Scenario:Carren - Longing for Adventure

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Longing for Adventure

One day, an energetic girl named Carren came aboard the Grandcypher. Carren claimed that she had grown bored with her days spent engaged in nothing but research as a mage, and now wanted to become a Skyfarer and travel the world. Eugen was a relative of Carren and could not leave her behind. Thus Carren joined our heroes on their journey.

One day, after completing a mission, something happened as the the party boarded the Grandcypher and was about to happen.
Rackam: Shall we take off then? Call for us if something happens in the engine room.
Something happened when Rackam headed for the engine room and tried to start the airship’s drive...
Girl's Voice: Waaait!
Eugen: Shut up... What? That girl?
???: Wait! Isn’t there someone called Eugen in this order?!
Eugen: Hm? I am Eugen, but...
???: For real?! I am Carren Estapera!
Eugen: Ho...?! Estapera? A second cousin?
Rackam: Hey hey... You know this girl?
Eugen: Based on her apparent age, I think she might be either the daughter of a second cousin or perhaps their grandchild.
Eugen: What do you want?
Carren: I actually have a favor I would like to ask you, Eugen...
Thus the party would hear of the life story of the girl who called herself Carren.
Carren: I would like to see the world! However, my parents want me to take up the family business...
Carren: My family have been mages for generations, but I feel I have been doing nothing but research forever...
Eugen: I see. So you’re sick of being cooped up inside all the time
Carren: That’s right! I like to be active outdoors! Therefore I definitely think that I am cut out to be skyfarer!
Carren: Hey, my relative is a skyfarer! He does so with this island as his base of operations! I am cut out for skyfaring I’m sure!
Carren: Don’t get me wrong, I also think that magic research is important. But as far as I’m concerned, becoming a skyfarer and visiting various worlds is more important to me!
Carren: And the wealth of knowledge I would gain from this might be useful in my magic research? Nonetheless my parents say tell me to give up on that because it’s too dangerous...
Rackam: I see... Still, it ain’t easy being a skyfarer. Being one puts you in all kinds of dangerous situations...
Carren: I’m fine with that! Swordsmanship is my specialty! With my combination of sword and sorcery, I can take on four or five ruffians at once!
As she said this a vivid red flame swirled around her unsheathed sword, wrapping around the blade like a snake.
Rackam: Whoa. . That’s amazing...
Carren: I can take care of myself... I have what it takes to be a skyfarer, and I think I’m on the right track.
Carren: I will become a skyfarer, and travel to so many places...
Carren: I will complete missions, and eat delicious foods from exotic islands... And maybe buy some cute clothes too, heehee...
Rackam: Hey hey... Have you confused our journey with sightseeing?
Rackam: Ack... Even her parents were opposed...
Eugen: But she won’t listen even if they tell her to stop...
Eugen: Oh well. Time for you to go home, Carren.
Carren: No way! I don’t want to go back!
Leaving the party behind in the Grandcypher, Eugen dragged Carren by the hands to her parents’ house.
A little bit later...
Carren: Hehehe... I’m home!
Rackam: Hm? Didn’t you go back home?
Carren: That’s what you told my parents!
Carren: It’s a good thing my parents were also acquaintances of you! I was somehow able to get permission to go on an adventure!
Eugen: Good grief. Well, on the condition that I look after you.
Rackam: Hey, now! Are you serious?
Eugen: When I look at Carren I am reminded of my own daughter’s rebellious phase.
Eugen: It can’t be helped. It’s obvious if that if I just leave this tomboy go at her age it won’t result in anything good.
Carren: What? Eugen, did you say something?
Eugen: Hm? It’s nothing. Introduce yourself (Captain). He’s our Captain.
Eugen: Do you mind if I take off with Carren afterwards? I can’t just let her go off on her own.
  1. Do what you have to do
  2. First you have to clean up the deck

Choose: Do what you have to do
Carren: Hahaha! Yay! Nice to meet you, Captain!
Eugen: Hey, that went well. Sorry about everything, (Captain). I owe you one.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: First you have to clean up the deck
Carren: What?! You’re going to make me clean all of a sudden, without even a welcoming party?!
Eugen: Hahaha! I got her to do it! Now try to focus on your cleaning!
Continue 1
Carren: So you are the captain? Aren’t you about the same age as me?!
Carren: Since you were in charge of Eugen’s group I figured you would be a more sinister chap!
Eugen: Hm? Say what?! A sinister chap?!
Carren: Yeah, with an eye-patch, scary looking, and brawny! No matter how I look at you, you look like a boss of knaves, Eugen!
Eugen: Aah!
Rackam: Ahahaha! Hey, looking like this serves (Captain) well!
Carren: I’m amazed that you’re a captain at your age... Maybe some day soon it will be my turn to be a captain!
Eugen: Hey hey... It’s a little soon for you to be saying that...
Carren: Yeah... That's right. Right now I should focus on being the captain’s agent!
Eugen: Good grief... You just don’t get it do you...
Thus yet another new member joined (Captain)’s order.
Even while the party was feeling a bit uneasy about the girl calling herself an agent of the captain immediately after joining, the Grandcypher lifted off for the skies.