Scenario:Catherine - Like Smoke

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Like Smoke

The crew is investigating the master thief Nightsmoke with Detective Rick, but she slips away when they find her. A few days later, (Captain) spots the thief disguised as a waitress at Rick's favorite cafe. In response, the thief, whose real name is Catherine, forces (Captain) to let her join the crew.

The crew is racing desperately through the dark night.
???: ...
They are trying to flee someone—or something—attacking them from the cover of the darkness.
Detective Rick: Ah, just my luck! Come on, skyfarers! You're seasoned fighters! Can't you do something about this?
Vyrn: Don't count on it! (Captain) might be the toughest captain to ever sail, but we can't fight what we can't see!
The man fleeing with the party is Rick, a detective from the S.B.I, the Skydom Bureau of Investigation. They first met a few hours earlier...
Sierokarte introduces Detective Rick to the crew after they accept a certain mission at the Knickknack Shack.
Detective Rick: I'm Detective Rick. My job's to track down and capture criminals.
Detective Rick: It's like being an Enforcer, but not quite... No, actually I guess we're pretty similar. Yeah, basically the same.
Once Rick finishes introducing himself, he asks the crew to help him capture the infamous master thief Nightsmoke.
Detective Rick: The evidence, the stolen goods, and the thief all vanish into the night like smoke. Hence the name.
Vyrn: Sounds pretty awesome! But how are we gonna to catch a thief like that?
Detective Rick: Well, I'm a pretty good gumshoe, so I already figured out the time and place of the next crime. All we have to do is catch the crook.
Reassured by Rick's confidence, the crew sets out into the dark streets and does indeed encounter Nightsmoke.
But the instant they cross paths, the master thief starts firing at them without a moment's hesitation.
Caught completely off guard, the crew members have no choice but to run, but soon they find themselves at a dead end.
???: ...
Lyria: Please! Protect us!
Proto Bahamut: ...!
???: Huh?
A black dragon appears in a flash of dazzling light. For just an instant, (Captain) can make out the silhouette of the thief.
(Captain) turns to the figure and launches an all-out attack.
???: Eek! Ah!
The figure collapses, dropping the gun and something else with it. (Captain) snatches it up without thinking.
It is a beautiful pink jewel, with the name Catherine carved faintly into the surface.
Vyrn: Now's our chance!
(Captain) nods, and the group hightails it out of there.
???: Drat...
The figure mutters ruefully before slowly fading into the darkness.
A few days later Rick visits a certain cafe, where a waitress strokes his head consolingly as he tells her all about his botched job.
Detective Rick: Oh, Cathy, we were this close to catching Nightsmoke. I have all the rotten luck...
Cathy: You're doing your best, Rick. I know you are.
Cathy: Besides, you actually saw Nightsmoke for the first time. That's something, isn't it?
Detective Rick: Yeah, but it was dark. All we really saw was a silhouette. Barely.
Detective Rick: I'm a failure as a detective. I'm cursed, I tell you.
Detective Rick: And that P.I. Barawa is getting honors for his work on the Chat Noir case...
Cathy: ...
Cathy: You just do your thing. Don't go comparing yourself to others.
Cathy: Besides, if you keep talking about bad luck, it'll find you. Stay positive, okay?
Detective Rick: Ohh, Cathy...
As she continues to stroke the teary-eyed detective's hair, the cafe door opens and (Captain) walks in with the crew.
Cathy: Oh... um... Welcome. Please come in.
Cathy: I don't usually get such young customers. Startled me there for a moment. What I can get you?
Vyrn: No, we're not customers. We came here to see Mr. Lovey Dovey over there.
Lyria: So... Rick, are we going after Nightsmoke again today?
Detective Rick: No. I haven't even pegged down where the next crime's gonna take place... Today's the day when Cathy makes me feel better.
Vyrn: Huh? So why did you call us here? We don't need anyone to make us feel better!
Detective Rick: Come on, don't say that. Cathy's a good cook, and she makes a swell cup of coffee—
Detective Rick: Cathy, what happened to your pendant? You know, the one with a jewel in it?
Cathy: I dropped it somewhere. Maybe someone found it lying around and took it.
For a split second, (Captain) senses a cold, stinging hatred hidden behind Cathy's words.
With a start, (Captain) pulls out the jewel Nightsmoke dropped and looks at the waitress.
Suddenly it all makes sense. She's none other than the master thief herself.
Lyria: What's wrong, (Captain)?
Before (Captain) can speak, Cathy trips and drops a tray laden with drinks.
Cathy: Ahh!
As the tray clatters to the floor, Cathy clings to (Captain) for support.
Detective Rick: A-are you okay, Cathy?
Rick frantically jumps to his feet, when suddenly the door opens and a man walks in.
Rick's Colleague: I knew I'd find you here! Quit sitting around and get your keister back to the office to make a report!
Detective Rick: Okay, okay. I'm going, so get your hands off of me! Of all the rotten luck...
Detective Rick: No! Gotta be more positive... but how am I supposed to do that? I'll be back later, Cathy!
Vyrn: What's his deal? Some detective he is...
Vyrn: Anyway... Are you okay, miss?
Cathy: Oh, I'm fine. I just can't believe I was so stupid.
Cathy smiles, but (Captain)'s blood runs cold. The woman is holding a gun, and it's aimed right at the captain's throat.
Catherine: I really did botch this one. You figured it out, didn't you? Who I am... my real name.
Catherine: Why don't we go somewhere a little more private. Somewhere we won't have so many eyes on us. Somewhere... darker.
She whispers the sweet words into (Captain)'s ears, but her animosity is clear. The captain can only nod.
Cathy: Oh... I seem to have hurt my leg. I could use some help. Mind if I borrow your friend?
Lyria: Um... All right. We'll see about cleaning up this mess on the floor!
Cathy: You're too kind. Thank you. Now then, the first-aid kit is in that room over there.
The master thief locks the door and removes her disguise, revealing her true appearance at last. She then levels her gun at (Captain).
Catherine: When I steal something, I make it a point never to leave a scrap of evidence.
Catherine: No one knows what I look like or my real name... I take pride in my work, you see.
Catherine: But I wasn't so smart in my younger days. I even carved my name into the first treasure I ever stole.
Catherine: I always thought Rick would be the one to find me out, but there's clearly more to you than meets the eye.
Catherine slowly cocks her weapon. (Captain) swallows hard.
Catherine: Aww... you're cute. You're in luck, because I happen to like that.
Catherine: I know. Why don't you hire me?
(Captain) frowns, suspicious of this sudden proposal.
Catherine: I don't want word getting out about me. Which means I have to keep an eye on you.
Catherine: And I could use a more convenient way to get around. So how about it? Of course, I don't have to tell you the other way this can go, do I?
  1. Fine.
  2. Only if you pull your own weight.

Choose: Fine.
Catherine: That's my smart cookie. Good answer.
Catherine: Relax. I'll be a model crew member... at least as far as everyone else knows.
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Choose: Only if you pull your own weight.
Catherine: You've got some nerve. I could turn you and your friends into smoke right here and now, you know.
(Captain) glares intensely at Catherine, ready for anything.
Catherine: Ooh, you're tougher than I thought. I like that too.
Catherine: Fine. We'll make it a win-win. I'll help out here and there.
Continue 1
Catherine: And that's the end of our little chat. Now be a good little captain and give me back my jewel.
(Captain) takes out the jewel and hands it to Catherine.
At that moment, (Captain)'s fingertips briefly touch Catherine's.
Catherine: Eep!
Catherine: You could have just thrown it to me...
Catherine leaves the room somewhat ruffled. (Captain) follows, wondering what could have caused her reaction.
(Captain) returns to Lyria and the others, unsure how to explain to them that Nightsmoke will be joining the crew.