under Carren's leadership.
Carren: ... And here's the reward for completing this mission! Come on Eugen! Hold up the bag!
Eugen: Huh? What? Don't make an old man work like... whoa, that's heavy!
Eugen: What's going on? This is a big reward for just capturing some pirates...
Carren: Well, the client seemed rich, so I thought I'd negotiate for better pay!
Eugen: Hey... don't tell me you threatened them...
Carren: Of course I didn't!
Carren: I only act that way to (Captain) anyway. ... and maybe to Eugen and Rackam.
Carren: Hey, let's all go eat something tasty! It's on me! Okay?
Eugen: Hah! Looks like I underestimated Carren...
Eugen: Haha! She's good with money and has negotiation skills... She might do well with her own order of skyfarers.
Eugen: She did well. I'm impressed! I can't say this to her face because she'll get carried away though.
Carren: Hey! Come on! You're too slow, (Captain)! What are you doing?
Carren: I'm gonna eat till I'm full!
Carren: You're coming too, Eugen! I'll treat you to that drink you've been wanting!
And so, Carren's day as the acting leader ended in a great success.
Through her travels, Carren will surely improve her skills and become a first-class skyfarer.