Scenario:Catherine - In the Rick of Time

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In the Rick of Time

Just as Catherine opens the door to her cafe, a troubled Rick comes in complaining about a group masquerading as Nightsmoke. The crew agrees to help him with any heavy lifting, and Catherine agrees to escort him to a boutique where the thieves may be.

Catherine not in crew

The crew once accompanied a detective named Rick who was pursuing Nightsmoke, an infamous master thief.
Detective Rick: When he's involved, the evidence, stolen goods, and the thief himself all vanish into the night like smoke. Hence the name.
Midway through their investigation, the crew was ambushed by Nightsmoke.
But they mounted a counterattack, buying them enough time to escape.
???: Eek! Ah!
Mid-dash, (Captain) found a pendant with the name "Catherine" carved lightly into its surface.
???: Drat...
It was the only physical evidence the infamous Nightsmoke had ever left behind.
A few days afterward, Rick visited a certain cafe, where he confided in a waitress about his botched job.
Rick introduced her to the crew as Cathy, although, unbeknownst to him, her real name is Catherine.
Cathy: Oh... um... Welcome. Please come in.
It was in that moment that (Captain) had an epiphany—this unassuming waitress was the master thief Nightsmoke.
Her true identity discovered, Catherine threatened (Captain)'s life and forced her way into the crew.
Catherine: I don't want word getting out about me. Which means I have to keep an eye on you.
After becoming a fixture aboard the Grandcypher, the crew quickly learned Nightsmoke's true nature.
However, Rick continued to search for the master thief, never realizing she had been under his nose all along.
One day a tired Rick enters the Kitten Cafe, Catherine's establishment.
Detective Rick: Ah, just my luck... Why does stuff like this always happen to me...
Lyria: Why, hello!
Vyrn: Look what the cat dragged in. It's Detective Bungler.
Detective Rick: B-Bungler? Y-you could just call me Rick, you know...
Detective Rick: And why are you here anyways?
Cathy: Hehe. Come now. They're just here to help me.
Detective Rick: Since when? Oh, but then again, it must be tough running this place all by yourself.
Rick decides there isn't anything suspicious about the crew's presence and takes a seat. Then he takes a deep breath and sighs.
Detective Rick: Being alone is so hard... So hard...
Cathy: What's wrong, Rick? You seem really down today.
Detective Rick: Oh, Cathy... You don't know the half of it. Woe is me...
Cathy: What happened? Let me be your shoulder to cry on.
Detective Rick: I'll... tell you everything... I'm at a standstill with the SBI, and it's making me an outsider.
Detective Rick: They'll probably demote me to some small office over in North Vast.
Vyrn: What! What'd you do now?
Detective Rick: It wasn't my fault... To start from the beginning, I've been hunting a group of thieves known as Nightsmoke.
Cathy: A group? I thought Nightsmoke was the crook you've been chasing for quite some time.
Cathy: Are you saying that Nightsmoke isn't one person, but a band of thieves?
Detective Rick: That's not what I'm saying. From where I stand, Nightsmoke is an individual.
Detective Rick: I think this group is using his name. In other words, they're fakes.
Vyrn: Really? You sound pretty convinced of your theory.
Detective Rick: It's obvious when you look at their work. The traces they leave behind are completely different from the real Nightsmoke.
Cathy: Is that so?
Detective Rick: I've been after Nightsmoke for so long now that I know his methods in and out. Means I can spot a cheap imitation from a mile away too.
Detective Rick: But my superiors think this group must be the real deal—just because they use white smoke and other trickery similar to Nightsmoke.
Detective Rick: I've told them over and over again, "C'mon, you guys, Nightsmoke's still out there. Lemme after him!"
Detective Rick: Headquarters didn't take kindly to that. They said if I can't prove these other guys are phonies, then I'm wasting the SBI's time. And that means demotion.
Detective Rick: Sigh... I don't have much time left to make my case either. Just my luck...
Cathy: Rick, don't let it get you down. Isn't there something you can do to prove that they're not affiliated with the real Nightsmoke?
Detective Rick: Of course, if I could just catch that group, then I'm sure I'd be able to make my point.
Detective Rick: I even know where their next target is and everything...
Detective Rick: But... I...
Cathy: But what? What's getting in your way?
Detective Rick: I'm not good with the rough stuff. How do I apprehend them by myself, without any backup from the SBI?
Vyrn: Dude... Get a grip. It's your job to bag the bad guys, isn't it?
Detective Rick: Easier said than done... Remember that I needed your help last time to do anything meaningful...
Detective Rick: Wait! That's it! I need your help! (Captain), what do you say?
  1. Sure thing.
  2. I dunno...

Choose: Sure thing.

Vyrn: Yeah! We can't just let the baddies run around town.
Lyria: Agreed! If we put our heads together, we can catch any villain!
Cathy: Hehe. What a dependable bunch. It seems it's your lucky day, Rick.
Detective Rick: Thank you! You have no idea what this means to me!
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Choose: I dunno...

Detective Rick: Hey, come on now... Don't say that... I'm gonna be sent to North Vast...
Detective Rick: If that happens, I won't be able to come to Cathy's Kitten Cafe! I need this place!
Detective Rick: Please, (Captain). I'm begging you...
Vyrn: Stop groveling already. (Captain)'s just kidding, you know?
Detective Rick: What? Really?
Cathy: (Captain). Don't tease Rick. No matter how cute he is.
Detective Rick: Oh man, can't believe I fell for it... Ahaha...
Detective Rick: So you'll help me after all?
Detective Rick: Thank you! You have no idea what this means to me!

Continue 1

Detective Rick: All right. Let's get to catching these guys! Come on!
Rick rushes toward the door but soon comes to an abrupt halt and drops to his knees.
Lyria: Oh no! What's the matter, Rick?
Detective Rick: There's still one problem... I just remembered...
Cathy: Hm... It must be something big. Why don't you tell us about it?
Detective Rick: It's about their next target location. I want to do some scouting...
Detective Rick: But there lies the problem: it's a high-end boutique...
Vyrn: And? What's wrong with that?
Detective Rick: Everything! Don't you get it?
Rick's face turns red with embarrassment as the crew grows more puzzled.
Cathy: Rick, have you never been inside a boutique before?
Detective Rick: Manly man like me? I wouldn't be caught dead going into one alone!
Vyrn: Uh... What?
Detective Rick: You know what I mean... It's full of women's... undergarments...
Cathy: I get it. You're dejected because this place seems like a pretty big obstacle to completing your investigation.
Cathy: Hehehe... You're just the same as always. Hehe. So cute...
Detective Rick: What?
Cathy: You know, it's not so uncommon for a man to go into a high-end boutique alone.
Detective Rick: A-are you serious? Is that really okay?
Detective Rick: Then maybe I'll be fine.
But on the other hand, argh, it just seems so embarrassing...
Cathy: Hehehe... I guess you really do need my help. Why don't I go with you?
Detective Rick: What! Are you sure, Cathy?
Cathy: Why not? It would be nice to go window shopping. Or would you rather not have me along?
Detective Rick: Are you kidding! There's no one I'd rather go with!
Detective Rick: Oh, Cathy!
His face flush with ecstasy, Rick rises from the floor and throws his hands into the air in celebration.
Vyrn: What's wrong with this guy...
Detective Rick: Hey! There's nothing wrong with me!
Lyria: Hehe... But your face is beet red, Rick.
Detective Rick: I... I'm just happy I can get this stakeout started!
Cathy: Hehehe... Still, you don't have to get so flustered. It makes it too easy to push your buttons.
Detective Rick: C-Cathy, you're teasing me too? Haha. All out of allies...
Detective Rick: Ah, look at the time! I've gotta go.
Detective Rick: Cathy, I'll be back to pick you up for reconnaissance at the boutique, okay?
Detective Rick: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, thanks for everything! See you all later!
Rick bounds out the door of the Kitten Cafe, a smile on his face and a lightness in his step.
Lyria: Ahaha... Was Rick just skipping? He must be really excited!
Catherine: Hehe... He's such a child sometimes. At least he's in better spirits.
Catherine: But... are you sure it was okay to accept such a difficult task?
Vyrn: We don't mind. All for one and all that!
Vyrn: But how about you? You sure you wanna go through with this?
Catherine: I can't just leave these impersonators to their own accord. They might cause me problems down the line.
Catherine: What if their sloppy work was mistaken for mine? It would downgrade the type of clientele asking for my services.
Catherine: Plus... I feel a little bad for Rick.
Vyrn: When all's said and done, you're just looking out for Detective Bungler.
Catherine: It's not my fault that he's cute and funny. Would you leave someone so helpless all alone? Hehe.
Catherine: Not sure if he's just caught my eye, or if I enjoy listening to his complaints, but I love teasing the poor thing.
Vyrn: That sounds... like you're just having fun at his expense?
Catherine: Hehe. That's one way of looking at it.
Catherine giggles roguishly, causing (Captain) and the others to sympathize with Rick.
But in any event, the crew have decided to help the detective and aid him in the capture of the Nightsmoke impersonators.