Scenario:Cerberus - Confessions of a Mage

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Confessions of a Mage

Being summoned unintentionally, Cerberus decides to enjoy her time since she’s here anyway. “Don’t you want to be with me?”... is what Cerberus says to (Captain) right before some monsters appear.

Mimi: So why were we called here, woof?
Coco: Who is drew the magic circle to summon us, woof?
Mimi: Hey, lizard! Do something, woof!
Vyrn: D-Don’t take it out on me!
Cerberus: Stay calm! We’re here anyway, so we might as well enjoy it!
Coco: You! Go and try to decipher it again, woof!
Vyrn: Nothing will change no matter how many times you look at it. The writing is so messy. I have no idea what’s written.
Mimi: We’ll get yelled at if we take too long to go back, woof.
Coco: I’m scared of being punished, woof.
Cerberus: Don’t worry! We’ll do our jobs here, too...
Cerberus: Besides...! (Captain), don’t you want to be with me?
Cerberus: Right?
  1. I want to be with you.
  2. Not really.

Choose: I want to be with you.
Cerberus: You’re so kind! I’m so glad it was you who summoned me, (Captain)!
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Choose: Not really.
Cerberus: We're...? You actually...?
Coco: The answer won’t change even if you’re being annoying, woof. Besides...
Continue 1
Mimi: Talk time’s over, woof.
Coco: Something’s coming out, woof! Be careful, woof!
Monster: Graaaorgh!
Cerberus: Oh, it’s a puny monster? Aha! Let’s play with it a little! Let’s go, (Captain)!

Confessions of a Mage: Scene 2

Vyrn is surprised at how the monsters they fought earlier appeared out of thin air. That is when the mage who drew the magic circle to summon monsters appears. He states that he drew the transport circle to summon Cerberus, and sends monsters at (Captain) and party, saying that the fruits of his research are his to keep.

Vyrn: Hey, what was that?! They just appeared from out of nowhere!
Cerberus: Don’t worry! I’ll beat down that puny monster right away!
Mage: How dare you call it puny! I’m actually quite proud of this creation!
Vyrn: W-Who are you?! Did you do this?!
Mage: Cerberus! I was the one who drew your transport circle!
Vyrn: What!?
Mimi: He finally came out, woof.
Coco: Tell us what you wrote on the circle, woof.
Mage: N-Never mind that...! Why are you with them?!
Mimi: Hey, this is important!
Coco: We’re in trouble because we can’t find a way back, woof! We’re all jumbled up, woof!
Mage: Skyfarers... This is the fruit of my research... I won’t let you have them!
Cerberus: He’s going after (Captain)! But I won’t let anyone hurt Master!

Confessions of a Mage: Scene 3

(Captain) and company question the mage about why he would have sent monsters at them after summoning Cerberus through the transport circle. But the mage’s explanation is incomprehensible. Cerberus reacted to the mage saying the research was a failure and is now motivated to force him to apologize. (Captain) and party start another fight with the monsters that the mage summoned.

Vyrn: W-Wait a second! Why would you send monsters at us?! Why did you summon her in the first place?!
Mage: My magic is superior... to the likes of machines... I...
Mimi: What is this fraudster talking about, woof?
Coco: Stop mumbling and speak clearly, woof!
Mage: That woman... is a failure of my research...
Mimi: Failure? He’s rude, woof. I’ll show you what happens if you make us mad, woof.
Coco: Time to force you to apologize, woof!
Cerberus: It’s too late to regret it now!
Mage: Ugh... I don’t care about you!
Vyrn: What’s going on with this mage? He’s talking nonsense.
Cerberus: Well, whatever the case, you can just leave me alone!
Mage: Shut up! I won’t allow that to happen! I’ll show you my greatest monster!
Vyrn: He’s summoning monsters out of thin air! Watch out!

Confessions of a Mage: Scene 4

The mage tried to explain why Cerberus was summoned through the transportation circle that he drew long ago. However, Cerberus added a few lines to the circle and transports the mage somewhere else... And so, Cerberus ended up staying with (Captain) and company.

Mimi: You all out of stuff to say, woof?!
Coco: That monster was nothing.
Mage: Y-You actually defeated it...
Vyrn: Hey... Could you slow down and explain what's going on?
Vyrn: If you don't do something about it, who knows what that puppy girl will do to you?
Mage: Y-Yeah...
The mage begins to talk about the time he created Cerberus' transportation circle.
Mage: As I said before... Summoning her was sort of an accident...
Mage: I've been studying transportation magic, you see...
Mage: Nowadays, everyone relies on machines... like those barbaric airships to get around. No one tries to use magic for travel anymore...
Mage: With humans relying so much upon the convenience of machines... I suspect the mystical power of humans will slowly diminish...
Mage: That's why I experimented through trial and error, and finally completed that transportation circle.
Mage: I left it alone without activating it, never suspecting that something like this would happen...
Vyrn: You mean... you only wanted to complete your transportation magic?
Mage: That's right. I didn't think it could actually summon anything. It's the first real result that came from my years of research...
Mimi: Woof, what did you write in the circle?
Coco: We can't leave until we finish the job that's written here, woof woof!
Mage: I don't remember... It's been so many years...
Vyrn: I have a copy of that magic circle! The writing is too sloppy for me to read, though.
Mage: Let me see it. Hm, I do have awful handwriting... Uhh... "I... hereby... "
Cerberus: Wait a minute! That circle wasn't a failure, you know.
Mage: What? Not a failure...? What are you talking about...?
Cerberus: If you just write this... right here... There!
Mage: T-This is...
Vyrn: H-hey! He disappeared!
Mimi: Woof! What did you do?!
Cerberus: Mmm? I just added some lines is all.
Mimi: Woof, you reversed the effect of the circle!
Coco: You sent that fraud to the other side, woof!
Lyria: Whaaat?! Then, that mage is...
Cerberus: Haha, don't worry! He seemed like he'll be okay!
Cerberus: I'm sure he'll be back soon! Right, (Captain)?
Mimi: If you completed the circle...
Coco: You must know what was written on it, woof!
Cerberus: Who knows?
Cerberus: Anyway... We're back where we started!
Cerberus: I can't go back for a while, so I'll stick around with master for a while longer!
Cerberus: You're the one that activated the circle, right? So... you need to take responsibility!
The only lead they were able to decode on the transportation circle vanishes with a bright light.
Cerberus' walk on this side of the circle goes on for a while longer.