Scenario:Cassius - After the Fall

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After the Fall

Cassius needs provisions in order for his body to recover from its injuries, so Beatrix readily offers him the bread she gets as a stipend. Cassius finds Beatrix's actions to be highly illogical, but at the same time it piques his interest in skydwellers.

Cassius: ...
Cassius is seriously injured crash-landing onto Moon Sliver.
He agrees to follow the crew at their behest, but he's in constant pain from his injuries.
Cassius: (My body is damaged in multiple places. Luckily blood loss was staunched before it could exceed ten percent.)
Cassius: (Those emergency measures have stabilized afflicted areas. Now I can focus on recuperation. However...)
Beatrix: Does it still hurt?
Cassius: It's nothing.
Beatrix: Yeah, I don't know about that. Your face tells a different story. C'mon, you can be straight with me.
Cassius: ...
Cassius relents after realizing that he has unconsciously given himself away.
Cassius: I lack iron.
Beatrix: Huh? Iron?
Cassius: Proteins, calcium carbonate, silicon, lipids. Furthermore—
Beatrix: Wait, wait, wait! Let me get this straight. Iron and proteates? Carbonics? What do you need all that stuff for?
Cassius: Oral intake of the aforementioned resources is required to repair damaged tissue. I need to find these provisions.
Beatrix: What the heck are you talking about?
Beatrix: Oh! Maybe you're hungry! Is that it?
Cassius: Hunger is not a prerequisite for eating.
Beatrix: Haha! Getting your appetite back is a good sign! And I've got just the thing!
Beatrix rummages through her pouch.
Beatrix: Here you go. This bread'll do you some good.
Cassius: ...!
Beatrix: It's my pay from the higher-ups. Gobble it down and you'll feel good as new. Plus your injuries will heal faster. Try it.
Beatrix stuffs the large loaf of bread into Cassius's hands.
Cassius: I don't understand. Why are you giving your rations to a complete stranger?
Beatrix: Huh? Um... I don't like to ignore people who are down on their luck I guess.
Cassius: This arrangement imparts no benefit to you. It is a highly illogical action.
Beatrix: Excuse me? Life isn't just about profiting, you know.
Beatrix: Anyway, as long as you make a quick recovery, that's more than enough for me.
Cassius: I see.
Cassius hasn't lost his skepticism but accepts the bread nonetheless.
Cassius: Mm... Mm...
Cassius: (No hint of poison.)
Cassius: (Comprised of wheat and oils, and fortified with healthy quantities of nutrients. I can see how this will shorten my convalescence.)
Beatrix: Whoops, almost forgot the best part. It tastes even better with strawberry jam!
Beatrix again reaches into her pouch and pulls out a small glass jar.
Cassius: Strawberry... jam?
Beatrix: Oh, do you like it?
Cassius: Frankly this is my first encounter with jam. Luxury items are only awarded to designated individuals.
Beatrix: You're kidding me! It's only strawberry jam! And you've never even seen it before?
Lyria: Just where were you living before, Cassius?
Cassius: ...
Cassius: All I can tell you is that we are compensated based on our contributions.
Lyria, Vyrn, Beatrix: ...
Vyrn: Hmm... He really doesn't wanna give the deets about where he's from.
Lyria: Mm-hm.
You just worry about eating your fill, Cassius.
Cassius: ...?
Cassius seems intent on dodging this topic. Thus the conversation takes an unexpected turn.
Beatrix: So, um, I've got other flavors too! Like blueberry, tangerine, apple... Let's use all of them!
Cassius: Okay.
Beatrix produces jar after jar from her pouch and starts slathering the bread with preserves.
Vyrn: Whoa... That thing's more jam than bread...
Beatrix: Heheh. This ultimate sandwich can even unclog those pangs of guilt you get in your chest when you blow a mission!
Cassius: ...
(It has stress-relieving properties?)
Cassius stuffs the bread, which buckles under the weight of quivering jam, into his mouth without question.
Cassius: Very sweet.
Vyrn: I told her that was too much.
Cassius: No, this is acceptable.
Beatrix: I know, right? The best cure to a problem is a big dose of all the spreads! I've got honey too, if you want some.
Cassius: ...
Cassius's nod does all the talking for him.
Beatrix: Haha! We've got a heavyweight here!
Cassius: (On the moon, only provisions of the highest grade would have such high sugar content.)
Cassius: (So this is what is consumed by the upper echelons. Fascinating.)
The bread doesn't stand a chance against Cassius.
Cassius: (Elevated heart rate and rising body temperature confirmed. These nutrients must be given time to be properly absorbed. Focus on resting.)
And so Cassius closes his eyes.
Vyrn: Wow. Lights out right after the last bite.
Vyrn: You gonna pull through this, Blue? He ate your food.
Beatrix: Yeah. I'm used to going without a thing to eat!
Beatrix: Actually this is just like the time Zeta and I first met. Only she was the one feeding me, and it ended up in a fight.
Vyrn: Uh... How do you go from someone sharing food with you to having a fight? What happened?
Beatrix: I mean, the way she looked at me when she handed it over, anyone would take it the wrong way!
Beatrix: But that was then, and this is now. Consider it my way of making up for the past! Aaah, it feels good to get that off my chest!
Cassius: (To feel elation at giving away one's own sustenance is utterly illogical. I understand now why the higher-ups need to know about these people.)
Cassius: (They defy rationality with irrationality. They can defeat automagods.)
Cassius: (The people of Fossil are most fascinating...)
This is the last thought in Cassius's mind before his consciousness drifts away.